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03:05 georgew There's a documentation meeting tonight, right?
03:05 georgew or this morning, as the case may be
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04:20 mtompset Have a great day, @koha
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06:07 saa need a help on invtentary tool
06:07 saa we uploaded one text file where whatever numbers we had cllected were uploaded and all options in inventory were ticked
06:11 saa by mistake we ticked on all options such as not for loan, ordered, staff collection, lost, long overdue etc.
06:11 saa will the inventory tool change status of all books now whereever we ticked
06:11 saa in the file we had added books which were issued to users, accession numbers of books which were withdrawn etc
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06:50 fridolin hiiii
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07:01 magnuse ~~~
07:11 jenkins Project Koha_17.11_D8 build #23: SUCCESS in 32 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_17.11_D8/23/
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07:23 cait magnuse: bug 20001
07:23 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20001 blocker, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , ILL: Adding a 'new request' is not possible
07:23 cait something is seriously broken there it looks like
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07:33 reiveune hello
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07:44 josef_moravec hello #koh
07:47 LibraryClaire hi #koha
07:48 LibraryClaire hi josef_moravec
07:48 josef_moravec hi LibraryClaire
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07:51 alex_a bonjour
07:51 wahanui salut, alex_a
07:53 josef_moravec hi alex_a
07:54 josef_moravec alex_a: sorry for not react on bug 17656 yet
07:54 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17656 major, P2, ---, alex.arnaud, Failed QA , Irregularities in serial prediction pattern are planned only for current subscription
07:57 magnuse cait: ouch, i'll try and have a look in a bit
07:58 clrh hello all
07:59 eythian hi
07:59 wahanui kia ora, eythian
08:07 clrh §3
08:07 clrh (oups sorry)
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08:29 * cait waves
08:31 tuxayo hi #koha \o
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08:32 cait hi tuxayo :)
08:32 gaetan_B hello
08:33 cait lots of work done by the students last night again! Does someone have a moment for some sign-offs?
08:33 magnuse 20001 - a bug odyssey
08:34 cait i was hoping i was just missing something
08:56 cait for a list of bugs: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]/Catalyst_Academy
09:05 * tuxayo just discovered the page and is happy about the kittens saved
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10:36 Joubu hi #koha
10:36 kidclamp hi Joubu
10:36 Joubu a meeting at 3 UTC was an awesome idea apparently
10:37 kidclamp :-)
10:54 magnuse anyone got any killer tricks for determining the encoding of a iso2709 file?
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11:47 eythian magnuse: iso2709 is the encoding...
11:48 eythian if you mean character encoding of the contents, my policy was always "assume the worst"
11:48 eythian (there's a field I think in the leader that tells you what it should be, but it's often a lie.)
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12:11 * oleonard wakes up
12:11 tcohen morning!
12:12 kidclamp morning oleonard
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12:58 oleonard Malware in MarcEdit?
13:00 cait sometimes there are false positives... but not sure if youw ant to risk it?
13:01 oleonard I'm not sure when was the last time I installed an update. Seems like it's been a while since it prompted me.
13:01 oleonard Usually it prompts me with a new update every time I open it.
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13:16 oleonard The MarcEdit author says he thinks it's a false positive.
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13:19 tuxayo oleonard: Are you sure the file matches the official installer?
13:19 tuxayo If it can help, test it with
13:19 tuxayo
13:21 oleonard Thanks tuxayo I've never seen that tool before
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13:24 Freddy_Enrique Good morning all
13:27 magnuse eythian: i meant "character encoding of contents", yes
13:44 oleonard aleisha++
13:44 tuxayo oleonard: no problem, I hope you won't end up ransomwared :(
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13:53 oha magnuse: BOM first, then check if valid utf8, then fall back to latin-1?
13:55 magnuse yeah, something like that
13:55 oleonard What setting controls whether a patron is issued a refund when a lost item is returned?
13:57 oleonard Oh I see, "Default lost item fee refund on return policy" in Circ and Fine rules.
13:59 eythian I wouldn't expect an iso2709 record to have a BOM
13:59 eythian I think it'd break it
14:00 eythian magnuse: see the perl module FixLatin, that corrects a lot of sins
14:00 eythian however you also need to account for MARC-8 so you can't assume latin-1 so easily
14:01 eythian you may also need to account for vt100. i know I have.
14:02 magnuse Encoding::FixLatin sounds too good to be true... :-)
14:04 magnuse the context is taking records in iso2709 and turning them into MARCXML that things like MARC::Batch can actually chew through without dying
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14:07 eythian the correct way would be to take the strings and just encode them into XML like you would anything. This presupposes that they're all correct though.
14:07 eythian I think I had something (probably part of that tried to detect what the formats were and coerce everything to XML
14:07 eythian err
14:08 eythian to UTF8
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14:33 * magnuse gotta run
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15:08 kidclamp taking a quick break
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16:00 cait josef_moravec++ marcelr++ Joubu++ :)
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16:08 tuxayo Does anyone know how to create an overdue? I have a new issue but don't know what to do to make it overdue. Does changing the due date in SQL works or are there more thing to do in the SQL to have a coherent state?
16:09 Joubu tuxayo: you can set a due date in the past when checking out
16:11 Joubu tuxayo: unfold "Checkout settings"
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16:13 tuxayo Joubu: thanks :)
16:15 tuxayo Hum, running misc/cronjobs/ doesn't add a record to the message_queue table.
16:27 Joubu did you configure the rules?
