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00:19 rangi cool lavamind !
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05:28 fridolin hi
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05:42 tcohen hi
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06:04 marcelr hi #koha
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06:58 alex_a bonjour
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07:12 cait good morning #koha
07:14 magnuse good morning cait
07:15 marcelr hi cait magnuse
07:27 * ashimema staves off the temptation to micro optimise some code
07:28 * ashimema would however love to encourage more of such code golfing
07:29 * ashimema sets devs a fun challenge - given an array full names what's the fastest way to sort them by lastname
07:31 cait sounds like something that has been solved before
07:31 ashimema oh yes.. lots of times
07:32 ashimema and you could just go find a library/module to do it for you
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07:32 ashimema but it's a nice simple problem that's easy to solve in allot of different ways and is very simple to benchmark.
07:34 marcelr ashimema: i am on 21662 now; i hope you are not now
07:35 marcelr just to be sure; if you are still working on it, change status ?
07:35 ashimema you QAing it or implimenting Carolines feedback
07:35 ashimema I was just about to do her feedback
07:35 marcelr QAing
07:35 ashimema hold off just a moment then.. I'll change the status
07:35 marcelr caroline commented on the other report
07:35 ashimema oh..
07:35 * ashimema misread
07:35 ashimema 21662 is good to go
07:36 marcelr ok it would be frustrating to qa patches that are being changed at the same time
07:36 ashimema totally
07:37 ashimema it's 626 bit 662 I was about to refine
07:37 marcelr i will add a follow-up for a few small things; but i think the other report will not make it into 19.05
07:37 ashimema just reading your comment on it now though
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07:39 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22409 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, Untranslatable strings moved into subscriptions JavaScript file
07:40 cait obviously i typoed
07:40 cait [of] 22509
07:40 * cait gives up
07:40 ashimema bug 22509
07:40 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22509 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Add a script to generate MARC fields containing date formatted strings
07:40 marcelr ashimema: could you transliterate शंतनू ?
07:40 cait what language is it?
07:41 cait i think there are translation rules for most.... if not all. but it might look really crazy
07:41 ashimema haha.. yeah.. I have no idea how to do that ;)
07:41 marcelr it is arabic
07:42 marcelr the serbian name is transliterated
07:42 marcelr so i would be inclined to refuse an untransliterated name
07:42 cait i htink it depends on how people set up their git
07:42 ashimema `Author: शंतनू <>`
07:42 cait i don't think we shoudl ask for transliteration
07:42 ashimema direct from the git logs
07:42 cait we should respect how they want to show up
07:42 marcelr cait: i am talking about 'about page'
07:42 cait i know
07:43 cait but i should be able to pick how my name looks there... shouldn't ?
07:43 marcelr hmm i am not sure
07:43 cait I see the about page as a way to honor contributions foremost... we could email and sk
07:43 cait but i would not change it unnecessarily
07:43 marcelr if we put credit on a Koha page, we should know what it says
07:44 cait it looks like it means Shantanu maybe
07:44 cait and i am not sure I agree :) jsut because we can't read it doesn't mean it's not vlaid
07:45 marcelr no but it is friendly to translate it
07:45 cait maybe not to the person
07:45 marcelr assuming that most people cannot read it
07:45 cait transliteration might have it lose it's meaning
07:45 cait for example a lot of chinese signs translate to the same sounds, but have totally different meaning
07:45 marcelr yes but i am asking for additional text not replacing it
07:45 cait so without seeing the original, you don't get it
07:46 marcelr ^^
07:47 marcelr i prefer entries like Сергій Дубик {Serhij Dubyk}
07:47 cait yeah but he chose to
07:47 * ashimema tries to find a service that will transliterate it for me
07:48 cait i am not saying it shoudl not be an option, just saying if someone chooses to have his name in original spelling we should respect that
07:48 ashimema I get 'santanu'
07:48 marcelr i am not suggesting to remove the original spelling
07:48 marcelr but i am asking for additional explanation
07:48 ashimema well.. as they've used Shantanoo as their email I think I'd go with that
07:48 marcelr i agree
07:53 marcelr ashimema: Anonymous is a funny entry too
07:54 marcelr doXulting
07:54 cait company name, the latter
07:54 marcelr i guess so
07:54 marcelr wajasu is an alias ?
