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06:21 drojf hi #koha
06:29 drojf @later tell tcohen no objection to moving the catmandu deps
06:29 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
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06:41 marcelr hi #koha
06:45 drojf hi marcelr
06:57 drojf @later tell fridolin do you use koha-deps and koha-perldeps for biblibre setups? you deploy koha from git, not koha-common packages IIRC?
06:57 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
06:59 marcelr hi drojf
07:00 drojf @later tell fridolin see https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=20836
07:00 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
07:00 huginn Bug 20836: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mirko, NEW , debian/ cleanup
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11:33 severine_q hello #koha !
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11:48 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:15 * cait waves
12:16 oleonard Hi cait and josef_moravec
12:16 * oleonard wonders if Bug 20844 is being sponsored or is simply a wish
12:16 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20844 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Reset a hold when it is missing after allocation
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12:17 magnuse @wunder bodo, norway
12:17 huginn magnuse: Bodo, Norway :: Clear :: 70F/21C | :  :
12:17 magnuse \o/
12:18 oleonard Short and sweet.
12:18 oleonard @wunder 45701
12:18 huginn oleonard: Athens, OH :: Partly Cloudy :: 71F/22C | Thursday: Partly cloudy with afternoon showers or thunderstorms. High 86F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%. Thursday Night: Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Low 67F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.
12:20 magnuse very sweet
12:20 magnuse someone just "21? i'm aoutta here!"
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12:43 caroline good morning everyone!
12:45 oleonard Hi caroline
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13:26 magnuse overdue messages sent after the loan was returned - anyone else seeing that? (on 17.11.03)
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13:28 drojf too hot to measure
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13:35 oleonard @wunder the sun
13:35 huginn oleonard: Error: I could not find a valid location for: the sun
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14:29 * LeeJ waves
14:29 LeeJ hi #koha
14:31 SMay Looking for help with new installation. Point me in the right direction? 2 main issues: searching for titles not always working and importing items.
14:32 oleonard SMay: Did you install Koha yourself?
14:33 SMay yes
14:33 oleonard Did you use the package install method?
14:33 SMay yes
14:34 oleonard Failed searches often mean that records haven't been indexed, but my understanding of the packages is that the indexer should automatically work
14:34 oleonard Searching is sometimes working?
14:35 oleonard This link shows commands for manually triggering the Zebra indexer: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]oha-rebuild-zebra
14:36 SMay I've reindexed and rebuilt Zebra. It will begin working pulling items from our inventory (and items from the net). The next day I do a search for the same item and get no results.
14:37 oleonard Are you doing searches in the catalog module or the cataloging module?
14:38 SMay From the home menu selecting Search the Catalog option below the search field.
14:40 oleonard Sorry SMay I don't know what to suggest
14:41 SMay I just did another search from within the cataloging module and got 0 results, but it did come back with a biblio in the reservoir, but this item appears in the inventory via tools.
14:41 SMay I am going to try the link you provided and see what happens.
14:41 oleonard I don't understand what you mean by "this item appears in the inventory via tools."
14:42 SMay Is there a way to pull all of hte items in the reservoir into the inventory in one fail swoop versus individually? I have over 4000 items and I do not look forward to bringing them in one at a time.
14:43 SMay When I click on More | Tools then under Catalog select Inventory. I run this with no changes except results to be csv.
14:44 oleonard Did you import those records in the reservoir using the "Stage MARC records for import" tool?
14:46 SMay yes
14:46 oleonard Did you use the "Staged MARC record management" tool to import the records into the catalog?
14:47 SMay Yes
14:48 oleonard All I can think is that the import from "Staged MARC record management" didn't work correctly, but I don't know why that might be.
14:53 SMay Ok, thanks. I tried the reindex from the link and it didn't make a difference. I am rebooting the Linux server and will see if that makes a difference. I will keep digging on the web for a bit longer before washing my hands of it.
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14:54 oleonard SMay: Don't give up, because your problem is most likely some kind of configuration or procedural problem.
14:55 oleonard SMay: Try coming back here at another time when there are more people around to help.
14:55 SMay Will do, thanks.
14:56 SMay Interesting...REindexed with the link AND rebooted the Linux server and the search is now working.
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15:14 LeeJ oleonard: around?
15:14 oleonard Yes
15:15 Tin_ Anyone around that can help me with my catalog searching issue?
