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02:40 dcook Trying this out for the first time: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]with_a_KohaDevBox
02:40 dcook Hmm the instructions might be wrong..
02:42 dcook Ah maybe not. Just confusing output from qa tools..
02:52 wizzyrea lavamind, what OS are you using
02:52 lavamind wizzyrea: Debian 9
02:55 lavamind wizzyrea: BTW the app works fine otherwise, I can work in OPAC and Intranetw ithout other issues
02:56 lavamind I think it has to do with Mojo not streaming the file upload data into the psgi handler, but it's all new stuff to me
02:58 wizzyrea aha
02:58 wizzyrea yeah
02:59 wizzyrea I know what that si
02:59 wizzyrea https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=19676
02:59 huginn Bug 19676: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, Debian 9 vs. Plack vs. /tmp -- attention to PrivateTmp for apache2
02:59 wizzyrea see if that helps
03:00 wizzyrea bug 20428 is probably relevant too
03:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20428 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, RESOLVED FIXED, MARC import fails on Debian Stretch
03:00 wizzyrea lavamind ^
03:01 lavamind hrmmm
03:02 dcook Oooh good call wizzyrea
03:02 dcook PrivateTmp is such a pain..
03:02 wizzyrea it's annoying
03:02 wizzyrea and I rather don't like the way we've gone about fixing it but don't think there's another way really
03:02 dcook :(
03:03 * dcook hasn't read the bugs yet
03:03 wizzyrea (fwiw it took me aaaaaaaagesssssss to track that down the first time)
03:04 dcook mee too
03:04 wizzyrea why <bash> aren't <bash> you <bash> working <bash>
03:04 dcook heh
03:04 dcook Why can't I find you, you stupid file...
03:05 wizzyrea What is this ridiculous directory in /tmp all about
03:05 dcook grep grep grep
03:05 dcook :O :O :O
03:05 wizzyrea ...what, do we have separate temp locations for all the things now or wht
03:05 wizzyrea omgf.
03:05 wizzyrea er
03:05 wizzyrea omfg.
03:05 lavamind wizzyrea: thanks for the pointer, I'm testing now
03:05 dcook I feel like f can go before/after every other letter there
03:06 wizzyrea it's true it may be one of the only words in the english language that exists in all parts of speech.
03:06 wizzyrea i tease there are lots of those.
03:06 dcook Speaking of not liking things. I was taking a look at some Koha:: modules which essentially are exactly the same as C4:: modules and just *sigh*
03:06 wizzyrea well they have to get moved :P
03:06 dcook heh
03:07 dcook Doesn't even have pod..
03:07 * dcook is looking for examples of good minimal pod..
03:07 wizzyrea cronjobs
03:07 lavamind wizzyrea: I switched PrivateTmp in apache2 to flase, but the problem still exists
03:07 wizzyrea are usually reliable.
03:08 dcook I was thinking more for modules but good point
03:08 wizzyrea you have to do all of the reloading and everything
03:08 wizzyrea not just restart apache
03:08 lavamind ok
03:08 wizzyrea #> systemctl daemon-reload
03:08 wizzyrea #> systemctl restart apache2
03:08 wizzyrea #> systemctl show apache | grep PrivateTmp
03:08 wizzyrea Result should be:
03:08 wizzyrea PrivateTmp=no
03:08 wizzyrea this stuff
03:09 wizzyrea it's because it's systemd
03:09 wizzyrea now
03:09 lavamind wizzyrea: yep, I got it, that's what I see
03:09 wizzyrea now, if it's still broken after *that*
03:10 wizzyrea maybe the problem is in mojolicious somewhere
03:10 wizzyrea or maybe you need to reload plack and memcached
03:10 wizzyrea it doesn't hurt anyway
03:10 lavamind wizzyrea: I'm using mojo as an alternative to Plack
03:10 wizzyrea right, well whatever the "reload all the things" is for mojo
03:10 lavamind I got Apache in front as a reverse proxy
03:11 lavamind reloaded morbo as well
03:11 wizzyrea i have a feeling it's still possibly related, if not to that, then to the other things that were done in Koha to work around that
03:11 wizzyrea which was the other bug
03:12 lavamind one of the first things I tried was strace morbo, and seeing it doesn't attempt to open or write anything during the upload request I figure the actual file data probably isn't reaching Koka::Uploader
03:12 lavamind I put a $log->debug inside the upload hook and it never fires
03:13 lavamind this is Koha 18.05 btw
03:13 lavamind I think I've got all the fixed mentioned
03:14 lavamind (instance specific tmp dirs)
03:15 wizzyrea at least you can be reasonably sure it isnt any of the easier things now :)
03:16 lavamind heh, I was afraid my hours of digging around Mojo and PSGI and stuff woulda been for naught
03:18 * dcook is intrigued but has other things to do himself
03:19 dcook Wow QA scripts are way more hardcore than they used to be. But surely lots of things that get through don't actually pass all these...
03:36 lavamind dcook: if you'd like to investigate later please feel free to poke me
03:37 dcook lavamind: Unfortunately, I probably won't :(. I'm so super busy on all the things currently on my plate
03:37 dcook And the fridge.. and the freezer..
03:37 lavamind dcook: alright, I understand
03:37 dcook Oh actually..
03:37 dcook Why don't you try it without your Apache reverse proxy?
03:38 dcook That would eliminate one variable
03:38 lavamind I suppose I could
03:38 lavamind hang on
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03:41 lavamind I have to remember how to do that heh
03:41 dcook heh
03:41 dcook Yeah that can be tricky
03:42 dcook Actually I wonder if it'll work because the reverse proxy handles the static assets..
03:42 dcook I have a different project where I use Catalyst and it has a plugin for handling static assets in the event that you're not using a reverse proxy (like when you're developing)
03:45 lavamind dcook: I know the upload reaches Mojolicous though, I can echo the filename and size
03:46 dcook Oh I thought you were getting nothing in Mojolicious?
03:46 lavamind I can manipulate it as a Mojo::Upload::File object
03:46 lavamind the problem is it isn't reaching Koha
03:46 dcook Errr
03:47 dcook How do you mean?
03:47 dcook Mojolicious is just a framework
03:47 dcook For the thing you're testing, it's just a different way of implementing Koha.
03:48 lavamind I think it's in the way Mojo builds the PSGI environment
03:48 lavamind it passes headers, query string and body, but the body doesn't contain any upload data
03:49 lavamind I wish you could reference a specifc line from a patch that's in the tracker
03:49 dcook ikr
03:49 lavamind thats what it does
03:49 lavamind my $sub = CGI::Compile->compile($script);
03:49 lavamind my $app = CGI::Emulate::PSGI->handler($sub);
03:50 lavamind my $response = $app->($self->_psgi_env($c));
03:50 lavamind $c is the Mojo controller, it has everything
03:50 dcook Ah same in Catalyst
03:50 dcook Written by the same dude so go figure..
03:50 dcook Hmm
03:50 lavamind heh
03:51 dcook "Asset containing the uploaded data, usually a Mojo::Asset::File or Mojo::Asset::Memory object."
03:51 dcook So $upload->asset is empty?
