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01:54 jcamins @later tell devap Sounds like a permissions issue, where maybe you inadvertantly recreated the socket. :)
01:54 huginn` jcamins: The operation succeeded.
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05:48 fridolin hi there
05:48 wahanui hola, fridolin
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07:30 reiveune hello
07:30 wahanui hola, reiveune
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07:35 alex_a bonjour
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07:45 magnuse o/
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08:25 tuxayo hi #koha o/
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08:27 gaetan_B hello
08:27 wahanui hey, gaetan_B
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09:09 drojf hi #koha
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09:30 andreashm hiya drojf
09:30 * andreashm is slow
09:31 drojf hi andreashm
09:33 andreashm what's up?
09:37 * andreashm is going through the library's continuing resources (that are not journals). much head-shaking and sighs.
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10:30 fridolin Bug 20259 regexp beauty :)
10:30 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20259 normal, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Needs Signoff , Shorter JS and CSS rewrite rule
10:42 paxed i wonder why the version was put into the filename and not into a directory part
11:28 magnuse paxed: there was some discussion of that
11:29 paxed magnuse: oh? i only saw the discussion about putting the version into the query part
11:30 magnuse hm, i might be mixing things up
11:30 magnuse around comment number 115 on bug 12904
11:30 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12904 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, RESOLVED FIXED, Force browser to load new JavaScript and CSS files after upgrade
11:31 paxed yeah, that was only about the query part
11:31 magnuse ah, ok
11:31 magnuse dunno, then
11:31 * magnuse needs lunch
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11:37 dersmon hi everyone
11:38 dersmon back with another question: is it possible to fetch authority data using the oai pmh endpoint?
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12:32 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:54 fridolin dersmon: hi, i think it does not actually exist
12:55 fridolin but id say it whould be possible to create the code
12:55 fridolin authorities are actually fetched using z3950/SRU
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12:59 cait hi #koha
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13:38 magnuse ncbaratta! cait!
13:38 ncbaratta magnuse!!
13:38 wahanui magnuse is a Norwegian giant.
13:38 ncbaratta ha :)
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13:44 * oleonard waves
13:45 magnuse kia ora oleonard
13:46 * magnuse knocks over a mountain
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13:52 michaelkorver hi friends
13:52 michaelkorver
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13:54 michaelkorver <a href="[…]k-german-shepherd">black german shepherd</a>
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14:46 notarock Im trying to add a new system preference... Everything work as expected, except I can't get it to translate in the PO files. I didn't edit any of them, but i did add my pref in the .pref files. Did I miss something?
14:51 Joubu notarock: you need to update the PO file, translate the strings in the PO, then "install" the translated template (to reuse the last version of your POs)
14:51 mirkh Why is it that "Next
14:52 mirkh I was going to say, why, in entering subscription data for a serial, do I have to enter either subscription length or end date? None of them are marked as mandatory.
14:52 Joubu because only 1 of them is mandatory
14:52 Joubu not both
14:52 mirkh Ok. Why is one of them needed?
14:53 Joubu to generate the next ones and know when it will end
14:54 mirkh Ok. Sure. In my test end date can not be further away than 2028. If we have a subscription that just goes on, should we add that, and then change it in the future? :)
14:57 Joubu I guess so
14:58 Joubu Are you sure 2028 is the max you can pick?
14:58 Joubu no
14:58 mirkh Aah. no.
14:58 Joubu you enter a date manually or select 2028, then reselect again (you will have 10 more y)
14:59 mirkh So thanks a lot for your replies Joubu! :)
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15:03 notarock Thanks Joubu, it works
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15:46 tcohen next meetings
15:46 wahanui next meetings is https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]Next_IRC_meetings
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16:12 reiveune bye
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17:01 * LeeJ waves
17:01 LeeJ hi #koha
17:15 cait hi LeeJ
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18:08 * LeeJ waves to cait
18:08 LeeJ cait: I found my new favorite German word :)
18:08 * cait needs areport to see checkouts at other branches
18:08 cait for a library that does not reliably use transfers
18:09 cait so based on statistics or issues/old_issues...
18:09 LeeJ I actually might have a report that could work! one sec..
18:09 cait :)
18:09 LeeJ so listing checkouts? or just counts?
18:10 cait counts is good
18:10 cait the direction (giving or taking) is not so important
18:10 cait whatever you have
18:10 LeeJ let's see..
18:13 pastebot "LeeJ" at pasted "Try this cait" (12 lines) at
18:14 LeeJ cait: does that do what you need?
18:15 cait checking!
18:16 LeeJ cool :)
18:16 cait hm i need to differentiate
18:16 cait where the items came from
18:16 LeeJ hmm
18:17 LeeJ what's the purpose of what you're doing? that might help me come up with a query :)
18:17 cait statistics question from a library
18:18 cait they want to know home many items wehre send between branches
18:18 cait but it seems we are not really recordig that info well :(
18:19 LeeJ hmm
18:20 LeeJ well I know barton is a query wizard because he works on quite a few...I personally have no idea how that could be linked :(
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18:43 barton LeeJ, I took a look at that query, what's the issue?
18:43 barton performance?
18:43 wahanui somebody said performance was a non-issue with it these days, computer are plain good at encryption ;)
18:44 barton oop, looks like I missed the boat there.
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19:23 Joubu Can someone explain me the point of the pref autoMemberNum?
19:24 Joubu With BorrowerMandatoryField, it's like we could remove the autoMemberNum: If the cardnumber should not be auto calculated you mark the field as mandatory
19:25 Joubu if it is not mandatory, then we autocalculate it
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19:52 tcohen hi
19:52 wahanui niihau, tcohen
19:53 tcohen emojis?
