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00:09 did it's me or inventory is broken in 20.5? since bug 23463
00:09 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23463 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to master , Move C4::Items CRUD subroutines to Koha::Item
00:16 mtj hi #koha
00:17 mtj ashimema:  re[…]pelines/148717557
00:18 mtj the job seems to have aborted? i cant explain why...
00:18 mtj Do you want to continue? [Y/n] Abort.
00:18 mtj tcohen: perhaps we run it again?
00:20 mtj aah, last 3 builds after pipeline 148717557 have succeeded - so problem is fixed
00:20 mtj[…]-docker/pipelines
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06:39 Null404 hello everyone
06:40 Null404 how to set "OpacMainUserBlock " in top of OPAC site ?
06:41 Null404 I want to get text like "welcome to library system of ... library " as welcome screen
06:43 Null404 in 17.11 it was right after koha logo and logout button
06:43 Null404 and after search button
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06:45 reiveune hello
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06:48 alex_a Bonjour
06:48 wahanui hello, alex_a
06:52 magnuse \o/
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07:21 magnuse Null404: are you looking at 20.05? from that version (bug 23794) OpacMainUserBlock has been moved to a "news block"
07:21 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23794 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to master , Convert OpacMainUserBlock system preference to news block
07:21 Null404 I use 18.11
07:22 Null404 and I half solved a problem: I added welcome screen as new news on first position
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09:01 Joubu khall: Around already? Can you have a look at my last comments on bug 25444 please?
09:01 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25444 critical, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Failed QA , Course reserve settings are not saved on edit
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09:12 Joubu @later tell ashimema in the release notes for 20.05, in the companies section, there are some domain urls, should not we replace them?[…]
09:12 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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09:48 cait1 hm andreashm is loud today :)
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11:05 * oleonard waves
11:17 * cait1 waves
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11:32 tcohen bonjour
11:32 wahanui salut, tcohen
11:40 TimothyAlexis Hello
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12:00 tuxayo hi o/
12:01 oleonard What's new tuxayo?
12:04 tuxayo oleonard: trying sign off a few stuff in case it's useful for 20.05 release. Reading doc about RMaint, and also related doc.
12:04 tuxayo (Bug Reporting Guidelines, Developers Handbook, Coding Guidelines, etc)
12:06 * oleonard has been distracted from Koha by another project... setting up Bookpoints for our summer reading program
12:07 tcohen Bookpoints?
12:08 tcohen Oh I see
12:08 oleonard Drupal-based, somewhat open source but no community as far as I can tell
12:09 * oleonard bugged them about making a public repo and they said they would
12:09 oleonard We're trying to make other plans since we'll have no in-person events for the foreseeable future :(
12:12 tuxayo Best wishes to all librarians trying to maintain contact with and between patrons. Though task.
12:13 oleonard We officially reopened yesterday, and already patrons are violating social distancing rules. I don't envy the jobs of the front-line librarians.
12:16 cait1 :(
12:17 cait1 I believe most of ours are closed or do pick-up of requested items
12:17 oleonard Congratulations to anyone who lives in a country where viruses are not a political issue
12:18 cait1 not sure if that is totally true
12:18 TimothyAlexis oleonard Thank you.
12:18 Joubu oleonard: Where that?
12:18 wahanui it has been said that that is how it works now
12:19 oleonard Joubu: Elsewhere?
12:20 Joubu it's political here as well ;)
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12:27 Joubu ashimema For the release, you will need bug 25513, bug 25444, bug 25608 and bug 25601
12:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25513 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , acquisitions_orders.t is failing randomly
12:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25444 critical, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Passed QA , Course reserve settings are not saved on edit
12:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25608 major, P5 - low, ---, didier.gautheron, Passed QA , (regression) Inventory is broken
12:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25601 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Passed QA , Error when unsetting default checkout, hold and return policy for a specific library
12:28 Joubu tcohen told me he was going to QA 25513
12:34 tcohen I'm on it
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12:36 tcohen Joubu are you sure 25513 removal on Koha::Object is safe?
