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06:31 cait mtj hey :)
06:32 * ashimema wonders if mtj is still here?
06:32 cait good morning :)
06:37 * ashimema sleepily waves
06:37 ashimema Not feeling very motivated yet this morning.
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06:38 ashimema Target number one for 20.05, let's get it running on Debian stable.. the tweet I just had to write is just embarrassing
06:44 cait ashimema: waiting for packages?
06:45 cait oh
06:45 cait found it
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06:49 mtj hi cait, ashimema
06:49 cait hi :)
06:49 ashimema How's it going mtj 😀
06:50 mtj pretty good, thanks
06:51 ashimema If you do get a chance to take a look at packaging that would be awesome.. there's branches in the security repo for 3 releases.. not sure if wizzyrea got hers finished before Thanksgiving though
06:51 ashimema If not, no worries, I'll stall a little longer... Really struggling to get hold of drojf
06:53 mtj my afternoon got a bit sidetracked with wrist physio stuff today
06:54 mtj ..but happy to finish packaging stuff off now
06:57 mtj will keep you posted ashimema
07:00 ashimema Thanks mtj, very much appreciated.
07:03 cait mtj++
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07:21 magnuse mtj++
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07:39 reiveune hello
07:43 * ashimema wonders if lars still lurks here
07:50 fridolin black friday or wat ?
07:50 fridolin
07:51 fridolin
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07:52 alex_a Bonjour
07:52 wahanui bidet, alex_a
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08:22 marcelr hi #koha
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08:37 ashimema is it just me or is the wiki very slow today
08:47 marcelr hi ashimema today releasing?
08:47 ashimema I've been ready for 3 days
08:47 marcelr waiting for packaging ?
08:47 ashimema it's a security release so I've had to hold off whilst the packages are built... but it's been a challenge getting hold of the packaging people
08:47 ashimema hopfully mtj is on the case now
08:48 ashimema though it's pretty late in his timezone now :(
08:48 marcelr this is becoming more an issue
08:48 ashimema mmm, very much
08:48 ashimema this release has been painful
08:48 ashimema not just on the packaging front
08:49 ashimema we're all volunteers.. I just have to remind myself of that.. I'm not angry at anyone, but feel like the holdups are reflecting badly on me :(
08:49 marcelr you shouldnt indeed
08:50 marcelr maybe send a message about why we are waiting
08:50 Joubu marcelr: Hi, did you see bug 19288 when QAing bug 20948?
08:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19288 minor, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , Holds placed on a specific item after a next available hold will show varied results
08:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20948 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Passed QA , Item-level hold info displayed regardless its priority (
08:50 ashimema I was trying to work out if they're dupes or not but didn't manage to before rolling release
08:50 marcelr hi Joubu i may have seen that one before ;)
08:51 ashimema it surprised me that one was marked major whilst the other minor.
08:51 Joubu marcelr: it's one or the other, if I understood well. So if one is picked, the other one must be closed
08:51 marcelr i picked the major
08:52 marcelr lets close the other one yes
08:53 marcelr Joubu what about the warn bug; still doing something there ?
08:53 Joubu I think kidclamp has a preference for his fix
08:53 marcelr anyone has
08:53 marcelr i will change the status
08:54 marcelr of kidclamps bug
08:54 Joubu I had to test bug 24114 before swithing the status to NSO, but feel free to test if you want!
08:54 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24114 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, ASSIGNED , modules must not warn
08:55 * Joubu is trying to make them believe he tests his patches before submitting them
08:56 * marcelr will not explain the benefits of testing again
08:57 marcelr bug 24114
08:57 marcelr no huginn
08:59 ashimema i see huginn..
08:59 marcelr yeah bug 24114
08:59 Joubu it's the last one displayed
08:59 Joubu bug 10000
08:59 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10000 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, CLOSED FIXED, Little typo in intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modu​les/help/tools/ sliip
08:59 marcelr it even is intelligent
08:59 marcelr :)
09:00 eythian rangi: cait: it's not impossible that I have the keys, but I'm not sure. If they were only ever on my catalyst machine, then no. Though, I remember before I left sending them to a handful of people so it's probable that one or both of you, maybe gmcharlt, etc also have them.
09:00 eythian I think wizzyrea too
09:00 marcelr hi eythian just give back these keys
09:00 eythian marcelr: NEVER!
