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05:43 fridolin hi there
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05:52 caroline hello #koha!
05:53 caroline is anybody around?
05:53 caroline What is the active time zone right now?
05:53 caroline NZ?
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06:26 alex_a bonjour
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06:29 reiveune hello
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07:27 gaetan_B hello
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09:50 alex_a kidclamp, around?
09:50 * kidclamp waves
09:50 alex_a \o
09:51 alex_a kidclamp, bug 18213 does not apply. Probably because 18235 has been reverted
09:51 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18213 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , Add language facets to Elasticsearch
09:51 alex_a What is the plan? Waiting for 18235 being pushed again?
09:52 alex_a Or i can try a rebase (if your are ok)
09:52 kidclamp I think you mean 20073? 18235 was never pushed
09:52 kidclamp yeah, go ahaed, I can also take a look if you wantr
09:52 alex_a mmh
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10:03 barneyjobs hello po
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10:04 barneyjobs hello?
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12:10 Hugo morning
12:10 Hugo I have this error at zebra  zebrasrv(1617) [log] dict_lookup_grep: (\x01}\x01\x04)\x01\x14\"\x01\x1C\x01\x1A​\x01\x12\x01\x01\x01\x09\x01\x01\x01\x09
12:10 Hugo any idea what it could be?
12:49 ashimema whose the best person to ask about the oai pmh code these days?
12:53 Joubu hi
12:53 Joubu ashimema: shoot the question and you will see
12:54 ashimema haha.. wasn't a question..
12:54 ashimema I was going to ask them to take a look at bug 20271 from the OAI perspective ;)
12:54 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20271 major, P1 - high, ---, oha, Failed QA , Merge deleted* tables with their "alive" cousins
12:55 ashimema as I've not dabbled there at all I don't feel qualified to comment on what the syspref should be changed to say (or whether it is indeed still relevant with deletedbiblio table going away 😉)
12:58 tcohen ashimema: OAI-PMH repositories need to specify how they deal with deleted records, which yields different harvsting strategies. I think we should keep it configurable to keep the current behaviour. If that's what you're asking
13:00 ashimema I agree with keeping it..
13:01 ashimema but the pref description needs updating at the very least to not reference deletedbiblio as a table ;)
13:06 ashimema with that very minor comment I think that bug is pretty much good to go.. I'm just running it through the test suit a few times
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13:21 tcohen ashimema: great job!
13:25 ashimema mercelr did all the hard work really.. ;)
13:25 ashimema I'm jsut giving it the second eye ;)
13:25 ashimema I'm so going to regret passing qa on it soon enough though aren't I.. bet it's going to lead to all sorts of backporting fun this cycle ;)
13:35 tcohen it needs to happen at some point anyway, better sooner than later
13:39 ashimema indeed
13:40 * LeeJ waves
13:40 LeeJ hi #koha
13:40 LeeJ even though I technically never left :)
13:46 ashimema tcohen.. am I right in thinking atomic updates should always attempt to be idempotent these days?
13:46 Joubu yes
13:46 ashimema i.e. the update in bug 20271 should check for the existence of the deleted* tables before attempting to migrate and delete them
13:46 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20271 major, P1 - high, ---, oha, Failed QA , Merge deleted* tables with their "alive" cousins
13:46 Joubu s/should/must
13:47 ashimema or is that something the RMaints, RManagers expected to do as part of the RM process
13:47 ashimema okies..
13:47 ashimema thanks Joubu
13:47 Joubu there is a TableExist sub in
13:47 ashimema :)
13:47 Joubu TableExists even
13:48 ashimema brill
13:54 tuxayo Hi :)
13:54 tuxayo Those who use `` , how do you blacklist borrowers categories? (to avoid collateral damages on "strange" accounts) Do you  call `` multiple times with each `--category_code` that needs cleaning?
14:55 Joubu Thanks ashimema for your quick signoffs!
14:56 ashimema haha.. no worries.. they were nice easy one's to test ;)
14:56 ashimema and you caught me on one of my community days ;)
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15:06 reiveune bye
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15:24 lavamind another trivial patch https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=20920
15:24 huginn` Bug 20920: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Plack timeout because of missing CGI::Compile Perl dependency
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17:20 lavamind Joubu: once I installed libcgip-compile-perl, I restarted plack and it started to work (intranet)
17:21 Joubu lavamind: ok hopefully Mirko will take a look soon
17:22 lavamind running 'aptitude why libcgi-compile-perl' : i A libplack-perl Recommends libcgi-compile-perl
17:22 lavamind so if the goal if to make the package hard-depend on plack, it should be added as a Dependency
17:23 lavamind otherwise, it should be documented
17:25 Joubu lavamind: yes sure. But it's what my jessie install tells too. No idea why it has not be reported before
17:25 Joubu been*
17:25 lavamind Joubu: well recommends are installed by default
17:26 lavamind I think I may have run apt --no-install-recommends at some point
17:27 lavamind ideally there would be a seperate package eg. koha-common-plack with pulls in all that stuff
17:28 lavamind I'm not a fan of the monolithic "one package for everything"
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17:35 Joubu lavamind: if you have time and knowledge, feel free to help. We clearly lack people on this side
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17:35 lavamind Joubu: well I'm a DD :P
17:36 lavamind but time is more or less lacking these days
17:36 kidclamp cait++
17:36 lavamind eventually it would be best to upload these packages to the main archive
17:37 lavamind I think with a little work it could be made to be policy compliant
17:37 lavamind the difficult part is ensuring a smooth transition
17:38 lavamind it owuld probably help if there were sprints organized to work on this
17:38 lavamind I might be able to attend during $work hours
17:39 lavamind (Eastern timezone)
17:39 lavamind well, north-america eastern :P
17:39 lavamind the puppet module is about 75% done (for a 1.0 release)
17:40 Joubu lavamind: you could start a discussion on koha-devel, at least to tell people you are willing to help and explain what you have in mind/how things can be enhanced
17:40 lavamind Joubu: good idea, I'll put it in my TODO list
17:43 Joubu lavamind: tcohen (Tomas), droft (Mirko) and mtj (Mason) are the ones who knows more about this topic
17:46 lavamind Joubu: thanks
19:10 lavamind when creating an instance with a default database, is it normal to require "koha-rebuild-zebra -f" ?
