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06:35 reiveune hello
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07:16 ashimema hello
07:16 cait hello
07:16 ashimema yeah.. spot on midnight my time there mtompset
07:17 ashimema mornin' cait
07:17 ashimema mornin' #koha
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08:58 * ashimema hits head against desk...
08:58 ashimema these bloomin tests!
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09:47 clrh
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10:23 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 22709: (RM follow-up) Enable plugin in tests <[…]2a6a8192d9ac9a1dc>
10:23 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 23284: Remove test duplication <[…]f48477e771a2eb0fd>
10:32 * ashimema crosses fingers
10:52 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9 build #813: STILL UNSTABLE in 28 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D9/813/
10:53 * ashimema weeps
10:54 mtj hi ashimema, you cant replicate the failing jenkins tests locally?
10:57 ashimema I could but I'm back through I cant
10:57 ashimema It's about the run order
10:58 ashimema The plugin tests aren't independent or idempotents fully yet.. but digging through making them fully so is proving harder than I expected
11:01 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_U18 build #304: STILL UNSTABLE in 36 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_U18/304/
11:05 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #322: STILL UNSTABLE in 42 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/322/
11:08 ashimema grr.
11:08 ashimema cannot get the buggers to fail locally now
11:08 ashimema :'(
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11:27 oleonard Hi all
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11:44 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9 build #814: STILL UNSTABLE in 28 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D9/814/
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12:44 oleonard RDA has definitely gone too far when I see in 245c "USA today bestselling author Debra Webb."
12:44 * oleonard gives RDA the finger
12:46 corilynn yeah, RDA is rediculous
12:46 corilynn but there's no requirement that you put that crap in
12:46 cait ... so noone likes RDA and it's a non-open standard... why are people using it? *sighs*
12:47 corilynn try reading the RDA toolkit, oleonard, it runs you in circles
12:47 corilynn it's better than the alternatives: mass chaos and/or AACR2
12:47 corilynn I went to a lecture where someone is doing wiki-style open source cataloging rules
12:50 oleonard corilynn: When the list of rules is 100 miles long and then at the bottom it says "* or whatever, it's up to you"
12:50 corilynn i know, right?
12:52 corilynn open cataloging rules:[…]gSo/edit#slide=id.g55d5a1c5e6_0_2736
12:52 corilynn she's all "why the f' are we paying twice for this???"
12:54 oleonard Wow, Mac users beware:[…]site-ac75c83f4ef5
13:07 corilynn gross
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13:48 frEDDY_eNRIQUE Greetings everyone :)
13:48 oleonard Hi frEDDY_eNRIQUE
13:48 frEDDY_eNRIQUE ^_^. Hope you've been doing ok
13:49 frEDDY_eNRIQUE I'd like you guys to help me with this... question
13:50 frEDDY_eNRIQUE I have Koha on the cloud with these specs.... 1 RAM and 25 GB of storage. I only have 1 person doing the cataloging, but it seems the RAM is not enough since the server crashes a lot
13:52 frEDDY_eNRIQUE If 2 people were to do the cataloging, is even worse. Memory Utilization goes to the roof
13:53 frEDDY_eNRIQUE is there a particular module that consumes more RAM than the other?
13:54 eythian 1) "crash" isn't a useful term :) you need to figure out what exactly is happening, and that'll lead you to the why.
13:54 eythian 2) you can monitor things like CPU and memory use etc and view them later, that might help.
13:55 frEDDY_eNRIQUE
13:55 eythian I often use this: and you can have it record every minute and replay it later to see what was going on.
13:56 eythian you're going to need more metrics than that.
13:56 eythian Also you need to know what the actual detailed symptoms are.
13:57 frEDDY_eNRIQUE could the top command in the console help?
13:57 eythian That shows a spike in disk IO, but not disk usage, which just tells me it's not useful.
13:57 eythian it depends.
13:57 frEDDY_eNRIQUE oh.....
13:57 frEDDY_eNRIQUE so it might not be the RAM
13:58 eythian You need to know what you mean when you use the word "crash" here.
13:58 frEDDY_eNRIQUE If it is not crash, what could be the appropiate term?
13:58 frEDDY_eNRIQUE ah....
13:58 eythian It depends what it is
13:58 frEDDY_eNRIQUE wait... I think I have an image of that
13:58 eythian is it going slow, are processes being killed, does the whole machine stop responding, does it recover, etc.
13:58 ashimema describe what you mean by crash here frEDDY_eNRIQUE
13:59 ashimema what he said
13:59 * ashimema goes for tea
13:59 eythian (also, I prefer 'htop' to 'top'. It has colours and graphs.)
13:59 frEDDY_eNRIQUE ok, I got it
13:59 frEDDY_eNRIQUE
14:00 eythian OK, so the server is still running.
14:00 eythian But it's failing for some reason.
14:00 eythian Now you look in the apache error logs to see what they're saying
14:00 frEDDY_eNRIQUE and that usually happens when the RAM usage goes to the roof. According to the graphs
14:00 eythian it's quite possible.
14:00 frEDDY_eNRIQUE ok... ill do that
14:00 eythian that could be the root cause, or it could be a symptom.
14:01 eythian (I've definitely had both situations before.)
14:01 frEDDY_eNRIQUE to solve the problem I have to either shutdown or reboot the server
14:01 frEDDY_eNRIQUE but its getting to often now
14:02 eythian what else have you tried that didn't work?
14:02 eythian your apache logs are the first place to look.