03:51 lavamind no, it's got the file
03:52 lavamind https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]ment.cgi?id=74517
03:52 lavamind in sub _psgi_env
03:52 lavamind psgi.input is build with $c->req->body, but Mojo doesn't put any file data there
03:53 lavamind I tried using an alternate _psgi_env that passes the Mojo::Asset::File handler into psgi.input
03:53 lavamind (for the file upload URL only, obvisouly)
03:54 lavamind it doesn't crash but it doesn't seem to work any better :/
03:57 dcook Ahh I see what you're talking about now
04:00 dcook Because it would be $c->req->upload
04:00 lavamind if you help me figure this out I'm gonna owe you a beer :P
04:00 dcook Heh
04:03 lavamind dcook: this is my latest try
04:03 lavamind this is invoked when doing a POST to tools/
04:05 dcook Yeah I don't think that'll help you
04:05 dcook Hmm
04:05 dcook Then again..
04:05 * dcook ponders
04:07 * lavamind is looking at how Plack might handle this
04:09 dcook Yeah I reckon between the psgi.input and CONTENT_TYPE... it should just be fine
04:10 dcook As for Plack... well we barely use it I think
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04:12 lavamind dcook: hrmm
04:13 lavamind well content_type is multipart/form-data
04:13 dcook Just trying to find where the Koha:: modules get the uploaded file
04:13 lavamind but $file->handle isn't that
04:18 dcook Well let's see... AjaxUpload is where it all starts..
04:18 dcook Wth..
04:19 lavamind dcook: GOT IT
04:19 lavamind aaah
04:19 dcook Nice
04:19 dcook What was it?
04:19 lavamind holy crap
04:20 lavamind replace my $body = $c->req->body;
04:20 * dcook dislikes the Koha upload code at the best of times..
04:20 lavamind with my $body = $c->req->build_body;
04:20 lavamind that's it
04:20 dcook "Render whole body with "get_body_chunk"."
04:20 dcook Sounds good to me
04:20 lavamind[…]essage#build_body
04:20 dcook heh
04:20 dcook Yeah I was wondering about 'Slurp or replace "content".'
04:21 lavamind should it use build_body for allrequests though ?
04:22 lavamind seems to work at first glance
04:22 lavamind POST and GET data gets through
04:23 dcook Hmm not sure build_body is supposed to be expected
04:23 dcook Err
04:23 dcook used that is
04:23 dcook Just looking at this:
04:23 dcook "That is not something we expect to be efficient i'm afraid and does not qualify. Rebuilding the request body is merely there for debugging purposes."
04:24 dcook body() really looks like it should be the right answer
04:25 lavamind seems specific to multipart form content qith lots and lots of parts though
04:25 lavamind also[…]7be7ab79107d219f2
04:25 lavamind but its a pretty recent fix
04:26 lavamind dcook: maybe it just has to do with my version of mojolicous
04:26 dcook "And you don't have to worry about memory usage, because all files above 250KiB will be automatically streamed into a temporary file."
04:26 lavamind I'm using 7.21 because that's whats available in stretch
04:27 dcook Yeah that fix just looks like it makes more efficient
04:27 dcook Mojo::Content::MultiPart  should be what $c->req->body is getting I would think..
04:28 dcook Although..
04:28 dcook "Message content, defaults to a Mojo::Content::Single object."
04:29 * dcook finds Mojolicious documentation to be rather inadequate a lot of the time
04:35 dcook I'm wondering why we're even creating that psgi env hash..
04:35 lavamind my $body = $build ? $c->req->build_body : $c->req->body;
04:35 dcook That's up to you, but I'd keep looking if I were you
04:36 dcook But on that note, I should really focus on the thing that I should be working on :p
04:36 lavamind dcook: I'll let the Mojolicious veterans figure that one out
04:36 lavamind I already spent about 6 hours on this
04:37 lavamind WORKSFORME :p
04:37 lavamind I'll share my findings on the tracker
04:37 dcook Sounds like a good plan
04:37 lavamind I suspect it's probably due to the old Mojolicious version I'm using
04:38 lavamind but I'm not going down that rabbit hoel not tonight
04:38 lavamind dcook: thanks for your help, really appreciated
04:39 lavamind you lost a bit of time with me on this but you gained $beverage of your choice XD
04:42 dcook hah I don't know that I did too much
04:45 lavamind "dcook î‚° Yeah I reckon between the psgi.input and CONTENT_TYPE... it should just be fine"
04:45 lavamind that put me on the right track :P
04:46 lavamind anyway, thanks again, and good night!
04:46 * lavamind hitting the hay
04:54 dcook lavamind... I actually have an idea lol
04:54 dcook[…]ssage/Request#env
04:55 dcook I bet instead of my $body = $c->req->body blah blah
04:55 dcook We could just use 'psgi.input' => $req->env->{'psgi.input'};
04:56 dcook As it looks like we're really just using Mojolicious to proxy a PSGI request to an emulated PSGI app
05:30 alexbuckley joined #koha
05:32 alexbuckley hi again
05:32 * dcook waves
05:42 alexbuckley :)
05:43 * dcook hopes running "dbic" in his kohadevbox was the right thing to do...
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06:31 * cait waves
06:32 josef_moravec hi cait
06:32 cait good morning josef_moravec
06:32 cait just applying your patch
06:32 cait could you maybe have another look at the ILL patches?
06:32 * dcook waves
06:33 dcook josef_moravec: I've been working on your 10662 feedback today :)
06:34 josef_moravec cait: great, I will work on ILL patches, just wanted to rework patch on bug 21678 first
06:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21678 major, P5 - low, ---, josef.moravec, ASSIGNED , Adding debit "Renewal of Rental Item" and "Reserve Charge" does not create account offset
06:34 cait np
06:34 cait just wanted to ask, i am running out of time this week :(
06:34 josef_moravec dcook: great! I am looking forward to your follow-up
06:50 alexbuckley hi cait and  josef_moravec
06:50 josef_moravec hi alexbuckley
06:50 cait hi alexbuckley!
06:51 alexbuckley :)
06:51 josef_moravec cait++
06:52 cait picking some smaller bugs this morning - only a bit of time
06:54 paxed hm. did there exist a bug for "descriptions from database fields show in UI cannot be translated" already?
06:55 paxed shown*
06:57 dcook josef_moravec: Any idea why I might be seeing this?
06:57 dcook missing_filter at line 15 (                        <div style="white-space:pre">[% record | xml %]</div>)
06:59 cait maybe the filter xml is not covered in the test
06:59 dcook That's what I'm guessing too, but it seems weird? :S
07:00 cait paxed: there is one for making authorised values translatable, but not an omnibus i think
07:00 cait it got stuck after making the itemtypes translatalbe
07:00 josef_moravec dcook, cait: there is t::lib::QA::TemplateFilters package, and the xml is not defined here
07:01 dcook I will open an issue :)
07:01 cait josef_moravec: odd
07:01 dcook Also HTML8: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ipt_and_css_files
07:01 cait could it be osmething we defined?
07:01 dcook Should that be using $raw as a filter?
07:02 cait it could, unless this does something different
07:02 cait which file is it?
07:02 dcook ?
07:03 cait it is a thing:[…]section_html_para
07:03 dcook [% Asset.js("lib/jquery/plugins/jqu​ery-ui-timepicker-addon.min.js") | $raw %]
07:03 cait raw would not work for xml
07:03 cait i think this wants xml to be displayed
07:03 dcook Sorry two unrelated questions
07:03 paxed cait: ah, bug 14100
07:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14100 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, CLOSED FIXED, Add base to make item types, branch names, sysprefs values and authorised values translatable
07:03 cait raw would make the brwoser parse it
07:03 cait Same as the html filter, but adds &apos;                       which is the fifth XML built-in entity.
