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05:37 marcelr hi #koha
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05:40 dcook hey marcelr and cait1
05:40 marcelr hi dcook cait1
05:41 dcook heh I was just about to write a fix but saw you already did it last year, marcelr
05:42 marcelr a fix?
05:42 dcook https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=19190
05:42 huginn Bug 19190: trivial, P5 - low, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Silly calculation of average time in touch_all scripts
05:42 marcelr ok
05:42 marcelr i left a few others for you :)
05:42 dcook lol
05:43 dcook Excellent
05:44 dcook Actually I have a QA question...
05:44 dcook I had a problem in the inventory module and found https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=19021
05:44 huginn Bug 19021: minor, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, CLOSED FIXED, Inventory column sorting
05:44 dcook And while the patch works... I don't know that it's the right solution?
05:45 dcook But it's already pushed
05:45 marcelr new report ?
05:45 dcook Yeah?
05:45 dcook I don't have an alternate patch. Rather, I think it's a data issue.
05:45 dcook But still worth a new report?
05:46 marcelr datatables and parameters is horrible
05:46 dcook And then just do a "see also" for 19021?
05:46 marcelr yeah
05:46 dcook Cool. I'll do that then.
05:46 dcook It might be that someone has a code idea as well
05:47 dcook I certainly would appreciate another set of eyes on it as I'm not very familiar with the call number sorting code
05:48 marcelr there will be (at some point)
05:48 marcelr we only need patience
05:49 dcook That makes sense
05:49 dcook I might email the list as well as it might be that people have experienced the same problem
05:49 marcelr yeah some advertizing might help
05:50 dcook Basically, I think the method for generating items.cn_sort changed at some point but existing items weren't updated and it led to inconsistent values which causes a problem in the inventory item lists
05:50 dcook I'm just struggling to find the exact code responsible for generating the value..
05:50 marcelr adding a dbrev to update them now?
05:50 dcook solves the data problem after the fact though it seems
05:50 dcook I was thinking that, but I don't know if that would work for large libraries?
05:51 marcelr if it must be done?
05:51 dcook If there are a million or more items, I wonder if it might time out
05:51 marcelr they may not run from the web but on command line
05:52 dcook Mmm good point
05:52 dcook I forgot about that
05:52 dcook And here I was thinking that Kohacon18 taught me to consider more workflows than just mine heh
05:53 dcook Thanks for the feedback, marcelr. I'll do as you suggest.
05:53 marcelr success
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06:12 ashimema Lol
06:16 ashimema I Dev the same way as you dcook
06:16 dcook Heh
06:16 dcook I was wondering about that lol, but I'm guessing it was related to that tweet?
06:17 ashimema Just read your post
06:17 dcook Nice heh
06:17 dcook I'm sure many of us do it that way
06:17 ashimema I'm still running a good ol' Dev install
06:17 dcook I tried my test plan for 10662 at Kohacon with a kohadevbox and I was like "how the hell did I ever think this would work?"
06:18 dcook I do like my dev install though heh
06:18 ashimema I tried gitify for a while but found it somewhat restrictive in the types of patches I could write and test
06:18 dcook Same
06:18 dcook Really restrictive for what I needed really
06:18 ashimema Bug 10662
06:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10662 new feature, P3, ---, dcook, Failed QA , Build OAI-PMH Harvesting Client
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06:19 dcook Just need to find time to fix the comments from QA..
06:19 * dcook waves to fridolin
06:19 ashimema I like deving on a remote server.. switching back to the local workflow would be a bit painfuk
06:19 dcook I know what you mean
06:19 fridolin dcook: bonjour
06:19 dcook Although at Kohacon it was essential
06:19 dcook salut :)
06:19 dcook Actually, the wifi at Kohacon18 was pretty good
06:19 ashimema Mmm, for events like that it tends to be
06:19 dcook The guest wifi was a million times better than home internet in Australia >_<
06:20 calire mornin #koha
06:20 ashimema The Marseille hackfest tends to be the main place I revert to local dev
06:20 dcook Actually, at home we do have fibre but we just pay for a really low speed plan...
06:20 * dcook waves to calire too
06:20 dcook Yeah, I'm keen to do the Marseille hackfest too in 2019..
06:20 dcook I'm actually really liking koha-testing-docker these days
06:21 ashimema I should investing koha-testing-docker again really
06:21 ashimema Haha
06:21 dcook heh
06:21 ashimema Yeah
06:21 dcook I really like it
06:21 dcook I've been thinking since January how I wanted to Dockerize more of my development and testing
06:21 dcook I have 1 project that requires a VM at the moment, but I spent some time Dockerizing it yesterday
06:21 dcook Although that one...
