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00:07 mtj ping rangi, the kalogger twitter was something i set up... a while ago.. :)
00:07 rangi ahh cool
00:07 rangi was just wondering who ran it :)
00:07 mtj i noticed the urls have an encoding bug
00:07 rangi *nod*
00:08 mtj im curious to know how it works... i cant remember at all
00:09 mtj pevk: sudo apacheclt -S
00:10 mtj ^ ...its a good command to show you what sites apache has 'enabled'
00:11 mtj its poss. you have another (default?) site on port:80 that is overriding your koha sites
00:12 mtj # sudo  a2dissite 000-default
00:13 mtj ^ that command often fixes the problem
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00:13 mtj
00:19 mtj rangi: ill add the logger to my 'list of things to fix' :)
00:21 mtj Joubu, congrats on 17.11 too
00:24 mtj .
00:24 mtj what do the release people think about jenkins building vaious scratch/dev repos
00:26 mtj it would be a useful way to get a repo tested... without having to push to an offical/public repo
00:27 mtj ..i'd be happy to help sort something if people were keen
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00:31 mtj .
00:31 mtj has anyone else had problems with the script and plack, in recent (>= 16.11) releases?
00:33 mtj seems to hang plack while its running, sometimes for long few minutes - other instances respond ok-ish
00:35 mtj ..the database looks happy, so seems to suggest plack is the bottleneck
00:43 mtj hmm, i wonder if increasing 'koha-plack --workers' might help here...
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02:46 mtj ..looks like that did the trick :)
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07:20 fridolin hi
07:22 LibraryClaire morning #koha
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07:39 reiveune hello
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07:42 alex_a bonjour
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10:22 tcohen morning
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12:27 Joubu @later tell marcelr What else did I miss? I would not have missed it if the status was set correctly :) should have been >= major, not normal
12:27 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
12:30 oleonard Hi all
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12:36 eythian hi oleopard
12:36 oleonard Congratulations on the release Joubu, thanks for all your hard work.
12:37 Joubu thanks oleonard for all your signoffs :)
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12:49 oleonard Anyone know why kohadevbox is saying "Auto packing the repository in background for optimum performance." every time I do anything lately?
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12:54 * oleonard wonders how he managed to create 5 duplicates of Bug 19669
12:54 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19669 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Remove deprecated checkouts by patron category report
12:55 oleonard Oh yeah that's the report that kept triggering an error every time I "tried" to submit it. :|
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13:05 * LibraryClaire waves
13:06 eythian hi LibraryClaire
13:06 LibraryClaire can anyone give me a hint on activating plugins on my devbox? I changed the koha-conf.xml file, restarted apache and activated it in the sysprefs, but it still insists plugins aren't turned on :(
13:06 LibraryClaire hi eythian
13:07 * eythian immediately suspects memcache when seeing that kind of thing
13:07 LibraryClaire I suspected something like that
13:07 oleonard restart_all
13:09 LibraryClaire service memcached restart ?
13:09 eythian I'd expect that to do it
13:09 LibraryClaire ok well it didn't fix the problem then :(
13:09 oleonard Try restart_all
13:09 LibraryClaire just that on its own?
13:10 oleonard Yes
13:10 oleonard It restarts plack, memecached, and apache
13:10 LibraryClaire well now i have 17.11
13:10 LibraryClaire hello web installer
13:11 eythian oh, plack could also do that.
13:11 eythian caching is hard
13:11 LibraryClaire the plugins are still disabled though, even on shiny nwe koha
13:12 LibraryClaire do I need to give the koha-conf.xml file a URL for plugins or anything? I only changed the setting to 1
13:13 LibraryClaire pluginsdir>__PLUGINS_DIR__</pluginsdir>
13:14 oleonard I found yesterday that the plugins directory defined in /etc/koha/sites/kohadev/koha-conf.xml did not exist
13:14 oleonard LibraryClaire: Make sure you're looking at that koha-conf.xml, and check  the pluginsdir there.
