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04:35 Frank_P morning everyone =) I created a superlibrarian through the web installer, however the credentials are not allowing me to login. How to I go about checking the username and password of the superlibrarian profile i created in order to login to to admin part of koha?
04:44 Frank_P i am also unable to create a super user as I cannot remember branch code / category code etc, I just created this and was hoping to record it once logged in. any help would be greatly appreciate
04:44 wahanui okay, Frank_P.
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05:58 fridolin hi
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06:41 reiveune hello
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07:19 tuxayo Frank_P: hi :)
07:19 tuxayo huginn`: bad bot, don't troll frank!
07:19 huginn` tuxayo: I suck
07:20 tuxayo I didn't mean that :(
07:20 tuxayo (not to that extent)
07:20 tuxayo Frank_P:  Â«unable to create a super user»
07:20 tuxayo With the command dedicated to that?
07:21 tuxayo ¿ misc/devel/ ?
07:22 tuxayo Anyway, you can use to know a bit more about the Koha DB
07:22 tuxayo And they use sql directly to ge the branches and categories
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11:55 oleonard Hi all
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12:26 Frank_P Hi tuxayo =) sorry for the late reply, Im at work and only connected remotely now to see if anyone replied =P
12:27 Frank_P so i went through the entire installation process and im at the very last stage, simply logging in with the super librarian username and password, and im completely confused as to why it says i have the wrong credentials
12:28 Frank_P Ive already created a super librarian, how to i go about checking those details?
12:28 Frank_P PS: Hi oleonard =)
12:29 oleonard Hi Frank_P
12:30 oleonard If you can locate koha-conf.xml it will have the kohaadmin login credentials
12:31 oleonard <config> ... <user>koha_kohadev</user> ... <pass>password</pass>
12:35 Frank_P i did manage to findkoha-conf.xml, but that password didnt work. on researching I see that as of 18.05 you HAVE to create a super librarian user and login with that. But i did create a super librarian during the web installer. however those credentials dont seem to be working (and they are not the same as what is reflected in the koha-conf.xml)
12:37 oleonard Frank_P: Sorry that didn't work, I thought that was correct. However, I do know that while you can't use the Koha database user to use Koha for normal operations, you can use it to log in and create/edit a superlibrarian user.
12:38 oleonard Frank_P: Is this an installation using the Koha package?
12:39 Frank_P hi, yes its a standard installation on Debian 9, using the normal Koha 18.11
12:40 Frank_P Everything actually went smooth besides for a late IP change.but that was resolved easily
12:41 Frank_P let me try login with the Koha database user to edit super librarian credentials
12:46 Frank_P unfortunately those credentials are not letting me login either...
12:47 Frank_P oleonard: is there no way to check in the server terminal for username and password of super librarian ?
12:48 oleonard No. While the database user's credentials are stored in a non-web-accessible place, the superlibrarian is a normal Koha user stored in the database and the password encrypted.
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12:59 Frank_P okay, let me try login using the database credentials. should i be using
12:59 tuxayo encrypted => actually hashed, which is why it's not possible to simply get it back if it's forgotten. (one would have to try dictionnaries of leaked passwords databases and hope for the target password to be simple enough to be in these)
13:00 tuxayo Frank_P: you should not be able to log in using the DB credential. It was removed in the 18.05 because it not a full user account leading to bugs.
13:00 tuxayo >  It was removed in the 18.05
13:00 tuxayo If I recall correctly
13:00 oleonard tuxayo: I guess I missed that
13:01 Frank_P so my options are only to create a new super librarian?
13:01 Frank_P through terminal
13:01 * tuxayo rechecks
13:02 tuxayo Indeed it was 18.05
13:02 tuxayo
13:02 tuxayo > No more login with the database user
13:02 tuxayo > It is no longer possible to use the database user to login into Koha.
13:02 tuxayo > You should first create a superlibrarian patron and use it for logging in.
13:02 tuxayo > See the script misc/devel/
13:02 oleonard tuxayo++
13:03 Frank_P can you help me with the command lines? i tried this morning and was unable to create a superlibrarian
13:03 Frank_P firstly though
13:04 Frank_P the super librarian login would be on "libraryname"."":8080 correct?
13:04 Frank_P sorry i forgot -intra after libraryname
13:04 Frank_P perhaps im attempting the wrog link soo just want to confirm
13:06 * oleonard will bbl hopefully
13:09 tuxayo Frank_P: when you do ` --help` is there info that is missing for you to write all the params?
13:12 Frank_P give me one minute, im connected remotely to my server from work, but its not letting me type on the terminal >.< PS - this web chat is also being accessed remotely
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13:29 Frank_P okay im doing the commands now
13:31 Frank_P [ --help] bash ' command not found
13:32 Frank_P misc/devel/
13:34 Frank_P bash: misc/devel/ No such file or directory
13:40 tuxayo khall: around?
13:42 tuxayo Frank_P: which version of koha do you have?