06:22 dcook Sometimes I'd want a minimal database and sometimes I'd want one with like... a 100+GB database
06:22 ashimema Right, time to do some breakfast..catch you another time
06:22 dcook I guess I could handle that with runtime options though..
06:22 ashimema Haha, fun
06:22 dcook Sounds good. Nice catching you
06:27 calire hey dcook
06:29 marcelr hi calire
06:30 calire hey marcelr
06:36 cait1 dcook: we haven't touched the cn_sort code in forever - depending on what you use maybe the dependency was updated? i think ddc/loc modules for generating the sorting are external libraries
06:36 cait1 bbiab
06:37 cait1 at least i know for sure loc is as we recently had to fix a wrong configuration
06:37 dcook cait1: oooo that's really interesting and explains why I was struggling to find Koha code for generating the values
06:37 dcook d'oh
06:38 dcook @later tell cait1 I'd love to hear about your experience with the loc for call numbers. I'm using ddc but I feel like a dependency issue makes sense
06:38 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
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06:46 reiveune hello
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06:55 matts hi!
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07:03 calire hi matts, hi reiveune
07:03 matts hi calire :)
07:03 reiveune hi calire
07:04 calire o/ :)
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07:07 paxed cait1: seriously, you have articles from serials as component records? that's ...
07:08 cait1 paxed: special libraries, academics... not publics
07:08 cait1 for example the law libraries do that, they have divided up which library does which serials
07:08 cait1 we have libraries where a large percentage of the total records are analytics
07:09 cait1 dcook: still around?
07:09 paxed cait1: ah. still seems weird, imo.
07:09 cait1 you need to have the staff to do it
07:09 cait1 we also have a library who provides data for a database of their field
07:10 cait1 a huge part of what they do is creating those records, adding subjects to them etc.
07:12 paxed cait1: like you said, the issue level is missing from between. how do they know which issue contains which article?
07:12 cait1 it's in the 773
07:12 paxed okay...
07:13 cait1 393346 results that are anyltics
07:13 cait1 analytics
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07:15 tuxayo hi #koha o/
07:18 calire hi tuxayo
07:18 marcelr hi tuxayo
07:19 tuxayo o/ calire marcelr
07:19 marcelr cait1: 10382 remains a hard one
07:20 cait1 bug 10382
07:20 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10382 critical, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, Needs Signoff , collection not returning to null when removed from course reserves
07:20 cait1 i was hoping to see it finally fixed
07:20 magnuse \o/
07:20 cait1 do we need the same fix for location btw?
07:20 marcelr it should fix that one too
07:20 matts hi cait1. I still stand by my sign-off on bug 17776. And I completely agree with ashimema 's last comment. However, I'm not a system administrator, and this is a system issue.
07:20 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17776 normal, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Failed QA , Shibboleth Authentication is broken in plack
07:21 cait1 matts: can you please comment that?
07:21 matts cait1, sure thing.
07:21 cait1 trying to unravel the shibboleth mess
07:22 magnuse cait++
07:23 cait1 looks like the automatic conversion of sql fails for all our reports :(
07:23 cait1 biblio_metadata
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07:28 * dcook perks up at mention of his name
07:29 dcook cait1: yep still here for 30 minutes
07:32 ashimema cait1
07:32 ashimema or is it now cait
07:32 cait1 just wondering if you had a question
07:32 cait1 hm
07:32 ashimema I forget what time of day she metamorphises
07:32 cait1 i don't notice being different people
07:33 ashimema hehe
07:33 ashimema split personalities are rarely aware of each other as far as I'm aware ;)
07:34 cait1 oh
07:34 cait1 who is nicer?
07:34 ashimema hehe
07:34 ashimema right now I like cait1.. she talked to me lots yesterday :)
07:34 ashimema and is working to get shibboleth through :)
07:35 ashimema every now and then that cait2 comes along.. she's a deadkill.. always failing qa on my patches
07:35 ashimema hahaha
07:37 cait1 i once had someone explaint o me they liked cait more than kf
07:37 cait1 like seriously
07:37 ashimema lol
07:37 ashimema I like cait in all her guises
07:39 * ashimema is amazed at how quickly code becomes foreign to him...
