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01:28 BobB mtj about?
02:17 mtj hi BobB, whats up?
02:17 BobB hi mtj, small issue and I am frustrated i can't solve it :)
02:18 BobB
02:18 BobB see the link 'Brwose by hierarchy'?
02:18 BobB right of the search bar
02:19 BobB I can't find the yss pref to turn that off
02:19 BobB very little doco in manual or online afaict
02:19 mtj ah ok
02:19 BobB /yss/sys/
02:28 mtj BobB: afaict, its the OpacBrowser syspref
02:28 mtj v
02:28 mtj[…]owser#opacbrowser
02:29 BobB yep, that's done it
02:29 BobB sheesh
02:29 BobB i saw that one and thought it was the authority search, but not so
02:30 BobB thx, mtj, sorry to bother you for sometthing so trivial
02:31 BobB i've not heard back from Servers Australia re the new server, will chase them up after lunch
02:32 mtj oh, great stuff!
02:34 BobB I hate using the wrong channel :)
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06:32 alex_a bonjour
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06:46 fridolin hi there
06:54 fridolin wats up today ?
06:55 fridolin where is my bot friend ?
06:55 fridolin ;)
06:55 fridolin wahanui its you
06:55 wahanui fridolin: what?
06:55 fridolin how is your mood today ?
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07:09 reiveune hello
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07:32 gaetan_B hello
07:32 wahanui que tal, gaetan_B
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07:37 ashimema morning :)
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08:20 severine_q hello #koha !
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09:01 alex_a That works: <script type="text/javascript" src="[% interface %]/[% theme %]/js/subscription.js"></script> That doesn't work: [% Asset.js("js/subscription.js") %]
09:01 alex_a And i have the template plugin Asset
09:02 alex_a Why?
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10:23 * cait waves
10:30 ashimema is bugzilla playing games today or is it just me?  I can't login
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10:49 cait ashimema: looks ok to me, but still logged in
10:53 ashimema hmm.. seems to be back for me now too
10:54 ashimema short term blip perhaps
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11:35 oleonard Hi all
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12:25 * LeeJ waves
12:25 LeeJ hi #koha
12:25 oleonard Hi LeeJ
12:25 LeeJ hiya oleonard
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12:28 gaetan_B hello
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12:32 caroline Good morning #koha!
12:34 LeeJ since I can't spin up a dev box running ES, would someone be able to do me a huge favor and send me a .png of About -> Server information that has the Elasticsearch status visible so I can upload it to the doc? :)
12:34 LeeJ morning caroline :)
12:35 LeeJ caroline: your setup wouldn't happen to be running Elasticsearch would it?
12:36 caroline LeeJ: no... But I know one of my colleagues is working on it. I'll ask him
12:37 caroline Does it matter if it's not 18.05?
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12:48 LeeJ caroline: hmm...unfortunately it does from what I can tell
12:48 LeeJ caroline:[…]docs-1805/task/87
12:49 caroline LeeJ: Sorry... he says the search is using ES, but the About page says Zebra, as if it's hardcoded in there
12:49 caroline Ok, so it's probably that he doesn't have that patch applied
12:50 caroline Seems to be more of a bug than an enhancement
12:50 tcohen morning
12:51 caroline Good morning tcohen!
12:52 LeeJ hi tcohen
12:53 caroline LeeJ: marcel seems to have removed the patch (next to last comment)
12:53 caroline is it still in 18.05 you think?
12:54 LeeJ tcohen: I seem to have confirmed that my first dev box error with ES enabled was actually caused by package issues...I manually installed the missing deps and it got past koha-common
12:54 LeeJ caroline: I honestly don't know..will have to look into it. Didn't see the last comment..thanks for finding!
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12:55 caroline Thank Bouzid, he's the one who looked at it ;)
12:55 LeeJ haha
12:55 LeeJ he's one of your people
12:55 LeeJ ?
