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03:37 * dcook waves and wonders who is around at this time
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05:21 dcook Hope ashimema comes online soonish
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07:37 reiveune hello
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07:41 marcelr hi #koha
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08:01 alex_a Bonjour
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08:53 magnuse why on earth does "select format, count(*) from biblio_metadata group by format;" work, but "select schema, count(*) from biblio_metadata group by schema;" give an error? specifically "check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ' count(*) from biblio_metadata group by schema'"
08:54 magnuse i thought maybe schema is a reserved word, but using `biblio_metadata.schema` gives the same result
08:55 Joubu it is, surround schema with backticks
08:55 Joubu select count(*), `schema` from biblio_metadata group by `schema`;
08:55 Joubu should work
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10:03 ashimema Morning
10:03 * ashimema is in company meetings or a couple of days so won't be as responsive as usual
10:20 magnuse Joubu++
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13:56 tcohen morning
14:01 caroline_catlady god morning tcohen!
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14:03 * cait waves
14:09 * magnuse waves
14:14 tcohen hey magnuse cait
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14:20 magnuse lots of libraries shutting down around here, because of covid-19
14:22 caroline_catlady really! I was wondering if it would happen eventually
14:22 caroline_catlady do you have a lot of people who are sick?
14:25 cait same here
14:26 magnuse we have a fair number of sick people, yes
14:27 cait we also support libraries in different coutnries (even toronto and montreal ;) )
14:27 cait some of those, like in spain, are closed
14:28 caroline_catlady here so far, we only have 7 confirmed cases but the media is talking about it non stop
14:31 magnuse we have 489 "confirmed cases" :-(
14:32 magnuse not just libraries, pretty much everything is shutting down: schools, swimming pools, all kinds of excercise and sports practice, concerts, meetings...
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14:39 cait yeah
14:39 cait business travel and meetings
14:39 cait if paul_p hadn't canceleld, I doubt I'd have been able to go to Marseille :(
14:40 paul_p cait, I think you're right.
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14:44 ashimema agreed.. it was the right call to make
14:45 cait corona--
14:45 cait covid-19--
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14:51 cait caroline_catlady: i think there are 3 cases (last night at least) known in Konstanz so far - but lots of things changing to prevent more infections
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14:54 caroline_catlady there are probably more people infected than we know, the symptoms are so benign, it's like a regular cold (runny nose, cough, etc) from what I read
15:10 kidclamp Joubu++
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15:18 caroline_catlady what is the script I should run if I change a koha 2 marc link?
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15:21 caroline_catlady nvm found it
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16:14 reiveune bye
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17:27 vfernandes hi #koha
17:28 vfernandes there is anyway to suspend active loans until day X ?
17:28 vfernandes some public and universitary libraries are closing in Portugal for the next 2 weeks
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17:29 vfernandes and they're asking if is possible to push the due date until day X
17:29 caroline_catlady If you change the calendar, does it work?
17:29 caroline_catlady or you're talking about the current loans?
17:30 caroline_catlady For current loans, I think you can use this : https://koha-resources.inlibro[…]l%3A%20due%20date
17:30 vfernandes yes current / active loans
17:33 caroline_catlady try the plugin above on a test installation
17:35 vfernandes thanks caroline_catlady
17:36 caroline_catlady let me know if it works or not, I haven't used it since... probably 2017
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21:08 caroline_catlady any git masters around? this student needs a teacher
21:10 cait not a master, but what's the question?
21:12 caroline_catlady I'm trying to rebase the docs patches locally via command-line
21:12 caroline_catlady the stupid images.rst file messing up everything as usual
21:14 caroline_catlady the thing is, I have a kind of 3-way set up with two remotes in order to pull from the community gitlab and push to my gitlab and then create a merge request via the website
21:14 caroline_catlady I was able to rebase my own patch, but now I'm trying to rebase lucy's and I'm a bit stuck
21:28 caroline_catlady ok I did it, but I'm not sure I did it right... I had to resort to forcing a push and it feels drastic
21:36 cait sorry
21:37 cait let myself get distracted :(
21:37 cait but i am really glad you were able to solve it
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21:37 cait you should not force push to the main docs
21:37 cait repo
21:37 cait becuase that's where people pull from - but your own should be ok I think
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21:38 caroline_catlady but lucy's patch was not in my repo that's the thing
21:38 caroline_catlady that's why I was stuck
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