15:15 LeeJ oleonard: am I correct in thinking if a hidden input field is in a form and there's no value attribute set then in perl it would be considered undef?
15:15 oleonard LeeJ: I don't know
15:16 LeeJ Tin_: what seems to be the trouble?
15:16 LeeJ oleonard: hmm..guess it's time for trial and error
15:17 Tin_ Anything I search for in the catlog always returns.  Say I search cats, No results found No results match your search for 'kw,wrdl: cats'.
15:17 LeeJ what version of Koha are you running?
15:18 Tin_ I just installed ver 17.11
15:18 LeeJ Tin_: package install?
15:18 wahanui somebody said package install was easy, if you do it on a supported os
15:18 Tin_ no
15:19 LeeJ shh wahanui..I wasn't talking to you
15:19 Tin_ terminal install
15:19 SMay I just installed the same version and have the same issue. When I reindex zebra and reboot the server, the search features return.
15:19 LeeJ Tin_: under About Koha does it indicate Zebra is running?
15:20 Tin_ Zebra version:  Zebra 2.0.59 (C) 1994-2014, Index Data Zebra is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and you are welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain conditions. SHA1 ID: c00bfddbf0f3608340d61298acc61dafb167f9b2 Using ICU
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15:22 LeeJ Tin_: from terminal try running 'ps aux | grep zebra
15:24 Tin_ ok that command brings up a > with a prompt
15:25 LeeJ oleonard: FYI..according to perlmonks, a param would be undef if the tag didn't exist in the template...if it exists but has no value it would be an empty string
15:25 oleonard Makes sense.
15:25 LeeJ Tin_: whoops...don't include the apostrophe
15:25 LeeJ so just..
15:25 LeeJ ps aux | grep zebra
15:25 LeeJ my bad
15:27 Tin_ ok something appeared on the screen.  What was supose to do?
15:30 LeeJ if you can copy that and put it into
15:31 Tin_ just did
15:32 LeeJ if you click Paste it then a link will appear here and we can have a look
15:34 oleonard You have to select the channel in order for it to appear here
15:35 Tin_ I click past and it wants to format it
15:39 Tin_ administrator@GPS-Library:~$ ps aux | grep zebra gps-lib+   956  0.0  0.0  20128   188 ?        S    06:08   0:00 daemon --name=gps-library-koha-zebra --pidfiles=/var/run/koha/gps-library/ --errlog=/var/log/koha/gps-library/zebra-error.log --output=/var/log/koha/gps​-library/zebra-output.log --verbose=1 --respawn --delay=30 --user=gps-library-koha.gps-library-koha -- /usr/bin/zebrasrv -v none,fatal,warn -f /etc/koha/sites/gps-library/ko
15:40 LeeJ so it appears to be possibly just needs a restart
15:40 LeeJ oleonard: do you remember the restart cmd for zebra? can't recall it
15:41 Tin_ I've rebooted that VM a few times
15:41 oleonard I only remember the package commands: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ges#Zebra-related
15:43 LeeJ Joubu or kidclamp around?
15:44 Tin_ when i type in koha-zebra --status gps-library  is shows zebra is not running for gps-library
15:45 LeeJ Tin_ ahh
15:47 LeeJ Tin_: try running sudo koha-zebra --start or --restart
15:48 Tin_ nothing
15:49 Tin_ administrator@GPS-Library:~$ koha-zebra --status gps-library Invalid --pidfiles argument: '/var/run/koha/gps-library/' (Directory is not writable) usage: daemon [options] [--] [cmd arg...] options:       -h, --help              - Print a help message then exit       -V, --version           - Print a version message then exit       -v, --verbose[=level]   - Set the verbosity level       -d, --debug[=level]     - Set the debugging level
15:50 Tin_ when I do a sudo koha-zebra --status gps-library it does show it's running
15:50 Joubu sudo
15:54 * LeeJ is crying tears of joy for fixing a bug correctly after putting it off for 2 years
15:54 cait congrats :)
15:55 LeeJ cait: remember my Bug 17153?
15:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17153 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, ldjamison, Patch doesn't apply , Logging in during a search navigates to account page instead of back to search results
15:56 LeeJ I fixed it using a completely different approach than what was tried back then and it's so beautiful :')
15:57 oleonard Joubu: I got your msg about Bug 20651 but I don't know how to test ILL stuff
15:57 cait hm that reminds me
15:57 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20651 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, andrew.isherwood, Signed Off , Improve display of "Toggle full supplier metadata"
15:57 cait we really need to fix the bug where you get thrown to the start page when changing language :(
15:58 LeeJ cait: hm?
