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07:11 magnuse \o/
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07:45 reiveune hello
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07:52 alex_a bonjour
07:52 wahanui que tal, alex_a
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08:19 josef_moravec morning #koha
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08:30 liliputech_asu morning :)
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08:31 liliputech_asu josef_moravec : own u a beer for maintaining my recommender plugin! Will u be there at KohaCon?
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09:09 dolf Hi Kohaphiles, does anyone know where I can find documentation about the tables and columns of the Koha database? I'm investigating an issue with our library system by doing day-to-day comparison of recent database backups, but I don't understand what some of the tables do. The best I could find is the source code, but not all tables have comments:[…]/mysql/kohastruct
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09:15 liliputech_asu dolf:
09:20 dolf Wow, that's cool, thanks. I'm specifically looking for the meaning of the columns in the zebraqueue table. Any idea what the different possible values of the operation column are, and what they mean? I'm not well acquainted with the source code...
09:27 magnuse dolf: i see recordDelete and specialUpdate as possible values of operation
09:27 magnuse the first is when a record has been deleted
09:28 magnuse and i think the second one is the normal operation when a record has been changed
09:28 dolf OK, so the rows in that table are simple "pending" changes that will propagate the the Zebra index later?
09:28 dolf simply*
09:29 magnuse yes
09:29 dolf understood, thanks!
09:29 magnuse done = 0 waiting to be indexed
09:29 magnuse done = 1 indexed
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09:30 dolf Another thing I'm looking for is the difference between biblioitemnumber (PK of biblioitems) and biblionumber (PK of biblios). They seem to always be exactly the same in my DB, yet there exists a foreign key relationship between the two.
09:31 magnuse yeah, there are historical reasons for that - biblio and biblioitems should really be one table
09:32 dolf This makes my work so much less confusing. Thanks!!
09:33 magnuse :-)
09:34 josef_moravec liliputech_asu: do you mean that one small contribution? ;)
09:35 magnuse woohoo! bug 18589
09:35 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18589 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, andrew.isherwood, Passed QA , Show ILLs as part of patron profile
09:38 AndrewIsh Holy cow bug 18589!!
09:38 AndrewIsh josef_moravec++
09:38 ashimema :D
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10:31 vfernandes hi #koha
10:32 vfernandes something strange happened to one Koha installation
10:33 vfernandes the option the select email on the borrower messaging preferences doesn't appear
10:33 vfernandes it should be a checkbox but there is "-" instead
10:35 vfernandes looking at we have [% IF ( messaging_preference.transport_email ) %]
10:36 vfernandes what could be wrong?
10:43 vfernandes mysql> select * from message_transports; Empty set (0.00 sec)
10:43 vfernandes :/
10:44 alex_a_ vfernandes, you found what is wrong
10:44 vfernandes yes :)
10:44 alex_a_ message_transports is empty
10:45 alex_a_ I have this:
10:45 vfernandes how that table is populated?