09:01 marcelr heb geen actieve herinnering aan die ... sleutels
09:01 ashimema hopefully mtj is on the case for us eythian.. though it's getting late there now so he may have gone to bed
09:01 eythian Not while bug 21892 is unfixed, especially!
09:01 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21892 minor, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, RESOLVED WONTFIX, Robin Sheat is not a typo
09:01 ashimema we really need to sort out a few other packaging issue too with high priority :(
09:02 mtj hiya ashimema, ive no plans tonite, so ill be up for a while yet
09:02 ashimema oh cool :)
09:02 marcelr mtj++
09:02 eythian marcelr: ik ook, het was vier jaar geleden.
09:03 ashimema does anyone still talk to lars... do we need his help or do we have a handle on D10 packaing (not this time around mtj.. i'm not burdening you with that one 😉 )
09:03 eythian ashimema: well sing out if you need it, better to ping me by non-IRC methods over the weekend though as I don't often see it.
09:03 eythian Debian is pretty conservative, I can't see too many changes being required.
09:03 ashimema do you guys package stuff up where you work eythian
09:04 eythian ashimema: yeah but for centos, and there's a team that does it anyway so I haven't looked at it myself.
09:04 * ashimema has a real love/hate relationship with packages at the moment... dependancies accross os versions is proving harder and harder
09:05 ashimema we have a pretty major security issue with certain combinations of dependancies at the moment and no real way of pinning to versions we know work and are safe.. that scares me
09:05 eythian yeah, it can get tricky. It easier when you control the whole stack of course.
09:05 ashimema just wondering how others cope with that
09:05 eythian oh, that's a problem
09:06 ashimema basically.. the version of Mojolicious changes significantly between deb versions.. and introduces a security hole in the way we use it.. problem is.. when we fix the hole for that version it creates the exact same hole for the other version
09:06 eythian You can force versions in dependencies though, or on the system itself, depending on what you're doing.
09:06 eythian oh
09:07 eythian that's a tough one.
09:07 ashimema indeed..
09:07 eythian detect the version in code and use it in the relevant way? It's ugly, but it won't have to last forever.
09:08 ashimema yeah.. that's my fallback if we can't get anything else to work.. but it feels so dirty.. haha
09:08 ashimema and this is in the auth code.. so could be evil looking it up with every request
09:08 Joubu we should provide a koha.exe with everything in it. I heard that's how some people do
09:08 ashimema we'd have to cache it I reckon
09:08 eythian ashimema: yeah, though you know it's never going to change for the life of the process, so caching is OK.
09:08 ashimema well.. that's where docker and things are taking us isn't it. ;)
09:08 eythian Joubu: itym flatpak/snap
09:09 ashimema self contained distributable apps with everything included..
09:09 ashimema true
09:09 * ashimema needs a :tea:
09:10 Joubu eythian: well that was a bad joke and reference to an other OS
09:10 eythian Joubu: I know :)
09:11 eythian besides, you really just need to pass around koha.jar, surely
09:12 Joubu There were already several attemps from people from this channel I think
09:12 ashimema lol
09:13 ashimema our about page is getting insane :)
09:16 Joubu it's for librarians getting bored at work
09:16 ashimema remind me Joubu.. what do we do with bugzilla spam
09:16 ashimema bug 23881
09:16 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23881 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , No control!
09:17 Joubu marking as spam (title=SPAM) and private the comments
09:17 Joubu usually it's enough
09:17 Joubu I had to disable the user a couple of time
09:18 ashimema ta
09:18 Joubu I also moved out from security when it's there. Yeah, spammers put content in non indexed parts...
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09:23 ashimema good to know
09:23 Joubu docker container explode with "koha_koha_1 exited with code 1
09:23 Joubu "
09:24 Joubu how do I debug that?
09:25 ashimema ah.. I've never gotten to the bottom of that one :(
09:25 eythian Can you get logs after the fact in docker? I've only used it in k8s lately, where you can.
09:26 eythian Maybe have it do logging into a mounted volume so it's persistant.
09:27 Joubu yes, but.. I have disk space issues, so it's good to not have them persistent :)
09:28 eythian then logrotate :)
09:28 eythian also, logs are necessary for diagnosing issues in general, so should be permanent somewhere.
09:28 magnuse @seen liw
09:28 huginn magnuse: I have not seen liw.