15:58 cait noone has dared to look at it so far, but it's majorly annoying and a regression
15:58 LeeJ cait: never knew that was a thing
15:58 cait broke osmetime around16.11
15:58 cait probably you don't switch away from english very often :)
15:58 LeeJ cait: not so much :) only to French when looking at translation things
15:59 LeeJ cait: since I figured out this redirection issue I can take a look at that if you point me in the right direction :)
15:59 LeeJ I just have to remember the patch upload process :)
15:59 cait trying to locate the bug right now
15:59 cait are you using git bz?
15:59 LeeJ mhm
15:59 cait git bz attach -e bugnumber HEAD
16:00 LeeJ righttt
16:02 * LeeJ just remembered he made a "Koha dev" file folder with directions
16:02 cait https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=19799
16:02 huginn Bug 19799: minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , [16.11] Changing language on OPAC redirects back to homepage
16:03 cait it at least happens in 17.11 too
16:03 cait possibly master as well
16:03 LeeJ cait: can't make any promises but I'll take a look :)
16:03 LeeJ cait: my bug turned out to be an easy fix because it only affected one page :)
16:03 cait can't ask for more :)
16:03 cait thx!
16:04 LeeJ cait: then after looking at that one I need to re-examine my closed stacks configuration now that I have a new perspective on everything
16:05 LeeJ cait: running QA checks uses "qa -c 2 -v 2" right?
16:05 cait c 2 is for 2 commits
16:05 cait but yep
16:05 LeeJ sweet
16:05 oleonard Hey everyone if you just stealthily add me as a cc on a bug I won't know it unless you tell me
16:10 LeeJ oleonard: those sneaky rascals
16:10 cait shouldn't you get an emai labout it? :)
16:10 caroline LeeJ: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_local_repository
16:11 * caroline is now a 'yellow' belt in git
16:11 LeeJ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++
16:11 caroline LOL!
16:11 LeeJ caroline: THAT LOOKS AMAZING
16:12 caroline It has been reviewed by my git sensei
16:12 cait @karma caroline
16:12 huginn cait: Karma for "caroline" has been increased 25 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 25.
16:12 cait caroline++ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++ caroline++
16:12 cait i know LeeJ likes the numbers even :)
16:13 * caroline blushes
16:13 LeeJ caroline: well tell your git sensi I said arigatogozaimashita
16:13 LeeJ :)
16:13 LeeJ (Japanese for thank you)
16:14 caroline I know, I took 3 years of japanese in uni ;)
16:14 LeeJ :O
16:14 LeeJ well excuseeeeee me :P
16:14 wahanui LeeJ: Vendor no longer supports the product
16:15 LeeJ shh wahanui I wasn't talking to you
16:15 caroline I don't speak it anymore though, it's been 10+ years
16:16 cait i feel you... studied it for a year at uni
16:16 cait and 3 months later i couldn't read my ownhomework :(
16:16 LeeJ our sister university across town offers Japanese..I just don't have the free time nor the brain capacity to spare :P
16:16 caroline lolz I can relate! I'm sure if I went back to japan it would come back quickly
16:17 cait i switched to library school... no regrets :)
16:17 LeeJ which kind of hurts because I wouldn't have to pay to take it
16:17 caroline go library school!
16:18 * LeeJ is currently planning to take library school after he finishes his current degree and the paired masters program
16:18 caroline go LeeJ!
16:18 LeeJ I figured it can't hurt :)
16:19 caroline I'm sure you know more than some of us in some areas!
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16:31 LeeJ caroline: awh shucks
16:32 LeeJ caroline: I've been told it really doesn't hurt coming from a tech background either :)
16:34 caroline LeeJ: Well, you can't be afraid of computers if you're going to be a librarian, that's for sure (I had older colleagues before and change was hard on them)
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16:49 LeeJ yayyy
16:49 LeeJ it's finally ready for Signoff! Bug 17153
16:49 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17153 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, ldjamison, Needs Signoff , Logging in during a search navigates to account page instead of back to search results
16:53 LeeJ cait: I think my fix this time around is more elegant instead of my attempted hack job last time :')
16:59 caroline MARC Framework question: is there a way with Koha to force 2 fields with the same number but different constraints? I have a collection where they put in the target audience as written in the book, the age group (4 values possible) and the reading level (3 possible values). Those all go in 521, but I wanted to add authorised values for the age group and reading level but leave the target audience as free text
16:59 caroline That's not possible, right?
