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18:53 prayash Hello folks! Hope everyone is safe here.
18:55 prayash I am volunteering for a small local library in India. I want to deploy Koha to heroku / any managed app platform. Anyone tried this before?
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19:08 cait prayash: it's still sunday for a lot of people in the community - maybe try on the mailing list - lots more people reading there
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19:33 prayash thanks @cait
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20:58 ali hi
20:59 ali anybody there
20:59 ali ?
20:59 hayley hi ali
21:00 ali is there a way to disable a borrower/ptron account but not delet it?
21:02 ali i want after self registration users can't access their accounts untill i accept it
21:03 hayley at the moment unfortunately as far as I know there is no way to trigger verification by librarian for new self-registered patrons
21:03 ali and any time i can disable their account
21:04 hayley you can debar patrons which will stop them from borrowing, and you could set self-registered patrons to be a special category that can't circulate items but you'd have to run a report or something in order to know about the new patrons
21:06 ali ok tnx good idea
21:10 ali we have a cas authentication system so i want sync cas database with koha database so that disabled (debarred) users be disable in other apps, how can i find debar field in koha database to sync?
21:11 hayley that I'm not sure about sorry!
21:11 cait ali: you can authenticate - but you cannot sync data with cas
21:12 cait but there are different ways to debar/restrict users
21:14 cait borrower_debarments is a separate table for debarments - but there are also some fields in borrowres
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21:15 ali i already sync koha wiht cas in some fields like patron user pass, i want sync two databases also in debarment status so debarred users cant access some apps also
21:16 ali cait so which filed do you suggest for this matter?
21:17 cait it really depends on your library's workflow
21:17 cait they all serve a purpose
21:17 cait some restrictions can be set automatically, others are manual
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21:23 ali borrower_attributes can be appropriate?
21:23 cait you could create one to use as a flag for the debarment, but they don't have that effect in Koha
21:29 ali no matter,a free field is good, if my admins (but not borrowers) can control its value from koha admin area
21:29 cait they all word work for htat
21:32 ali Ok
21:33 ali thank you so much cait, thank you so much hayley
21:33 hayley no problem ali :)
21:34 cait would work.. i meant :)
21:34 cait you ar ewelcome
21:34 ali another question :p
21:39 ali is there any simple way to embed iframes (like bookreader) in a tab after comments in opac? a want just fill a filed (856$e for example) with an url or embeded link and opac show it in a new tab
21:41 cait usually urls go into 856$u
21:41 cait and can open in a new tab if configured to do so
21:41 cait there are ways to do more complex things with javascript (opacuserjs etc) - not sure if that fits your need
21:42 cait getting late here and I have to leave :)
21:42 cait bye all
21:42 ali bye cait thx and goodnight
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