10:45 alex_a_ +----------------------+-----------​-------------+-----------+---------​------+-------------+------------+
10:45 alex_a_ | message_attribute_id | message_transport_type | is_digest | letter_module | letter_code | branchcode |
10:45 alex_a_ +----------------------+-----------​-------------+-----------+---------​------+-------------+------------+
10:45 alex_a_ |                    4 | email                  |         0 | reserves      | HOLD        |            |
10:45 alex_a_ |                    4 | phone                  |         0 | reserves      | HOLD        |            |
10:45 alex_a_ |                    5 | email                  |         0 | circulation   | CHECKIN     |            |
10:45 alex_a_ |                    5 | sms                    |         0 | circulation   | CHECKIN     |            |
10:45 alex_a_ |                    6 | email                  |         0 | circulation   | CHECKOUT    |            |
10:45 alex_a_ |                    6 | sms                    |         0 | circulation   | CHECKOUT    |            |
10:45 alex_a_ +----------------------+-----------​-------------+-----------+---------​------+-------------+------------+
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11:03 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D9 build #50: UNSTABLE in 24 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D9/50/
11:05 ashimema poop
11:09 ashimema tag.. you're it kidclamp
11:09 ashimema inbox zero !!! :)
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11:15 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_U18 build #47: UNSTABLE in 34 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.11_U18/47/
11:15 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D8 build #49: UNSTABLE in 35 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D8/49/
11:34 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D9 build #51: STILL UNSTABLE in 25 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D9/51/
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11:46 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_U18 build #48: STILL UNSTABLE in 31 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.11_U18/48/
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11:49 oleonard Hi #koha
11:50 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D8 build #50: STILL UNSTABLE in 35 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D8/50/
11:57 oleonard tallerjoy++ # Bug 22535
11:57 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22535 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Use Link Shortcuts when creating reports
12:13 magnuse tallerjoy++ that is akshuly something i have been thinking of for a while too. never found a good way to do it, though
12:38 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
12:38 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_U18 build #49: FIXED in 27 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.11_U18/49/
12:44 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D9 build #52: STILL UNSTABLE in 30 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D9/52/
12:45 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
12:45 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D8 build #51: FIXED in 35 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D8/51/
12:46 ashimema 😕
12:46 ashimema those same tests just passed for me locally
12:46 ashimema grr
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12:59 magnuse lulz ashimema, you wrote "Just a quick notification that we're not in string freeze for the maintenance branches" - i'm guessing that should be "now in string freeze"?
13:00 ashimema balls
13:00 magnuse oh and "due on the 18th"? ;-)
13:02 * ashimema should just go back to bed today
13:02 ashimema thanks magnuse
13:02 magnuse ashimema: bugs happen :-)
13:05 ashimema me
13:05 ashimema whats koha's minimum perl version these days..
13:06 ashimema not only can i not remember it... but i cant remember how to find out?
13:07 magnuse <3 bywater <3 wizzyrea
13:07 oleonard ^^YES
13:07 magnuse ashimema:[…]5e8f07628;hb=HEAD says: die "perl 5.10 or later required" unless ($] >= 5.010000);
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13:11 magnuse ashimema: also says "Perl 5.10 is required"
13:12 ashimema Ah yes.. for a long time I've been wanting to up it to be at least inline with our minimum debain version packages perl
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13:17 ashimema In reality we can expect 5.20.2
13:18 ashimema At least for Debian 8
13:18 ashimema We should really up it to that..
13:19 ashimema Which would magically bump our List::Until version to 1.38
13:20 ashimema Which gives us the pair functions
13:24 oleonard Did y'all read the interview with rangi?[…]opment-community/
13:34 magnuse yup, good to see they fixed the koha links :-)
13:35 oleonard Oh I didn't even try the links... was it bad? (I'll bet it was bad)
13:35 magnuse linked to the wrong koha, yes
13:36 magnuse ashimema: sounds reasonable to require at least the perl that comes with the oldest version of debian we support
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14:00 ashimema ack
14:01 ashimema looks like we did up it to 5.20 beggining of last year.. but David Cook got it reverted
14:02 magnuse because of some other linux, with older perl?
14:02 ashimema Suse
14:03 ashimema bug 20104
14:03 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20104 trivial, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, CLOSED INVALID, Update minimum version of Perl to 5.20 because of caller()
14:05 oleonard Followup posted on Bug 22318. Thanks for testing, josef_moravec!
14:05 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22318 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Extend Koha news feature to include other content areas
14:05 josef_moravec oleonard: thanks!
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14:10 oleonard Hi wizzyrea
14:12 wizzyrea hi oleonard
14:12 wahanui hi oleopard
14:12 wizzyrea how we doin
14:12 oleonard I am pleased to ready ByWater's announcement about your new job!
14:14 * magnuse too
14:14 * magnuse fears he will never be able to catch up with wizzyrea in the number-of-commits stats
14:26 wizzyrea hm
14:26 wizzyrea :)
14:27 wizzyrea magnuse, you are doing good work for the libraries of norway/sweden, I think technically you've done more than me.
