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16:05 enaut hey guys how do you import the book items into koha I have all the title information imported but I don't know howto add the individual books?
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21:07 yhager What's the easiest way to modify templates in a koha installation? I need to modify the CSS and HTML of invoices. I used to override .css, .inc and .tt files, but that is painful during an upgrade. What's the recommended way of doing that?
21:08 rangi use the systempreferences
21:10 rangi and/or the notices which can contain html/css directly
21:10 rangi they are all stored in the database so survive upgrades
21:11 yhager I know I can do that for css. But how do I go about changing the HTML? For example, I'd like the receipt page to actually print two receipts, so there's one customer copy. Can this be achieved using the systempreferences?
21:12 cait the payment receipts?
21:12 yhager yup
21:12 cait not sure if jquery works on those but it might not
21:12 cait so you might have to edit the files after all :(
21:12 yhager is there a support for a "customization" directory that will not be modified in an upgrade?
21:12 cait there are several bug reports about making them configurable via notices, but no work is currently done on that
21:13 cait themes
21:13 cait Koha supports to have your own theme activated, that should be kept around i think
21:14 rangi yep themes are kept
21:14 rangi koha also falls back, if a template in your theme doesnt exist it falls back to the default
21:14 rangi so you dont have to copy every single one
21:15 rangi just the ones you want different
21:17 yhager so for example, I create a folder under `koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl` and then copy over the files I want to change from the default them, while maintaining the directory structure?
21:17 rangi yes
21:18 cait the theme is activated by system preference
21:18 rangi it will pick up the directory
21:18 yhager Okay, I'll try that, thanks!
21:18 rangi and template in the staff interface will now have 2 values in the drop down, prog, and your new one
21:18 rangi it even follows the language structure
21:19 rangi so you can have your theme translated too
21:22 yhager Very nice. Onec I add `mkdir -p mytheme/en`, it shows up in the dropdown.
21:24 yhager I don't see how to define a fallback theme for the staff client. I guess it is hard coded to `prog`?
21:24 cait there is only one staff theme
21:24 cait you want it to fall back to prog
21:24 cait it means ituses prog if it doesn't find a file in your theme
21:25 cait ah sorry, yes
21:25 cait we used to have another opac theme but stopped maintaining it, we kept the pref
21:26 yhager Great, that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks guys!
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