07:55 cait he/she sues that on bugzilla as well
07:55 ashimema Anonymous can go.. I used it to group entries I couldn't put a name to
07:57 ashimema happy to have further input on names and things, but the major point of this bug from my perspecive was to move us to an easier to work with file config file based page so we could automate building the list
07:57 marcelr yeah
07:57 marcelr no worries
07:57 marcelr it looks quite good
07:58 ashimema I was hoping to sit down with Chris to further hash out any corrections we may need names wise.. some of it just needs human knowledge that I didn't have
07:58 ashimema like.. Wajasu.. not sure if that's their name or an alias..
07:59 marcelr it is an alias
07:59 marcelr the email shows matted
08:00 marcelr another thing: the special thanks and additional thanks
08:00 marcelr not for this report, but could we merge them ?
08:00 marcelr now we have comments per developer and special thanks and additional thanks
08:01 marcelr or could we add additional comments at the end lol ?
08:02 ashimema you read my mind.. I very much want to clean those out in a followup but
08:03 ashimema may of the names in there are just names and it would be much nicer to give attribution to what they did.. and at this point I think it's almost a snide in the face of more recent big contributors that these originals get such a pride of place
08:03 cait I think Alias are ok
08:05 cait we are not doing this for legal purposes ;)
08:06 * ashimema has a meeting.. back in a bit
08:08 marcelr cait: just qaing
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09:59 marcelr cait: could you please finish qa on 21312 ? thx
10:25 cait not today i am afraid
10:25 cait maybe ashimema would make more sense, as he worked on the related patches?
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10:29 marcelr ok cait; ashimema: could you qa 21312 ?
10:31 marcelr htg
10:33 magnuse bug 21312
10:33 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21312 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , Show lockout on Patrons form
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11:17 ashimema done
11:18 cait ashimema++ thanks a lot
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11:32 oleonard Hey
11:35 calire hi oleonard
11:35 wahanui hi oleopard
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12:01 oleonard__ Bleah
12:15 oleonard Hi Oak
12:15 Oak Hi oleonard !
12:17 magnuse Oak
12:17 Oak magnuse
12:17 magnuse \o/
12:17 Oak \o\
12:19 oleonard cait around?
12:21 cait yes
12:21 Oak Hi cait
12:21 cait hi Oak and oleonard
12:22 oleonard cait I'm struggling to determine whether Bug 22733 is a problem with the code or a problem with browsers...
12:22 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22733 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Improve recent reviews RSS
12:23 oleonard I've cleaned up the template and run it through a validator and gotten it all good, but it still shows up in Chrome and Firefox badly
12:23 oleonard I know Firefox dropped a lot of native RSS support fairly recently...
12:23 oleonard Or is it because we're serving it as text/html instead of, say, text/xml?
12:24 cait I am not sure i will be helpful there:(
12:24 cait i noticed the issues and we had reports about RSS not working well, but I didn't dive deeply into browser support yet
12:24 cait I think passing the validator might be a good start?
12:25 cait application/rss+xml for mime type is suggested
12:25 cait but is also says text/xml was the de-facto standard
12:25 cait maybe worth a try?
12:27 oleonard I've tried updating with: output_with_http_headers $query, $cookie, $template->output, 'xml';
12:27 oleonard ...but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the page
12:28 oleonard The browser's inspector still reports text/html
12:28 cait sorry, not sure how that works
12:28 cait hm
12:29 cait could text/html be the default?
12:29 cait i rembmer seeing other formats in the exports file for opac and staff
12:29 oleonard Anyway... I thought it would be a nice easy template cleanup bug for the end of the day yesterday and just like everything else this week it turned into a complicated mess :D
12:29 cait when i was looking at the wrong encoding for RIS
12:29 cait i feel you
12:29 cait my devbox won't come up... the one at work
12:29 cait so trying to fix this
12:31 ashimema I get the distinct feeling we're all having one of those weeks this week
12:38 * cait nods
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12:45 caroline_catlady good morning!
12:45 oleonard_ Hi caroline_catlady
12:50 cait good morning caroline_catlady :)
12:56 cait it can't install java
12:57 cait thereis a gitlab issue for it... but no answer so far
12:57 oleonard Oh yeah Oracle messed something up.
12:58 cait looks like it (
12:58 cait I set elasticsearch to false... cross fingers please
13:02 cait hm it hangs now at release tools repo
13:02 cait ah yeah... and exploded
13:07 tcohen I'm moving kohadevbox into using openjdk
13:08 cait tcohen: can you help me quickyl?