17:00 caroline I have to create 59X fields for age group and reading level?
17:00 cait not sure i get you
17:00 cait but you can only have either free text or a pull down for a field
17:00 cait maybe with different frameworks
17:01 cait I guess it all goes in the same subfield?
17:02 caroline Yeah, but it's in the same record. For example, they have a book called "Toto the magic puppy" (for example, I just made that up), in the book, it's written for 6 years and older, so they would write that in a field, in another field they would write 5-8 (age group) and another field 1 (reading level)
17:02 caroline They're not currently using MARC
17:03 caroline I'm trying to map their fields to MARC fields
17:03 LeeJ caroline: so basically three 521 fields with different values?
17:04 caroline yeah, that's what I figured
17:04 LeeJ OH OH OH
17:04 caroline 521 is repeatable, so that's good
17:04 LeeJ WAIT A SEC
17:04 caroline but I wanted to provide them with pull down for age group and realing level
17:05 LeeJ caroline:
17:05 LeeJ the subfields!~
17:05 LeeJ I think you might be able to make it work..give me a sec
17:13 LeeJ caroline: just confirmed with our cataloger..trying to see if there's something now but it appears you should be able to specify the intent of the field with the indicator
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17:16 LeeJ caroline: so it appears that the auth value is a no-go seems there's a limitation to one auth value listing only (even if repeated)
17:16 caroline yeah, ok that's what I figured.
17:16 LeeJ if you could have a choice of which auth value list to use it probably could have worked
17:17 LeeJ maybe a thought for a bug report! "Enable the ability to pair MARC indicators with authorized values"
17:17 caroline I will see with my colleagues if they can tweak it, if not, I'll just add 59X fields for age group and reading level
17:17 LeeJ I think that would be a nifty feature
17:18 caroline good idea! I will try to find other examples where that might be useful
17:18 LeeJ caroline: Thanks! :D I try
17:29 Freddy_Enrique Good afternoon guys :)
17:30 Freddy_Enrique ive got a problem, hope you can help me
17:30 Freddy_Enrique I have two branches and one of them have some values on LOC
17:33 Freddy_Enrique one of my books is going to be on the other branch but, on the opac appears that branch with the LOC value of the main branch
17:34 Freddy_Enrique this is how it should look:
17:34 Freddy_Enrique but that is the intranet
17:34 Freddy_Enrique the opac on the other hand...
17:35 LeeJ hi Freddy_Enrique
17:35 Freddy_Enrique
17:36 LeeJ hmmm
17:36 LeeJ one sec
17:36 Freddy_Enrique it using the value of the main branch with the current location ob the book
17:36 Freddy_Enrique sure
17:38 LeeJ Freddy_Enrique: what is the value of your sys pref OpacLocationBranchToDisplay?
17:38 LeeJ I don't know what the translation would be (if any)..
17:39 caroline Generally, the syspref names aren't translated
17:39 caroline (just fyi)
17:39 LeeJ caroline: good to know!
17:39 Freddy_Enrique uhm...
17:39 Freddy_Enrique Hi Caroline!
17:40 caroline Hi Freddy_Enrique!
17:40 Freddy_Enrique both of the say... depository library
17:40 Freddy_Enrique them*
17:40 Freddy_Enrique it seems this is the probem...
17:40 * LeeJ knew he should have taken Spanish in school
17:40 Freddy_Enrique damn, so many typos
17:41 caroline LeeJ ftw! LeeJ++
17:42 LeeJ caroline: ing the occasional clever moment ;)
17:42 LeeJ *I love having the occasional clever moment
17:42 LeeJ Freddy_Enrique: so did that solve your issue?
17:42 Freddy_Enrique still playing with the options
17:42 LeeJ okay
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17:43 LeeJ I only thought of it because we ran into the same problem here when we first migrated
17:52 Freddy_Enrique it work!!!!
17:52 Freddy_Enrique damn typo
17:52 Freddy_Enrique it works!
17:52 wahanui But it also eats babies.
17:52 Freddy_Enrique ?
17:52 Freddy_Enrique LeeJ++
17:55 LeeJ Freddy_Enrique: yay!
