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01:17 huginn mtompset: Joubu was last seen in #koha 5 hours, 37 minutes, and 59 seconds ago: <Joubu> nope, I guess it will change
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01:43 tcohen hi
01:44 tcohen @seen dcook
01:44 huginn tcohen: dcook was last seen in #koha 22 hours and 15 seconds ago: <dcook> Oh also if someone wants a super easy pretty trivial sign off: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=20592
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01:49 tcohen @later tell dcook have you seen my 'Official Koha Docker image' thread?
01:49 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
02:04 * mtompset grins.
02:04 mtompset I provided a counter patch on that.
02:04 mtompset Have a great day, #koha tcohen
02:05 tcohen hi mtompset
02:05 tcohen good night!
02:05 wahanui sleep tight
02:07 BobB hi tcohen
02:08 tcohen hi Bob
02:08 tcohen how are you doing!
02:09 BobB good thanks, busy :)
02:09 BobB in your Docker thread, what is CI?
02:09 tcohen Continous integration
02:09 tcohen jenkins
02:09 BobB ah, ok
02:10 BobB Continuous Improvement in another life, but that did not fit :)
02:10 tcohen jonathan commits, jenkins picks that and retrieves the docker images, builds the testing environment, runs the tests, destroys the testing environment
02:10 BobB very cool
02:11 BobB my accountant's head spins at the stuff you guys do
02:11 tcohen the next thing will be, the RM commits, we build the debian packages out of that (in a docker container, the koha-dpkg-docker thing)
02:11 tcohen and then try to install it, and check the results
02:11 BobB awesome\
02:12 tcohen if someone wants to work on other distros or other ideas, everyone is welcome
02:12 BobB might you go to KohaCon18 tcohen?
02:12 tcohen Yes!
02:13 BobB cool, hoping to be there too
02:13 tcohen are you going?
02:13 tcohen =D
02:13 * tcohen hopes so!
02:13 BobB I have a meeting in Sydney the day before, but the Qantas and the International Date Line might conspire to get me there on the first afternoon
02:14 BobB albeit bleary eyed :)
02:15 tcohen hehe
02:17 BobB all good at your end? family well?
02:18 tcohen yes :-D
02:18 tcohen the dog keeps escaping, but I will finish ironing the fence
02:18 tcohen he
02:19 * tcohen is in the construction business lately hehe
02:19 BobB dogs are like that - as long as the kids stay in, you're fine :)
02:19 BobB ok, back to work, take care tomas
02:20 tcohen :-D
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06:33 alex_a bonjour
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06:36 reiveune hello
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07:58 nlegrand Poum poum poum
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08:00 cait bonjour nlegrand
08:10 nlegrand Salut cait !
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09:44 nlegrand o/ andreashm
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11:46 oleonard Hi #koha
11:48 calire hi oleonard
11:48 wahanui hi dear loon
11:49 oleonard Hello calire and wahanui, my two favorite real-meat people.
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11:50 kidclamp meat-people
11:50 kidclamp hi darn oleo
11:52 * oleonard curses mildly at the margarine
11:58 calire real-meat. nice.
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11:59 eythian oleonard:
11:59 oleonard eythian: I guessed what that was going to show me before it loaded :D
11:59 eythian excellent :)
12:10 nlegrand Do people have swapping problems while reindexing authority with ES? With a fair amount like 1020683?
12:11 nlegrand I just happend to know the existance of oom-killer and it didn't please me so much.
12:11 nlegrand After a few seconds my swap is full.
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12:20 tuxayo nlegrand:
12:20 kidclamp nlegrand, you could try lowering the commmit number?
12:20 tuxayo Is the RAM usage linear with the number of records?
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12:20 kidclamp we did an index on ~1 million with no probs, but I think we had 8 or 16gb of ram
12:22 tuxayo Can someone confirm if the values in biblioitems.itemtype must exist in the itemtypes table?
12:23 tuxayo There is no foreign key so I'm confused.
12:25 oleonard tuxayo: I know that our catalogers sometimes import records with invalid itemtype codes and Koha doesn't complain.
