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03:19 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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07:21 reiveune hello
07:26 * magnuse waves
07:29 jenkins Project Koha_16.11_D8 build #84: STILL FAILING in 1 min 50 sec: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_16.11_D8/84/
07:29 jenkins * katrin.fischer: Increment version for 16.11.14 release
07:29 jenkins * root: Translation updates for Koha 16.11.14
07:29 jenkins * katrin.fischer: Add release notes for Koha 16.11.14
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07:33 cait @later tell Fridolin released!
07:33 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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07:50 magnuse cait++
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07:52 alex_a bonjour
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08:06 gaetan_B hello
08:07 fridolin hi
08:07 fridolin
08:08 fridolin release is in the air
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10:00 eythian hi
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10:28 magnuse so if IndependentBranches is on, and more than one library wants to use sco, is that possible? as far as i can see the user in AutoSelfCheckID will always be tied to one library and only able to lend books from that library to patrons of that library?
10:29 magnuse or is there a workaround?
10:29 magnuse cait?
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12:09 jenkins Project Koha_17.05_D8 build #48: SUCCESS in 38 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_17.05_D8/48/
12:09 jenkins * root: Translation updates for Koha 17.05.06
12:09 jenkins * fridolin.somers: Increment version for 17.05.06 release
12:09 jenkins * support: Update release notes for 17.05.06 release
12:11 * fridolin piouf super
12:11 tcohen morning
12:11 fridolin stable stable
12:11 tcohen fridolin++
12:11 fridolin tcohen: morning
12:12 tcohen cait++
12:12 fridolin thanks to drojf for packaging
12:12 fridolin and to all of you for your work
12:15 magnus_luncheoning drojf++
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12:22 fridolin drojf is in the matrix :)
12:30 magnuse ah, is that what the m means!
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13:36 vfernandes hi #koha
13:37 vfernandes i'm having a strange behaviour in OPAC search results
13:37 vfernandes after a simple field advanced search the searchdesc section (number of results + RSS) don't appear
13:38 vfernandes using Koha 16.11 and ElasticSearch
13:38 vfernandes[…]sort_by=relevance
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13:41 wizzycray how we doin fam
13:41 tcohen hi wizzyrea
13:41 wizzycray hi tcohen :)
13:42 * wizzycray is up late doing upgrades
13:42 wizzycray so late.
13:42 wizzycray so very late.
13:43 * tcohen sends an American IPA bottle
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13:46 eythian hi wizzycrayfish
13:46 wizzycray hi eythian :)
13:57 wizzycray i hae feelings about this update that adds the interface to the action logs.
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14:00 wizzycray there is a very happy rūrū hooting outside
14:02 eythian nice. I used to have one of those that kept me awake sometimes
14:03 wizzycray i like them, nice sound imo
14:03 magnuse kia ora wizzycray
14:04 wizzycray kia ora magnuse :)
14:04 wizzycray so weird being up with europe
14:04 magnuse yeah, i can feel a disturbance in the force
14:05 magnuse ruru aka morepork?
14:05 wizzycray yep
14:05 wizzycray they are adorable as well
14:05 * magnuse became a fan of the TÅ«Ä«
14:06 wizzycray[…]ls-owl-babies.jpg
14:06 wizzycray tui are good too, they like to sing along with trea's banjo
14:07 magnuse hehe, cool
14:07 magnuse they did make some weird sounds!
14:08 magnuse and seeing the Takahē on Kapiti was cool
14:08 magnuse good times all around!
14:08 wizzycray if I've seen/heard one of those, it was at zealandia
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14:24 tcohen who should I ask a new koha list?
14:24 tcohen mailing list?
14:25 wizzycray hm biblibre hosts some of them
14:26 wizzycray simon at katipo runs the main one
14:26 tcohen thanks wizzycray
14:27 * magnuse puts zealandia on the todo for 2020
14:28 wizzycray it's cool :)
14:28 eythian yeah, it's nice. I recommend the weta cave they have there (as opposed to the one attached to the studio.)
14:29 magnuse weta is the bid insect?
14:29 eythian yeah
14:29 magnuse *big
14:29 * magnuse has seen it on tv, is not super keen on irl
14:29 eythian the cave ones are smaller.
14:30 wizzycray I don't think I've seen a properly big one
14:30 wizzycray only small ones
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14:30 eythian wizzycray: you'll get larger (though not huge) ones wandering around Soames Island, they'll stand in the middle of the path and wave their legs at you to scare you away.
14:31 magnuse hehe
14:31 wizzycray hee
14:31 wizzycray you know what we have zillions of at our new house though, kereru
14:32 wizzycray they fly over all the time
14:32 eythian (also, Somes is nice for a day trip on a nice day.)
14:32 wizzycray it so is
14:32 eythian heh, I imagine the first one or two were a bit concerning.
14:32 eythian They make quite a noise
14:32 wizzycray yeah it's surprising
14:32 magnuse are they the oversized pigeons?