17:55 LeeJ Freddy_Enrique: I'm glad it works :)
17:55 LeeJ enjoy! ^_^
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18:05 Shane-S I am making a label layout using strings. 'Property of Library Foo','100 South Street, City, State ZIP'. However the commas trigger fields, I tried escaping with \, is there another way to escape them in the string so they are literal characters or should I use an HTML code?
18:07 cait html probably won't work as it's converted to pdf
18:07 cait i am not sure, does the help say something? if you are on the page itself it has some hints i think
18:09 Shane-S says see online help...which is where I learned to do 'String'
18:09 cait hmm
18:09 Shane-S I can put a period in, I just figure someone knew an escape trick other then \
18:09 cait sorry, have to pass :
18:09 cait :(
18:10 Shane-S maybe I can double single quote it...let me try that
18:10 Shane-S like '','' (double singels)
18:12 Shane-S nope
18:12 Shane-S ill try stuff until I find one :)
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18:22 Shane-S nothing I can think of works...ohh well...
18:47 Joubu Shane-S: \
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18:56 Shane-S Joubu: That works when shown in the broswer but the code comes out in the PDF.
18:56 Shane-S I have another question with the labels, so I center the text and if I removed the text left margin all my text displays...but then the barcode moves to the the text looks off center relative to the Code 39 barcode...any way to fix that?
18:57 Shane-S if I put the text left margin back, my text get cut off
18:58 Joubu I have no idea. Luckily I have never played with label layouts ;)
18:58 Joubu You could try asking the list
18:58 Joubu to*
18:59 Shane-S I am tired of making them in Word...since I get the data out of Koha figure why not make Koha do it
18:59 Shane-S Its not THAT big of a deal...I am just too type A and can't let it go :P
19:01 kidzen Shance-S: Have you tried barcode & rfid software like "seagull bartender" software?
19:03 kidzen incase if you are to print in bulk with a barcode printer
19:04 Shane-S I normally use mail merge on Word and a Free 3 of 9 font and print on sheets of 5160s
19:05 Shane-S I am just tired of exporting, designing, printing...then adding a single person...manually typing this code to print the same style barcode label, if Koha can do it, might as well just save some steps
19:07 cait :)
19:09 Tin_ Hey LeeJ  Do you have any other suggestions regarind of no search issue?
19:10 Shane-S kidzen: That software looks nice...wish I had the capacity to justify that...but at most I have 300 labels to print.
19:11 kidzen that's fine :)
19:12 Tin_ Hello is there anyone out there that can help me with not being able to search?
19:13 caroline Tin_: what is the problem exactly?
19:14 Joubu Tin_: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]bleshooting_Zebra
19:16 Tin_ No results found No results match your search for 'kw,wrdl: dig'.
19:17 oleonard Bye #koha
19:17 kidzen why does 001 Control Number does not appear in Books template
19:19 cait you can make it visible
19:19 cait it's probably just hidden
19:21 kidzen how do i make it visible?
19:21 kidzen i see it in the default template
19:21 cait the configuration of the frameworks is done in
19:22 cait administration > bibliographic marc frameworks
19:22 cait there you can change which fields appear, how they are labelled, etc.
19:25 tcohen hi
19:25 kidzen do i have to go to marc structure ?
19:26 tcohen next meeting?
19:26 wahanui i guess next meeting is https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]Next_IRC_meetings
19:26 tcohen Joubu: you didn't run your magic script?
19:28 Joubu tcohen: done
19:28 Joubu ha, schedule colision...
19:29 tcohen thanks, and bummer
19:31 LeeJ whoops..that conflict is on me I think
19:31 LeeJ >.<
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21:22 cait Joubu: can you help me with your comment on bug 11911?
21:22 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11911 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Signed Off , Purchase suggestions can be accessed by all staff members / no specific permission
21:25 cait i am looking a the catealogue permission for the update, so not sure what's up with borrowres?
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21:46 Luis Hi all
21:47 Luis I'm getting this error when lauch the web installer
21:47 Luis The Koha online catalog is offline for system maintenance. We'll be back soon! If you have any questions, please contact the site    administrator
21:47 Luis anyone know about it, thanks!
21:59 cait Luis: you are looking at the opac, not the staff side
21:59 cait the web installer is available from the staff URL
21:59 cait that's the message shown to patrons during an update
22:03 Luis Thanks lukeG
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