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05:58 samantha hi, changes made to koha by KOHA AS CMS , could it cause problem while upgrading???
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06:06 fridolin hi
06:06 wahanui hey, fridolin
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06:19 sam-wheeler hi
06:20 sam-wheeler we are planning to use koha-as-cms https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]iki/Koha_as_a_CMS, could it cause problem/issues while upgrading koha??
06:22 sam-wheeler hi everybody, does anyone knows about koha as cms and possible koha upgrade issued ? guide us!
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06:35 reiveune hello
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06:40 sam-wheeler hi everybody, does anyone knows about koha as cms and possible koha upgrade issued ? guide us
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06:48 alex_a bonjour
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07:41 ere tcohen: Second API endpoint I need from BiblioCommons is /items/{item_id}
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08:00 dolf Greetings Kohathites. Is there a way to change the default search options in OPAC? E.g. I would like to have "limit to currently available items" selected by default.
08:04 cait dolf: you could do that with jquery
08:04 cait but maybe you should test it out a bit more first
08:06 dolf All things are possible with jqeury, it seems :P But that would cause another page load for every search, essentially doubling the search traffic, yes?
08:06 ashimema erm.. why would it cause additional page loads?
08:07 ashimema I presume cait meant to just append search params to the search query on submission..
08:07 dolf I assumed you would use jquery to "click" the "limit to currently available items" link, which causes a page load
08:07 ashimema not something I've tried though to be honest to I may be barking up the wrong tree
08:07 dolf oooh, right. that's a better idea indeed :P
08:07 * ashimema like using britishisms lately
08:08 dolf I'm not american, so I understand (and even appreciate) britishisms :)
08:09 ashimema you can probably see what the magic incantation on the uri is for limiting to available items during the original search using that link though (I don't know it off the top of my head, so that's how I'd go about finding it myself)
08:09 ashimema once you have that it shouldn't be too hard to append all search strings with it by default on submit or something like that :)
08:10 dolf Real edge case: now the user wants to "unlimit" it, but jquery keeps adding the magic incantation.
08:11 dolf If only there was an check box for this on the advanced search form, I could tick that using jquery, and be done :)
08:12 dolf By the way, it's &limit=available
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08:39 cait dolf: i was thinking of checking the option on the advanced search - didn't think about simple search, that would probably be trickier - sorry
08:40 cait dolf: there is a checkbox on advanced search actually... but you might only have one branch?
08:41 cait you might see bug 13629
08:41 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13629 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , SingleBranchMode removes both library and availability search from advanced search
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08:46 dolf Oh, I see. Indeed, only one branch.
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10:25 magnuse i would use jquery to append a hidden field with name=limit + value=available to the simple search form, methinks
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11:04 kidclamp you could probably shove in a checkbox and precheck it, so the usr could undo it if they wished, but they would have to search again
11:04 tcohen hi all
11:05 tcohen ere: the idea is to port it to the codebase soon
11:05 tcohen it is important for API stability that we follow the voted RFC for naming conventions
11:09 ere tcohen: ok, good, the sooner the better for me, of course :)
11:09 ere tcohen: and hi!
11:18 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
11:18 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D8 build #57: FIXED in 35 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D8/57/
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12:35 ere tcohen: by the way, it would be useful to get the patron's patron_id from the validate_credentials request. I can of course fetch the patron information with a search, by cardnumber, but that's slightly more complicated.
12:37 tcohen good idea
12:37 tcohen do you have a PR?
12:37 tcohen I will rename it THe_api
12:43 tcohen happy birthday, matts
12:44 matts Hey, thanks tcohen :)
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12:53 oleonard Hi #koha
12:55 calire hi oleonard
12:55 wahanui hi oleopard
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13:04 magnuse \o/
13:08 ere tcohen: no, but I can provide one if necessary
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13:30 MauBR_ Hello good morning friends. Please help me with something. I am trying to use "koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v"  but the terminal shows a lot of "item-level_itypes set but no itemtype set for item (###) at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/Schema/result/ line 170". Please help, someone knows how to solve this? My server is Ubuntu 18 and koha18...
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13:56 oleonard MauBR_: It means you have the system preference "item-level_itypes" set to "specific item" but some of your item records do not have an item type defined.
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13:59 oleonard MauBR_: You could use this report to identify them: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ry#Null_Item_Type
14:00 oleonard Hi wizzyrea
14:00 wizzyrea hallo
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14:18 MauBR_ Leonard thak you for answer. Do I should change the "item-level-itypes" parameter?
14:20 oleonard MauBR_: Having item-level item types is more standard these days I think. It offers more flexibility in my opinion.
14:24 MauBR_ Ok, i think that understand. And the result of the SQL (Null Item Type)... should i delete those records?