07:03 dcook cait: Sorry two different questions heh
07:03 josef_moravec we probably should enable all defalut template toolkit filters?
07:03 cait i am only about th efilter
07:04 dcook <div style="white-space:pre">[% record | xml %]</div>
07:04 cait i think it's corret and the test is wrong
07:04 * dcook agrees
07:04 * josef_moravec agrees too
07:05 josef_moravec there is a room to improvement to how we are using filters, but i think we started to move the right direction
07:05 dcook https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=21731
07:05 huginn Bug 21731: minor, P5 - low, ---, chris, NEW , t::lib::QA::TemplateFilters missing built-in TT filter "xml" causes false warnings
07:06 dcook So the second question..
07:06 dcook [% Asset.js("lib/jquery/plugins/jqu​ery-ui-timepicker-addon.min.js") | $raw %]
07:06 dcook or: [% Asset.js("lib/jquery/plugins/jqu​ery-ui-timepicker-addon.min.js") %]
07:06 josef_moravec the first one is right
07:06 dcook Ok then I'll update the wiki
07:06 paxed cait: funnily enough, the localization.js has strings that cannot be translated :D
07:06 cait lol
07:07 dcook heh
07:07 josef_moravec the rule for asset was written before the rule for filters
07:07 dcook josef_moravec: I had a feeling that was probably the case but figured I'd check
07:07 dcook The wiki should be updated now
07:07 laurence joined #koha
07:07 josef_moravec dcook++
07:08 dcook Now let's see how fast I can do some of this stuff until I lose the will to continue
07:08 * dcook has a bunch of things to do at home tonight so doesn't really want to stay super late at work..
07:08 dcook I updated all the pod though and fixed up some small problems..
07:08 dcook Koha::Object[s] will have to wait until another day, but I want to fix all the JS..
07:10 calire joined #koha
07:10 josef_moravec dcook: it is great move!
07:12 dcook I found myself with some uncommitted time today and before I could commit it to other things I figured I'd just jump into fixing this up
07:12 dcook Also, running the QA scripts is to much fun
07:12 dcook Love seeing all the red turning to green...
07:12 dcook hey calire
07:12 josef_moravec yes, i like it too ;)
07:14 calire hi dcook
07:19 cait calire is here... hsould be a clue to get ready for work :)
07:19 cait bbl
07:20 dcook I still get some red for missing pod in Koha/Schema/Result/* files although I'm not sure why as it's there and autogenerated...
07:21 dcook I think maybe another bug in the QA scripts?
07:21 ashimema morning #koha
07:21 dcook yo ashimema
07:21 ashimema you can fairly safely ignore red qa warnings on the schema files
07:21 josef_moravec dcook: this should be ignored
07:22 josef_moravec dcook: but yes it would be better to have it ignored in qa script
07:22 dcook Ignoring them so far heh
07:22 josef_moravec hi ashimema
07:22 dcook Oh man it's 6:22pm but I'm really craving the breakfast sandwich I had at 10am...
07:22 ashimema Hi josef
07:22 ashimema lol
07:23 * ashimema is back on the recalls bug this morning.
07:23 ashimema I have a whole page of qa notes and I'm still going :(
07:23 dcook :(
07:23 dcook Btw, for HTML9... is the safest bet just to use the html filter?
07:23 dcook Or rather the default choice?
07:24 calire ashimema I'm pretty swamped this morning (last day before leave) but feel free to shout if you want me to look at something
07:24 ashimema I think it's gonna fail simply on code issues calire
07:24 ashimema be nice to regroup next month after release and get a plan together I think
07:24 calire ashimema, sure
07:24 calire takes some pressure off today
07:24 ashimema I have a number of things in that pile already though..
07:25 ashimema as much as I'd have loved it in 18.11 I don't think it's ready
07:38 dcook Template process failed: undef error - : filter not found at /home/vagrant/kohaclone/C4/ line 122
07:38 dcook Iiiiinteresting
07:43 ashimema that tends to mean you're using an INC that contains a $raw filter.. but you've not imported the raw plugin yet
07:43 ashimema I tihnk
07:43 ashimema we had that chatter yesterday morning after you had left dcook
07:43 dcook Huh...
07:43 dcook [% Asset.js("lib/jquery/plugins/jqu​ery-ui-timepicker-addon.min.js") | $raw %]
07:43 dcook Oh nice one ashimema
07:44 dcook I didn't see your message heh
07:44 dcook That's definitely the line causing the problem
07:44 * ashimema can't remember the specifics I'm afraid.. still getting to grips with filters
07:44 dcook How does one load the $raw filter?
07:44 dcook I've done custom filters before but it has been a while ago
07:44 ashimema there's certainly still some issues with the qa script.add filters tool
07:45 dcook This one I did by hand :/
07:45 * dcook is fixing up 10662
07:45 dcook Looks like I need to load the raw plugin too..
07:45 alexbuckley hi ashimema, thanks for your feedback on recalls
07:46 ashimema `[% USE raw %]`
07:46 reiveune joined #koha
07:46 ashimema oh.. your still here
07:46 ashimema sorry it's not all good news alexbuckly
07:46 dcook Yikes that's not on the wiki..
07:46 ashimema I really wanted to be more positive.. not sure that came accross
07:46 reiveune hello
07:46 wahanui hola, reiveune
07:46 ashimema dcook
07:46 dcook thanks ashimema :)
07:47 ashimema these days I'd tend to run /misc/devel/ against the files missing filters
07:47 ashimema then see what it did and correct anything that looks wrong
07:47 alexbuckley Your feedback is really useful for fixing it up for the start of the next release cycle
07:48 ashimema (currently the main fringe case to be aware of is hrefs)
07:48 dcook ashimema: I wish I'd had you around maybe 40 minutes ago heh
07:48 dcook Yeah my hrefs are the ones that I have left for last
07:48 ashimema you need to check that it's got `| uri` or `| url` correct instead of `| html`
07:49 ashimema sorry I hadn't got to it earlier in this cycle alexbuckley .. I wasn't even really aware of it untill a few days ago :(
07:49 dcook Hmm moving the javascript to the bottom of the page has definitely caused some issues..
07:49 ashimema does feels like lots of companies are doing recalls already in different ways.. be nice to get a good solid core feature in to build upon
07:50 dcook ^
07:50 ashimema yeah.. it's a bit challenging to rebase stuff with that move dcook.. I've been there already too
07:50 ashimema stock rotation was a right pain to fix that
07:50 dcook I feel like I'm nearly there
07:50 alexbuckley that's ok going to keep preserving with it
07:50 dcook It's just 6:50pm (my day ends at 6pm)
07:50 alex_a joined #koha
07:50 ashimema dcook.. GO HOME ;)
07:50 ashimema love you really dcok
07:51 ashimema dcook++
07:51 sophie_m left #koha
07:51 dcook wtf... none of the javascript is working..
07:51 alex_a bonjour
07:51 wahanui bonjour, alex_a
07:51 dcook Oh wait there it is..
07:51 dcook heh cheers ashimema
07:51 ashimema been there too dcook.. I couldn't for the life of me work out why none of my JS was even loading!