13:15 LibraryClaire are there stil two files with the same name?
13:15 LibraryClaire cos I spent ages trying to find another one earlier but couldn't
13:15 Joubu yep, add pluginsdir and enable_plugins to your koha-conf if they do not exist
13:16 oleonard LibraryClaire: The koha-conf.xml which has "__PLUGINS_DIR__" isn't the one in active use by your Koha installation.
13:16 LibraryClaire narf
13:16 LibraryClaire ok, but if I go to 7etc there is no folder called koha in there
13:18 Joubu LibraryClaire: sudo koha-shell $INSTANCE
13:18 Joubu then vim $KOHA_CONF
13:18 tcohen morning
13:19 LibraryClaire well would you look at that. the enable plugins is 0 in that one
13:19 LibraryClaire hi tcohen
13:19 Joubu nengard: Hi! Do you have access to @kohails?
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13:20 nengard Hi Joubu looks like I still do - what email should I set up for that account?
13:21 nengard it was using my old work email
13:28 LibraryClaire any hints on why I don't have permission to edit the koha conf file from koha-shell? If I try with sudo it tells me my password is wrong
13:28 oleonard Yeah I get the same thing
13:29 LibraryClaire interesting
13:29 tcohen LibraryClaire: you can edit it using sudo vim /etc/koha/sites/kohadev/koha-conf.xml
13:29 tcohen and sudo -s (from the vagrant user) should yield a root shell
13:31 LibraryClaire thanks tcohen
13:32 LibraryClaire every time I lose the location of that file and every time I write it down and then lose that
13:33 LibraryClaire you will all be pleased to know my plugins are now active
13:33 eythian the drama, the suspense!
13:36 oleonard[…]a8307d2397e0b.jpg
13:37 eythian it's almost as much as waiting for this package from amazon that's apparently going to take 4 days to arrive even though it's coming from just over the border in Germany.
13:37 LibraryClaire oleonard: yes!
13:42 Joubu LibraryClaire: sudo apt install mlocate; sudo updatedb; then you can use the "locate" command to find files on your filesystem
13:42 Joubu like `locate koha-conf`
13:45 oleonard So, uh... Anyone know why kohadevbox is saying "Auto packing the repository in background for optimum performance." every time I do anything lately?
13:46 LibraryClaire thanks Joubu :)
13:49 Joubu oleonard: every time? Even if it finishes?
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13:49 Joubu ha wait, I think I put something in my git conf few months ago
13:50 Joubu hum, nope
13:50 oleonard Every time. For instance, when applying patches with git-bz, it runs for each patch.
13:52 Joubu did you try to run manually the gc and repack command?[…]-performance-mean
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13:53 MosesNew sir can anyone help in kw,wrdl: i know its a really old error but im new with the system. so i dont know what to do please anyone
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13:54 oleonard What problem are you having MosesNew?
13:54 alex_a_ Anyone can tell me what is the status of a reserve that have F in the column found ?
13:56 MosesNew sir leo i cant find any result in the search catalog and even in the OPAC. even we have books stored .
13:59 oleonard MosesNew: What version of Koha are you using? Do you manage the installation yourself?
14:04 MosesNew 17.5 , first we are using 16.05 with no problems but when we are  trying to host it . the one who we paid to host end up remaking our koha and using 17.5 . so we are now facing this problem
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14:10 MosesNew 17.5 , first we are using 16.05 with no problems but when we are  trying to host it . the one who we paid to host end up remaking our koha and using 17.5 . so we are now facing this problem
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14:10 MosesNew oleonard-away:17.5 , first we are using 16.05 with no problems but when we are  trying to host it . the one who we paid to host end up remaking our koha and using 17.5 . so we are now facing this problem
14:12 fridolin v17.11 is out
14:12 fridolin whouuuu
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14:16 Joubu MosesNew: you should reindex
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14:18 MosesNew <Joubu>  reindex sir ?