14:43 ashimema MaxFine should apply only to overdue fines right?
14:43 ashimema not 'M' (manual invoices)
14:45 ashimema and.. it's only 'outstanding' values that add into it.. it's not a 'MaxFine' over a period of time?
14:45 ashimema right?
14:46 * ashimema is trying to understand the crazy query within C4::Overdues->UpdateFine
14:48 ashimema anyone?
14:51 oleonard Sorry ashimema, not me!
14:53 wizzyrea hm no mtompsett
14:53 wizzyrea khall might be able to help ashimema
14:53 wizzyrea oh he's not here
14:53 wizzyrea bummer
14:57 ashimema looks like over the years it's had allot of developers asking the same questions
14:57 wizzyrea yeah
14:58 ashimema lots of "wtf is this" type comments both in commits and in code comments!
14:58 * ashimema giggles quietly
14:58 wizzyrea :)
14:58 ashimema at least it's not just me
14:58 wizzyrea definitely not
14:58 * ashimema goes to read the tests.. those have got to be definative.. right?
14:58 ashimema haha
14:58 wizzyrea oh you are funny
14:59 * ashimema tries
14:59 ashimema 'tis nice having you in an overlapping timezone now wizzyrea.. good to have you around for banter
14:59 ashimema and SO's..  :)
14:59 wizzyrea ^.^
15:00 wizzyrea it's nice because that's what I get to do now is just community stuff
15:00 wizzyrea I like that
15:00 wizzyrea (don't get me wrong I loved, LOVED, my old job. But this isn't bad.)
15:00 * ashimema would like to join those ranks some day
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15:12 wizzyrea hi lukeG
15:13 eythian_ wizzyrea: oh, whatcha doing now?
15:14 eythian_ or is this just joining bywater
15:14 wizzyrea yeah just that
15:14 * eythian is unsure of timelines
15:14 eythian ah cool
15:14 wizzyrea it's ok :)
15:14 wizzyrea cait about?
15:15 wizzyrea that's a negative
15:15 wizzyrea ok hm.
15:15 wizzyrea are any of the people who have opinions but no time about to talk about 19014
15:15 ashimema I think she's at conferences this week wizzyrea
15:15 wizzyrea bug 19014
15:15 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19014 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Patrons should not get a on_reserve notification if the due date is far into the future
15:16 wizzyrea because I'm unsure if someone's gonna do something and this solution is bad, or if we should just test what's there
15:16 wizzyrea thanks ashimema
15:16 wizzyrea it kinda looks like what's there will be an improvement
15:17 ashimema ah.. that's a "Ray" ticket is it
15:18 ashimema must admit, I find those rather hard to follow..
15:18 ashimema he's a customer of ours
15:18 * ashimema goes on school run
15:18 ashimema brb
15:18 wizzyrea cys :)
15:42 wizzyrea teehee
15:49 tallestjoy how about just adding 10 more sys prefs to make it work that way?
15:49 * tallestjoy runs away
15:50 wizzyrea hehehehehe
15:52 wizzyrea[…]-get-a-5c9110.jpg
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15:57 Ralphius Hi there
15:58 ashimema lol
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15:59 Ralphius anyperson know the config to harvesting in the oai ?
16:01 Ralphius I try harvesting my koha but I don't know why I can't do...
16:02 ashimema not my area of expertise I'm afraid Ralphius..
16:02 Ralphius In the[…]ster/ValidateSite the error :
16:02 Ralphius FAIL Bad earliestDatestamp: The earliestDatestamp in the identify response (2015-09-28 20:58:23) does not have the correct format for the time part of the UTCdatetime. The overall format must be YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ.