09:31 Joubu the (not so) funny thing is that I get it crashes when trying to create a volume, to have persistent stuffs :D
09:36 mtj ashimema: about for a Q?
09:36 ashimema sure
09:36 ashimema sort of in a meeting but I can multi-task ;)
09:36 eythian Joubu: ah, that would be a problem
09:36 eythian though you can mount into part of the local filesystem I think, maybe that works.
09:37 eythian Otherwise, I manually run the container with a shell inside, reproduce the issue, and see what's going on. Standard stuff.
09:42 Joubu silly question maybe but, how do I read binary logs?
09:43 Joubu I have a "lastlog" that is not really human friendly
09:43 eythian lastlog is a special thing
09:43 Joubu it's for login
09:43 eythian it's what "last" reads
09:45 Joubu where is syslog?!
09:45 Joubu there is nothing useful in /var/log
09:46 eythian you probably don't have a rsyslog daemon running in the container
09:46 eythian (that's normal, they should really only run one thing.)
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09:58 Joubu Setting up libapache2-mpm-itk (2.4.7-04-1) ...
09:58 Joubu ERROR: Module mpm_invalid does not exist!
09:58 Joubu lol..
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10:16 marcelr Joubu: I can change bug 24114 to signed off or you could still add your sign off ?
10:16 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24114 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , modules must not warn
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12:50 tcohen morning
12:57 * ashimema sort of hopes mtj has gone to bed.. it's epic late in nz now isn't it
12:57 ashimema morning tchoen
12:59 eythian ashimema: it's 13 hours ahead of you at the moment.
13:00 eythian but iirc mtj keeps weird hours
13:01 mtj hi eythian, im still up :)
13:01 ashimema crazy person :)
13:01 ashimema in a good way
13:01 cait told ya ,)
13:02 ashimema I seriously owe you beers mate
13:04 cait mtj: how is it going?
13:05 mtj hmm, its going ok.. just testing packages via a testing repo
13:06 magnuse mtj++
13:06 tcohen mtj++
13:07 mtj i havent done a 'rollover' release before, and im a bit rusty too
13:08 tcohen take more coffee mtj, and you'll be fine
13:08 tcohen haha
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13:10 eythian mtj: I'm not surprised really :)
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13:11 cait crossing fingers
13:11 cait have a nie weekend all
13:11 cait mtj++ too :)
13:11 * magnuse too
13:11 magnuse have fun cait
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13:13 ashimema sorry mtj.. I have no idea what's happened to drojf.. he seems to have just dropped off the face of the earth
13:13 ashimema hope he's ok.. he's normally not bad at getting back to me
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13:54 mtj yep, me too
13:55 mtj i seem to have created the 19.11 distro/pocket incorrectly on my test repo...
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13:57 ashimema it's way too late for you.. I'm happy to call it and just send out a mail saying the release is just waiting on packaging and will be available early december
13:57 ashimema it just would have been nice to get a november release out in november.. haha
14:15 caroline_catlady good morning all!
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14:21 caroline_catlady ashimema: did you want me to do anything about bug 24136?
14:21 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24136 minor, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Signed Off , Add libraries (sponsors) to the about page
14:22 ashimema er..
14:22 ashimema nope
14:22 caroline_catlady or it was just to let me know?
14:22 ashimema sorry.. I clones a bug to create it.. that probably copied your cc
14:22 ashimema sorry
14:22 caroline_catlady okok no worries!
14:23 caroline_catlady I thought maybe you wanted me to review if we had any libraries in the sponsors
14:23 ashimema well hopefully they've all been caught by now anyway in the release notes ;)
14:23 tcohen :-D
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15:29 Joubu ashimema: bug 24138, if you want to be ahead for .01 :D
15:29 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24138 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , suspension miscalculated when Suspension charging interval bigger than 1 and Max. suspension duration  is defined
15:30 ashimema interesting..
15:30 ashimema there are some other bugs around that area
15:30 ashimema I'll have a look
15:32 Joubu others are not that obvious
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16:39 reiveune bye
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17:55 vfernandes #koha it's possible on Koha email templates remove the hours from issue/return dates?
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18:47 tcohen vfernandes you mean the default ones?
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23:57 davidnind LOL - found 'Caroline was here' in the manual source files (acquisitions.rst):)

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