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12:28 tuxayo oleonard: You might also have issues when exporting a PDF of a basketgroup.[…]
12:29 tuxayo «Can't call method "description" on an undefined value»
12:29 oleonard Not me, we don't use acquisitions ;)
12:30 oleonard The catalogers run reports regularly to catch the problems
12:30 oleonard ...but I would prefer that Koha performed the check for us.
12:32 tcohen morning
12:33 cait morning oleonard
12:33 cait morning tcohen :)
12:33 tcohen hi cait!
12:36 cait josef_moravec++
12:37 tuxayo oleonard: which check should Koha perform?
12:37 cait khall: thx for the follow-up :)
12:38 cait tuxayo: not allow you to import invalid itemtypes would be good, also branchcodes
12:38 oleonard tuxayo: It would be nice if Koha warned you when you were importing bibliographic data with invalid authorized values/itemtypes/branch codes
12:40 tuxayo Indeed :)
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12:46 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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13:42 Joubu hi #koha
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13:46 Joubu oleonard: yesterday I had trouble to use bootstrap styled buttons on bug 18327
13:46 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18327 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Add the ability to set the received date to today on multi receiving serials
13:46 Joubu for instance:
13:46 Joubu <div class="btn-group"><input type="submit" value="Save" class="btn btn-default btn-sm"></div>
13:46 Joubu and
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13:47 Joubu <div class="btn-group"><a href="#multi_receiving" role="button" class="btn btn-default btn-sm">Save</a></div>
13:47 Joubu do not display the same (a vs input, but same classes)
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14:05 josef_moravec_ ready for gdpr meeting?
14:05 cait kind of :)
14:05 josef_moravec_ ;)
14:05 josef_moravec_ #startmeeting GDPR IRC meeting 18 April 2018
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14:05 josef_moravec_ chair cait
14:06 josef_moravec_ #chair cait
14:06 huginn Current chairs: cait josef_moravec_
14:06 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ing_18_April_2018 Agenda
14:06 josef_moravec_ #topic Introductions
14:06 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: GDPR IRC meeting 18 April 2018)
14:06 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
14:06 josef_moravec_ #info Josef Moravec, Municipal Library Usti nad Orlici
14:06 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
14:07 cc_ #info Colin Campbell PTFS-Europe
14:07 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart
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14:09 cait hi SoniaB, we just do #info
14:09 SoniaB #info Sonia BOUIS Université Lyon 3 france
14:10 josef_moravec_ #topic Debate about improvements in Koha code
14:10 Topic for #koha is now Debate about improvements in Koha code (Meeting topic: GDPR IRC meeting 18 April 2018)
14:10 SoniaB cait: Hi, just in time :)
14:10 josef_moravec_ #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]nd_patron_privacy
14:11 josef_moravec_ Do we wan't to go point by point like last time? Or just ask if anybody has anything to add?
14:11 Joubu could you make a summary?
14:11 Joubu what has been done since last time?
14:12 Joubu will we be ready for 18.05?
14:12 cait probably not
14:13 SoniaB josef_moravec_: should we add old_issues and old_reverves ?
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14:13 cait SoniaB: for anonymizing?
14:14 m23 hi, Mike on the beard
14:14 SoniaB cait: yes, if necessary. I haven't the exaxt content of those tables in mind
14:15 m23 board :-)
14:15 josef_moravec_ SoniaB: ideally the old_issues and old_reserves should be merged into issues/reserves tables
14:15 josef_moravec_ but yes, we should take care of these two too
14:15 cait we could still discuss anonymizing older entries maybe
14:16 josef_moravec_ Unfortunately, I don't think we done much ;(
14:16 cait w can see when they were cancelled/filled and anonymize after x days by script
14:16 josef_moravec_ I am working on patch for anonymizing patrons, but not ready yet
14:17 cait scripts like this could be probably backported
14:17 m23 Anonymizing patrons and their history are mandatory task
14:17 cait who has dev time tos pend on the issues?