14:04 eythian There are two things that can cause memory spikes (that are likely to be possible here), 1 is a runaway process caused by a koha bug that's eating all the RAM. 2 is you accepting too many incoming connections than your machine can handle, and that's happening sometimes, and so lots of processes eat all the RAM.
14:05 eythian in 2, the memory (and disk, if it's swapping) usage is just caused by overloading.
14:05 eythian But, logs. apache logs, syslogs, kernel logs. Always start there.
14:05 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9 build #815: STILL UNSTABLE in 29 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D9/815/
14:06 frEDDY_eNRIQUE I'll check my apache logs in the affertoon. I have work restrictions. But... Would you mind telling me the locations of that file? Don't get mad at me for asking that :(
14:06 eythian pretty much everything is under /var/logs
14:06 eythian it depends on your machine config though, but that's traditional.
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14:07 eythian /var/log/apache2 for apache stuff.
14:07 frEDDY_eNRIQUE eythian++
14:07 eythian /var/log/syslog also contains a lot of "stuff"
14:07 frEDDY_eNRIQUE really appreciate your help. Ill do my homework and find the real problem
14:07 eythian it's useful if you know what you're looking for, but can be misleading.
14:08 eythian I'm also about 80% sure the solution will be "add more RAM" or "restrict your max simultanious connections"
14:08 eythian But that's just experience talking :)
14:12 frEDDY_eNRIQUE I'm also about 80% sure the solution will be "add more RAM"... jajaja. Yep! you are absolutaly right. In fact, I did that and worked
14:13 frEDDY_eNRIQUE but... its a little more expensive for me and anyone in my country
14:21 eythian frEDDY_eNRIQUE: the other thing you can do is restrict max incoming connections. This will cap your performance at whatever level your server can handle and reduce the chance of it falling over.
14:21 eythian It's a bit of a large hammer, but often effective.
14:22 eythian It'll require some testing to see what your server can handle, but it's fairly estimatable.
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14:23 eythian If your database is local on the machine, you won't be blocking on IO so much, so I would probably cap the processes at 2×the number of CPUs you have.
14:23 eythian if you find that this is never causing you problems, you could creep it up.
14:23 frEDDY_eNRIQUE restrict max incoming connections....
14:24 frEDDY_eNRIQUE yep, the database is in the same server
14:24 eythian The mechanics of how you do that is very much up to how your system is configured. Generally it's an apache configuration, but I haven't looked at it for about 4 years now so can't remember what it is.
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15:05 reiveune bye
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15:11 ashimema anyone out there fancy testing whether that have a bug I think I've just discovered?
15:11 cait what's your bug?
15:12 ashimema try adding a new patron of any type..
15:13 ashimema on the 'Add patron' form look at the browser console and there's lots of js errors
15:13 ashimema Uncaught ReferenceError
15:13 * oleonard hides
15:13 ashimema I can replicate it on 18.11.05
15:13 ashimema think it's a bug
15:14 ashimema I thought it might be some custom JS.. but I've not got any installed on this server
15:15 cait https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=23283 ?
15:15 huginn` Bug 23283: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , cannot view/edit additional attributes in 18.11.x
15:15 ashimema hmm
15:15 * oleonard completely forgot about Bug 17093... wonder if it's still valid...
15:15 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17093 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , JavaScript error on patron entry page if toolbar is not displayed
15:16 cait i updated severity on the bug from lucas and assigend it - if someone can sign it, i'll try to qa it tonight
15:16 ashimema man I don't like the workflow in the current guarantor stuff
15:16 ashimema mixing a search button that pops open a new window along with manual fields in the same box..
15:16 ashimema it's wierd
15:17 ashimema thanks cait
15:19 ashimema sorry oleonard bug 23287
15:19 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23287 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , JS Console Errors on Memberentry
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15:26 oleonard ashimema: In master? Or only in 18.11.05?
15:26 ashimema in master
15:27 oleonard I can't reproduce the problem in 18.11.06 or master, so there's got to be some configuration difference which is unknown
15:28 ashimema oh, interesting
15:28 * oleonard has to leave but will look at it again tomorrow if necessary
15:29 ashimema I bet it's the required fields stuff
15:29 ashimema that's configurable isn't it..
15:29 cait or patron attributes?
15:32 ashimema mwah
15:33 cait translate please :)
15:34 ashimema it means 'I have no idea'
15:35 cait ah
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16:06 Chris Hello Just installed Koha 19 and I was going through the Staff Client system preferences and realized that the StaffLoginInstructions otion is not editable. Ayone aware of this? Is there a workaround for it?
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16:28 tuxayo Chris: hi :)
16:28 tuxayo What do you mean by not editable?
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16:36 Chris Hi tuxayo. Normally in other versions of Koha. StaffLoginInstructions allowed one to edit  the Admin login page with HTML code. There would have been a textbox for the placement of the code.  The instructions are still there, however, the corresponding textbox is not there.
16:53 tuxayo Chris: Is the "click to edit" button still there?
16:55 Chris No it is not there
16:55 Chris only the instructions are there. Just "SHow the following HTML on the staff client login page"
16:57 tuxayo Indeed I just checked on a sandbox (dev version which will become the 19.11) and it's not here! http://pro.user01-koha.sandbox[…]in/
16:58 tuxayo Chris: Can search whether what seems to be a bug has already be reported? http://pro.user01-koha.sandbox[…]in/
16:59 ashimema Weird
17:06 Chris ok
17:06 Chris Thanks
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