07:52 * ashimema switches back to bug 15516
07:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15516 new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , Allow to place a hold on first available item from a group of titles
07:52 ashimema there's allot of QA still to do this cycle.. some really nice feature that just need pushing over the edge.. but time is running out :(
07:53 dcook ashimema: The jsinclude block isn't being included :/
07:53 ashimema oh, that's the exact issue I had
07:54 dcook Ahhh
07:54 ashimema let me dig through my notes
07:54 dcook That's because it only works on the OPAC
07:54 dcook I assume
07:54 dcook vagrant@kohadevbox:kohaclone(bug10662)$ grep -R "PROCESS jsinclude" koha-tmpl/*
07:54 dcook koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/bootstrap/​en/includes/[% PROCESS jsinclude %]
07:54 josef_moravec there is param that says the js is in bottom
07:54 dcook SET footerjs = 1
07:54 * dcook is still skeptical
07:54 josef_moravec yes
07:55 dcook JS12 says though..
07:56 ashimema `[% use Asset %]`
07:56 ashimema I 'think' dcook
07:57 dcook Already got that one :)
07:57 ashimema that was the bug I had
07:57 dcook Ahh
07:57 ashimema I was missing it and it meant assets weren't loading at all
07:58 dcook SET footerjs = 1 did the trick
07:58 ashimema :)
07:58 dcook Damn it..
07:58 dcook Or half did it
07:58 dcook It helped with the jsinclude block
07:58 ashimema it was gonna be one of those two.. hehe
07:58 dcook But not the Asset bit..
07:58 dcook the Asset.js is rendering it in the HTML..
07:58 dcook Oh my... but lots of console errors
07:59 magnuse joined #koha
07:59 * ashimema sent a long message:  <[…]vZXghhSqwZmGNWFaY >
07:59 ashimema I needed that full set to get it all to work
07:59 magnuse \o/
08:00 ashimema all aobve the `[% INCLUDE '' %]`
08:00 * ashimema has to go get breakfast for the kids now
08:00 ashimema good luck dcook
08:01 * dcook sighs
08:01 dcook cheers ashimema. Got all that :)
08:01 dcook It looks like conflicts between different Javascript libraries or something..
08:01 dcook It's loading but it is all not happy
08:03 dcook Yikes yeah the problem isn't my javascript it seems..
08:03 dcook Maybe something that someone else has already fixed?
08:03 dcook I've seen this before...
08:04 dcook Ahh they're supposed to go down below too...
08:05 dcook That could do it..
08:05 * dcook is a persistent bastard
08:06 magnuse dcook++
08:06 dcook Yuss. datetimepicker back in action
08:06 dcook ashimema++
08:06 dcook josef_moravec++
08:06 magnuse ashimema++ josef_moravec++
08:08 * dcook now debates whether or not to go home..
08:08 dcook Maybe just fix a few more filters..
08:09 andreashm joined #koha
08:11 andreashm salut!
08:12 * dcook waves to andreashm
08:12 dcook Now I've definitely stayed too late ;)
08:12 andreashm dcook: are you here late again? =)
08:13 dcook Soo late
08:13 dcook I've been spending today fixing QA issues for 10662
08:13 dcook Nearly through them all
08:13 andreashm I guess I've become your signal to go home. =)
08:13 andreashm oh, super-sweet!
08:13 andreashm dcook++
08:13 dcook I think I'll head home pretty soon now
08:13 dcook And look at finishing this off tomorrow  morning
08:14 dcook andreashm: Do you have a URL that I could use to test the harvester on for marcxml records?
08:14 dcook I suppose I could just test it on a Koha site..
08:14 * dcook is running the qa test tools just one more time and then it's home time
08:15 andreashm[…]=true&set=bib:Krh
08:15 ashimema <_oftc_dcook "andreashm: Do you have a URL tha"> bug 10662
08:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10662 new feature, P3, ---, dcook, Failed QA , Build OAI-PMH Harvesting Client
08:15 ashimema bug 10662
08:15 ashimema Third time's a charm
08:15 andreashm =)
08:16 josef_moravec ashimema: I added few quick comment on bug 21002
08:16 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21002 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , Add Koha::Account::add_debit
08:16 AndrewIsh joined #koha
08:17 dcook cheers andreashm :)
08:17 dcook &x-withDeletedData=true
08:17 dcook Those cheeky developers
08:18 ashimema cheers josef_moravec
08:19 dcook Woo 10662 passing qa test tools (with a few ignorable warnings)
08:19 dcook Just need to do the Koha::Object stuff I think and it shoudl be good
08:19 andreashm dcook: haha, yup
08:19 andreashm sounds great
08:19 dcook ^_^
08:19 josef_moravec dcook++ great job!
08:20 * andreashm will bribe any potential qa person with cookies!
08:20 dcook Sorry for the delay. It's been so busy since getting back from North America.
08:20 dcook Fortunately, I've started studying Chinese 1-2 nights a week so I can't stay too late 1-2 nights a week now heh
08:21 dcook Really want to play with all the AI technologies. Keep wondering if I could build a little AI program to help me learn Chinese :p
08:21 josef_moravec dcook: I understand, so no problem ;)
08:21 dcook But on that note, I better head off
08:21 josef_moravec ;)
08:21 dcook Always nice to chat to you folk ^_^
08:21 dcook Great way to end a day
08:21 andreashm See ya dcook
08:21 alexbuckley bye dcook
08:22 dcook later!
08:22 josef_moravec nice evening dcook
08:22 dcook alexbuckley should go offline too :p
08:22 andreashm peer pressure! =)
08:22 alexbuckley hehe :)
08:22 * andreashm goes to get coffee and a danish
08:24 cait joined #koha
08:24 andreashm ... ended up with a cinnamon bun instead.
08:24 andreashm hi calire
08:24 andreashm and hi cait
08:28 calire hi andreashm
08:41 Impulse joined #koha
08:41 paul_p joined #koha
08:45 alexbuckley I am going to finish for the night now seeya tomorrow everyone :)
08:46 kohaputti joined #koha
08:57 cait hi all *runs off to meeting*
08:58 * andreashm waves as cait runs by
09:06 Francesca joined #koha
09:08 magnuse \o/
09:08 andreashm hi magnuse
09:10 magnuse tjänare andreashm
09:22 ashimema cait is in meetings all morning right?
09:23 greenjimll joined #koha
09:27 Francesca joined #koha
09:28 AndrewIsh Thanks for the clarification on bug 21585 magnuse - now signed off :)
09:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21585 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , Ignore missing firstname in ILL requests table
09:28 magnuse AndrewIsh++ thank you for signing off on it!
09:28 AndrewIsh No prob :)
09:32 kohaputti joined #koha
09:40 * magnuse keeps his fingers crossed for bug 20600 too
09:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20600 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, andrew.isherwood, Signed Off , Provide the ability for users to filter ILL requests
09:41 ashimema we've hit a QA roadblock for ILL magnuse
09:41 ashimema we're sitting here waiting for QAers to start looking again
09:41 ashimema it's all dried up :(
09:42 josef_moravec ashimema: I just continued on QA for bug 20941
09:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20941 normal, P5 - low, ---, andrew.isherwood, Signed Off , Displaying requests does not display request material type
09:42 josef_moravec then I am going to try to QA through all the ILL queue hopefully
09:42 ashimema :)
09:42 ashimema awesome josef :)
09:42 ashimema I owe you :)
09:43 josef_moravec I love the ILL module and we have big plans on using it here in Czech Republic ;)
09:43 ashimema awesome
09:43 ashimema AndrewIsh is ready and waiting to jump on QA comments :)
09:43 josef_moravec great
09:44 AndrewIsh :)
09:44 magnuse josef_moravec++
09:44 * ashimema thinks 18.11 is gonna be a mahoosive release
09:45 andreashm sweeeet
09:45 magnuse the best to date!