14:18 cait should we prioritize and then try to find someone responsible to keep track of it/work on it?
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14:19 SoniaB Is there already patches related to 18081 ready to test (I haven't open them all, sorry) ?
14:19 cait (16:17:52) cait: who has dev time to spend on the issues?
14:19 cait (16:18:06) cait: should we prioritize and then try to find someone responsible to keep track of it/work on it?
14:19 cait just repeating for josef_moravec_
14:19 m23 Cait: Yes
14:19 josef_moravec_ cait: thanks
14:19 cait I agree
14:19 cait anonymizing is a big prio
14:20 cait especially for deletedborrowers
14:20 cait i will add priority to the table
14:20 josef_moravec_ cait: good idea
14:20 cait josef_moravec_: can I add you for 1?
14:20 m23 Cait: great
14:21 josef_moravec_ Yes I will take it
14:22 cait working on the table, please pick the next prio
14:23 cait I will put BSZ down for the initial Cookie documentation, calire has worked some more on it
14:23 cait but there are still white spaces, everyone is invited to add
14:23 cait first changes saved
14:23 m23 Privacy/anonymization : prio 2?
14:24 josef_moravec_ what about #10 or #11/#12/#13 ?
14:25 cait is that like a cookie banner? or more complicated?
14:25 cait 13 sorry
14:25 cait ah that was for self reg?
14:25 m23 7 Statistics  importatnt for Czech libraries
14:25 cait and it's the way to more anonymization
14:25 cait prio 1 or prio 2? for 7? who will work on it?
14:26 josef_moravec_ I think #13 is a bit more complicated - depends on some settings of system which should be investigated more
14:26 josef_moravec_ number #7 - I am working on patch for 20606
14:26 cait i think maybe make 2 prio 1 too
14:27 SoniaB #7 : statistics is important too in France
14:27 SoniaB I don't really know how to help
14:27 cait ok making 7 prio 1 an djosef
14:28 m23 3 Privacy/anonymizatio prio 3?
14:28 cait ok fo rme
14:28 cait put a name yet or later?
14:28 cait mkaing 2 prio 1 too, i think it's in line with deletedborrowers and statistics, to get a clean state
14:29 cait someone willing to work on 2?
14:29 cait hm we have a way to delete them, so maybe prio 2 actually
14:29 cait prio 2 = we have something, but not perfect yet. ok?
14:30 josef_moravec_ ok
14:30 cait cookie docs
14:30 cait 1 or 2?
14:30 wahanui 3
14:30 cait heh wahanui
14:30 wahanui heh i am good
14:31 josef_moravec_ 2
14:31 cait keep updating the page, i am adding and saving :)
14:31 josef_moravec_ cait++
14:31 cait SoniaB: we have something for old issues
14:31 cait i think we need another for old reserves
14:31 cait hm or maybe one for both
14:32 cait 3 is abit more complicated than just anonymizing
14:32 cait hm but i think there is a script if they set to default, so maybe only need a script for old_reserves too
14:33 josef_moravec_ maybe just enhance the script we have?
14:33 josef_moravec_ not sure now ;)
14:33 m23 edhance looks lika stright way
14:33 cait I've added 15 as a reminder
14:34 m23 whats about 9 Administration Staff client should not be publicly accessed, even the access to login form should be restricted.
14:34 cait we can still merge them, after more investigation
14:34 m23 Its just about Apache settings?
14:34 cait hm i think one idea was to make the ip settings on branch more flexible
14:34 cait more than one ip
14:35 m23 Cait: it will be nice
14:35 cait one ip rarely works, so it's probably not used much
14:35 cait someone up to working on it?
14:35 cait prio2?
14:36 cait ah the other idea was apache yep
14:37 josef_moravec_ prio 2
14:38 cait prio 2 for 9?