12:37 Joubu no
12:37 Joubu you told me it was
12:37 Joubu we talked about that few days ago, the problem will be for jessie
12:37 tcohen ok, there's a DBD::mysql report on Github saying there's a regression in the wild
12:37 tcohen yes
12:37 tcohen ok
12:37 tcohen I will double check before QA
12:39 Joubu I sent you the different outputs of the mysql_is_num value in PM earlier this week
12:39 Joubu cannot remember when, but I can find them in the logs
12:40 tcohen I have those logs as well
12:40 tcohen the regression is not confirmed
12:40 tcohen and one dev confirmed it works correctly on 4.050
12:41 tcohen which is the version in buster/focal
12:41 tcohen (stretch has the fixed 4.041
12:43 cait ok, our virtual user meeting for german speaking countres is on... everyone cros fingers please
12:44 Joubu tcohen: please post the different links on the bug report. Could be useful later :)
12:44 Joubu enjoy cait!
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13:00 tuxayo 🤞🤞
13:03 cait 97 participants right now
13:23 TimothyAlexis I have koha-testing-docker set up and today when I'm running the ku alias I get this: koha_1       | Database is not empty! at /kohadevbox/misc4dev/ line 95.
13:23 TimothyAlexis koha_koha_1 exited with code 1
13:25 kidclamp run kd first
13:25 kidclamp make sure the containers are all stopped
13:25 tuxayo TimothyAlexis: did you use "kd" to shutdown koha-testing-docker last time?
13:26 kidclamp after kd try 'docker volume ls'
13:26 kidclamp you may need prune any volume that didn't get cleared
13:26 * oleonard waves to kidclamp
13:26 * kidclamp waves back
13:27 * tuxayo notes about 'docker volume ls'
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13:28 tuxayo kd always did the trick for me but if anything weird remains until now, this volume thing will be handy.
13:28 kidclamp yeah, I have gottenthings stuck before
13:30 TimothyAlexis tuxayo & kidclamp kd was enough this time. Thank you :D
13:30 cait 113 participants
13:30 * cait is so happy
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13:37 tuxayo :D
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13:40 nsk1 hi need some help
13:41 nsk1 i am trying to change the overall design of the colors, moving the menus from center to the left..things like that
13:41 nsk1 do i need to know perl to do these?
13:41 oleonard nsk1 you should try to make all such customizations using CSS and if necessary JS
13:42 oleonard You should avoid making changes to the Perl scripts or templates
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13:45 nsk1 so these kinda customisations are possible via css and JS need to use perl...right?
13:46 oleonard Usually, depending on how drastic the changes are
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13:47 nsk1 how can i realign the menus on the dashboard? can u point me to some place that talks about it?
13:53 oleonard Can you explain more about what you want to do?
13:53 nsk1 one minute
13:54 nsk1 once the staff logs in
13:54 nsk1 he sees a dashboard
13:54 nsk1 module wise
13:54 nsk1 like circulation, patrons, etc
13:54 nsk1 they are at the center
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13:54 nsk1 i want to align them to the left
13:55 nsk1 one below the other
13:57 oleonard May I ask why?
13:58 nsk1 just a different looking UI
13:58 nsk1 not having the same design and colors as usual
13:59 oleonard Have you tested the CSS-related system preferences?
14:00 nsk1 i have tried it but it doesnt seem to work...which is why i want to know whether i am doing the right thing and changing it at the right places
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14:06 oleonard The preferences definitely work, so it's probably an issue with the CSS you've tried.
14:06 oleonard Are you familiar with using the browser's DOM inspector to investigate the page's CSS?
14:07 nsk1 yes i do know the inspect element function
14:09 oleonard That gives you the information you need to override the CSS which is included in Koha. You can put that CSS in  IntranetUserCSS if you want to change the staff interface
14:09 oleonard Changing the order and placement of columns is more difficult though.
14:10 oleonard We use the Bootstrap framework for layout (v. 3)
14:10 oleonard But there aren't quick ways I know of to re-order elements using CSS overrides.
14:11 oleonard You may have to resort to JavaScript.
14:12 oleonard I recommend starting by making some color changes in order to get some practice
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14:21 nsk1 yes i have managed to change the colors
14:21 nsk1 that is relatively easy
14:21 nsk1 but alignment is something that i am unable to do
14:22 oleonard Oh okay, I though you said the CSS preferences weren't working for you.