14:19 Joubu MosesNew: you should first backup your database then install Koha on a debian or ubuntu server following the official documentation
14:21 Joubu you will then reinject the database and reindex zebra with "koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f $instance"
14:21 MosesNew so sir we need to reinstalled all  ?
14:23 MosesNew sir do we need to change version too ?
14:23 tcohen MosesNew: no reinstall is needed. You only need to run 'koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f <instance>' as Joubu said
14:23 tcohen replacing <instance> with your created instance's name
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14:28 MosesNew thank you all sirs for the help i will try this and i hope it works. thank you again sir. im really thankful for the help sir .
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14:29 clrh hello
14:36 Joubu Hi clrh :)
14:37 Joubu Erk too late for MosesNew, it would have been good to know who was "the one he paid"
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15:50 eythian yeah nah
15:59 oleonard No digest for auto-renewal notices? Boo.
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16:08 Joubu oleonard: bug 18532
16:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18532 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , AUTO_RENEWALS should be a patron messaging preference
16:10 oleonard Am I correct in thinking the automatic_renewals script looks for any item which is overdue and can be renewed?
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16:13 Joubu nope
16:13 oleonard Only things which are due today
16:13 Joubu it looks for issues that have been marked as "auto renew"
16:14 Joubu and then there are the "no auto renew before/after" settings to control the behavior
16:15 Joubu (in the circ rules table)
16:17 oleonard What is the unit being asked for in that setting?
16:19 Joubu day
16:19 pevk hey guys can anyone help me. I am trying to open the online catalogue using (Online catalogue) but it opens up Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page.
16:20 pevk I am unable to get to the OPAC page.
16:20 Joubu pevk: disable the default site
16:20 pevk i am able to open the staff client page using
16:21 pevk how do I disable the default site?
16:21 Joubu sudo a2dissite 000-default
16:21 pevk ok
16:21 Joubu then reload apache
16:21 pevk how do I reload apache?
16:22 Joubu sudo service apache2 restart
16:22 pevk ok
16:23 pevk got it
16:23 pevk it works..
16:23 pevk thank you
16:24 pevk :)
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17:07 oleonard Joubu: How to tell Koha to automatically renew items only on the day they're due or after?
17:11 Joubu No renewal before=1?
17:12 Joubu =0?
17:12 oleonard These settings seem to be very mysterious :)
17:13 Joubu I would try 0
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18:24 Freddy_Enrique Hi everyone
18:25 Freddy_Enrique I got a problem, i check out a book and now that I want to check it in I can´t
18:28 Joubu Koha version?
18:29 Freddy_Enrique
18:29 Freddy_Enrique a red line appear saying I can´t check in the book
18:30 Joubu go to the about page
18:30 Joubu and read https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]uto_increment_fix
18:31 Joubu did you check it in from the script?
18:31 Joubu the checkin tab
18:32 Freddy_Enrique
18:32 Freddy_Enrique this is what appears
18:33 Joubu try using the checkin tab
18:33 Freddy_Enrique thoughts? I really hope it is just configuration
18:33 Joubu "Devolucion" tab
18:35 Freddy_Enrique
18:35 Freddy_Enrique nothing....
18:39 Joubu it's not the checkin tab
18:39 Joubu copy the barcode, go to /cgi-bin/koha/circ/
18:39 Joubu and do the checkin
18:42 Freddy_Enrique uhm....
18:42 Freddy_Enrique interesting....
18:43 Freddy_Enrique
18:44 Joubu so, what I told, go to the about page, and read the wiki page
18:44 Freddy_Enrique This is really new to me....
18:45 Joubu It should not, I spamed the mailing list about this problem
18:46 Freddy_Enrique Ok, Ill read it. But please give me the general picture
18:46 Freddy_Enrique if I dont follow the instruction what will happen?
18:47 Freddy_Enrique Some funtions will not  work like what just happened?
18:52 Joubu Freddy_Enrique: the good news is that you are using a good version
18:53 Joubu you need to go to the about page to know how many of your data are "corrupted"
18:55 Freddy_Enrique according to this....