07:39 ashimema I only wrote this patch a few months ago.. it's like another language now
07:39 cait1 was thinking the same abotu my database updte for granular admin permissions this morning
07:40 ashimema Crazy isn't it
07:41 marcelr i saw that code before :)
07:41 marcelr o did i write it?
07:42 ashimema Lots of code archaeology the last few days with people resurrecting patches.. has been fun
07:42 ashimema Hehe
07:42 marcelr what is fun?
07:43 paxed cait1: yes, the automatic sql report conversion isn't very good, most of our reports also failed
07:44 * dcook hasn't seen kf in a loooong time
07:48 cait1 that's because oftc doesn't like 2 character nicks
07:50 cait1 i couldn't reserve it and someone kept taking it
07:50 marcelr kaef?
07:52 dcook Boo
07:52 ashimema i contemplated mrr or martinr.. but ashimema has more mistique to him
07:52 marcelr and others too
07:52 dcook heh
07:53 dcook ashimema does seem a bit mysterious
07:53 marcelr right
07:53 ashimema hehe
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08:17 * magnuse lacks the imagination to come up with mysterious nicks
08:18 ashimema haha.. I didn't come up with mine.. my original ISP did.. it was the password they gave me for my vrey first email address.. of course I changed it immediatly but the random set of character sounded cool so it stuck in my head
08:18 ashimema ashimema was born
08:18 ashimema wow.. 20 or so years ago now
08:19 magnuse hehe, cool
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08:21 marcelr ashimema: you revealed the secret
08:21 marcelr public domain now
08:21 ashimema hehe
08:21 ashimema yup
08:21 marcelr hope you didnt change it to ashimema23
08:22 ashimema haha
08:22 ashimema the email address in question is long gone
08:22 marcelr but passwords stay longer
08:22 ashimema actually, it was my shorted lived email address ever
08:24 ashimema right.. on that note I best get this ES demo setup.. gotta try and sell ES to the company next week.. well.. gotta sell it to myself first ;)
08:25 marcelr jajm around
08:25 marcelr cast(-2 as unsigned) == 18446744073709551614
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08:34 * andreashm waves
08:34 * cait1 waves back
08:35 jajm marcelr, yes
08:36 andreashm hi cait jajm
08:36 andreashm matts: around?
08:37 matts andreashm, around indeed.
08:37 jajm hi andreashm
08:38 ashimema sorry cait.. I'm really not helping move bug 21427 forward am I
08:38 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21427 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, In Discussion , Format prices on ordered/spent lists
08:38 marcelr jajm: i want to switch to signed on bug 18736
08:38 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18736 critical, P5 - low, ---, nick, BLOCKED , Problems in order calculations (rounding errors)
08:38 ashimema we need kidclamp to weight in as he's been working on the rounding errors bug
08:38 ashimema this is the same issue effectively
08:39 marcelr heh i am on 18736 now
08:39 cait1 i am a little lost there right now
08:40 cait1 ashimema: my thing is i think adding them up exatly will probably work
08:40 cait1 because the values from the db are usually ok, we add up without doing tax calculations and stuff like that
08:40 cait1 adding up db values shoudl work ok
08:41 marcelr cait1, ashimema i think 21427 should wait for 18736 first
08:41 cait1 opposed to doing tax calcuations and then add up
08:41 marcelr 18736 uses a module
08:41 marcelr no sprintfs in scripts
08:41 cait1 all iwanted was a comma heh
08:41 cait1 :)
08:42 marcelr a lot of time was spent on 18736 already
08:42 cait1 maybe we should not make display and calculation the same thing?
08:42 marcelr thats a point
08:43 marcelr it is also a matter of making a choice and keeping with it..
08:43 cait1 hm?
08:43 marcelr which is hard in open source
08:43 marcelr design choices
08:44 ashimema indeed
08:44 ashimema sorry.. just been called into my meeting.. I'm 10 mins late
08:44 ashimema oops
08:47 ashimema hows 18736 going marcelr
08:48 calire naughty :D
08:48 ashimema it was a hard slog when I started looking at it.. think it's changed qa hands a few times now.. with each of us spotting bits the last person didn't
08:48 marcelr still working on it ashimema
08:48 ashimema still.. hopefully it'll result in a consistent patch
08:49 ashimema I'm not sure I like some of the fundamentals.. but it's a step in the right direction I think
08:49 marcelr more consistency
08:49 ashimema indeed
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08:49 marcelr if we are doing it wrong, lets do it in one spot
08:49 ashimema exactly
08:51 cait1 i haven't checked it out, but i hope from your comments
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09:00 ashimema matts: thanks for the shib comments.. I think they're really helping move this one forward.. combined front and all that.. I'm happy the questions are being asked but also happy to see your in agreement with me on the answers :)
09:01 matts sure :)
09:04 andreashm is there one or more shib bugs being worked on?
