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03:45 SYAHMI anybody?
03:45 wahanui The #koha IRC channel is populated by people from many timezones, sometimes even on weekends. However, if no one is here right now and you need help you should take a look at
03:45 SYAHMI ok
04:46 jbeno_away joined #koha
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08:47 eythian That was particularly helpful of wahanui
08:55 GiuseppeP joined #koha
08:57 GiuseppeP Hello, I'm having trouble installing a new language on koha 17.11, when I run "translate install xx-XX" it say: Can't locate in @INC , even if I export the PERL5LIB, it only works when I run the command with: 'perl -I/usr/share/koha/misc/translator translate install xx-XX' but after that it will stop in Can't locate C4/ in @INC any idea?
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13:06 * cait waves
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