13:08 cait i tried setting elasticsearch: false in user.yml
13:08 cait but it still tries to run the elasticsearch tasks
13:08 cait i tried a up --provision
13:09 cait did I go wrong somewhere?
13:09 tcohen do you have KOHA_ELASTICSEARCH set in env?
13:09 cait ah
13:09 cait i am checking that, thx
13:10 cait i am using alias
13:10 cait so i might have hardocdedthat
13:10 cait ... which i did
13:10 tcohen you use a stretch box, right?
13:10 cait i think so
13:11 cait i haven't specified anything there
13:11 cait should be default
13:12 cait it reads stretch all over - just doing another up
13:13 tcohen I will submit a patch
13:14 tcohen for stretch
13:14 cait it woudl be great to get it working for the testing workshop at kohacon
13:22 cait the docs look good - compatibility with openjdk
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13:29 cait tcohen: thx for the help - fixed my alias and now it skipped elastic and came up green :)
13:46 cait hm i have a strange thing again...
13:46 cait web installer for updating to 18.11.05 comes up, but it shows a white page
13:46 cait if I show source code i can see it's there
13:48 cait i remember we once had a security feature causing white pages.... but hm
13:49 cait the anticlickjack code shows an erorr in the console
13:49 oleonard Yes. If JavaScript is disabled (or broken?) in the staff client you'll get a blank screen
13:50 cait i have other syntax errors, but in jquery libraries
13:52 cait
13:52 ashimema grr
13:52 ashimema I tested that before release and it was working for me :(
13:52 cait ashimema: are you guilty?
13:53 ashimema hope not
13:53 cait looking at the source code nothing red stands out and the libraries are linked properly
13:53 cait they open
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13:54 cait could it be bug 20658?
13:54 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20658 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, RESOLVED FIXED, Move template JavaScript to the footer: Installer and onboarding
13:56 cait ReferenceError: $ is not defined
13:56 cait so... jquery is not there when it tries to execute something, right?
13:57 ashimema yup
13:57 Joubu Hi #koha
13:57 cait hi Joubu!
13:58 Joubu showing up to tell cait it is working for me, 18.11.05
13:58 cait that's my page source
13:58 cait Joubu: not helping :)
13:58 cait well a bit
13:58 Joubu not hitting the installer!
13:58 cait hm?
13:58 Joubu I am on the mainpage
13:59 cait ah no,
13:59 cait i think if there is a problem, it's specific otn insteller/onboarding
13:59 oleonard cait: And the jquery file loads if you click it?
13:59 cait oleonard: i will try it again
14:00 cait hm from source it leads tot he same page
14:00 cait are we missing something there?
14:00 cait from the web developer tools too
14:01 cait so no, not loading the correct files
14:01 oleonard 18.11.x installer working okay for me cait
14:01 cait thx oleonard
14:01 cait i wonder if I am missing something in Apache
14:01 Joubu looks ok for me as well
14:01 cait thi sinstallation is pretty old
14:01 oleonard Apache problem, the file versioning thing?
14:02 cait it might be that
14:02 cait good idea
14:02 kidclamp do you have the rewrite rules in place cait
14:02 kidclamp what oleonard sai
14:02 cait i will check
14:02 cait first have tof ind the docs :)
14:02 cait i haven't used my work dev environment in way too long
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14:08 cait fixed! thx a lot! oleonard++ tcohen++ Joubu++
14:08 cait ashimema++ #not guilty at all
14:09 oleonard I should get extra karma for that very technically detailed suggestion :P
14:09 oleonard ;)
14:10 cait it was the right idea and you tested - that took time
14:10 cait i really appreciate it
14:10 ashimema phew.. you had me worried there that I'd released a duff
14:10 cait sorry!
14:12 tcohen cait: I'm submitting a fix
14:13 cait rebasing our branch from 18.11.01 to .05 - 5 minutes... 2 hours to see if it explodes in the dev box heh
14:16 tcohen cait: the java problem is fixed now
14:16 cait tcohen++ :)
14:16 ashimema tcohen++
14:16 cait I'll finish with my rebase and then try to get elastic on master going
14:20 Oak You guys are like ninjas.