14:38 cait done
14:38 cait ok 4 5 6
14:38 cait i think plugins are realy up to the library, i'd put 3 or 4
14:39 cait hm a permission
14:39 wahanui a permission is a blocker
14:39 cait but then we'd have plugin authors to make sure they implement the permission, can't force them
14:39 josef_moravec_ yes, plugins are problematic
14:39 laurence left #koha
14:39 cait but also totally optional
14:39 cait maybe not super high priority
14:39 josef_moravec_ agree
14:40 cait 3?
14:40 wahanui hmmm... 3 is not.
14:40 josef_moravec_ 3
14:41 cait 14 logrotate policy
14:41 cait i think we just recently stopped a change there to keep them almost forever
14:41 cait might be good to document somewhere that we don't want that :)
14:41 josef_moravec__ joined #koha
14:42 * cait hands josef_moravec_ the duct tape
14:42 m23 Sorry, can we set higher prio to 3 Prio 3 Privacy/anonymization
14:42 cait m23: can you explainß
14:42 cait ?
14:42 m23 Its important
14:42 cait at the moment the choice is on the user and you can have a default with a script run
14:43 cait well you can also not offer the user the choice, but then anonymize immediately or afteer x days i think
14:43 cait the addition is only for gui in staff
14:43 cait but we can, make it 2 or 1?
14:43 m23 2 if we can :-)
14:43 cait i am never quite sure if the staff should be able to change it
14:44 cait probably needs to be logged
14:44 cait updated
14:44 cait hm data portability
14:44 cait 10
14:44 josef_moravec__ #14 is not high priority I think our defaults are Ok and sysadmin can always change it
14:45 cait prio 3?
14:45 josef_moravec__ maybe 4 ;)
14:45 cait done
14:45 cait ok a few remaining
14:45 cait start at the top
14:45 cait 4 - reports
14:46 josef_moravec__ 2?
14:46 wahanui 2 is, like, pretty awesome
14:46 cait yeah
14:46 josef_moravec__ thank you wahanui ;)
14:46 cait we have an existing permission at least, just not granular
14:46 cait waht was the discussion, add a flag to them?
14:46 josef_moravec__ cait: that's the easiest way ;)
14:47 cait true
14:47 josef_moravec__ and probably ok for start
14:47 cait added
14:47 cait 6 - backups
14:47 josef_moravec__ prio 4
14:48 josef_moravec__ it's the same class as #14 i think
14:48 cait can already be done by sysadm
14:48 josef_moravec__ exactly
14:48 cc_ once we actually delete and anonymize users what can be exposed by reports is reduced
14:49 josef_moravec__ cc_: true, but that's for case when user which could run reports should not see personal data at all
14:49 josef_moravec__ for example
14:49 cait we had the case with student helpers
14:49 cait they look for missing items and do other clean up tasks, but should not see patron data
14:49 cait or be able to download them
14:49 cait i thnk having some granularity in permissions woudl be nice to have
14:50 SoniaB cait++
14:50 cc_ agreed I'm just saying priority should be after the core of removing data
14:50 cait prio 3 then for 4?
14:50 cait it's 2 now
14:51 josef_moravec__ prio 2.5 ;)
14:51 cait i refuse that :)
14:51 cait number 8 - log when koha-dump is run
14:52 cait shoud this be a new log option separate from cronjobs log?
14:52 cait cronjobs log is very noisy, it might be better
14:53 josef_moravec__ but it's logical to log this to crnjobslog
14:53 cait true
14:53 cait just looked into the bug
14:53 cait maybe long have some options there, but for now in cronjobs log
14:53 cait prio?
14:53 josef_moravec__ 3
14:53 m23 3 I think
14:54 cait done
14:54 cait next is 10
14:54 josef_moravec__ prio 2
14:54 cait hm ok
14:54 cait close to 1 for us, but the other are more important even
14:55 cait Prio 1.5? ;)
14:55 cait 11
14:55 cait cookie banner
14:55 cait we just had a big customer ask for it
14:55 cait they have their own solution to implement
14:55 cait the problem is that the e-privacy law is not done yet I think?
14:55 cait so we don't know if it will be required?
14:56 cait m23: hm?