12:57 caroline Yes! He's a dev
12:58 tcohen LeeJ: have you told drojf?
12:59 LeeJ @later tell Joubu after consulting with caroline I just wanted to confirm with you if Bug 19542 shouldn't be added to the docs right now?
12:59 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
12:59 LeeJ tcohen: not the update yet..just the first part
13:00 LeeJ tcohen: it was odd..usually running sudo apt-get install works for me but I actually had to use sudo aptitude install for the deps to install? O.o
13:01 Joubu LeeJ: maybe more on the wiki page
13:02 LeeJ Joubu: hm?
13:03 Joubu What kind of ES-related doc is on the manual?
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13:03 LeeJ Joubu: good question..looking now
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13:04 LeeJ Joubu: oh dear. Just did a search and the only thing ES-related in the manual is the actual sys pref itself
13:04 LeeJ caroline: ^ looks like we have some ES work to do/add to the list :)
13:05 LeeJ Joubu: to be honest, I don't recall anything being mentioned about ES in the manual last release
13:05 caroline LeeJ: argh! I have no idea how it works! -_-;; I've only ever worked with Zebra
13:06 caroline Oh well, we'll have to learn anyhow!
13:06 LeeJ caroline: I know a little about it..will work on it when I get the dev box working with it
13:07 caroline I might have to test it for Bouzid who is trying to implement it in 40 colleges, I'll add information as I go along
13:07 caroline I wonder if many people are using it right now
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13:08 Joubu people are waiting 18.05 to use it :)
13:08 LeeJ caroline: 40?! :O
13:09 LeeJ oh mon dieu haha
13:10 LeeJ @later tell cait I'm adding an ES task to the missing sections user story FYI
13:10 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
13:10 LeeJ Joubu: did you see my later I sent?
13:10 caroline LeeJ: lol yes! One of our clients is an organization that supports colleges in Quebec
13:10 caroline They all have the same version of Koha, but it is very modified for them
13:11 LeeJ caroline: I've alweays wanted to visit Quebec :')
13:11 caroline LeeJ: You're always welcome! It's not too far from where you are (and the exchange rate is very good for you americans!)
13:13 LeeJ caroline: maybe if I get a pay raise it'll be my treat to myself :)
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13:16 * cait waves
13:16 cait sorry, working on non-koha things mostly today
13:16 oleonard Hi cait, thanks for the bug-wrangling you've been doing lately
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13:19 LeeJ cait: no problem just giving you a heads up on the work :)
13:19 cait :)
13:19 kr Hi All -we are migrating to Koha soon and have some questions about circulating serials on the fly. Are other libraries doing this? We don't create items when we receive the issue - we just create an item on  the fly if a patron wants to check out an issue. We don't want to create a new bib each time this occurs. Any suggestions? Thanks!
13:19 cait oleonard: np, vacation projects :D
13:20 cait kr: you are using hte fast add feature right now?
13:20 kr We just looked at it and it looks like it might be more complicated for circ staff
13:21 cait did you test the integrated process?
13:21 cait starting with enterig an unknown barcode?
13:22 kr I have not heard about the integrated process
13:22 cait if you enter a barcode on circulation koha doesn't know
13:22 cait it offers you do do a fast add
13:22 cait what we do is reduce the bibliogrpahic framework to vry few fields, like the title
13:23 cait so enter the title, save
13:23 cait it takes you directly to the itme form
13:23 cait this form is also shortened to only have a very few fields
13:23 cait important: don't change hte barcode
13:23 cait if you save then, the item is checked out to the patron
13:23 cait so you have a round trip from circulation to cataloguing back to the patron account
13:23 cait it will still create a record, but it's reasonably fast
13:24 kr oh yes we saw that we are still working on the fields for the fast add  maybe if it is paired down it will be ok
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13:24 cait always choose to hide, not delete, and you will be ok
13:25 cait afk for a bit
13:26 LeeJ welcome to the Koha community kr! :)
13:26 kr Thanks Lee this is Laura and Kim thanks for the welcome
13:26 LeeJ OH!
