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06:50 * cait waves from a train
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07:57 alex_a bonjour
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08:33 Archie^ Hey everyone!
08:36 ashimema Morning
08:36 calire morning #koha
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08:48 Archie^ hey, anyone knows why, when i go into authorities and search for any (ANY) author it always gives me used in: 0 ?
08:49 Archie^ also it seems that there are a lot of duplicates :/
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09:03 * cait waves not from a train
09:03 cait stable internet - yay!
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09:18 tuxayo o/ #koha
09:19 * tuxayo sent a long message:  <[…]YpMkDXCpQiNieQXjg >
09:38 Archie^ hey, anyone knows why, when i go into authorities and search for any (ANY) author it always gives me used in: 0 ? also it seems that there are a lot of duplicates :/
09:38 ashimema ever run link_bibs_to_authorities Archie^ ?
09:39 Archie^ no, never. is it in migration tools folder?
09:39 ashimema I'm nto entirely up to speed on how the authorities linking all works, but I believe you need to have run that to get them all to link together in the first place..
09:39 ashimema anyone else got a better understanding of that stuff here ?
09:59 paxed hm. does the contain hardcoded texts for the ILL email subject and body?
10:06 ashimema erm
10:08 ashimema yes
10:08 ashimema see generic_confirm in Koha/
10:08 ashimema and yes.. it shouldn't.. that should be a notice..
10:08 paxed yes, that's where i noticed it.
10:08 ashimema however.. in realiity I also don't think it should be in Koha/ at all and rather it should be a backend of it's own
10:09 josef_moravec ashimema, Archie^: I am using this script during migration relatively often ;)
10:09 ashimema feel free to add a bug and we'll eventually get to it.. it's already in the plan to pull it out at some point..
10:09 paxed i wouldn't know, we don't use the illrequests, so i've never used that part
10:09 ashimema it is horrible that it's hard coded.. i think it was part of the last ditch effort to get some code into core before the original author left the company ;)
10:10 Archie^ josef_moravec:  it's giving me "Argument "lav" isn't numeric in numeric eq (==) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 512. " a lot. is it normal?
10:10 josef_moravec Archie^: first you should ensure your setting in system preferences in authority and authority linker section
10:11 josef_moravec Archie^: it means you have a non numerical marc tag "lav" in your records, it could happen after migration...
10:13 Archie^ josef_moravec: right so in system preference everything is "off" should i enable it ?
10:13 josef_moravec what do you mean by everything?
10:14 ashimema it was originally in a backend but qa required that ILL did 'something' without a backend installed I believe.. so this generic backend got backed in last minute
10:14 josef_moravec this is my setting:[…]
10:15 josef_moravec Archie^: sysprefs used when run linking script:   AutoCreateAuthories, BiblioAddsAuthorities, UseAuthoritiesForTracings and all in Linker section
10:16 josef_moravec Archie^: when you have duplicate authorities, the default linker module may not work for you...
10:16 josef_moravec Archie^: in fact, default module means "exact match"
10:17 paxed ashimema: bug 22224
10:17 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22224 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , ILL Request has hard-coded email subject and body message
10:17 ashimema @later tell caroline I've updated the wiki ill install intsructions a little for where I think you might have gone wrong
10:17 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
10:18 ashimema thanks paxed
10:23 Archie^ josef_moravec: Thanks a lot! :)
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11:02 tuxayo cait1: around?
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11:02 tuxayo not anymore
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11:45 Archie^ hmm Is Koha logo (on left side of the search in INTRA) part of mainpage.css?
11:50 calire Archie^ do you mean the black logo?
11:50 Archie^ yah the logo ona with "Koha" next to it
11:50 calire it is in staff-global.scss it is the background for #logo
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11:51 * kidclamp waves
11:51 calire the img itself is in intranet-tmpl/prog/img
11:52 calire koha-logo-medium.png
11:52 calire hi kidclamp
11:52 kidclamp quack
11:52 calire moo
11:52 ashimema woof
11:55 magnuse baaa
11:57 Archie^ tnx calire <3
11:57 ashimema blimey kidclamp.. you've been busy
11:58 kidclamp trying to catch up :-)
12:02 tcohen morning
12:02 magnuse hiya tcohen
12:03 magnuse why would issues.branchcode be empty?
12:03 magnuse (not NULL, but an empty string)
12:03 * ashimema now has a big queue
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12:20 cait tuxayo: not really around - sitting in a training
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12:29 oleonard Hi all
12:32 tuxayo cait: enjoy! ^^
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12:36 magnuse issues.branchcode would be empty because "someone" messed up the migration a bit
12:41 oleonard @seen alex_a
12:41 huginn oleonard: alex_a was last seen in #koha 4 hours, 43 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <alex_a> bonjour
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12:44 oleonard Hi alex_a, I have a question about Mana if you're available
12:46 oleonard I'm wondering what the "search_only" parameter in is for.