09:04 * andreashm could search Bugzilla, but is lazy
09:05 ashimema jajm has been doing a marvelous job of working through the list :)
09:06 cait1 andreashm: working on a resolve for the 'shibboleth under plack' problem
09:06 cait1 there is also shibboelth for staff in the works
09:06 matts andreashm, yep, there's stuff happening on 18506 18507 and 12027
09:06 cait1 and i think something about provisioning/sync, ashimema?
09:06 andreashm both would be great for us. keep at it! =)
09:07 andreashm thanks matts
09:14 ashimema add 19625 to that list above.. i've just QA'd it
09:14 ashimema https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]graph.cgi?id=8446
09:16 andreashm thanks ashimema
09:39 andreashm A bit off topic, and not Koha related, but is there any space (slack, irc or other?) for more informal Coral discussions, other that github and the Coral mailinglists? ping matts calire paul_p
09:40 matts andreashm, there's a #coral-erm chan on freenode, but it's not really used. So I'd stick with the mailing lists or git for the moment.
09:41 calire andreashm I had been wondering the same thing
09:41 * andreashm likes slack. should we start one? =)
09:41 matts But if you all join the freenode chan, it can become a thing :)
09:42 * andreashm should join there first I guess
09:43 andreashm matts++
09:45 calire how do I get on the freenode channel -.-
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09:47 andreashm calire: I was wondering the same.
09:47 calire I got in through the web browser, but couldn't make pidgin accept it
09:48 * andreashm usually uses the web-chat for irc
09:48 cait1 might be our firewall
09:48 calire then just freenode.not
09:48 calire .net
09:49 andreashm ah, thanks
10:36 ashimema erm
10:36 ashimema anyone here especially good with TT filters and how they apply?
10:36 ashimema I've got this code in a rebase
10:36 ashimema `[% request.orderid || "N/A" | html %]`
10:36 ashimema it doesn't look right to me.. but I can't put my finger on it.
10:58 ashimema it's not oleonard awake time yet is it?
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11:01 paxed ashimema: i think that's valid, but putting it like [% (request.orderid || "N/A") | html %] might make it clearer?
11:05 cait1 back
11:07 cait1 agree with paxed
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11:30 oleonard Hi all
11:31 eythian hi oleopard
11:34 ashimema cheers
11:34 ashimema yeay, oleonard :)
11:35 ashimema I just rebased 20640 again for you.. hopefully you might have a moment to test it again :)
11:35 ashimema AndrewIsh: said you were keen at some point?
11:36 ashimema it's a lovely enhancement in my opinion.. but rebasing it each time screws with my brain (and andrewish's)
11:37 andreashm bug 20640
11:37 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20640 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Needs Signoff , Allow migrating a request between backends
11:37 AndrewIsh Heh heh, oleonard made the mistake of raising his head above the parapet with regards to ILL recently. Also, magnuse might be interested in taking a look?
11:37 ashimema as a side note.. anyone got any opinions on how I can write tests for these enhancements to ILL.. even once we've moved backends to Plugins ILL isn't testable without at least one backend installed.. or I suppose Mocked
11:37 ashimema hmm..
11:37 * ashimema wonders about mocking backends.. that could work
11:38 ashimema I'm hopeing I can add tests as late followups.. save the lack of tests holding back QA
11:38 * oleonard loaded a bunch of dummy ILL data into his test system and feels empowered to test
11:39 ashimema awesome
11:39 AndrewIsh oleonard++
11:43 cait1 oleonard: share your tricks? :)
11:58 oleonard Maybe I spoke too soon... getting an error that looks like it might be a data problem
11:58 oleonard Duplicate ID at /usr/share/perl5/Exception/Class/ line 73
12:05 magnuse is the N/A in [% (request.orderid || "N/A") | html %] translateable?
12:10 cait1 magnuse: hah!