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18:56 Freddy_Enrique
18:56 Freddy_Enrique items and loans
19:08 Joubu Freddy_Enrique: it's a new install?
19:09 rangi Joubu: i branched the 17.11 manual and have reorganised master, to remove the en directory to make it less confusing
19:09 rangi[…]vs-users/kohadocs
19:10 Joubu rangi: sounds much better indeed :)
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19:14 * cait waves
19:14 rangi hi cait
19:14 cait heya
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19:25 rangi Joubu: merged the devs, be nice to figure out how do that automatically, maybe from the openhub api?
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19:28 rangi the new layout is quite nice actually
19:31 Joubu rangi: yes I thought about it but did not find a quick way to do it
19:31 Joubu I will see if openhub has the info
19:31 rangi yeah, i can only see number of contributors
19:32 rangi it has the info, but i cant find it in their api
19:33 rangi[…]api-documentation
19:44 Freddy_Enrique :Joubu
19:44 Freddy_Enrique Yes, I installed the 17.xx version
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20:03 Joubu rangi: manual is broken
20:03 rangi which one?
20:03 wahanui which one is t?
20:03 Joubu ha
20:04 rangi  ?
20:04 Joubu sorry, forget that, I hit, '/en/' was missing
20:04 Joubu not sure why I have this url in my history....
20:04 rangi  <-- lots to translate here :)
20:04 rangi it used to just be without the en
20:04 rangi before we had the .po files
20:05 rangi  <-- fr is beating de tho
20:07 Joubu rangi: no "es"?
20:07 rangi i havent generated that, ill do that now
20:10 rangi i have to finish my work with travis CI, to get it to do this for me
20:12 Freddy_Enrique Excuse me Joubu, I need your help. In a couple of weeks ill import to the Koha system many Marc records of enciclopedy type...
20:12 Freddy_Enrique acording to the wiki, Koha community did not provide a way to deal with corrupted data yet
20:12 Freddy_Enrique should i wait the migration until I solve this problem?
20:13 wizzyrea um, there's totally a fix for that, it's just not a Koha fix
20:13 wizzyrea it's a mysql fix.
20:13 Joubu you have only 1 checkout and 1 item, the quick way would be to delete the row from old_issues and deleteditems
20:13 wizzyrea you will lose the history of that circ.
20:13 Freddy_Enrique And thats it?
20:14 Freddy_Enrique well, say I do it. Is there a way to prevent this to happen again?
20:14 wizzyrea yes, did you do the recommended mysql configuration outlined on the wiki?
20:14 Freddy_Enrique OMG, I should definitely read the koha wiki and Check my email....
20:15 wizzyrea :)
20:15 Freddy_Enrique yeah, I use Maria DB
20:28 edveal Does anyone know of a good way to print out a patrons Circulation History? Everything I am finding is only printing current checkouts. Granted you could print the Circulation history page but it is messy at best.
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20:37 edveal The dreaded wifi drop. LOL
20:37 wizzyrea someone microwaved something?
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20:41 rangi Joubu:
20:42 Joubu thanks!
20:43 rangi my plan was to have /epub/ and /pdf/ too, ill try to do that this weekend
20:44 rangi we should provide marc records for the newsletter and the manual so people can import it into koha ;)
20:45 Joubu yeah pdf and epub would be great as well
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20:59 Joubu Anyone around for the dev meeting?
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21:01 rangi yep
21:01 Joubu let's see
21:02 Joubu #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 29 November 2017
21:02 huginn Meeting started Wed Nov 29 21:02:09 2017 UTC.  The chair is Joubu. Information about MeetBot at
21:02 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
21:02 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 29 November 2017)
21:02 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'development_irc_meeting_29_november_2017'
21:02 edveal I will lurk
21:02 Joubu #topic Introductions
21:02 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
21:02 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 29 November 2017)
21:02 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart
21:02 greenjimll #info Jon Knight, Loughborough University
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21:02 edveal #info Ed Veal, McKinney Public
21:03 wizzyrea #info Liz Rea, Catalyst NZ
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21:03 Joubu #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_29_November_2017
21:04 Joubu there is no agenda basically
21:04 Joubu #topic Announcements
21:04 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 29 November 2017)
21:04 cait meeting?