14:22 cait :)
14:22 oleonard Noisy ninjas
14:22 cait and very helpful to confused caits
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15:29 oleonard I worked up this proof-of-concept the other day:
15:29 oleonard Now I'm on to this version:[…]?p=15568972617173
15:31 cait oleonard: will the options be translatable?
15:31 cait i like both, but not sure if i prefer databse column... or would like to see both
15:32 cait it's probably beter for the end user this way, but could get confusing fast if your translations don't match up
15:32 oleonard Ah, so maybe include both, like we do with permissions
15:35 cait not sure if we can make it fit, but my coworker says that would be perfect
15:35 cait :)
15:35 cait have to go - have a nice wekeend all!
15:35 cait left #koha
15:36 oleonard A little crowded, but I can tweak it:[…]?p=15568977837455
15:38 caroline_catlady I like!
15:39 caroline_catlady Is it necessary to have the db column name?
15:39 oleonard :D
15:39 oleonard cait just told me to add it!
15:39 caroline_catlady lol!
15:40 oleonard But I do agree with her... Admins and more technical users will probably appreciate it.
15:40 caroline_catlady I always thought this preference was NOT intuitive for regular users
15:41 caroline_catlady Sorry, I hadn't seen the previous convo
15:44 caroline_catlady I always thought it would be nice to have a dropdown like OpacAdvSearchOptions, but this works too
15:44 caroline_catlady Maybe put it in one column so it's less crowded?
15:44 oleonard Yeah, this was my first go at it:
15:45 caroline_catlady Yeah I like that, what was the reason for the change?
15:46 oleonard #1 reason: The multiple-select jquery plugin wasn't working as advertised. But then I realized the modal is probably more user-friendly when there are so many choices.
15:46 oleonard Two-column modal version:[…]?p=15568983061263
15:46 caroline_catlady yes, looks much nicer
15:46 caroline_catlady oleonard++ you're great!
15:49 oleonard aw, thanks!
15:59 Oak oleonard, may I pm you if you have 5 min.
15:59 oleonard Sure
15:59 Oak Thanks
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17:05 cait tcohen: trying out the fix
17:09 Arpine joined #koha
17:11 Arpine Hi, I have a problem with koha.  In my koha library doesn't display barcode's lines.
17:12 Arpine What to do?
17:12 oleonard Can you give us more details?
17:13 oleonard What version of Koha? Did you recently upgrade? Where are you seeing the problem?
17:14 cait do you mean the OPAC/catalog or on the staff side?
17:15 oleonard :|
17:17 cait we tried...
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17:51 * oleonard enjoyed his moment of being both away and not away
18:02 Oak :)
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18:55 * oleonard pulled the trigger on Bug 22844 too early
18:55 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22844 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, ASSIGNED , Simplify the process of selecting database columns for system preferences
18:56 oleonard My solution is not translatable :'(
18:56 caroline_catlady :(
18:56 caroline_catlady why? what makes it not translatable?
18:57 oleonard English strings in a JSON file
18:58 oleonard A task for Monday I guess.
18:58 oleonard Have a good weekend y'all
19:17 cait he will fix it :)
19:17 cait oleonard++
19:19 caroline_catlady reminds me of "mama will fix it!"
19:19 cait hm?
19:20 caroline_catlady have you ever played cooking mama?
19:21 caroline_catlady It's a nintendo ds game where you cook stuff, and when you fail "mama" come on the screen and says "mama will fix it" and she looks mean!
19:22 cait no, but it sounds awesome :)
19:27 caroline_catlady cait are you receving an email for each edit that I do in taiga? I'm afraid I'm spamming you
19:27 cait hm I haven't got any
19:27 cait might be a setting in preferences
19:27 caroline_catlady ok phew!
19:27 cait but good you mention it :)
19:48 * ashimema wonders if cait got elastic working
19:48 cait it's green
19:48 cait i should try to reindex
19:50 cait i did a destroy and up again to get it to green
19:52 cait seems good to go :)
19:55 Joubu @later tell oleonard: you are aware of the columns.def file, right? (context: translation of the DB columns for sysprefs)
19:55 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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20:37 kidclamp byeee all! I wil push all the stuffs next week
20:37 kidclamp starting with the in discussion queue, shake things up :-D
20:37 cait have a nice weekend kidclamp :)
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22:01 caroline_catlady have a great weekend everyone!
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