12:10 cait1 no idea, but that's a really good question
12:16 * kidclamp waves
12:16 * ashimema cries at magnuse asking that
12:16 ashimema I have no idea
12:17 ashimema I can't remember is orderid is numeric or a string to be honest either
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12:19 cait1 oderid is not hte problem
12:19 cait1 it's numeric and a database value
12:19 cait1 but n/a = not available is not he same in every language
12:20 cait1 my guess it.... it's probably a bad idea doing that
12:20 ashimema indeed
12:20 cait1 and it would be something like [% IF ( request.orderid ) %] ... [% ELSE %] ... instead
12:20 cait1 hm maybe if it'sill not numeric... but still a database value so shoudl be ok
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12:46 caroline Good morning!
12:50 calire hi caroline
13:00 * cait1 sends fridolin cookies
13:03 oleonard jajm++ # Thanks-to: The Rebellion for being very supportive
13:04 cait1 lol
13:09 ashimema how does that look for release notes cait1
13:10 cait1 hm?
13:10 magnuse AndrewIsh++
13:10 cait1 there is this bugzilla input on the left, did you see?
13:10 cait1 oh you did
13:10 AndrewIsh magnuse++
13:10 cait1 sorry, reading now
13:10 ashimema on the left.. I thought it was on the right
13:10 cait1 AndrewIsh: we got a date on Friday, right? :)
13:10 cait1 ashimema: :P
13:10 ashimema that's where I've entered it ;)
13:10 AndrewIsh cait1:  Apparently so :-D
13:11 jajm oleonard, :)
13:11 cait1 ashimema: it#s ok, but maybe bit cryptic to reference the POD?
13:12 cait1 people might not know what POD is, i get asked often
13:12 ashimema ok
13:13 cait1 brb
13:14 caroline POD: prince of darkness? payable on death?
13:15 oleonard Thanks-to: The prince of darkness for being very supportive
13:15 caroline LOL
13:16 ashimema haha
13:20 cait1 lol
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13:31 * magnuse hopes he got the patches on bug 20996 right now
13:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20996 normal, P5 - low, ---, andrew.isherwood, Signed Off , Fix API response time on ILL request endpoint
13:54 * cait1 loves the star wars example
13:54 cait1 jajm++
13:54 ashimema huh
13:55 cait1 https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]22041&oldid=20964
13:57 magnuse star wars?
13:57 magnuse lulz
13:57 magnuse jajm++
13:58 ashimema nice :)
13:58 ashimema I added that as a topic for the next dev meeting :)
13:58 ashimema awesome to see jajm moving it forward
14:00 magnuse hm. shouldn't items.datelastseen always be the same as or more recent than items.datelastborrowed?
14:00 oleonard calire++
14:01 * calire bows
14:01 calire (what I do?)
14:02 oleonard You did a good email
14:02 calire oh good, it came through XD
14:07 caroline Ooh! Love the new look calire and oleonard!
14:07 calire thanks caroline :)
14:07 caroline Such an upgrade from the grey/black
14:08 ashimema yup, very nice
14:08 ashimema I approve
14:10 calire :)
14:10 magnuse +1
14:11 ashimema you asked for feedback.. added a future enhancement request after JD's comment ;)
14:11 caroline We have a lot of complaints for the look of the details, that they are hard to read. We added custom CSS to make it into a table http://santecom-test.hapax.inl[…]Cwrdl%3A%20cancer
14:12 calire ashimema, yes a dark mode was requested at the hackfest in Portland ;)
14:12 caroline (I don't include myself in that "we", it's just my colleagues)
14:13 caroline Is this something we could include in a future version?
14:13 ashimema we have done simlar for customers a few times
14:13 ashimema calires former employers for example:
14:14 ashimema see 'Screen Options' on the right
14:14 ashimema though their themes are somewhat accessability minded
14:14 calire yes I remember the screen options
14:14 ashimema you either love them or hate them.. eye's bleed at times in my opinion with some of those
14:15 calire XD
14:15 calire I appreciate what they are for
14:15 ashimema 'default' and 'cream' are nice enough.. but the other two.. yuk
14:15 oleonard That black with yellow text theme is bullying me.
14:16 calire black with yellow is I cannot deal with
14:16 ashimema hehe
14:16 ashimema that's the 'Make my eyes bleed' theme to the max ;)
14:16 Freddy_Enrique Good morning all
14:16 Freddy_Enrique hi Caroline and ashimema
14:16 ashimema I did a theme years ago for the dyslexia action group UK..
14:17 ashimema that was really nice and very accessible with options like that
14:17 ashimema but not eye bleeding
14:17 ashimema shame.. they nuked it at an upgrade whilst I was on other projects
14:17 ashimema it used special fonts and various pastel contrasts
14:17 ashimema anywho.. moving on ;)
14:18 calire accessibility is important
14:19 calire caroline, is it the library users or library staff (who are also users) who found the detail page hard to read?