13:26 LeeJ hi! :D
13:27 LeeJ kr: so which library are you from? :)
13:28 kr We are from Middlesex Community College in Massachusetts
13:28 LeeJ oh! only about 5 hours from me! I'm at Marywood University in Pennsylvania
13:29 kr We will be back but have to go as we have training
13:29 kr We will be back
13:29 LeeJ good luck and have fun!
13:34 LeeJ caroline: I need a second brain's opinion on how to handle Bug 10032 in the docs -- is it even worth mentioning anywhere?
13:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10032 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Pushed to Master , Uncertain prices hide 'close basket' without explanation
13:35 LeeJ I feel like it doesn't need to be mentioned in docs..
13:35 caroline looking
13:35 LeeJ thanks :)
13:36 caroline LeeJ: maybe check if there are screen captures of the screen without the button and change it for a screen with the button greyed out
13:37 caroline LeeJ: also, I'm pretty sure it's already in the docs, but check if it's explicit that uncertain prices prevent closing of baskets
13:37 caroline other that that, no, it's just making clearer what we already knew
13:40 LeeJ caroline: thanks...I agree :)
13:43 LeeJ caroline: nope! no screenshots! It already mentions they can't be closed, etc.
13:43 oleonard Seems like one shouldn't be able to select "SMS" as a messaging preference and then not enter an SMS number
13:43 caroline LeeJ: good! close that task! +1 :D
13:43 LeeJ yay! another easy enhancement task closed!
13:43 oleonard What even happens if you do that?
13:44 LeeJ oleonard: I totally agree...otherwise I'd imagine at least one bug/error begins
13:44 LeeJ oleonard: if I had it configured I'd test it because that's a very good point
13:45 LeeJ caroline: I hope this trend keeps up ;)
13:47 LeeJ oleonard: since you SO'd it I'll check with Bug 17182 docs worthy to mention? I don't feel it is..
13:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17182 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Pushed to Stable , Allow Keyword to MARC mapping for acquisitions searches (subtitle)
13:48 oleonard sorry, worthy to mention how?
13:48 LeeJ nvm..answered my own question lol
13:50 LeeJ didn't read the bug correctly the first time
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14:00 LeeJ caroline: so far most of these enhancements are behind-the-scenes type of things that most users wouldn't have need to know about
14:00 LeeJ :D
14:00 caroline LeeJ: yay!
14:01 caroline LeeJ: I'm currently working on the translation with the French team, but I'm almost done with the Self check-in part. I will come help you soon!
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14:05 LeeJ :D
14:05 LeeJ caroline++
14:06 LeeJ caroline: I'm stuck covering the circulation desk alone today because both of the normal circ staff are on vacation in different states until Tuesday so I have PLENTY of time (and boredom) to get work done
14:12 kidclamp bug 20781 - super easy signoff
14:12 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20781 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , 0 months is not a valid enrollment period and causes errors
14:16 LeeJ caroline: let me know when you begin working on the enhancement tasks because I'm currently not even assigning them to myself..I'm looking at them and doing them
14:16 LeeJ then qhwn you start we can split up the work somehow
14:17 caroline LeeJ: will do!
14:18 caroline Probably this afternoon, the French team translation blitz is in the afternoon for them, so when they start going home, I'll jump back nto docs
14:19 LeeJ caroline: I'm excited :)
14:19 caroline LeeJ: lol!