09:45 tuxayo Hi, are there written somewhere info about browser support? At least informally.
09:45 tuxayo I remember about IE 11 being the lowest denominator for the OPAC. What about the staff interface?
09:46 * andreashm hopes to see both ILL and OAI-PMH harvesting for 18.11
09:46 andreashm *holds thumbs and sends cookies around*
09:46 * ashimema hasn't looked at OAI enhancements yet
09:46 magnuse bug 10662
09:46 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10662 new feature, P3, ---, dcook, Failed QA , Build OAI-PMH Harvesting Client
09:47 magnuse that would be awesome!
09:47 ashimema hopeing someone else will get to it before me as it's not an area I'm really up to speed on.. but if they don't.. it's also on my long list
09:47 andreashm josef_moravec has looked at it before right? =)
09:48 josef_moravec andreashm: do you mean 10662? The yes ;)
09:48 * magnuse hopes perl hackers at swedish unis will find the time to get more involved in community work
09:48 josef_moravec magnuse: it would be great, anybody is always welcome, right? ;)
09:48 ashimema it was the swedish hackers that cait visisted recently wasn't it?
09:49 andreashm josef_moravec: yup, that one!
09:49 andreashm ashimema: yes indeed
09:49 magnuse yup
09:49 josef_moravec We tried to find some perl develpers here to, but with no luck ;)
09:49 magnuse the more the merrier!
09:49 josef_moravec ;(
09:49 andreashm not so many here either
09:49 andreashm a few at the big uni:s
09:51 * andreashm should learn... just not enough hours in the day
09:51 magnuse i think Lund said they have 6 perl people? they have been contributing to the catmandu project, i think
09:52 ashimema just start small andreashm ;)
09:52 magnuse what he said
09:52 andreashm =)
09:52 * ashimema tries to mark up Academy bugs all year round now in the hopes that it's usefull to other fresh devs
09:52 * magnuse learned a little bit of perl in library school
09:53 andreashm magnuse: sounds about right. göteborg has a few too. We have one. That's about it. =)
09:53 andreashm ashimema: good! it helps indeed!
09:54 ashimema bug 21615 would be a great one to start with.. both oleonard and I havenot managed to get our kids onto it yet.. but feel free to steal it if you want to have a play :)
09:54 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21615 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , "Stock rotation" is at the wrong place in the Tools left side menu
09:54 josef_moravec bug 20941
09:54 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20941 normal, P5 - low, ---, andrew.isherwood, Passed QA , Displaying requests does not display request material type
09:55 josef_moravec AndrewIsh++
09:57 ashimema josef_moravec++
09:59 AndrewIsh josef_moravec++
10:01 AndrewIsh josef_moravec There will almost certainly be some rebasing required as you work through these, so just give me a shout if you need me to rebase anything :)
10:04 josef_moravec AndrewIsh: thanks, this one needed to rebase a bit, but conflicts are easy ones, so i made it myself, but on latter bug it would not be as easy I think...
10:05 josef_moravec I have to go, but return later to continue on QA ILL bugs
10:05 AndrewIsh josef_moravec: Indeed. Some will be quite tricky, but I'm happy to help when required!
10:05 AndrewIsh josef_moravec:  :)
11:01 jzairo joined #koha
11:12 ashimema @later tell cait could you comment on comment 3 on bug 21732
11:12 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
11:14 greenjimll joined #koha
11:18 magnuse getting bug 14957 in would be awesome
11:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14957 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, eivin, Failed QA , Write protecting MARC fields based on source of import
11:21 paul_p_ joined #koha
11:38 ashimema OK.. I'm totally confused
11:39 ashimema what does a 'Lost item' look like at the db level?
11:39 ashimema C4::Circulation::LostItem doesn't actually appear to change the item in any way.. i thought it was the routine used to mark an item as lost
11:39 ashimema am i losing the plot already today?
11:41 oleonard joined #koha
11:42 oleonard Hi all
11:42 ashimema hi oleonard
11:42 wahanui hi oleopard
11:48 BOOleonard Get it?? Scary, right?
11:48 ashimema lol
11:50 ashimema ok.. it's just really odd design
11:50 * magnuse does an impression of "The scream"
11:50 ashimema LostItem is something you have to call after marking an item as lost
11:50 ashimema mwah
11:52 magnuse items.itemlost=0 => not lost, items.itemlost>0 => lost, methinks
11:53 BOOleonard Yes
11:53 ashimema mmm
11:54 * magnuse needs food
11:54 ashimema but.. from what I can see you have to always call C4::Circulation::LostItem after doing that update
11:54 ashimema else you won't execute a whole bunch of related functions
11:54 magnuse yeah, because of WhenLostChargeReplacementFee etc
11:54 * ashimema isn't at all impressed by that
11:55 ashimema mm
11:55 magnuse you think LostItem should also set items.itemlost?
11:55 ashimema that should be handle much more seamlessly
11:55 ashimema makes qa'ing hard and error prone
11:55 * ashimema adds a bug
11:56 ashimema well.. I think if changing the state of items.itemlost should always trigger everything in LostItem
11:57 ashimema it's really easy to forget to add a LostItem call after the actual marking an item as lost
11:57 ashimema so.. bug 20844 adds additional functions to C4::Circulation::LostItem
11:57 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20844 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alexbuckley, Signed Off , Reset a hold when it is missing after allocation
11:57 magnuse yup
11:58 ashimema and he's not clearly accounted for all cases where LostItem is called
11:58 AndrewIsh Anyone know what the minimum IE version supported by the OPAC is? It's not less than 9 is it?
11:58 ashimema but I don't know if that's deliberate or not
12:00 magnuse BOOleonard probably knows about the minimum IE?
12:01 BOOleonard AndrewIsh: I don't remember off the top of my head but I do know it's not less than 9.
12:01 AndrewIsh I was a bit scared of asking BOOleonard - he's looking a bit scary with that Halloween costume on
12:02 AndrewIsh Ah, thanks BOOleonard - that's good to know :)
12:05 BOOleonard The link to ILL from the patron menu includes borrowernumber, but does do anything with it?
12:05 AndrewIsh BOOleonard:  I'm not sure, I'll check...
12:08 AndrewIsh BOOleonard:  It needs the borrowernumber to be able to retrieve just that patron's ILL requests
12:11 BOOleonard For me it doesn't do that... Shows all requests.
12:14 AndrewIsh BOOleonard:  Ah, interesting. Hang on...
12:16 BOOleonard @later tell rangi Could you try to bring back splitter from the dead so that it can walk the earth as a shambling abomination hunting the flesh of the living? (it's still Halloween here)
12:16 huginn BOOleonard: The operation succeeded.
12:16 josef_moravec AndrewIsh: could you add follow-up to bug 20996? Bug 18591 touched the Koha::Illrequest->TO_JSON method by adding embed comments
12:16 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20996 normal, P5 - low, ---, andrew.isherwood, Signed Off , Fix API response time on ILL request endpoint
12:16 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18591 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Pushed to Master , Allow an arbitrary number of comments on ILLs
12:18 * ashimema doesn't like that he's on a qa failing spree :(
12:19 AndrewIsh josef_moravec: OK, I'll take a look
12:20 AndrewIsh BOOleonard:  Still looking at your query :)
12:20 BOOleonard AndrewIsh: No rush. Should I file a bug?