14:25 nsk1 no the simple ones like colors and text r working...slightly more complicated like alignment isnt working...either it isnt working or i dont know where and how to make the changes
14:25 nsk1 and i am surprised that u guys have thought about so much stuff in the library and allowed so many things to be customised but a simple thing like alignment is so difficult to do
14:28 oleonard Okay.
14:36 cait it's not so simple in terms of html and page structure
14:38 nsk1 i see
14:38 nsk1 so no one has tried it b4?
14:38 cait i haven't heard ofsuch a request yet and we support over 130 libraries ;)
14:40 nsk1 no one wants to change the UI design and all of them are happy having the same designs across so many libraries....:)
14:41 nsk1 sorry but i am not trying to sound too smart or anything...but any open source code (with UI) that i tend to pick up...i just try to change the UI...i mean, atleast that could be my contribution when i set up something..:)
14:42 nsk1 no fun setting up everything as is...:)
14:44 cait you can create your own theme if you really want to - we just would not recommen dit :)
14:44 cait but Koha does support that
14:44 cait it's just moving as such a fast pace that if you start out with something like this, you are getting into trouble with your maintenance pretty fast
14:45 nsk1 ok i understand..:)
14:45 nsk1 for creating a new theme, do i need to know perl?
14:46 cait you'd need Template Toolkit
14:47 nsk1 i see...ok...lemme try that...any other suggestions that u would give b4 i attempt this change? any tips? :)
14:47 cait but it's rarely used feature for reasons i guess - koha can be monthly updated and if something is changed in teh standard templats (which happens quite often) your modified files will need to be manually canged as well
14:48 cait i'd recommend not doing it before you get a beter feel for things and feel it's absolutely anavoidable
14:49 nsk1 ok...thing is...i am doing this for a library and i am a bit worried that someone in there or who has been to many libraries b4 would sense the sameness
14:49 nsk1 in case they have come across a library using koha b4
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14:52 mariahedberg Hi all! I used the command `ku` to start the koha-testing-docker, and after solving some small problems it looks like it's starting, but in the middle of all the output I got
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14:52 mariahedberg koha_1       | Cannnot open file No such file or directory at /kohadevbox/misc4dev/ line 35. koha_koha_1 exited with code 2
14:53 oleonard nsk1: Thousands of libraries using Koha have not worried that their staff interface looks too much like someone else's.
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14:55 nsk1 worries....i think i will leave it as such and delve deeper into the juice...:)
14:56 cait nsk1: it's more a feature
14:56 cait they will be ablet o use all the manuals and materials available easily
14:56 cait and there is tons of stuff on the internet
14:57 cait it's standard sofftware for libraries... they should not expect to get some thing unique
14:58 nsk1 ok i understand your point
14:58 nsk1 will stick to it
14:59 nsk1 how can i remove the 'about koha' from the staff client dashboard?
15:01 lukeG nsk1: If you are looking for a simple way differentiate one staff client from the next or even from one branch to the next, here is a simple way:[…]ations-per-branch
15:03 nsk1 oh ok...a video tutorial...nice...thanks...will have a look
15:04 lukeG nsk1: Yes, you can hide the About Koha button from the staff client by adding this to the IntranetUserJS: .icon_koha {display:none !important;}
15:05 nsk1 great
15:05 nsk1 thanks a lot
15:06 nsk1 will try it
15:09 caroline I've had some picky clients who are like "well, can we change this", and "can we hide that" I used to oblige them, but decided that they chose a software and that's what the software looks like, live with it, you'll get used to it
15:09 caroline it's hard to maintain from one version to another, sometimes things change and you wonder why and it's because the class is different nouw or whatever
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15:12 caroline sometimes I feel like librarians don't trust their staff to be intelligent enough (I get that some staff is techno-averse)
15:12 nsk1 yeah i understand caroline
15:12 nsk1 clients never get satisfied with what they get
15:12 nsk1 very picky
15:13 caroline I don't know if oleonard still has his purple theme? I used that in the past for my dev installations because i'm a #crazypurplelady
15:14 oleonard Haha I didn't remember that I shared it. It was just header changes as far as I can recall?