19:11 lavamind my instance gets created normally, and the indexer daemon is started, but the index seems empty
19:11 lavamind (searching doesn't work)
19:11 lavamind once I run the full rebuild, search starts working
19:15 Joubu the indexer daemon is watching the zebraqueue table, which is filled on import/create/delete/update of biblio or auth records
19:15 Joubu so yes it's expected to launch a full reindex if your record tables already contain something
19:17 lavamind Joubu: hrmm
19:19 lavamind in the default.sql.gz I use when creating my instance, zebraqueue is empty
19:21 lavamind my biblio table is full of records however
19:21 lavamind I think the way my default SQL is set up, it may not trigger a full reindex
19:21 lavamind I'm not sure how I can trigger it
19:28 Joubu koha-rebuild-zebra -f will trigger a full reindex
19:32 lavamind Joubu: yeah, I know, I'm wondering whether I can shape my default.sql.gz to avoid having to run it
19:35 Joubu you could fill zebraqueue
19:38 lavamind yeah, however that seems like more of a hassle, especially since I'll have to update the sql from time to time
19:38 lavamind each time I'd have to regenerate those records
19:41 Joubu the easiest method is to add the rebuild -f command after you inserted your dump
19:52 lavamind agreed
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19:54 magnuse anyone got a hunch about the max number of records the stage/import tools can handle?
19:55 magnuse ..per file, i mean
19:57 magnuse i have a file with 33869 records
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20:35 lavamind where can I find  a description of the database tables
20:36 lavamind I have a bunch of import_* tables with some data in it, I'm not sure I need it in there
20:44 rangi lavamind:
20:44 lavamind rangi: thank you
20:44 lavamind I also found[…]
20:45 lavamind I think import_* doesn't have much use in a default sql
20:45 lavamind since the cleanup cronjob remove it anyway, no sense in putting it in the database in the first place
20:45 rangi hmm?
20:45 rangi the cron job only removes data from it
20:46 rangi not the tables themselves
20:47 lavamind yes of course, only the data hehe
20:47 lavamind for example there are many many records in the import_record table
20:47 lavamind I don't think these are used for anything inside Koha ?
20:47 rangi yes they are
20:48 rangi acquisitions
20:48 rangi and staged marc record management (under tools)
20:48 rangi use them
20:49 rangi its where records sit outside of the catalogue, that you can either bring into the catalogue via the staged marc record management, or via acquisitions
20:49 rangi also if you search in cataloguing
20:49 * lavamind looks
20:50 rangi you will find them too
20:50 rangi (cataloguing, not search the catalogue ;))
20:50 rangi it's called the reservoir there
20:51 * lavamind is just the koha admin, not a koha user
20:51 rangi whenever you do a z3950 search, the results are stored in there too
20:51 rangi but you are probably ok to wipe them out on a fresh koha
20:52 lavamind well it's not supposed to be a fresh koha
20:52 rangi one acquisition workflow (that your library probably doesn't use) is that book sellers give your the catalogue data for their inventory
20:52 rangi you can stage that in tools
20:52 lavamind there's supposed to be a bunch of borrowers, items in the catalogue, etc
20:52 rangi then you can order from that acquisitions
20:52 rangi yep the import_ stuff sits outside the catalogue
20:52 lavamind it's for classes, so that each student gets their own koha instance from a template
20:53 rangi librarians can see it, other users can't
20:53 lavamind well one of the classes teaches acquisitions
20:53 rangi they could always load a marc file via stage marc records to test that
20:53 rangi that would be testing the whole workflow
20:53 lavamind I'm not sure if they do it, probably though, I guess I should find out
20:55 rangi if its for teaching you could zero those tables out. THey can populate them by using the stage marc records if they need
20:57 lavamind I'm pretty sure that they do, because they've never complained even though the cleanup script deletes them
20:57 lavamind the imports were recorded as being made 7 years ago
20:57 rangi yeah you wont need them then
20:57 lavamind ack
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21:22 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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