12:20 AndrewIsh BOOleonard:  I'll just do a bit of digging first
12:20 BOOleonard ashimema: A qa failing spree is still a qa spree, so ++
12:22 AndrewIsh BOOleonard:  Aha! Is this with bug 18589 applied, or are you talking about master?
12:22 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18589 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, andrew.isherwood, Signed Off , Show ILLs as part of patron profile
12:22 BOOleonard master
12:22 AndrewIsh Ah, it's fixed in 18598 :)
12:22 BOOleonard 👍
12:24 * ashimema is tired of failing qa.. anyone got a nice easy one I can pass ;)
12:25 andreashm bug 10662
12:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10662 new feature, P3, ---, dcook, Failed QA , Build OAI-PMH Harvesting Client
12:25 andreashm ashimema: sorry, couldn't resist! =)
12:26 * andreashm hides
12:26 ashimema 'nice easy' and that one don't fall inline ;)
12:26 ashimema hehe
12:26 BOOleonard ashimema: I would suggest one of mine but I'm too busy applying dependencies for Bug 18589 :P
12:27 * ashimema looks at the dashboard stats and realises how much of a machine Katrin is!
12:27 ashimema dang
12:27 ashimema hehe
12:27 ashimema yowsers.. good luck
12:28 ashimema that's one heck of a dependancy graph
12:33 ashimema anyone know if there's prior art to having a fallback sequence for message_transport_types ?
12:34 ashimema bug 21241 doesn't feel right to me.. feels to 'one off' ish
12:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21241 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alexbuckley, Signed Off , Set suggestion notices message_transport_type to sms if patrons has no email but smsalertnumber set
12:34 AndrewIsh Does anyone know how to sort out when you've messed up an apply and can then no longer apply that bug? I've tried "git reset --hard origin/master". I'm getting "error: sha1 information is lacking or useless (Koha/" I've seen this before, I just can't remember how to fix it!
12:35 ashimema is this a `git bz apply` ?
12:35 ashimema do you still have the original branch?
12:35 AndrewIsh ashimema:  It is
12:35 AndrewIsh It's not on a branch, I'm doing it on master
12:35 BOOleonard I usually find that this is an error in the patches rather than my repo
12:35 * cait waves
12:36 BOOleonard But perhaps you'd be interested in my new product idea:
12:36 ashimema that tends to need fixing by the original patch author.. it usually means there's history missing
12:36 ashimema so they need to rebase and repush the patches
12:36 ashimema but in this case.. you're the author right ;)
12:36 AndrewIsh Ah, interesting. Josef has added a patch since I first tried to apply it, but the patch looks fine
12:36 cait josef_moravec++
12:36 AndrewIsh Oh, Josef has logged off, poop
12:36 ashimema you could try applying manually
12:37 ashimema `patch -p1 < example.patch`
12:37 ashimema that sometimes works
12:37 ashimema obviosely replacging the paths to .patch
12:38 AndrewIsh ashimema:  Indeed, thanks, I'll try that
12:41 Dyrcona joined #koha
12:57 kidclamp bug 8426
12:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8426 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Needs Signoff , Diacritics not being mapped for searching (Non-ICU)
12:59 alex_a joined #koha
13:01 * ashimema needs lunch
13:01 * ashimema feels like a zombie
13:04 BOOleonard Spoooky!!
13:14 tcohen morning
13:14 ashimema morning tcohen
13:15 magnuse morning tcohen
13:15 corilynn_ joined #koha
13:16 caroline joined #koha
13:16 tcohen hi magnuse :-D
13:16 tcohen hola ashimema
13:16 calire BOOleonard++
13:18 caroline guten morgen everyone!
13:19 * ashimema hints to caroline that bug 21387 is ready for testing again :)
13:19 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21387 minor, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Needs Signoff , Receive items from - form should include tax hints the same as the ordering form
13:20 caroline ashimema: It's on my list, but it'll have to wait until my friday afternoon signoff/docs spree... clients are all over me right now
13:20 CREEPYlynn wouldn't want BOOleonard to be the only one with a costume on
13:20 ashimema okies
13:21 BOOleonard CREEPYlynn++
13:21 * CREEPYlynn is bash scripting like a boss today
13:22 paul_p joined #koha
13:22 ashimema gotta love a bit of bash
13:23 * ashimema has briefly switched to patch rescue mode as a break from fail qa mode
13:23 Joubu Hi scary #koha
13:25 magnuse BOOleonard: did you know? BOO is the three letter airport code for Bodø
13:25 * BOOleonard has put a BOO sticker on himself and hopes to be delivered there with the luggage
13:26 CREEPYlynn my son is going to norway in April
13:26 * CREEPYlynn is jellies
13:27 * BOOleonard too
13:31 magnuse CREEPYlynn: yay!
13:34 Archie^ joined #koha
13:34 Archie^ hi Koha
13:36 Archie^ a question: if im uploading books into koha via Stage MARC records for import does it upload the books just into a catalogue or can i upload for  a specific library
13:37 caroline Archie^: what do you mean "for a specific library"? You have more than one catalogue?
13:38 Archie^ no i mean, if a certain library sent me their marc21xml file and i want to upload it into koha for that one specific library
13:39 Archie^ i mean, i have that library in koha added
13:39 BOOleonard Archie^: bibliographic records aren't associated with a specific library. Items are.
13:39 Archie^ and i want these all books available only for that library
13:40 BOOleonard Archie^: Do you know if the file includes item information?
13:40 Archie^ nope just marc21 records about every book
13:42 Joubu ashimema: do you agree with my suggestion on bug 21682? It will avoid the new subroutine
13:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21682 major, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Signed Off , Stock Rotation: Update DB is failing with strict_sql_modes ON
13:42 caroline joined #koha
13:42 ashimema feel free.. I wasn't aware of prior art
13:43 ashimema if it works it's fine with me
13:50 Freddy_Enrique joined #koha
13:52 Joubu cait: I would consider bug 21540 a bug. But mark it WISHLIST or WONTFIX...
13:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21540 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, RESOLVED INVALID, Edit item/record pages don't show certain translations from po files
13:53 Freddy_Enrique Greetings everyone!
13:53 caroline Hi Freddy_Enrique!
13:55 laurence joined #koha
13:55 Freddy_Enrique caroline _!
13:57 cait Joubu: we could mark ti wish list
13:57 cait but it's too general for a real bug... do we have an omnibus?
14:00 Joubu cait: nope
14:01 Joubu it's not too general IMO, it's for bib framework. We have one for auth framework
14:01 andreashm How can lost books that are not checked in have accounttype LR?
14:01 andreashm anyone know?
14:03 andreashm And those that do, when they are checked in the refund is drawn from the total amount (choosing the oldest lines in accountlines for that patron), not the actual lost book.
14:03 andreashm Our fines tab is a mess because of this
14:03 ashimema pass
14:04 cait Joubu: thx for adding the sponsored line :)
14:06 andreashm khall: around? I have an strange accountline behavior for you if you are. ^^ =)
14:11 andreashm well that was a longshot anyway. gotta go. let me know if anyone has an idea of how this can happen!
14:16 lukeG joined #koha
14:30 AndrewIsh I'm still having problems with the rebase that josef_moravec did earlier on bug 20996, it won't apply and fails with "error: sha1 information is lacking or useless (Koha/" I'd like to remove his rebased patches and restore to how it was before he did it, so I can rebase myself, anyone got any idea how I can do that?