14:56 m23 if we ask customer ti agree, we need to offer way if tehy dont agree
14:56 cait right now we can only inform
14:56 cait not storing cookies will be harder and def need some implementation in Koha
14:56 m23 without chceck button?
14:57 cait the one i've been working on haas a link to the documentation
14:57 cait including information about own/third party cookies
14:57 cait and a checkbox to say 'seen'
14:57 cait when you have 'seen' it it sets a cookie so it doesn't reappear all the time
14:57 cait that's the latest I know
14:58 cait I can't tell if it's enough in all cases
14:58 m23 if cookia banner is just information about data that we store, we can list here all data that we collected, like IP
14:58 cait store if you use the website
14:58 cait but yep, you shoudl list what you have in your logs in whatever page it links too
14:58 cait ip is a personal data
14:58 TGoat joined #koha
14:59 cait but we can't know these things, we could just offer a configurable url maybe
15:00 m23 we can store IP, because we need for law purposes, because libraryry statistic
15:00 cait we don't need it, so it's cut i think
15:00 josef_moravec__ but it does apply in czech republic..
15:00 josef_moravec__ not in germany, as cait said right now ;)
15:01 cait afaik it's still a bit of a grey area if you need a cookie banner
15:01 cait lots here do it now to be on the safe side
15:01 josef_moravec__ cait++
15:01 josef_moravec__ so prio 2
15:01 josef_moravec__ ?
15:01 m23 Its depend on library and conty law
15:01 m23 country
15:01 cait m23: right now yes, I think the e-privacy regulation? is supposed to fix that
15:01 cait but it's nt done
15:02 m23 cait: e-privacy we neet to solve to, but later :-)
15:02 cait i think i can#t really translate well what i am trying to explain
15:03 cait it's a new EU thing that will accompany the GDPR
15:03 cait but it won't be ready for may
15:03 josef_moravec__ e-privacy? Does it mean we will need another wiki page like this one? ;)
15:03 cait looking for an english link
15:03 cait ePrivacy directive maybe
15:04 josef_moravec__ this one?[…]2002L0058:en:HTML
15:04 cc_[…]rivacy-regulation
15:05 cait[…]-online-industry/
15:05 cc_ part of the intention is to simplyfy the requirements re cookies
15:05 josef_moravec__ ah, thanks
15:05 cait the problem is it will take effect later than the GDPR
15:06 cait so we don't quite knwo yet
15:06 cait cc_: that about right?
15:06 m23 e-privacy is on the way, date not set
15:07 cait i will put the banner thing on prio 2
15:07 cait i think just informing is possible now with some custom javascript
15:07 cait but we probably need to talk about the eprivacy directive again at another meeting?
15:08 cait of the prio 1 items: Josef works on 1 and 7
15:08 cc_ yes - detail not complete but it does distinguish between cookies to run you site and user tracking which were a bit confused in current rules
15:08 cait 15 still needs someone to look into it
15:09 m23 ok, is something more specicif, focus is on the data transfrer security like postal security
15:09 cait someone for 15?
15:10 reiveune bye
15:10 reiveune left #koha
15:11 m23 video about black vision about eprivacy
15:11 cait ok, maybe later?
15:11 cait #info We are looking for someone to take care of 15  - anonymizsation of old_reserves
15:11 cait should we conclude the meeting with this and meet again in a few weeks?
15:12 SoniaB cait: Ok for me
15:12 cc_ yes
15:13 cait #info If you plan to work on an issue, please mark it on the wiki
15:13 cait josef_moravec__: ?
15:13 josef_moravec__ i am ok with it
15:13 cait ok, ending meeting, make suggestions for new date later.
15:13 cait #endmeeting
15:13 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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15:14 josef_moravec__ cait++
15:14 cait josef_moravec++ thx for taking on 2 of them
15:14 m23 thanks to Cait and Josef
15:14 SoniaB yes, thanks cait and josef !
15:15 SoniaB Bye
15:15 SoniaB left #koha
15:15 cait have to run too... dentist :(
15:15 cait bye all!