13:43 tuxayo You should be in the directory which containt these folders[…]ha/tree/v18.11.03
13:43 tuxayo And there should be misc/devel/
13:44 Frank_P i have 18.11.05
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13:44 Frank_P checking now
13:44 tuxayo Then you should have it
13:48 Frank_P i dont know how to browse directories via the terminal, besides having a specific path which i access with [sudo nano]
13:52 Frank_P im browsing in the linux GUI and no files are appearing for "misc"or "super" search
13:54 Frank_P also these commands arent working
13:55 Frank_P ./ --userid librarian --password librarian -- brachcode Main --categorycode LIS --cardnumber 25
13:56 Frank_P if i say ""  - command not found
13:56 Frank_P if i say "./" - No such directory or file
13:57 tcohen morning
13:58 tcohen hola fridolin
13:58 tcohen what are your thoughts about bug 22835?
13:58 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22835 new feature, P5 - low, ---, agustinmoyano, Signed Off , Serve static files from plugins through the API
13:58 fridolin tcohen: hola monsieur
13:58 Frank_P afternoon tcohen
13:58 tcohen hi Frank_P
13:58 fridolin tcohen: oh i really have no experience in API devlopment
13:59 fridolin do you know if other REST API do this ?
13:59 tcohen but you see the value of it, besides the theoretical issue
13:59 tcohen I will discuss it with amoyano today
13:59 tcohen (the author)
13:59 tcohen maybe it is not too difficult to add what ashimema suggests
14:00 tcohen it is just that this looked so damn simple and clean to implement
14:07 tuxayo Frank_P:  use `ls` to list what is in a directory `ls -l` to have more detail
14:07 tuxayo cd "my_cool_directory" to navigate
14:07 tuxayo `cd my_cool_directory`
14:09 tuxayo use tab to autocomplete the names of the directories of files
14:09 Frank_P tuxayo: i found this link, running these commands right now then will check for the files
14:09 Frank_P​super-librarian-by-command-line.html
14:10 Frank_P[…]command-line.html
14:13 Frank_P "cant locate Koha/ in @INC (you may need to install the Koha::Patrons module)
14:14 Frank_P tuxayo: let me try your instructions
14:17 Frank_P [cd my_cool_directory]
14:17 Frank_P bash: cd: my_cool_directory: No such file or directory
14:19 Frank_P i give up. brain is dead. will try again tonight. I still dont know why its not letting me login using the credentials i set during the web install. I know for a face they are correct...
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15:01 * oleonard waves
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15:34 oleonard Hi wizzyrea
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15:48 reiveune bye
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16:03 wizzyrea hi oleonard
16:03 wahanui hi oleopard
16:03 wizzyrea teehee
16:06 wizzyrea oleonard, when you are back
16:06 wizzyrea I wonder what you think of what they've done with the ui on bug 20208
16:06 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20208 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kohadevinim, Needs Signoff , Custom file upload paths
16:06 wizzyrea it's 100% an improvement over what was there before, which is nothing
16:07 oleonard I'm here. Not away. Present.
16:07 wizzyrea oh yay
16:14 tuxayo Frank_P:  "my_cool_directory" was an example name, it could be `cd  misc` `cd  opac`
16:14 tuxayo whatever you like as long as it's a directory that show up in `ls -l`
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16:30 oleonard wizzyrea: That bug requires more brainpower than I have at the moment. I hope tomorrow I won't be multitasking so much
16:32 oleonard (I've never understood why seeing/searching by hashvalue was of any use)
16:40 wizzyrea neither
16:40 wizzyrea that's alright I just wanted you to have a look when you are ready :)
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18:01 oleonard I wonder how the testing workshop went...
18:02 wizzyrea isn't it tomorrow
18:07 oleonard The schedule says today
18:07 oleonard "Helping people interested in testing Koha and doing sign-offs"
18:08 oleonard I was hoping to see bug activity to indicate that there was some success
18:14 oleonard Later all
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20:50 nuentoter hello good koha folks, quick question..... when checking in items, I get the popup to ok or print.... is there a way to totally disable this popup? i scoured the preferences and stuff and didn't see anything for this in there, maybe i missed it but....?
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21:09 nuentoter well figured out its because for some reason its trying to transfer from "our library" to "our library" and I have a bunch of overdue transfers pending going from us to us. There is only 1 library location and 1 library entered in the system.....
21:19 nuentoter figured out the difference, somewhere some of my items belong to branchcode "abelj" but most belong to "ABELJ"   my actual branchcode is "ABELJ"
21:21 nuentoter ok so working out my own problems haha, but could someone confirm that this should or should not work?     >     mysql> UPDATE items SET homebranch = 'ABELJ' WHERE items.homebranch LIKE 'abelj'; mysql> UPDATE items SET holdingbranch = 'ABELJ' WHERE items.holdingbranch  LIKE 'abelj';
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21:50 magnuse bug 22699
21:50 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22699 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, BLOCKED , Remove documentation on Keywords to MARC mapping
21:50 magnuse bug 22966
21:50 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22966 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Add Norwegian library and patron names for the web-based installer
21:51 magnuse ^ first patch from Petter. easy signoff if you can wipe (and restore) your db
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