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00:39 tcohen oleonard, enjoy your holidays!
00:39 * tcohen uploaded an image: IMG_20171222_213221.jpg (180KB) <[…]KsivVYrktlKKWnaLR>
00:39 tcohen This is how we start weekend
01:00 tcohen oleonard have a nice holiday!
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07:39 josef_moravec1 @seen tcohen
07:39 huginn josef_moravec1: tcohen was last seen in #koha 6 hours, 38 minutes, and 52 seconds ago: <tcohen> oleonard have a nice holiday!
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08:21 josef_moravec1 hi cait ;)
08:21 cait hi josef_moravec :)
08:23 josef_moravec1 are you going to QA on the 3 patches you just marked signed off?
08:23 cait i might run out of time
08:24 cait just saw that you 'unlocked' them and wanted them back in the queue
08:24 josef_moravec1 I can do them, as all others with js in footer ;)
08:24 cait go ahead :)
08:25 josef_moravec1 ok, yes they were unlocked just few minutes by me do pass qa the dependency I bet ;)
08:25 cait yes, I had marked them BLOCKED because the dependnecy was not in our queue
08:27 josef_moravec1 I like your work in bugzilla, it is good to take care of these thinks, people often don't care too much of this things...
08:28 cait must be my librarian nature coming through ;)
08:28 josef_moravec1 I understand ;)
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18:03 sen I have a user that when trying to log in to the OPAC just gets the login screen again, any suggestions what might be wrong with them? I've checked that they're in a patron category that works for other logins, they're in a home library that works for other logins, their password is right
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18:40 sen Sorted it out, it looks like once you set a user as the AutoSelfCheckID they can't log into the OPAC as a regular user anymore :)
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