14:25 oleonard kidclamp: bug 20756 - fairly easy signoff :)
14:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20756 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , OPAC "Share list" button should be styled with an icon
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14:27 caroline oleonard: I'll send it over to our intern (he started like 2 weeks ago, so he needs easy ones ;) )
14:28 oleonard caroline: Even easier is Bug 20774
14:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20774 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Trivial HTML error in
14:29 caroline oleonard: cool! thanks! :)
14:30 kidclamp oleonard, i tested but will wait for SO and then I can QA
14:30 oleonard kidclamp: Make your intern do it :P
14:31 * kidclamp looks for his intern - cat seems unimpressed by SO request
14:31 oleonard Wow I would have thought the cat would have gotten a promotion by now
14:31 caroline XD I can totally imagine his face
14:31 kidclamp if he stopped scratching me maybe
14:35 kidclamp
14:36 caroline kidclamp: soooo cute! He does look unimpressed lol!
14:37 caroline (i love cats, I'm a crazy cat lady)
14:39 Joubu BOOOOM
14:39 kidclamp did the koha explode?
14:42 oleonard My intern, although he's not in my office today:[…]AAItWeN.jpg:large
14:45 caroline oleonard: OMG so cute!! Are you fostering?
14:46 oleonard He is ours (technically my 14-year-old daughter's)
14:49 caroline This is mine's "unimpressed" look[…]carolinecyrlarose
14:50 LeeJ kidclamp: KITTY! :D
14:50 Joubu @later tell ere 20073 comment 36, blocker for 18.05
14:50 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
14:51 Joubu kidclamp: ^
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15:00 reiveune bye
15:00 reiveune left #koha
15:02 LeeJ caroline: FYI...I'm going through all the enhancement tasks and closing the tasks that are irrelevant to docs..ones that ARE relevant I'm marking as In Progress so it's easier to process :)
15:04 Joubu oleonard:[…]
15:04 Joubu[…]
15:04 Joubu inputs with type=number are styled badly in the install process
15:04 Joubu not important, just fyi ;)
15:05 oleonard That style is controlled by the browser, not our CSS
15:06 caroline LeeJ: Ok!
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15:35 tuxayo Hi :) I have a bug that causes the 995$x (952$l in MARC 21) "number of issues" to be modified instead of another field. When using a batch item modification. Is there a way to cleanly delete the 952$l?
15:35 tuxayo To test with various cases because this seems to happen when the "number of issues" field doesn't exists (not in the MARCXML)
15:48 caroline LeeJ: heading over to enhancements right now!
15:50 caroline LeeJ: if tasks are "in progress" but not "assigned" I can take them, right?
15:52 LeeJ caroline: yes!
15:53 LeeJ caroline: I'm having my lunch now so go at it and I'll check in with you before I continue :)
15:54 caroline LeeJ: I will leave for lunch soon too
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16:34 LeeJ caroline: I'm going to work on more tasks now :)
16:48 LeeJ khall: around?
16:51 tuxayo DB question: does anyone know if it's valid to have NULL values for the issues column in the items table?
16:51 tuxayo (Koha bug vs import mistake)
16:52 LeeJ tuxayo: one sec..
16:53 LeeJ tuxayo: http://schema.koha-community.o[…]tables/items.html
16:53 Joubu if never checked out I guess yes
16:53 LeeJ yes...if there's a check mark in the Nulls column indeed
16:54 tuxayo LeeJ: thanks, that what I was seeing but wasn't sure if that actually matches the code. Just in case of "historical reasons"
16:59 LeeJ tuxayo: my pleasure
17:00 LeeJ tuxayo: I'm in documentation mode so it took me a sec to switch gears :)
17:00 tuxayo LeeJ: Joubu Good to know we can trust the DB structure about these things.
17:03 tuxayo LeeJ: no problem, it's great that you still take the time to check the chat. :)
17:04 LeeJ tuxayo: well I have my IRC client ping whenever any message besides connect/disconnect comes in :)
17:15 barton It looks like Koha has support for iCalendar events for overdues: Bug 5456. I don't see the link; does it have to be enabled somehow?
17:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5456 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, magnus, CLOSED FIXED, Create a link to
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17:18 Joubu barton: you should see it on opac-user
17:19 TGoat thanks Joubu
17:19 TGoat I'm with barton on this
17:26 barton @Joubu++
17:26 huginn barton: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
17:26 barton blink blink.