21:04 wahanui i think meeting is in two days, i thought was tomorrow. plenty of time then
21:04 Joubu Anyone have something?
21:04 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
21:04 cait sorry, just got home from a trip
21:04 Joubu cait: just in time :)
21:04 rangi #info Chris Cormack, Catalyst
21:04 Joubu #topic Update from the Release Manager (18.05)
21:04 Topic for #koha is now Update from the Release Manager (18.05) (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 29 November 2017)
21:05 Joubu #info Koha 17.11 has been released on November 28th
21:05 wizzyrea confetti
21:05 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
21:05 Joubu #info 17.12 cycle is going to start quite soon
21:05 wizzyrea more confetti
21:05 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'​`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'
21:05 cait Joubu++!
21:05 wizzyrea joubu++
21:06 greenjimll 17.12?
21:06 Joubu See the proposal to know what is coming next https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]or_RM_18.05_joubu
21:06 cait the big push?
21:06 cait :)
21:06 Joubu 17.12 is dev cycle and will become 18.05 when released
21:06 rangi we number it 17.12 until the release when it becomes 18.05 greenjimll
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21:06 wizzyrea until it gets to 18.05, it's development version 17.12
21:06 wizzyrea ^.^
21:06 greenjimll Ah right.
21:06 Joubu guess you understood :)
21:07 wizzyrea can I just say I highly approve of this new numbering system.
21:07 Joubu I have nothing much to add to the proposal, I will certainly work a lot with Nick as he will be RMaints and RM assistant
21:07 wizzyrea it's good. Nice work everybody.
21:07 Joubu cait is back as QAM
21:07 Joubu 18.05 is promising :)
21:08 cait heh
21:08 cait I put some things i want to do in my proposal
21:08 cait I will try to get some things started the next few days
21:09 Joubu I communicated with Bernardo about the translations (manual), but not sure it has been done correctly
21:09 Joubu I think he did not retrieve the po files I updated to match the "new format"
21:09 rangi hmm yeah
21:10 Joubu so the new version of the manual is not ready to be translated yet, but should be soon (hopefully)
21:10 Joubu #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
21:10 Topic for #koha is now Updates from the Release Maintainers (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 29 November 2017)
21:10 cait i have started a wiki page for the manual translators
21:11 Joubu rmaints is kidclamp (17.11), fridolin (17.05), rangi (16.11)
21:11 Joubu rmaints?
21:11 wahanui well, rmaints is kidclamp (17.11), fridolin (17.05), rangi (16.11)
21:11 Joubu great :D
21:11 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_the_Koha_Manual
21:11 Joubu #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
21:11 Topic for #koha is now Updates from the Release Maintainers (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 29 November 2017)
21:12 Joubu sorry cait
21:12 Joubu no, the point is that I updated the po files to remove all the weird stuffs from the old manual
21:12 Joubu ok
21:12 Joubu (I am tired)
21:12 Joubu the example is correct indeed
21:13 cait phew
21:13 cait I've updated the release maintenance page a bit
21:13 cait https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]lease_maintenance
21:14 cait and will send an email to rangi with bugs I was still hoping for a rebase or reply :)
21:14 Joubu yes, we may need to update RMaints with the new workflows we put in place during the last release
21:15 Joubu And I need to share some of the stuffs I wrote that could be useful for RMaints as well (pre-push git hook for instance)
21:15 cait and pleaaaase do string freezes
21:15 Joubu #info RMaints please do string freezes!
21:16 cait thx :)
21:17 Joubu cait: could you sent an email to RMaints with the link to the wiki + highligh the small changes we did + STRING FREEZE! ?