14:25 oleonard MauBR_: I would recommend editing those items to add an item type
14:25 oleonard MauBR_: You could use batch item modification if all items needed the same item type
14:26 MauBR_ ok Leonard thank you very much for the information. I will analize the result.... thank you again! :)
14:27 oleonard You're welcome
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14:43 wizzyrea aww that was nice
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15:01 kidclamp Happy birthday Matts!
15:01 matts Thank you kidclamp :)
15:10 oleonard Joyeux anniversaire!
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15:25 wizzyrea ra whānau ki a koe!
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15:39 * oleonard is away: I'm busy
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16:00 reiveune bye
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16:08 wizzyrea omg sorry about the noise on 22611
16:09 wizzyrea a cascade of ridiculous typos.
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17:34 * caroline_ waves at everybody
17:34 wizzyrea hallo
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17:54 wizzyrea lol selenium is making me angry
17:54 wizzyrea what else is new amirite
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18:39 wizzyrea @seen rangi
18:39 huginn` wizzyrea: rangi was last seen in #koha 5 days, 22 hours, 28 minutes, and 1 second ago: <rangi> but yeah, not many of us
18:45 ashimema Thanks for cleaning up the submission on that EDI bug wizzyrea
18:45 ashimema I'd meant to grab Colin's patch and fix the submission up myself.
18:45 ashimema What's up with selenium?
19:00 wizzyrea it won't connect to it's localhost, but at port 7055 which is wrong
19:01 wizzyrea and I tried downgrading firefox-esr but that didn't do it
19:01 wizzyrea Koha is sending the right port, idk what firefox's deal is
19:03 ashimema You testing in your own local setup then.. I pretty much always run tests under koha-testing-docker now.. I found it just made all my frustrations with tests melt away
19:03 wizzyrea nah it's kohadevbox
19:03 wizzyrea i tried the docker for elasticsearch but it never worked right and I got frustrated and wanted to get something done so went back to devbox :(
19:04 wizzyrea and that's been mostly good
19:04 wizzyrea i need to go back to it but I you know, like getting things done
19:04 wizzyrea :P
19:05 wizzyrea oh gosh
19:05 wizzyrea selenium is up to version 3.1
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19:07 ashimema Interesting.. I had the opposite.. I never found devbox reliable..
19:08 wizzyrea it wasn't in previous incarnations, it's been very good lately
19:08 ashimema I Dev on a remote machine that runs just Koha with a good ol' fashioned Dev install
19:09 ashimema Then run tests and things inside a docker on the same server attached to the same codebase
19:09 wizzyrea I've done it just about every which way
19:10 ashimema Anywho, apologies but I don't think I'll be much help outside of docker getting selenium working.
19:10 ashimema Good luck though..
19:10 wizzyrea nah that's alright
19:10 wizzyrea imma try a new version of selenium
19:10 wizzyrea I may regret my decision later ^.^
19:12 ashimema Hehe,
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19:24 wizzyrea hi cait
19:24 wizzyrea how goes schnapps in the woods
19:24 cait hello
19:24 cait that was calire
19:24 wizzyrea hehe
19:24 wizzyrea i'd half expect you to have schnapps in the woods too tho
19:24 wizzyrea anyway how are you
19:27 cait spending a few days at my dad's
19:28 magnuse \o/
19:28 cait how are you?
19:29 wizzyrea ah ok
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19:33 wizzyrea hi kathryn
19:34 * cait waves at kathryn
19:41 magnuse god kveld kathryn
19:41 cait magnuse: around so late?
19:48 kathryn kia ora kōrua! (hi you two)
19:48 kathryn just had to break up a cat fight and find my glasses :)
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19:48 wizzyrea oh boy
19:48 kathryn hi wizzyrea :)
19:50 wizzyrea hiya
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20:33 hiro67 Hello everybody, would this be the right channel to get some installation help on koha?
20:35 hiro67 I am fairly new to the project and just tried to set it up on a debian installtion, everything looks ok, but I can't access the koha site from the browser
20:35 hiro67 possibly, I am just using wrong domain/library name.
20:36 cait did you use the packages?
20:36 hiro67 yes, I did, 18.11
20:36 hiro67 I am not very familiar with apache/mysql neither, so there might be the problem too...
20:37 hiro67 I followed this wiki document:
20:37 hiro67 and get to the point create a koha instance
20:38 hiro67 konsole output looks also ok (in my point of view):
20:38 hiro67 "Koha instance is empty. No staff user created"
20:39 hiro67 but then next point "access the web interface", it says server not found for my library/domain
20:50 cait hm osrry not sure, not good with the apache part either
20:51 cait I'd check your settings in the site config file?
20:52 hiro67 "you will need to have your DNS set up for this." - I guess here is the problem. No idea, what to do here so that the DNS points to the correct address...
20:53 hiro67 koha instance is enabled according to the command koha-list
20:53 cait sorry, I won't be much help htere
20:54 cait maybe try asking at another time or on mailing list
20:54 hiro67 thanks anyway, I'll keep trying/reading and posting, thanks for the hint with the mailing list...
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