17:27 LeeJ barton: don't forget you don't need the 'at' symbol and huginn won't yell at you about RDA lol
17:29 barton LeeJ: it's muscle memory -- the bot in #bywater requires @ for karma.
17:29 barton forget @
17:29 wahanui barton: I forgot @
17:30 tuxayo @test
17:30 huginn tuxayo: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
17:30 barton ha
17:30 tuxayo nope
17:31 barton well *someone* didn't forget @.
17:32 LeeJ barton: well that's silly :P
17:32 barton silly is my byword, my bond.
17:33 barton (technically, I'm more into the humoursly surreal, but silly will do)
17:34 tuxayo One does not simply make huginn forget about @ stuff. @ must have a special meaning that why.
17:34 barton tuxayo++
17:35 LeeJ barton: then I'll use 'nonsense' instead :)
17:37 caroline LeeJ: I'm back! I will look at the enhancements for tools (266-270). I'll let you know when I move on to something else
17:42 LeeJ caroline: okay! As you can see I've been busy on Architecture :)
17:44 barton LeeJ: that reminds me of an old joke about a physician, an engineer, and a programmer arguing about who had the first career. The doctor said "It must have been a doctor. Who else could have helped with the world's first surgery of taking a rib from Adam to create Eve, the first woman?". "Wait," said the engineer. "The world was created in 6 days from nothing. Do you know what a master engineering feat that
17:44 barton must have been to create the whole world into an orgnanized civilized place from utter chaos?". "Yes, but who created the chaos?" asked the programmer.
17:44 caroline barton: lol!
17:52 LeeJ barton: :D :D :D :D
17:53 LeeJ I LOVE IT
17:55 LeeJ caroline: done with all of the architecture enhancements except 2 that need more info! :)
17:55 caroline LeeJ++
18:00 LeeJ caroline: I'm working top-down...currently at cataloging
18:07 LeeJ caroline: FYI, I'm commenting on most so far with BTS...skipping which means BTS = behind-the-scenes (like moving modules between namespaces, etc.) indicating that we're not adding them because I feel it's too detailed of information than lay people would be concerned with
18:08 tcohen anyone familiar to accountlines?
18:08 * LeeJ points to khall :P
18:09 LeeJ kidclamp: around?
18:10 caroline LeeJ: ok!
18:14 LeeJ caroline: merged the self check section
18:14 caroline LeeJ: Yes I saw the email! Thanks! :)
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19:03 LeeJ @later tell rangi got an email that Pipeline #22276372 in gitlab failed :(
19:03 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
19:08 Joubu LeeJ: the next one passed
19:08 Joubu[…]ohadocs/pipelines
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19:17 LeeJ thanks Joubu!
19:17 LeeJ I didn't want to touch anything lol
19:17 LeeJ @later tell rangi it appears the next one passed though :)
19:17 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
19:18 caroline LeeJ: just sent another one your way
19:19 caroline Thank you! :)
19:20 LeeJ caroline: I think I'm spent for the day haha
19:20 LeeJ caroline: no no, thank YOU
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19:21 LeeJ I'll be working on it more monday anyway...I don't see any reason we can't get enhancements and new features in by Tuesday :)
19:22 LeeJ Joubu: can you confirm if we should add this to the docs or not?[…]docs-1805/task/87
19:23 caroline Monday is a holiday in Canada. But I'll do as much as I can before leaving today so monday you can merge
19:23 LeeJ ooh what holiday?
19:23 caroline Well... it depends on your political allegiance lol!
19:23 LeeJ hahaha
19:24 caroline choose your pick : Victoria Day or Patriot's Day ;)
19:24 LeeJ actually I lied...I'll probably work on it over the weekend just to finish as much up as I can since I won't have much else to do :P
19:24 LeeJ caroline: hahahaha
19:28 LeeJ caroline: have a good holiday :)
19:28 caroline LeeJ: thank you! :)
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