14:30 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20996 normal, P5 - low, ---, andrew.isherwood, Signed Off , Fix API response time on ILL request endpoint
14:31 Infra_3600 joined #koha
14:31 ashimema you need to un-obsolete the old patches on bugzilla.. obsolete the ones that replaced them
14:31 ashimema then apply, rebase and re-upload over the top
14:31 ashimema does that help AndrewIsh (IRC)
14:32 AndrewIsh Riiiiiight, makes sense ashimema. Should I do it in that order? I'd have thought I'd want to obsolete josef's first wouldn't I?
14:32 ashimema Show Obsolete -> details -> edit details -> uncheck 'obsolete'
14:33 AndrewIsh Thanks very much :)
14:33 CrispyBran joined #koha
14:38 CrispyBRAINS Is there a way to prevent staff from deleting patron accounts?
14:38 lavamind dcook: hello
14:38 lavamind I found another issue with the Mojolicous patch
14:39 lavamind there was a problem with generating PDF invoices
14:39 lavamind the fix is to add this in _before_dispatch :
14:40 magnuse lavamind: too early for dcook, i think, better to leave comments on the bug
14:40 BOOleonard CrispyBRAINS: Doesn't look like it, but that'd be a good idea for a new permission
14:41 BOOleonard Bug 15788
14:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15788 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Split borrowers permission into create/edit and delete
14:41 CrispyBRAINS Thanks BOO.  ::)
14:42 lavamind magnuse: thanks :)
14:47 AndrewIsh @later tell josef_moravec I had to obsolete your patches on 20996 as they weren't applying, failing with "error: sha1 information is lacking or useless (Koha/". I un-obsoleted their predecessors and am currently working on rebasing, then I'll attach the rebased patches, including your addition to the POD
14:47 huginn AndrewIsh: The operation succeeded.
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 10442: Compiled CSS <[…]2b9d1ed3cddc5be38>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21080: Fix patron's attributes display when PA_CLASS is used <[…]941caea6ee373fe0e>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21698: (QA follow-up) Fix typo verbosev -> verbose <[…]2268fc632d5552fed>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21698: Fix POD of <[…]202e6647a34c7705a>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21681: Add tests for GetPatronInfo <[…]6d55767eff63d2322>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21681: Improve the account lines fetch <[…]0a5866733f6839760>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21694: Keep the context <[…]807ef6d80c0f7d366>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21694: Add the Koha::Account->lines method <[…]3b0ea6763e9fca5e2>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 14716: Fix more unencoded url parameters. <[…]571c9b29d15d800ea>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21681: Remove C4::Accounts::getcharges <[…]a01f28f8d07752609>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20941: (follow-up) Switch 'media' -> 'types' <[…]5bd2ef608c4c65801>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20941: (follow-up) Update N/A handling <[…]ae1a0024c886fd80a>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20941: (follow-up) Wrap N/A strings in <span> <[…]600ac85baf7c422b7>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20941: (QA follow-up) Fix return value of get_type, make templates more consistant <[…]86d5d020bd9dd4813>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20941: (follow-up) Carry out comment #4 advice <[…]d9bab96597b91891e>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20941: Add unit tests <[…]300ba278de4ac3437>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 14716: URI-encode URLs in NORMARC xsl templates. <[…]cca0c1bf0d0aafcfd>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 10442: Remove references to non-standard "error" class <[…]1d8f6983b074b2909>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20941: Add Illrequest->getType method <[…]9b3428bb2169e303c>
15:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18720: Use exception instead of die in GetBasketAsCsv <[…]a78e6db4fd4c04101>
15:02 magnuse \o/
15:03 tuxayo :D
15:08 tuxayo Joubu++
15:08 tuxayo Thanks for QAing bug 15395 ❤️❤️❤️❤️
15:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15395 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Passed QA , Internationalization: plural forms, context, and more
15:09 CREEPYlynn left #koha
15:10 calire left #koha
15:10 CREEPYlynn joined #koha
15:28 kidclamp bbiaw
15:28 ashimema what!
15:28 ashimema kidclamp going awol for a week!?
15:28 ashimema hehe
15:29 kidclamp While! A while
15:29 ashimema hehe
15:36 cait got scared there for amoment :)
15:36 cait but there is lots of scary things today... like all the emails and the to do list
15:38 * ashimema suddenly realises he needs to go fetch youngest from child minders
15:38 ashimema have a good evening #koha
15:38 cait you too ashimema
15:39 cait anyone not on holiday tomorrow?
15:39 ashimema I'm here
15:39 ashimema or rather.. will be here
15:40 cait i will be for a bit in the morning
15:42 caroline cait: what's the holiday?
15:43 cait in german it's allerheiligen
15:43 cait All Saints?
15:43 caroline ok
15:44 caroline makes sense
15:44 BOOleonard No holiday here
15:44 caroline not a holiday here and I don't think it's a holiday in the US either
15:52 Freddy_Enrique here... halloween
15:52 Freddy_Enrique Criollo's music day :)
15:57 caroline1 joined #koha
15:58 lukeG_ joined #koha
16:04 lukeG joined #koha
16:05 CREEPYlynn not a holiday in the US
16:05 CREEPYlynn tho, it was my dad's birthday :)
16:06 BOOleonard We're talking about Nov. 1
16:06 CREEPYlynn yeah, I know, BOOleonard
16:06 BOOleonard Sorry the case confused me
16:08 caroline1 Anybody here understand ?
16:09 Joubu what's the question?
16:09 wahanui the question is, like, a bit general
16:09 Joubu true wahanui, that's what I was thinking too
16:09 tcohen Joubu: there isn't a BZ keyword for strict_sql?
16:10 Joubu blockers for bug 17258
16:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17258 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , [OMNIBUS] MySQL 5.7
16:11 caroline1 I set "LinkerKeepStale" to Keep, but the report when the script finishes says I have 566 headings unlinked
16:11 caroline1 Did the script unlik them?
16:11 caroline1 *unlink
16:12 cait sorry, no experience :(
16:12 cait maybe talljoy
16:12 cait tcohen: there is an omnibus bug i think
16:13 caroline1 While writing my question, I thought that maybe it's just telling me there are 566 headings for which no authority was found...?
16:13 laurence left #koha
16:14 caroline1 I'm doing this on my test koha, but I know the client will not be happy if there are unlinked headings
16:14 caroline1 -_-
16:17 Joubu caroline1: weird, after a very quick look at the code I'd say you should not have unlinked if LinkerKeepStale is set
16:18 caroline1 Joubu: does the code say what "unlinked" mean? After I asked the question I thought maybe it was just saying that it couldn't find the authorities for those, not that it actually unlinked them
16:18 caroline1 like, unlinked in the sense of "not linked"
16:19 kohaputti joined #koha
16:19 caroline1 not in the sense of "link removed"
16:20 Joubu $field->delete_subfield( code => '9' );
16:21 caroline1 ugh...
16:21 Joubu C4::Biblio::LinkBibHeadingsToAuthorities around line 587
16:24 reiveune bye
16:24 reiveune left #koha
16:24 Joubu QA needed on bug 21725 and bug 21717 to make Jenkins happy
16:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21725 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , Incorrect HAVING in group by in
16:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21717 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , TestBuilder.t is failing randomly
16:29 josef_moravec joined #koha
16:45 josef_moravec AndrewIsh++
16:46 josef_moravec thanks for quick fix of bug 20996
16:46 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20996 normal, P5 - low, ---, andrew.isherwood, Passed QA , Fix API response time on ILL request endpoint
18:08 saa joined #koha
18:09 saa we realised all our koha pages are linked to it does not open any page all koha intranet pages are linked to this site how to sort out this issue
18:09 saa do we will have to reinstall koha
18:09 saa if so what measures need to be taken to prevent this happening again
18:25 cait left #koha
18:27 Miguel joined #koha
18:27 Miguel relate titles to different subjects is possible, thank you
18:29 Guest1891 relate titles to different subjects is possible, thank you
18:29 wahanui i already had it that way, Guest1891.