19:53 wahanui emojis is, like, Yeah, Koha supports emojis
20:01 kidclamp 💩
20:02 tcohen hehe
20:02 Joubu Feel free to suggest another one (please)
20:08 kidclamp 🍻
20:21 cait something happy
20:21 cait a cookie
20:21 wahanui The cookie jar is on the RM's desk, so you'd better ask him about that.
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20:34 tcohen emojis?
20:34 wahanui emojis is yeah, Koha supports emojis! 🍻
20:34 tcohen Joubu: better?
20:34 wahanui somebody said better was better than not better at all
20:36 Joubu yep :)
20:37 tcohen cheers :-D
20:37 Joubu We should add that to vote for the next dev meeting. People will join us :)
20:40 Joubu kidclamp, tcohen: seen my question about automembernum?
20:40 tcohen nope
20:43 wizzyrea what if you dont' want a card number at all.
20:43 wizzyrea @quote get 123
20:43 wahanui
20:43 huginn` wizzyrea: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
20:45 kidclamp yeah, I think some libraries probably cdon't have cardnumbers
20:45 kidclamp because..reasons
20:46 cait it#s not possible to not have a cardnumber in koha think si can think of
20:46 cait even patron import insists
20:46 Joubu wizzyrea: ha yes, that's the problematic situation indeed.
20:46 wizzyrea i'm quite sure you can do it if the field isn't marked required
20:47 wizzyrea (but not on the import)
20:47 wizzyrea idk why you'd want to
20:47 cait some libraries only use names
20:47 Joubu I always forget that a unique key that can be NULL can have several NULL values...
20:47 cait company libraries
20:47 cait i tihnk we might link cardnumbrs somewhere
20:47 cait like when you turn on the hidden name thing
20:48 cait not sure how that woudl fall back if no cardnumber is set
20:48 wizzyrea that seems daft if we do because borrowernumber is the number that should be used for that
20:48 wizzyrea if there's no cardnumber
20:48 cait we use the cardnuber for the link text i think - but haven#t checked
20:49 cait i think it could cause similar problems like misisng 245$a
20:49 cait would need some testing
20:49 wizzyrea well anyway, the question wasn't about "supporting libraries who do mad things" it was "why do we have the preference"
20:49 wizzyrea and I think that's why we do
20:49 wizzyrea because mad schemes.
20:49 wizzyrea :)
20:50 Joubu yep ok, thanks
20:51 Joubu a solution would be to remove the pref and populate/increment it if not filled
20:51 Joubu it could then be hidden
20:51 Joubu but let keep it for now :)
20:52 wizzyrea a fun thing to do
20:52 cait i think that goes against having it mandatory
20:52 cait autopopulating should be an option
20:52 cait so when you forget to scan the cardnumber, it warns you about the required field
20:53 wizzyrea ^^^^^^^^^
20:53 wizzyrea I don't think the current scheme is too confusing
20:54 cait i think it's useful for some libraries as it is
20:54 tcohen Koha is confusing, right?
20:54 tcohen :-P
20:54 wizzyrea you're gonna get one of three cases, "I have cardnumbers and I want to always add them" "I don't have them and why would I want them, Bah!" and "I don't have them and I want them because I want to print cards"
20:54 Joubu the current behavior (introduced by bug 19466) is wrong anyway and I do not know what to do to clarify stuffs
20:54 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19466 major, P5 - low, ---, david.bourgault, Pushed to Master , Cardnumber auto calc is broken because field is required
20:55 Joubu I mean, the default values are wrong. The red warnings when adding/editing a patron should not appear with the default values
20:57 Joubu bye #koha
20:57 tcohen bye!
20:57 wizzyrea later :)
20:57 tcohen hi wizzyrea
20:58 wizzyrea hi :)
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20:59 atjano hello can someone help me, i have update a value in the database using mysql workbench (table bilioitems field url) but the opac shows the old value!
20:59 wizzyrea you probably need to reindex your Koha
21:02 atjano wizzyrea did you mean koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v instance ?
21:05 cait atjano: if you change durl with sql
21:05 cait it will still be wrong in your records
21:05 atjano cait yes it shows the old value
21:05 cait yep
21:05 cait because it#s only a copy of hte value
21:05 wizzyrea ah yeah you've got to change it in the metadata too
21:07 atjano by metadata you mean table -> import_records AND field->marc ?
21:10 tcohen atjano: no
21:11 tcohen MARC metadata is really stored in biblio_metadata.metadata
21:11 cait depending on your version, which version do you use?
21:11 tcohen ah
21:11 atjano 17.11
21:11 cait ok
21:12 cait yep, biblio_metadata.metadata
21:12 cait and use the batch tool for modifying the records
21:12 cait don't change it with sql
21:12 tcohen atjano: to change biblio information, you need to change the raw MARCXML data
21:12 tcohen the rest of the (biblio and biblioitems tables) fields are extracted from MARCXML
21:19 atjano batch tool for modifying works for change all the records that in field 856 $u have a url for a unc like \\server\folder\teste_file.jpg ?
21:20 cait yes
21:20 cait marc modfication templates + batch recrod editing
21:38 atjano can't find how to replace part of a string..
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23:14 pianohacker tfw: -rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data 1.3G Feb 21 23:14 nytprof.132-1519254046.83058.out
23:17 bag try a different password pianohacker
23:18 bag but 1.3G that’s impressive
23:19 pianohacker I keep waiting for the profile report generator to crash and all of this to have been in vain :P
23:25 wizzyrea has anyone had their devbox provision die "can't find blob"
23:25 wizzyrea when cloning git?
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