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02:16 tcohen @later tell cait I answered actually
02:16 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
02:16 tcohen wizzyrea: do you know how to do it?
02:16 wizzyrea yep
02:16 tcohen shoot
02:16 tcohen :-D
02:16 wizzyrea oh you mean to have it configurable?
02:16 tcohen both
02:16 wizzyrea well the easy way is to start with a base box that has a bigger disk
02:17 wizzyrea the rest of the ways are annoying :P
02:17 tcohen I can make it configurable, just don't have the time to spend to investigate
02:17 tcohen hahaha
02:17 tcohen forget about it
02:17 tcohen then
02:17 tcohen :-D
02:17 tcohen what do you need space for?
02:18 rangi its unusable with a database of any size
02:18 tcohen zebra indexes and mysql?
02:18 wizzyrea and if you have more than one or two branches
02:18 tcohen right
02:18 rangi or, if you are debugging, you can fill the logs really fast
02:18 rangi if we didnt care about windows, we'd choose a disk format you can resize easily
02:18 wizzyrea (I get that the git part can be avoided by using an external repo)
02:18 wizzyrea well I don't care about windows :P
02:18 wizzyrea I KNOW I KNOW
02:19 wizzyrea but yeah what he said :)
02:19 tcohen my focus is on koha-testing-docker to be honest
02:19 tcohen which works pretty well on all major OS
02:19 tcohen but I accept ideas
02:20 tcohen or pull requests
02:20 wahanui pull requests are great for anything big
02:20 rangi i'd just double the size
02:20 tcohen basically, if we could avoid having our own image...
02:20 wizzyrea oh I wasn't suggesting that you fix it. There may be base boxes out there that have bigger base disks
02:20 wizzyrea I admit to not having looked
02:20 tcohen wizzyrea: we could just pick debian/squeeze64 and resize it?
02:21 wizzyrea sure, but providing that ongoing is annoying :/
02:21 wizzyrea that is mahi I want someone else* to do (*someone that has it all automated already)
02:21 tcohen maybe is as trivial as just uploading it
02:22 wizzyrea maybe
02:23 tcohen my first thought when that bug was filled, was that we should (maybe) provide a way to mount other dirs
02:23 tcohen like C:\tmp => /my_mounts/tmp
02:24 tcohen and then we could have aliases to move things like zebra or mysql files
02:25 tcohen has anyone tried koha-testing-docker?
02:25 tcohen its really amazing how easy is to have it working for a test drive
02:25 wizzyrea i really think that's probably a better way to go
02:25 wizzyrea to get the docker stuff working
02:26 wizzyrea I suppose I should try
02:26 tcohen I was surprised when I managed to get it working
02:27 tcohen and jenkins has been running it for all branches for a while already
02:27 tcohen I think I will try to spend some time porting handy stuffs from kohadevbox into it on friday
02:28 wizzyrea I'm running one up now
02:28 wizzyrea just to see
02:28 wizzyrea we are often wanting to get devs up and going ASAP
02:28 wizzyrea devbox is good but it often dies for this or that reason
02:29 tcohen the main issues I've seen (and are one of the reasons I wanted to move somewhere else) ae
02:29 tcohen - bad master packages builds (or updated, thus missing deps)
02:29 tcohen - networking issues / firewall (I expected we move things to https would solve most of this)
02:29 wizzyrea yeah I think we've just come up against one of those
02:30 tcohen I've already built a docker image to be used to build koha-* packages
02:30 tcohen and then build 'official' master images with that
02:30 tcohen as a pipeline
02:31 wizzyrea yeah that's a reasonable thing to do
02:31 tcohen basically to test the package building
02:31 tcohen and then test installing it
02:31 tcohen as part of the whole test pipeline
02:31 tcohen of course then the packaging manager/release maintainers would need to do it themselves, or sign those packages, or whatever
02:32 tcohen my main concern is to automate as much as possible to ease testing
02:32 * tcohen switches verbose mode off
02:32 wizzyrea hm, does it have to be docker 3?
02:33 wizzyrea ubuntu only packages 2 something
02:33 wizzyrea as yet
02:33 tcohen docker-ce is version 1.18 I think
02:33 tcohen and hey
02:34 tcohen the instructions are all wrong
02:34 tcohen LOL
02:34 wizzyrea well then why is it complaining about my version
02:34 wizzyrea lol
02:34 tcohen ah, the docker-compose file format you mean
02:34 wizzyrea yes, sure
02:34 tcohen you need to install docker-compose using their instructions, not the shipped one
02:35 tcohen docker:[…]-ce-server-ubuntu
02:35 tcohen docker-compose:[…]/#install-compose
02:35 tcohen the instructions are:
02:36 tcohen git clone[…]esting-docker.git
02:36 tcohen cd koha-testing-docker
02:36 tcohen SYNC_REPO="/path/to/kohaclone" docker-compose up
02:36 wizzyrea having trouble with "curl and pipe it to shell with sudo privileges!" That feels weird.
02:36 * wizzyrea does it the old fashioned way
02:37 wizzyrea which honestly isn't any better but at least they won't hide anything in the paste.
02:38 tcohen it will download like a gig of stuffs
02:38 tcohen just in case
02:38 tcohen elastic, selenium, mysql, the official koha-testing image, etc
02:39 tcohen https://jenkins.koha-community[…]8/460/consoleFull
02:39 tcohen ^^^ there, begining with + are the commands jenkins runs
02:39 tcohen port mapping is missing…
02:40 tcohen feel free to file any issues
02:40 tcohen and[…]elasticsearch-run
02:45 tcohen rangi, wizzyrea: this could work with a couple configuration entries in vars/*.yml and some test for the plugin
02:45 tcohen
02:46 tcohen if Vagrant.has_plugin?("vagrant-disksize")…
02:50 wizzyrea that works if it's not the what is it .vdi it's gotta be the other format
02:50 wizzyrea i forget - the one that we're using is the one that's cross platform but not expandable, the other is expandable but not (as?) cross platform
02:51 wizzyrea sorry tcohen I've got a lot of incoming comms atm >.<
02:52 wizzyrea if you're using the expandable format, that variable I think does it
02:54 * tcohen needs to sleep
02:54 wizzyrea docker is currently happily (I hope) downloading things
02:54 wizzyrea was gonna say it's quite late for you
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