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05:15 fridolin hi there
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06:38 reiveune hello
06:52 calire hi #koha
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07:17 ashimema bug 11983
07:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11983 normal, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, NEW , code to select patrons to purge needs to be centralized
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08:04 alex_a bonjour
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08:52 ere Why oh why isn't subtitle a field in biblio table? I can see that once upon a time there was a subtitle table, but no more. Now, to get the subtitle you need to read the MARC record..
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10:14 cait hi #koha
10:24 mtj hey #koha, is anybody else running 17.11.x and getting zebrasrv proceeses not starting/stopping consistently?
10:25 mtj ...either via init.d/koha-common or koha-zebra scripts?
10:27 mtj seems to be something new on 17.11.x, but not on 17.05.x
10:35 cait i think there have been some mails on the mailing list about problems with zebra stopping
10:35 cait we haven't seen it so far
10:35 cait has anyone read through the notices overhaul yet?
10:35 cait https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ices_Overhaul_RFC
10:37 cait i am wondering in our current setup, what the meaning of the library setting on overdue status triggers is
10:38 cait does it related to the homebranch of the patron or the items checked out?
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10:59 sabrina Hi is this the right place to ask about zebra indexing?
11:01 sabrina I´m using Koha 17.11.06 on Debian 8.10. Just uploaded a subject authority mrc file. However it is not being indexed
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11:01 marcelr hi #koha
11:01 sabrina what do I need to work on?
11:05 mtj ^ thanks cait, ill keep poking 🙋🏻
11:05 marcelr mtj: a problem with a stopping zebrasrv was fixed some time ago
11:06 mtj sabrina:  is your indexer running?
11:06 sabrina mtj: how do i find out?
11:06 mtj # koha-indexer --status mykoha
11:07 mtj # koha-indexer --start mykoha
11:07 mtj etc..
11:09 sabrina mtj: probably it wasnt
11:09 sabrina [ ok ] Starting Koha indexing daemon for andromeka
11:11 sabrina mtj: thanks a lot! this did the trick!
11:12 sabrina my zebraqueue tableÅ› done column got set to 1
11:12 sabrina and search is working
11:13 sabrina mtj: isn´t koha-start-zebra <instance> enough for 17.11.06?
11:14 mtj i think my system is having a problem with ...  koha-zebra --start  $(koha-list --enabled)
11:15 mtj it seems to be skipping some instances, its a bit odd!?
11:18 mtj ^ sabrina: im having problems around system startup.. so, its not enough :)
11:20 sabrina mtj: that is what I´m facing too :(
11:20 mtj (its possible i have a single koha instance thats causing my problem)
11:21 mtj # service koha-common stop
11:21 mtj # service koha-common start
11:21 mtj ^ sabrina: that should fix your problem
11:22 sabrina hmmm
11:22 sabrina i see
11:22 mtj do your indexers not start on boot?...  they should
11:35 * mtj heads to bed, ciao
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12:28 nlegrand alex_a: workiiiing :) thanks!
12:28 alex_a nlegrand, thx
12:29 alex_a But Séverine found that facts ending with a punctuation don't work
12:30 alex_a I think it should be an new bug
12:30 nlegrand yes, but it's an improvement anymay :)
12:30 nlegrand alex_a: she told me she was about to change the bug.
12:30 alex_a ok
12:31 alex_a Tell her i'm working on the punctuated facets problem :)
12:33 nlegrand alex_a: great :)
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13:06 tcohen morning
13:06 tcohen hola alex_a
13:10 alex_a hello tcohen
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13:26 * LeeJ waves
13:26 LeeJ hi #koha
13:27 caroline_ Hi LeeJ ! Did you have a good vacation?
13:27 LeeJ hi caroline_!
13:27 LeeJ it was pretty nice :)
13:27 LeeJ first time since I've been employed here that I've actually ENJOYED vacation! haha
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13:52 LeeJ anyone know why in 17.11 when our staff checks in something, the shelving location doesn't appear on the check in table but a location is listed under
13:54 LeeJ[…]871e4f9c38981a227 <-- check in
13:54 LeeJ[…]ac3a4894b27b0acff <-- record
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14:28 caroline_ LeeJ: Isn't there a syspref for displaying the location under the home or holding library? Maybe it could be that (mind you, I've never used 17.11, so I could be wrong)
14:30 caroline_ hm. never mind, I think it's just for OPAC
14:43 LeeJ caroline_: that's what I was thinking too..I don't recall one for intranet
14:44 LeeJ caroline_: I find it ironic considering we work on the documenting of such things :)
14:44 caroline_ LeeJ: until I've written the section myself, I don't know for sure ;)
14:44 LeeJ caroline_: right now I've been working on a report to list biblionumbers and ISBN numbers without the material type being displayed in the isbn column :)
14:46 caroline_ LeeJ: I don't get it. isbn and itype should be separate, no?
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14:54 LeeJ caroline_: itype yes..the material type in parentheses after the ISBN such as 0190228709 (hardcover : alk. paper)
14:55 LeeJ it was fun to discover all the mysql functions I never knew about like REGEXP_SUBSTR()
14:56 caroline_ LeeJ: Ok yes! Omg those are so annoying. There is a subfield for that 020 $q but all the catalogers always put it in 020 $a with the isbn ugh!
14:56 caroline_ at least, most of the time they are in parentheses
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15:09 LeeJ caroline_: SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR(isbn, '(^[^\(]+)') AS isbn FROM biblioitems WHERE isbn != ''
15:10 LeeJ ^ gives you everything in the ISBN field up to the first open parenthesis..basically excluding material type :)
15:10 caroline_ LeeJ: I'm saving that for future reference!
15:10 LeeJ :D
15:11 LeeJ caroline_: it took me 2 days to figure out a solution haha
15:11 caroline_ I was thinking maybe just take the numbers but isbns sometimes have a capital X
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15:20 reiveune bye
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15:20 LeeJ caroline_: correct!
15:20 LeeJ it's much more difficult even taking the numbers because then you have 13-digit or 10-digit, etc.
15:21 LeeJ at least for the LOC records we use it appears to keep a consistent format
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15:44 caroline_ what is ecost? estimated cost? (in acqui/
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16:28 LeeJ caroline_: I believe so
16:34 cait wb LeeJ :)
16:34 * cait waves and runs out :)
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18:02 * LeeJ waves back to cait an hour later
18:25 cait :)
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