14:24 caroline calire: I only talk to library staff through my job, I don't know if they speak only on behalf of themselves or if they're relaying complaints from their users
14:24 calire caroline: fair enough :)
14:24 caroline Hello Freddy_Enrique!
14:25 calire caroline: the table is easy to read
14:25 oleonard This doesn't make sense to me:[…]?p=15381445630198
14:26 oleonard Renew -- "Not allowed: overdue" ... but the item isn't overdue
14:26 calire oleonard: I feel like I have see that before, but I cannot remember why
14:26 * calire is helpful
14:27 calire (like when people ask questions on amazon and someone answers with 'I don't know, I didn't buy this')
14:27 oleonard Oh wait, it was the  OverduesBlockRenewing preference. Any overdue blocked all renewals.
14:27 calire aha
14:27 calire aaah yes
14:28 calire so glad I could help
14:28 caroline hehe!
14:30 caroline Has anyone ever worked on a project to make editing the xslt easy for end users? (My colleagues laugh at me when I mention this)
14:30 * Freddy_Enrique want to ask something...
14:30 caroline I'd love library staff to be able to tweak their own record display
14:31 caroline Freddy_Enrique: go ahead!
14:31 Freddy_Enrique I just noticed that I do not know to much about you guys. Do you have a...dont know, professional profile?
14:31 Freddy_Enrique I feel anonymous sometimes....
14:31 oleonard Freddy_Enrique: This is a start:
14:31 calire darn, oleonard was faster
14:32 caroline That's my reference too
14:32 calire but yes, the irc regulars page has some basic infos
14:32 kidclamp https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ommunity_Facebook
14:32 oleonard ...which is getting out of date, sadly.
14:32 Freddy_Enrique OMG, its been a while since I am part of this channel and just asked this basic stuff
14:33 * Freddy_Enrique feel ashamed
14:33 ashimema wow.. I have changed so little from that photo...
14:33 caroline Ooh that Facebook page would have been really helpful before Kohacon... I was stalking a couple of you on linkedin to try to find pictures so I could recognize you
14:33 Freddy_Enrique oleonard++
14:33 * ashimema says realising he's sitting here wearing the exact same t-shirt!
14:34 calire caroline, were you my 'someone is looking at your profile'
14:34 caroline maybe! Lol!
14:34 oleonard ashimema: Haha, same!
14:34 calire ashimema, I hope you changed it since
14:34 caroline I relaized not a lot of ppl put their picture on linkedin
14:34 ashimema hehe
14:35 ashimema ooh.. not seen LibraryClaire in a while
14:35 * calire waves
14:35 ashimema ;)
14:35 calire :P
14:35 Freddy_Enrique I wanna know which one of you is a dev geek and which are librarians
14:35 * ashimema suggests she updates the facebook ;)
14:35 calire oh yeah, could change that
14:35 * ashimema misses atheia
14:35 * calire too
14:36 oleonard I miss atheia and I only met him once!
14:37 ashimema I'd hire him back in an instant.. but he's moved on to other things
14:38 Freddy_Enrique wahanui - info bot, greeter, troller.....troller??
14:38 Freddy_Enrique XD
14:39 calire wahanui confuses many
14:40 Freddy_Enrique As you know... I am a librarian. But little by little learning beyond the koha management. Is it possible to add my name there?
14:40 ashimema certainly
14:40 ashimema add away :)
14:40 Freddy_Enrique Or, is it just for dev?
14:40 calire it's for everyone
14:40 caroline Freddy_Enrique: I didn't know you were a librarian! More of us!
14:41 ashimema it was originally added at a Marseille Hackfest... where librarians and developers are already invited together
14:41 ashimema so it's a mix in there already :)
14:41 Freddy_Enrique Yeah... a linux geek, peruavian librarian
14:42 ashimema :)
14:42 Freddy_Enrique My hearth goes for the pinguin
14:42 * ashimema loved his visit to peru a few years back
14:42 Freddy_Enrique :o
14:43 Freddy_Enrique Glad you enjoyed it :3
14:43 Freddy_Enrique And if you are into treking, really sure you enjoyed the landscapes
14:45 reiveune bye
14:45 reiveune left #koha
14:50 cait1 caroline: i did the same with you - stalking for a photo
14:50 cait1 hm i need to put a new photo there... the hair... ugh. and new glasses :)
14:51 caroline My linkedin photo is old but I guess I look pretty much the same
14:52 * ashimema wonders what cait looks like now.. in my head you still look like that picture ;)
14:52 cait1 ashimema: not that much different
14:52 cait1 shorter hair and new glasses :)
14:52 cait1 Freddy_Enrique: librarian :)
14:53 cait1 sorry... just reading back, you all talked so much while i was doing this other thing
14:53 ashimema oleonard still about?