16:27 reiveune bye
16:27 reiveune left #koha
16:27 Joubu tools/
16:37 tuxayo Joubu: there is a delay smaller than the overdue in my test and email is ticked for all categories.
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16:52 Joubu tuxayo: then you can debug...
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17:12 gmcharlt @quote random
17:12 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #38: "<owen> Holy Bugzilla activity explosion, Batman!" (added by ricardo at 02:00 PM, October 07, 2009)
17:13 oleonard That's appropriate, since there have been a couple in the last 24 hours
17:13 cait slides?
17:13 wahanui Slides are evil! Noone should be forced to write any!
17:13 cait slides?
17:13 wahanui get back to writing them, cait!
17:13 cait aye...
17:15 tuxayo Joubu: thanks, I could have searched a long time before thinking of this ^^
17:15 tuxayo see ya!
17:22 huginn News from kohagit32: move Auth_ParseSearchHistoryCookie.t to db_dependent directory <[…]2f535c327b1fadf26>
17:22 huginn News from kohagit32: do some validation of the KohaOpacRecentSearches cookie <[…]838b37160371df845>
17:22 huginn News from kohagit32: use JSON rather than Storable for the OPAC search history cookie <[…]99700ee147edbb3b6>
17:22 huginn News from kohagit32: Updating Version Number to <[…]82edb287d24cf366f>
17:22 huginn News from kohagit32: Release Notes for <[…]ef255480030bcb471>
17:22 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 19973: Fix SQL syntax error in uk-UA/mandatory/sample_notices.sql <[…]058dea0fff2f9fb63>
17:22 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18915: Add CHECKOUT_NOTE notice template for other languages <[…]e9ded98c94224e73e>
17:22 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18915: DBRev <[…]ebe4012454827f5a8>
17:22 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 19968: Add missing use Date::Calc statement <[…]4473a138fc81ccbef>
17:22 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18915: (QA follow-up) Add note for installs after 17.05 <[…]3b2566be8abece9c8>
17:23 Joubu kohagit32??
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19:20 mtompset @seen kidclamp
19:20 huginn mtompset: I have not seen kidclamp.
19:20 mtompset kidclamp: Are you hiding?
19:21 * kidclamp considers....
19:21 kathryn joined #koha
19:22 * mtompset smiles.
19:23 kidclamp hi mtompset
19:23 mtompset Greetings!
19:23 kidclamp @seen kidclamp
19:23 huginn kidclamp: kidclamp was last seen in #koha 7 seconds ago: <kidclamp> hi mtompset
19:23 mtompset It's about bug 19910
19:23 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19910 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , Download report as 'Comma separated' is misleading
19:24 mtompset I remember reading code (which was rather confusing)... which actually had Koha namespaced functions which did NOT use that system preference, but used a CSV Report setting.
19:25 mtompset I was just wondering if you had encountered that, and if perhaps that might affect this.
19:25 mtompset http://localhost:8081/cgi-bin/[…]s/
19:25 mtompset CSV profiles... that's it. :)
19:25 kidclamp I think there is code elsewhere that doesn't respect the pref, but this area does, so we should tell people
19:26 kidclamp I would support adding a straight up csv option at all times, but if if ain't gonna be csv we should be honest
19:27 mtompset I agree. :)
19:28 mtompset I think I looked at another bug which was fixing the fact that it didn't respect the delimiter, but the problem was it failed the koha qa tests. :(
19:29 mtompset bug 19928
19:29 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19928 normal, P5 - low, ---, victor.grousset, Failed QA , Acquisitions' CSV exports should honor syspref "delimiter"
19:32 mtompset oh bleep!
19:32 mtompset Save guided reports isn't working?!
19:34 grace joined #koha
19:34 mtompset oh... my bad... interface confused me.
19:40 aleisha_ joined #koha
19:45 mtompset Oh fecal matter! The sample test SQL doesn't work with the new format, since marcxml was moved to metadata, kidclamp
19:45 kidclamp hahahaha
19:45 kidclamp I feel your pain
19:46 kidclamp "why do the tests all fail! My code is working!! datas are bad"
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19:53 mtompset okay... tweaked...
19:53 mtompset error triggered.
20:09 cait barton: i tihnk the file structure is the same - but different field mappings
20:09 cait the library for usmarc probably is still usable
20:14 oleonard_smash Bye all
20:18 mtompset Greetings, cait
20:18 mtompset kidclamp: You typo'd on the bug number in your commit message. :P
20:19 mtompset 18947 vs 18497
20:19 rocio_ joined #koha
20:19 mtompset BTW, like the fix with bug 19910 :)
20:19 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19910 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , Download report as 'Comma separated' is misleading
20:24 kidclamp thanks!
20:25 kidclamp mtompset, bug 9634 if you like :-)
20:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9634 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , Allow for parameters re-use on SQL reports
20:25 kidclamp though I will have to reconcile some of these at some point
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22:02 gmcharlt @wunder 30096
22:02 huginn gmcharlt: Duluth, GA :: Clear :: 23F/-5C | Wind Chill: 9F/-13C | Wednesday: Clear. Lows overnight in the upper teens. Wednesday Night: A clear sky. Low 17F. Winds NW at 10 to 20 mph.
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22:57 mtompset @wunder l7e5y5
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22:58 mtompset wunder you suck. :P
23:07 gmcharlt @wunder montreal
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23:07 gmcharlt *cough*
23:07 gmcharlt @wunder montreal, quebec
23:07 huginn gmcharlt: Error: I could not find a valid location for: montreal, quebec
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