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08:04 saa is there anyone who can help us in postfix and koha configuration with stunnel we are struggling and it is throwing error line 253 254
08:04 saa what could be the reason
08:06 saa our machine is sending mail from terminal to any email but when we rurn command it throws error as
08:07 saa use of uninitialized value "(Cc)"
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08:12 davidnind saa: I have no idea what to check for - if you can send from the command line then Koha should 'work'
08:13 davidnind this is an older guide - there maybe something in there that could help:[…]tfix-to-send.html
08:14 davidnind it's the weekend, so it is generally a bit quieter around here - maybe post when it is during the week
08:15 saa ok
08:15 davidnind you should also mention which version of Koha you are using, the operating system you are using, and how you installed Koha (using packages on Debian or Ubuntu is usually recommended)
08:16 davidnind apologies that I'm not of much help with this topic!
08:17 saa Use of uninitialized value $mail{"Cc"} in substitution (s///) at /usr/share/perl5/Mail/ line 253.
08:17 saa i am getting above error when we run file
08:36 davidnind I think it saying it is missing something when it tries to send (just guessing here)
08:36 davidnind what does your cron entry look like?
08:41 ashimema Odd, I don't think we really use Cc at all in koha
08:42 ashimema We tend towards use Exim at ptfs-e so I'm afraid I can't really advice as to postfix peculiarities
08:42 ashimema I wouldn't expect it to require a cc address though
08:43 ashimema As davidnind  said.. you are likely to get more assistance on a weekday..
08:43 * ashimema goes back to enjoying time with the family
08:44 davidnind saa: also, current script is named, so which version of Koha are you using?
08:44 davidnind ashimema++
08:45 davidnind For 18.11 the manual for the message queue[…]tml#message-queue
08:45 davidnind am out of ideas....
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12:06 davidnind :q!
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15:17 enaut hey all, I might be blind but I can't find the possibility to simply list all the books that are away from the library (not only those that are late)?
15:28 enaut might this be the sqltable issues? and if so where do the issue records go after return?
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19:02 ashimema Issues is everything currently out
19:03 ashimema Old_issues is the historical loans
19:03 ashimema enaut ^
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22:56 eythian wizzycray:[…]ing-horse-museum/ new museum, finally!
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