15:14 caroline you can never have too much purple imo
15:14 caroline yes it was the gradient at the top that was purple :)
15:15 oleonard caroline: New system preference, StaffInterfaceAllPurple
15:15 caroline yes pls!
15:16 cait +1
15:17 Marie-Luce +1
15:17 caroline The software I used when I worked in a library had 2 or 3 themes that we could choose from, it might be something to contribute nsk1
15:17 lukeG +1
15:20 cait we tried for a while with the OPAC
15:20 cait it got hard fast tbh
15:21 cait hm unles themes != templats but a nice css file
15:21 cait and sorry for the typos
15:22 caroline yeah I meant we could have a couple of css files that come with the installation and you can change it with the syspref
15:22 caroline don't remember what the syspref is called, but it's the one I used for the purple theme
15:22 caroline ah here it is intranetcolorstylesheet
15:23 cait i like that idea
15:24 caroline that way if you have more that one install (eg. live and test) you could have different themes
15:24 caroline I always add a big red border on test installs with many warnings hehe
15:25 cait we do something visual too
15:25 cait but it keeps disappearing when we reset/update
15:25 caroline
15:25 cait more worried abotu changing the wrong library sometimes, so used to quickly check all the time
15:26 cait can you share the css?
15:26 caroline sure
15:27 pastebot "caroline" at pasted "css" (5 lines) at
15:27 cait thx!
15:27 caroline it goes in intranetusercss
15:27 reiveune bye
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15:52 nsk1 nice
15:52 nsk1 i have been looking into koha only recently
15:52 nsk1 cos a client wanted me to set up a library system for him
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16:00 nsk1 thanks for ur inputs guys
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16:49 tuxayo Very subtle stuff in Bugzilla: If one sends their first comment in a bug and there is a mid air collision, then accepting to just sent the comment won't cause being added to the CC list.
16:49 tuxayo So that can be a cause of not being notified of next messages.
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20:05 caroline Hi all, can anyone change system preferences? I've been trying since last week at lease to use my master to check things and it always gives me an error
20:05 caroline I *just* did a git pull and
20:06 caroline thinking it might solve the problem
20:06 tcohen caroline, did you restart_all?
20:06 caroline what does that do?
20:07 tcohen it flushes memcached, and restarts plack
20:07 caroline I don't use plack
20:07 caroline not sure about memcached
20:07 cait it's thepermission thing i bet
20:07 cait caroline: okhadevbox?
20:07 caroline no it's installed on my computer
20:07 cait could still be
20:08 cait can you check plack logs when you try to safe a pref?
20:08 tcohen caroline a dev install?
20:08 caroline yes on the master branch
20:08 tcohen vintage :-D
20:08 caroline hehe!
20:09 caroline I don't have plack so I don't have plack logs
20:09 caroline I only have koha-error_log
20:09 caroline nothing new in there since january
20:10 cait oh that's really vintage
20:10 cait i thought it might be 25284
20:11 caroline well it's pushed to master and I just pulled like 10 minutes ago
20:12 cait yes, but not sure it would just fx things
20:12 cait tcohen: ?
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20:14 caroline it seems dans 25284 is for new installs
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20:15 caroline I've had mine for a while (since I got this computer) and I just git pull and updatedatabase all the time to keep up
20:15 caroline to date
20:15 cait caroline: it broke my devbox until i changed permissions
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20:16 cait and I rarely destroy it, so also older
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20:17 caroline I have all my permissions
20:17 cait not sure where hte log woudl go on an old git install if at all
20:17 cait it might be the wrong idea anyway
20:18 cait woudl be good if we got tcohen back :)
20:18 tcohen back
20:18 tcohen I'm seeing a problem saving sysprefs on a 19.11 server
20:19 tcohen
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20:23 cait yaml?
20:23 wahanui yaml is horrible for writing the descriptions anyway. embedded html yo.
20:23 caroline wahanui is getting attitude
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21:27 tcohen cait caroline I confirm enabling Plack brings syspref changing back
21:27 tcohen caroline you should file a bug
21:27 caroline even if my install is different from everyone else?
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22:10 tcohen I just disabled plack to confirm it
22:10 tcohen in 19.11 at least
22:11 tcohen and your setup is not an invalid one
22:11 tcohen just vintage nowadays .-d
22:13 caroline thanks :)
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