21:17 Joubu (and cc me)
21:17 cait i can do that
21:17 cait and also the link to the update po files form
21:17 cait i didn't put it on the wiki to not make spammers find it
21:18 Joubu thx
21:18 cait rangi: keys should be sent to you?
21:18 cait well i guess you only need kidclamp's
21:18 cait :)
21:18 Joubu he sent it
21:18 Joubu already
21:18 Joubu #topic Updates from the QA team
21:18 Topic for #koha is now Updates from the QA team (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 29 November 2017)
21:18 cait no update from me yet :)
21:19 cait have to catch up with things first, someone else here?
21:19 Joubu QA team is quite small, but we have 2 new guys, alex_a and josef_moravec
21:19 rangi yep i have them
21:20 Joubu #info QA team is quite small, but we have 2 new guys, alex_a and josef_moravec
21:20 Joubu #topic General development discussion (trends, ideas, ...)
21:20 Topic for #koha is now General development discussion (trends, ideas, ...) (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 29 November 2017)
21:20 Joubu something?
21:20 wahanui something is sketchy
21:20 greenjimll Would people be adverse to me nudging some of the old bugs in Bugzilla to see if they are still needed/wanted/workable on? As part of "bug wrangling"?
21:20 wizzyrea that's a great thing to do.
21:21 greenjimll For example I've been looking at old REOPENED cases recently.
21:21 cait it might be good to always add some info or a question, to trigger things
21:21 cait not just a ping :)
21:21 cait greenjimll++
21:21 greenjimll Yes, good point. In some cases I might be able to even slip a patch in. :-)
21:21 Joubu yes definitely useful
21:22 greenjimll OK, consider them ripe for wrangling. :-)
21:22 Joubu and group them, mark as duplicate, etc.
21:23 Joubu We have 2 days of hackfest in Buenos Aires (tomorrow and Friday)
21:23 Joubu Around 15 people will attend, mostly librarians
21:23 rangi cool!
21:23 TGoat joined #koha
21:24 cait awesome :)
21:24 cait is ther esomething specific you want to work on?
21:25 cait mark Academy bugs?
21:25 rangi that would be great
21:25 rangi aleisha is looking after the students next academy, in late january
21:25 Joubu I will present the 9 new features of 17.11 (shortly) and then we certainly present how to signoff patches
21:25 Joubu (I have no idea what we are going to do actually!)
21:25 Joubu we=tcohen and me
21:25 Joubu of course all of that is just an excuse to share some beers
21:25 Joubu yes please!
21:26 rangi :)
21:26 Joubu #topic Set time of next meeting
21:26 Topic for #koha is now Set time of next meeting (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 29 November 2017)
21:27 Joubu 13 December 2017, 13 UTC?
21:27 Joubu 14?
21:27 wahanui 14 is fine by me
21:27 rangi i wont be there but fine by me :)
21:28 cait i tihnk it's ok for me
21:28 greenjimll 14th December or 14:00UTC?
21:28 Joubu 14UTC
21:28 greenjimll Fine for me.
21:28 Joubu #info Next meeting: 13 December 2017, 14 UTC
21:29 Joubu #endmeeting
21:29 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
21:29 huginn Meeting ended Wed Nov 29 21:29:01 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
21:29 huginn Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-11-29-21.02.html
21:29 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]7-11-29-21.02.txt
21:29 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]29-21.02.log.html
21:29 Joubu thanks
21:29 greenjimll Thank you for all your hard work!
21:31 Joubu erk
21:31 Joubu general and dev meetings are scheduled on Dec 13th
21:31 cait oops
21:31 Joubu not the same time
21:33 greenjimll We've had both on the same day before, right?
21:34 Joubu yes but it is not ideal
21:57 Francesca joined #koha
22:09 rocio joined #koha
22:22 reiveune bye
22:22 reiveune left #koha
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23:24 tcohen Joubu: 27 registered atendees, 4 of them IT people from universities
23:25 tcohen we have room for 20, so we'll kick the IT people and the RM :-P
23:26 Joubu awesome, we will wait you at the pub
23:27 papa1 joined #koha

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