12:47 oleonard It is set to 1 if Mana is active, but in the template the "use" button is hidden if search_only == 1
12:51 kidclamp @wunder 05001
12:51 huginn kidclamp: White River Junction, VT :: Overcast :: 3F/-16C | Tuesday: Variably cloudy with snow showers. High 24F. Winds light and variable. Chance of snow 60%. About one inch of snow expected. Tuesday Night: Periods of snow. Low 18F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 100%. Snow accumulating 3 to 5 inches.
12:51 alex_a oleonard, iirc it is used to tell Koha that we don't want to show the "Use" button
12:51 alex_a So only for search, not importing
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12:52 oleonard alex_a: Under what circumstances would someone only be searching?
12:52 alex_a oleonard, there was a search form dedicated for that. But it may be deleted
12:53 alex_a And the table in the search form is the same used when creating a subscription
12:53 oleonard I see a "Search on Mana" link in the serials sidebar, that's what I'm using.
12:54 oleonard Is there another way to start a new subscription from a Mana search?
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13:07 oleonard alex_a: Is there another way to start a new subscription from Mana besides the "Search on Mana" link?
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13:26 oleonard alex_a: Is there another way to start a new subscription from Mana besides the "Search on Mana" link?
13:27 alex_a oleonard, there is only one way => New subscrption
13:27 tcohen hi
13:27 wahanui what's up, tcohen
13:28 tcohen magnuse: about issues.branchcode: that'd be a bug
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13:30 oleonard alex_a: I see. I misunderstood -- I thought you could get bibliographic details for serials from Mana.
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14:05 Freddy_Enrique Greetings everyone
14:05 Freddy_Enrique Please, help me with this one
14:06 Freddy_Enrique how can I change this little text in the OPAC? :
14:07 Freddy_Enrique What I wanna say instead is: no para prestamo a domicilio
14:07 Archie^ any information why messages.po is empty?
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14:30 cait Freddy_Enrique: which status is that?
14:31 cait is that a not for loan?
14:32 cait Freddy_Enrique: i fit is, look at authorised values NOT_LOAN
14:33 magnuse tcohen: yes, a bug in the migration of data in this case :-)
14:37 tcohen hehe
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14:39 vfernandes hi #koha
14:39 tcohen hi
14:39 wahanui hey, tcohen
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14:41 vfernandes quick question: it's possible to block holds when a biblio still have available items?
14:41 cait yes
14:41 cait vfernandes: look in your circulation conditions for on shelf holds
14:41 cait it has 3 options
14:42 cait always allow, allow once any item is checked out and allow when all items are checked out
14:43 vfernandes "If all unavailable"
14:43 vfernandes that's it?
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14:52 vfernandes it's works.... thanks cait
14:52 vfernandes *it works
14:52 kidclamp is there a reason that options isn't called 'don't' since that is sort of what it is
14:52 kidclamp don't allow on shelf holds
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15:19 Archie^ Hey, so i'm starting to translate Koha into Latvian for presentation purposes. Any advice how i can find the most viewed text in stuff/opac?
15:19 Archie^ or should i just search & translate ?
15:19 oleonard cait^^
15:22 cait ah sorry, only semi-here
15:22 cait Archie^: i'd start with the opac file then move to your MARCflavour
15:22 cait MARC21 or UNIMARC file
15:22 cait they are sorted alphabetically, so it's hard to tell waht's mostused
15:23 cait you could search for terms you want to translate specifically
15:23 cait the marc file is used for the labels on detail and result list views
15:23 cait so part of the opac
15:23 Archie^ mm i was thinking on starting with Intra since it will shown the most and Opac and then Marc
15:23 Archie^ but ok, i get the idea
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15:33 oleonard Thanks cait
15:34 Archie^ thank you cait! :)
15:35 cait intra is only staff side - it won't show up in OPAC
15:36 cait only the MARC file covers strings on both sides (because tehy are doubled up and the same)
15:53 cait intra is the biggest, not sure i wouls start with that, but if you are not using the koha opac... it makes sense
15:56 Freddy_Enrique cait: Sorry for the delay, I've been really busy with patrons
15:56 Freddy_Enrique yeah
15:57 Freddy_Enrique when creating a item type, I set the value not for loan
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15:59 Freddy_Enrique Ok... this is what I got:
16:19 cait did it not work?
16:19 cait sorry have to run
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18:07 reiveune1 bye
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