18:29 Veronica joined #koha
18:30 MiguelV12 joined #koha
18:30 MiguelV12 relate titles to different subjects is possible, thank you
18:30 wahanui i already had it that way, MiguelV12.
18:31 Joubu Hi MiguelV12
18:31 MiguelV12 hi
18:31 wahanui bidet, MiguelV12
18:31 Joubu How are you doing?
18:33 Joubu Where do you come from? De donde eres?
18:34 MiguelV12 EL SALVADOR
18:36 Joubu Hablas castillano entonces?
18:37 MiguelV12 Si :)
18:37 MiguelV12 estoy trabajando en Koha
18:38 Joubu aca la gente habla ingles, pero si quieres hay una lista en espanol
18:38 Joubu Quizas que seria mas facil para tu?
18:38 MiguelV12 necesito relacionar los titulos  a asignaturas aca se le dicen materias, por ejemplo tengo el titulo Filosofia en calidad relacionar ese titulo a las materias Derecho1, Derecho2
18:39 MiguelV12 es posible con marc21
18:39 Joubu
18:39 josef_moravec1 joined #koha
18:39 josef_moravec1 evening #koha
18:39 MiguelV12 Muchas Gracias
18:40 Joubu Si, es possible con marc
18:40 MiguelV12 que campos de marc es recomendable
18:41 * ashimema now wants an irc client with Google translate built in
18:42 Joubu jaja no sé, soy informatico, no bibliotecario!
18:42 MiguelV12 Esta bien!!, jeje gracias.
18:42 CREEPYlynn me too ashimema
18:42 Joubu no son los campos 6xx?
18:43 Joubu MiguelV12: preguntes en la lista yahoo :)
18:43 MiguelV12 Si, gracias
18:43 caroline subjects are in 6xx
18:43 caroline person names in 600, common names in 650
18:44 * caroline feels like she's on Jeopardy
18:44 caroline not sure if that answers the question
18:44 Joubu that was the question
18:45 caroline full list :
18:46 Joubu MiguelV12: hay todos los campos 6xx en este link ^
18:47 MiguelV12 Excelente :)
18:47 Joubu supongo que existe en castillano tambien, pero no sé donde
18:49 MiguelV12 Gracias Joubu me pondre a leer.
18:49 MiguelV12 Bendiciones.
18:51 caroline Joubu++ for great reference interview :D
18:52 ashimema @later tell rangi any chance you could let me know how the website history page is kept up to date.. looks like it could do with some utf8 magic applying to it.
18:52 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
18:52 Joubu heh, at least we know where they come from now!
18:53 caroline they're nicer without the language barrier :)
18:54 Joubu yes, I wanted them to ask on the Spanish list. Sounds like it will be easier for them
18:55 ashimema @later tell rangi also, splitter seems to be down.. oleonard was trying to use it this morning.. I'm happy to help maintain some of this stuff if it would help.. but don't want to step on toes
18:55 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
18:56 BOOleonard Bye all
18:56 ashimema by BOO
19:03 cait joined #koha
19:29 alexbuckley joined #koha
19:44 Freddy_Enrique left #koha
19:48 lukeG joined #koha
19:55 lukeG_ joined #koha
20:00 josef_moravec1 hi cait
20:00 josef_moravec1 cait: I tried to QA on some ILL patches
20:22 cait i saw, thx a lot!
20:32 cait josef_moravec++ :)
20:34 alexbuckley hi all
20:38 * CrispyBRAINS waves
20:43 sameee joined #koha
20:45 rangi ashimema: there is a bug in it
20:45 rangi you can fix if you like :)
20:45 rangi Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /usr/share/perl5/HTTP/Server/ line 422.
20:45 rangi Bad arg length for Socket::sockaddr_family, length is 0, should be at least 2 at /usr/share/perl5/HTTP/Server/ line 422.
20:45 rangi it crashes at unpredictable times, with this error
20:46 rangi ashimema: i've restarted it, but if you want to track down what is causing it, that would be good
20:47 rangi ashimema: re the history, thats not my dept, you will want to ask wizzyrea
20:55 Joubu hi rangi
20:55 Joubu are you talking about splitter?
20:56 cait i was wondering too :)
20:56 rangi yep
20:57 rangi i think there is an address, or something
20:57 rangi email
20:57 rangi that is busting it when someone clicks on the page its on
20:57 rangi its gotta be data related because its quite random
20:59 Joubu nothing else in the logs? Like a line in the splitter code rather than an external lib :)
20:59 rangi nope unfortunately
21:01 Joubu do you have the GET request that produces it?
21:01 cait what happens? i feel like i missed the beginning of the story
21:01 cait does it die?
21:01 Joubu well, one of them
21:01 Joubu it crashes yes
21:02 rangi nope it just ticks along, then those 2 lines and dies
21:02 rangi ill have to try to switch on more loggin
21:07 Joubu great, sounds exciting! :)
21:15 CrispyBRAINS If a hold is showing as waiting, but at the wrong branch, on check in, should the holding branch be given the option to cancel the hold or ignore the transfer, or should it only set the transfer in motion back to the library it should be waiting at?
21:15 cait you lost me
21:16 cait how does it end up waiting at the wrong branch?
21:16 CrispyBRAINS Right now this is broken.  I am working on a fix.  An item is at a library on hold, and marked as waiting.  A patron picks it up and forgets to check it out.  They finish with it and return it to a different library.
21:17 CrispyBRAINS Currently, koha doesn't know what to do with it.
21:17 CrispyBRAINS I have a fix, but need some input.
21:18 CrispyBRAINS When the item is checked in, should the holding library have the ability to ignore the transfer back to the waiting library, or cancel the hold?  Or should the item just return to where it is supposed to be?
21:19 cait so the borrower the hold was for returns it
21:19 CrispyBRAINS Yes
21:19 cait how would you know about all this story?
21:20 cait the sytem can't know if it wasn't another hold
21:20 CrispyBRAINS You wouldn't.  Best case scenario is to put it back where it got off track.
21:20 cait they placed on the item
21:20 cait i think sending it
21:20 cait but if we always offer ignore too... maybe we should
21:20 cait we don't have a library doing transport, so a bit out of depth
21:22 CrispyBRAINS My gut says the only option should be to send it back to the library it is supposed to be waiting at.
21:23 cait can we cancel when it's in transit?
21:23 CrispyBRAINS There is no way to know if the patron picked it up and dropped it off without checking it out, or if a staff member accidently put it in a courier by mistake.  So, unless libraries call the patron it is waiting for to find out if they already had it, it seems the logical thing to do is send it to the waiting library.
21:24 CrispyBRAINS It isn't in transit when it is waiting.
21:24 cait i mean... you send it back and then hte patron realizes... could you still cancel it from the patron account?
21:24 CrispyBRAINS Currently, I do not think so.
21:25 CrispyBRAINS Not sure.
21:26 CrispyBRAINS Let's see.
21:30 Joubu bye #koha!
21:31 cait bye Joubu
21:32 CrispyBRAINS Patron CAN cancel a hold while in transit.
21:33 cait they can fix it

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