14:53 oleonard Yes
14:53 ashimema lol.. sorry cait
14:53 ashimema I'm chatty today
14:54 ashimema what away around were you testing the migrate but?
14:54 ashimema from what backend to what backend?
14:54 ashimema I'm just re-wrapping my head around this code.. it's been ages since I've properly dug into it
14:54 ashimema also.. I will add a test plan..
14:54 * ashimema is naughty :(
14:55 oleonard ashimema: I think it was FreeForm -> Dummy
14:55 ashimema ah..
14:55 ashimema interesting
14:55 ashimema thanks
14:55 * ashimema checks Dummy.. I'm not sure if it's implimented there yet.. my bad
14:56 Freddy_Enrique :cait1 yeeey
14:56 oleonard ashimema: So, the test plan... :D
14:57 * Freddy_Enrique turns into reading mode
14:57 Freddy_Enrique There I go Koha wiki
15:02 jo joined #koha
15:03 kidclamp bug 21450
15:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21450 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , is caching searches without the auth type
15:08 kidclamp ^ that was a nasty bug
15:10 cait1 kidclamp: now you are ignoring me ;)
15:11 kidclamp where did you ping me?
15:25 edveal joined #koha
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17:23 caroline Does Undefined subroutine &C4::Items::ModZebra mean I have to install C4::Items::ModZebra?
17:24 caroline I'm trying to test bug 10382 but when I disable the course, I get this error
17:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10382 critical, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, Needs Signoff , collection not returning to null when removed from course reserves
17:39 cait1 joined #koha
17:54 Freddy_Enrique left #koha
18:04 kidclamp It's an occasional problem where Koha doesn't know which file to look in - the general solutions is to fully qualify the function call caroline
18:04 caroline fully qualify the function call?
18:06 caroline Is that something I can do while testing and if so how?
18:14 * caroline thinks she'll just go back to documentation instead of trying to sign off
18:16 kidclamp heh, no, is for a dev, or try on a  different machine, I don't knwo what causes it
18:43 oleonard Anyone want to try Bug 20809 again?
18:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20809 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Link patron image to patron image add/edit form
18:46 oleonard Happy weekend everyone
18:47 ashimema caroline++ looks to be an a testing spree.. thank you 😃
18:47 caroline yeah, I was eager but gave up.
18:47 caroline Back to the manual
18:48 ashimema I'm also really happy and impressed with manual improvements too
18:49 caroline It needs love still. And I don't want the docs team to be stuck in a crazy documenting spree in november
18:50 ashimema I'm slowly onboarding our bods 😉
18:51 caroline yass!
18:51 ashimema Going to put forward next week at our company meeting that one of them join the team.. see what the boss people say
18:51 ashimema For the next cycle that is
19:23 kmlussier joined #koha
19:44 caroline Native English speakers, does that sentence make sense in English? "If set to 'do', the holds slip print pop-up window will appear automatically upon checkin of a reserved item."
19:45 sonOfRa joined #koha
19:45 cait1 checking in a reserved item? (not a native speaker)
19:46 caroline upon checking in a reserved item?
19:46 caroline yeah, it sounds better
19:46 cait1 where are the native speakers?
19:46 caroline on weekend?
19:47 cait1 ah
19:47 caroline I was actually looking for comments on the part "holds slip print pop-up window" it doesn't sound good in my head
19:48 cait1 maybe we could scratch window?
19:48 cait1 pop-up is a thing already... isn't it?
19:48 corilynn joined #koha
19:48 caroline the holds slip print pop-up will appear
19:50 caroline I wasn't sure of holds slip print pop-up vs holds print slip pop-up
19:50 cait1 i wouldn't overthink it
19:50 cait1 ok now i am not too :)
19:50 caroline rangi can always refuse my commit if it doesn't make any sense
19:50 cait1 he could, but he probably would
19:51 * caroline is denying any responsibility for that sentence
19:51 cait1 wouldn't
19:51 cait1 hehe
19:51 cait1 he is a terrible proof reader
19:51 cait1 :)
19:51 caroline XD
19:52 caroline think I can ping some english natives? Is it too late in the evening?