15:15 m23 bye
15:15 cait left #koha
15:15 cc_ bye
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15:49 * LeeJ waves
15:49 LeeJ hi #koha
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16:08 mtompset Greetings, LeeJ
16:08 * LeeJ waves to mtompset
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16:30 LeeJ davidnind++++++++++++++++++++
16:30 LeeJ for all those enhancement entries :)
16:31 davidnind still a few more to go.......
16:31 Joubu hum, if you have many, let me know
16:31 Joubu I have scripts to deal with bz<>taiga
16:32 LeeJ davidnind: I just finished adding the last of the current Cataloging list
16:32 LeeJ thanks for the info Joubu :)
16:32 davidnind excellent LeeJ++
16:34 davidnind working on the template ones - find it easier to prep in a text editor, then paste in
16:34 LeeJ that's true lol
16:35 LeeJ I'm taking a short break to stretch my legs then working on more
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16:38 sabrina_ Ok , so I am new to this whole thing. I am needing to know what tye of barcode scanner is needed to work with Koha
16:39 oleonard sabrina_: Koha does not set any requirements for barcode scanners.
16:40 oleonard sabrina_: As long as your scanner is sending the correct data as text to the browser, it will work.
16:41 sabrina_ Thank you!
16:42 davidnind[…]ous.html#hardware
16:43 davidnind oh well, sabrina_ has left - has a little bit of info about barcode scanners
16:53 JoshB joined #koha
16:54 sophie_m joined #koha
17:29 cait joined #koha
17:33 * cait survived the dentist :)
17:42 davidnind LeeJ: Circulation tasks added
17:44 LeeJ you're the best davidnind
17:44 davidnind ocassionaly :-D
17:48 LeeJ constantly :D
17:52 davidnind LeeJ: Command-line utilities tasks added
17:52 * LeeJ cheers davidnind on
17:53 davidnind am very practiced at procrastination...
18:01 LeeJ davidnind: never are created under pressure ;)
18:08 davidnind feelingO:-)
18:09 LeeJ davidnind: by the way..I was going to send an email but since you're here..I talked with Joubu yesterday and he said not to worry about documenting the bugfixes so we can skip creating tasks for them..saves a lot of time :)
18:09 davidnind tasks up to lists added
18:10 LeeJ davidnind++
18:10 davidnind excellent - that sounds very pragmatic. I guess in theory the bug fixes shouldn't affect the documentation - just making things work as intended.
18:12 LeeJ davidnind: I'm adding a new user story for new sysprefs to keep everything separate :)
18:12 davidnind as an aside, it is nice to see so many enhancements - everyone has been very busy getting these through the process and into Koha!
18:12 * cait cheers LeeJ and davidnind on :)
18:13 LeeJ yes! Our cataloger will be super excited for the Rancor enhancements!
18:13 * cait is excited too :)
18:13 cait davidnind++ LeeJ++
18:13 LeeJ cait: :D
18:13 Joubu LeeJ: there is the new pref list on the release notes, you saw it right? :)
18:14 cait i have some more good tihngs with new follow-ups in qa queue tonight, keep fingers crossed!
18:14 LeeJ Joubu: I did! That's what prompted me to create a new user story!
18:14 davidnind good idea to track these separately - at least we should be able to get system preferences incorporated.
18:14 LeeJ Joubu: those release notes make it SO much easier to work with
18:14 davidnind .. into the manual
18:14 cait notice template codes woud be nice too
18:14 TGoat left #koha
18:14 cait and authorised values categories
18:14 cait i tthink we didn't quite finish those
18:15 Joubu LeeJ: the release notes will also contain the syspref we removed/renamed, it's done manually just before the release
18:15 cait did you see the email on the mailng list about missing the big item stable? I haven't had time to look for it yet, but can't remember we removed it
18:16 LeeJ cait: I don't recall, no
18:25 severine joined #koha
18:25 cait making dinner, bbia
18:25 cait b
18:26 LeeJ cait: enjoy!
18:29 ashimema_laptop joined #koha
18:29 cait hi severine :)
18:29 cait thx for your testing!