16:09 tallestjoy great meme wizzyrea
16:14 wizzyrea Ralphius, all of the config is in the Administration -> OAI sets BUT
16:14 wizzyrea I'm a little surprised it's freaking out about the timestamp format
16:14 wizzyrea and I'm not sure it's configurable
16:14 wizzyrea and if it's wrong, that's probably a big
16:14 wizzyrea er
16:14 wizzyrea bug
16:14 wizzyrea that said, I know lots of places harvesting with OAI from Koha
16:15 wizzyrea and they don't (or, not that I've seen anyway) have this problem
16:18 Ralphius it's so strange, because we have in the 17.11 we don't have this problem, I only see this diference: In the information Date GranularityYYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss    and the error format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ I see the 'T' in the midle of DD and mm .. but I don't see where I change that
16:24 wizzyrea that is strange
17:37 wizzyrea hm, it seems like creating manual fines is broken in master
17:39 wizzyrea Undefined subroutine &CGI::Compile::ROOT::home_vagrant_kohaclone​_members_maninvoice_2epl::manualinvoice called at /home/vagrant/kohaclone/members/ line 81
17:40 wizzyrea kidclamp ^
17:43 * kidclamp was wondering if it was just me
17:43 kidclamp https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=22533
17:43 huginn` Bug 22533: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , is using deprecated maininvoice() method
17:43 wizzyrea I was just looking at that one
17:45 wizzyrea that's an icky bug. oh well we'll sort it
17:46 ashimema There's already a bug for that one
17:47 ashimema It's in my pile.. it was split out from the rest of the deprecation bug as there's a bunch of foundation work to do before it can be switched out...
17:47 * ashimema is working hard to get hat foundation work done
17:48 ashimema Issue being.. add_debit uses an enum of accounttypes (as does add_credit).. which is good... But manual invoice basically let's your add anything in as a type.. even if it doesn't fit within the dB field
17:49 ashimema My delving in MaxFine was actually related to this earlier 😉
17:49 wizzyrea well it explodes spectacularly at the moment ^.^
17:49 ashimema Hang on... It shouldn't be entirely broken.. I left it in a working state.. it should just be warning that it's a bad thing
17:50 kidclamp I think we could just make it C4::Accounts::maninvoice()
17:50 ashimema Ok.. I'll divert my attentions this evening to making it work as is again.. really confused it's broken entirely... Sorry if that was me
17:50 kidclamp that seems the simple fix, it just can't find it rightnow
17:51 ashimema Brb.. kids club run
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17:51 wizzyrea yep that does it kidclamp
17:52 wizzyrea i've got it sitting here want me to make a patch and attach it
17:52 kidclamp gopher it!
17:55 wizzyrea done
17:55 kidclamp be back a bit later
17:55 wizzyrea nw
18:03 ashimema Ah, I bet I know what caused it.. Kyle rearranged a bunch of use statements in the overdues change bug
18:04 ashimema I didn't think anything of it at the time.. but I bet it's a circular dependencies thing introduced by that.
18:07 wizzyrea musta
18:07 wizzyrea anyway theres an interim patch to make it work
18:07 wizzyrea you can feel free to ignore it
18:07 wizzyrea if you have time/want to fix it properly
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19:19 * ashimema wonders for QA.. should we be maintaining the list of sysprefs that are sent to HEA in ?
19:33 magnuse @later tell wizzyrea thanks :-) but i have my sights set on you in the stats ;-)
19:33 huginn` magnuse: The operation succeeded.
19:41 * talljoy roots for wizzyrea to keep going!
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19:51 reiveune bye
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21:28 talljoy bbiab
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22:15 talljoy back
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23:10 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D8 build #241: SUCCESS in 19 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.05_D8/241/
23:19 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_U18 build #237: SUCCESS in 27 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_18.05_U18/237/
23:30 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D8 build #242: SUCCESS in 19 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.05_D8/242/
23:34 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D9 build #238: SUCCESS in 40 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.05_D9/238/
23:47 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_U18 build #238: SUCCESS in 27 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_18.05_U18/238/
23:49 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D8 build #243: UNSTABLE in 19 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.05_D8/243/
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