19:52 caroline for a friday evening
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 16424: Compiled CSS <[…]090773197c495b918>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 16424: (QA follow-up) Use Modern::Perl <[…]a0d16ac59dca6261e>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21416: 'gr' option missing from ZEBRA_LANGUAGE options in koha-sites.conf <[…]e32ee3e7ca050e75f>
19:52 cait1 why not? they won't answer if they are not around :)
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21407: Can't enter new macros in the advanced cataloging editor (rancor) <[…]0389de7a6d85fda05>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21398: Make search field mandatory when adding to a basket from an existing record <[…]08af1fb67fd16f982>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21396: Add 2 missing use statements in Koha::Account <[…]8cb3f1953f424e0aa>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21167: (QA follow-up) Use for generating account description <[…]45ed8c23a9f29eb26>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21167: (QA follow-up) Fix amount formatting on invoice receipt <[…]c5b74c5416d2cb95a>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 16424: Handle framework code properly also when adding a new record <[…]021b60e4075641e49>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 16424: Minor CSS change for the advanced editor Settings menu <[…]2f0dc4b7fdd26db6b>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 16424: Make the svc/bib service keep the existing framework code <[…]6bcedd0736725f699>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 16424: Add framework support to advanced MARC editor <[…]c2d2f16e3e3bc3e29>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21297: Display public lists to existing lists when adding a new item <[…]127d20b466e1ea023>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20785: Advanced Editor does not honor MarcFieldDocURL <[…]dd9182203b1481831>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20241: Fix display of publication year in subscription record search for MARC21 <[…]b4cd8000a12425281>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21167: Fix price formatting on printed fee invoice and receipt <[…]9fd501114902a0176>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21078: overdrive.js Catch error if window.opener is not accessible <[…]602246891c19d9522>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 16739: Show note instead of 500 error for 'Generate EDIFACT' when no EDI account... <[…]442148c1939c101a6>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 16424: Update default values in advanced editor when changing frameworks. <[…]cf124ae6bfb333d36>
19:52 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21362: Advanced editor: Fix tab navigation in fixed fields <[…]13bb857e98cd924e5>
19:52 caroline well, now I know kidclamp is still working! :D
19:53 cait1 looks like it :)
19:53 kidclamp wrapping up anyways :-) I have a bad habit of push and run
19:54 caroline kidclamp what do you think of the sentence "If set to 'do', the holds slip print pop-up will appear automatically upon checking in a reserved item"
19:54 caroline does it make sense?
19:54 kidclamp As much as we can while talking about this :-)
19:54 cait1 are we sure nick is a native speaker btw? the moustache....
19:55 caroline I'm not sure about "holds slip print pop-up" vs "holds print slip pop-up"
19:55 kidclamp I like the former
19:55 caroline I trust your gut :)
19:57 kidclamp he's gotten me far!
19:57 * kidclamp pats his belly
19:59 cait1 kidclamp: i will add the roles page now
20:00 kidclamp cait++
20:00 kidclamp I will run away now :-) Have THE good weekend all
20:00 caroline bye!
20:04 cait1 needs some clean-up still https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_19.05
20:06 cait1 have a nice weekend :)
20:06 cait1 caroline: how long unti yours starts?
20:06 caroline bye!
20:06 caroline more or less 2 hours
20:06 * cait1 is in weekend already... 10 pm here
20:06 cait1 wow
20:07 caroline I'm supposed to work until 6pm, but I might leave a bit early since I'm going to a show tonight
20:07 cait1 oh, what are you seeing?
20:08 cait1 i have to knit back on my current project... procrastinating
20:08 caroline My sister in law writes monologues with a group of actors so the whole family is going to the show to support her
20:08 cait1 ah cool :)
20:08 cait1 break a leg?
20:09 caroline I'll send her positive vibes on your behalf :)
20:09 cait1 that's what i was thinking :)
20:20 Guest1662 Project Koha_Master_D9 build #562: UNSTABLE in 25 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D9/562/
20:31 Guest1662 Project Koha_Master_D8 build #56: UNSTABLE in 38 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_Master_D8/56/
20:48 Guest1662 Project Koha_Master_U18 build #50: UNSTABLE in 28 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_U18/50/
21:31 kmlussier joined #koha
22:01 caroline good weekend #koha!
22:14 Margaret joined #koha
23:29 Margaret joined #koha

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