18:29 cait i'll try to work on qa
18:36 severine hello cait !
18:37 severine have fun :)
18:38 severine I plan to test a lot tomorrow (block my day for that actually), so let me know if you have some urgent stuff to test
18:38 severine that would be a pleasure !
18:38 LeeJ davidnind: I'll let you go off on your task just let me know when you've had your fill and I'll work on it :) don't want to be stepping on each other's toes ;)
18:38 cait :)
18:39 cait the batch edit things are great
18:39 cait but one is signed off now i think already :)
18:40 Joubu oleonard: bug 20614
18:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20614 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Firefox prevents parent page reload when renewing subscriptions
18:40 Joubu (not asking you to SO, just for you information) :)
18:43 davidnind LeeJ: finished for the moment - we wouldn't want to double up on tasks...
18:43 davidnind breakfast now then work
18:43 davidnind will continue when I get home this evening - hopefully I can get all the rest done
18:43 davidnind have prepared the template changes, but thought it best to add in same order as the draft release notes
18:44 severine need to eat... go back for test in a moment :)
18:47 cait hm eat... yep good idea
18:49 ashimema_laptop joined #koha
18:57 oleonard Bye #koha
19:02 LeeJ davidnind: thanks for a job well done!
19:02 LeeJ I'll work on more now so I'll leave you a later when I'm done so you know where to pick up when you're back at it!
19:05 davidnind Thanks! LeeJ++
19:05 LeeJ davidnind: so since you have templates in the works..I'll add from after notices and stop at templates, sound good?
19:06 davidnind Sounds good!
19:06 LeeJ :D
19:18 davidnind left #koha
19:37 andreas joined #koha
19:42 * andreashm waves
19:44 andreashm oh, missed the gdpr meeting today. =(
19:50 kathryn joined #koha
19:56 TGoat joined #koha
20:12 alexbuckley joined #koha
20:15 LeeJ well I'm heading out to do more docs work...have a good night all
20:40 Joubu @later tell khall please re-read this wiki page https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]messages#Examples especially the follow-up part. There are also checks in the QA script to catch "bad" commit messages
20:40 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
20:59 CrispyBran joined #koha
21:02 CrispyBran joined #koha
21:02 CrispyBran joined #koha
21:04 CrispyBran TGoat, are you there?
21:04 TGoat Yo CrispyBran what's up?
21:05 CrispyBran Will you make sure bw ticket 49181 is opened back up.  Still seeing issue.  I sent a reply, but I don't know if it has been noticed.
21:15 LeeJ joined #koha
21:15 Joubu whois andrew
21:15 LeeJ @later tell davidnind finished adding everything up to Templates! Tag you're it!
21:15 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
21:15 Joubu not the andrew I am looking for
21:16 cait AndrewIsh?
21:16 wahanui AndrewIsh is thoroughly puzzled then :)
21:16 wizzyrea joubu is a jedi
21:16 cait well... that's actually a good explanation
21:16 andrew I’m andrew :)
21:16 Joubu @later tell AndrewIsh please read https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]messages#Examples and update your qa-test-tools repo
21:16 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
21:17 Joubu @seen AndrewIsh
21:17 huginn Joubu: AndrewIsh was last seen in #koha 1 day, 9 hours, 27 minutes, and 45 seconds ago: <AndrewIsh> OK, thanks cait
21:17 Joubu thanks cait ;)
21:17 cait :)
21:18 cait btw bug 20555
21:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20555 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , usage() function in needs refactoring
21:18 cait hm not that one
21:18 cait bug 20554
21:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20554 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, claire_gravely, ASSIGNED , New OPAC CSS
21:19 cait just wanted to mention it..:)
21:20 Joubu cait: why assigned?
21:21 cait hm not sure
21:21 cait might still need a rebase
21:21 cait :(
21:38 roch joined #koha
21:49 wizzyrea joined #koha
23:14 kathryn joined #koha
23:15 kathryn joined #koha
23:21 kathryn joined #koha

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