14:32 wizzycray yeah
14:32 eythian yeah
14:32 magnuse yes
14:33 magnuse they were nice too
14:33 wizzycray it's not a bad sound, but it's unexpected at first
14:33 * magnuse hopes to bring the family in 2010
14:33 eythian that's a while ago
14:33 magnuse hm, i dont remember the sound
14:33 magnuse +10 gah!
14:33 wizzycray it's a flappy whiffy noise
14:33 eythian because they're large the kinda make a "whoop whoop whoop" sounds as they beat their wings
14:34 wizzycray dunno, kereru noise :P
14:34 wizzycray yeah whoop whoop
14:34 eythian I meanwhile get these things hanging out
14:34 wizzycray awwww
14:34 wizzycray what are those?
14:34 eythian rose-necked parakeets or something
14:35 magnuse escapees?
14:35 wizzycray remember when you had the parrot on your electric line?
14:35 eythian rose-ringed
14:35 eythian yeah, apparently someone had them as pets in the 70's, now there's thousands of them
14:35 wizzycray lolwtf
14:35 eythian heh, yes. A rosella I think
14:36 wizzycray he hung out in front of our house for a bit too but I wasn't quick enough to get a photo
14:36 eythian[…]terdam-heres-why/
14:36 eythian (cert expired about an hour ago.)
14:36 wizzycray oops
14:36 eythian ah, nice
14:36 eythian where are you these days?
14:36 wizzycray wainuiomata
14:36 eythian ah that's right
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14:37 magnuse not much chance of escaped parakeets surviving in my neck of the woods
14:37 wizzycray hm no.
14:37 magnuse but i had a pretty close encounter with an eagle yesterday: it's just a speck in the photo, but it was taken with my mobile
14:37 eythian <-- wizzycray, you must be the truly desperate then :)
14:38 wizzycray omg I saw that
14:38 wizzycray rude lol
14:38 wizzycray I guess I moved from Bogans so
14:38 wizzycray well bogans/airport noise
14:39 eythian yeah, it's certainly a step in some direction :)
14:39 magnuse pretty rural?
14:39 wizzycray honestly I'm closer to richbastards and occasional penguins
14:39 magnuse rural and pretty?
14:39 wizzycray just on the other side of the hill
14:39 wizzycray not too too far from godfrey
14:40 wizzycray hm, well I'm technically in town
14:40 wizzycray but just on the southern edge
14:40 wizzycray it's not too rural no
14:41 wizzycray 15 mins to petone, 1 hr on the dot to work if I take the train
14:42 wizzycray you can drive into town in 25 mins or so, if the traffic is good, but it never is.
14:42 magnuse lulz
14:42 wizzycray well, it's ok in between peak times I guess
14:42 * magnuse gotta wander off to make dinner for junior and his kindergarten friend
14:42 wizzycray eeeeee
14:43 wizzycray later magnuse
14:43 magnuse nice chatting!
14:43 wizzycray yep lovely as always :)
14:43 magnuse hope you get to sleep soon :-)
14:43 wizzycray ugh, I'll probably just stay up
14:44 wizzycray it's almost 4, doggy will try to wake me up ~6
14:44 wizzycray no point to that
14:44 wizzycray and it's not done anyway
14:45 eythian heh just means  you get to finish at lunch time or so
14:45 wizzycray I hope so
14:45 wizzycray with my luck theyll have a zillion problems that need fixing RIGHT NOW
14:46 eythian remember the rule is to never deploy things after lunch time on a friday anyway
14:46 wizzycray hehe
14:46 wizzycray you would have loved the one I did last week
14:46 fridolin oups i did it again
14:46 fridolin fergot to push tag
14:46 fridolin[…]6f97254014f066719
14:46 wizzycray govt department enorced a change request on me for 3pm on friday afternoon
14:46 fridolin better now
14:46 wizzycray basically it was do it then or like, wait 6 weeks
14:47 wizzycray and I'd already waited 18 months
14:47 wizzycray so i figured whatever, I'll play your game.
14:47 wizzycray that one went pretty painlessly.
14:47 wizzycray this one... I have questions.
14:48 wizzycray questions? concerns.
14:48 eythian heh
14:48 eythian government is weird
14:52 wizzycray yes. yes it is.
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15:36 reiveune bye
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15:55 tuxayo Surprise question time! Just to have a rough idea: How complete are the automated tests? (whether unit, integration, functional) I.e is it still easy to break a big part of Koha without one of the tests noticing it?
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17:21 tcohen _oftc_tuxayo[m]: cove coverage is around 75%
17:23 tcohen so it depends on what you want to break
17:23 tcohen UI is not tested much, for instance
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18:55 * tcohen hates autovivification
18:55 tcohen wel, having forgoten about it
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20:52 jenkins Project Koha_16.05_D8 build #17: SUCCESS in 24 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_16.05_D8/17/
20:52 jenkins * mtj: Revert "Bug 18801: [Follow-up] Dbrev to repair bad auth type codes"
20:52 jenkins * mtj: Increment version for 16.05.19 release
20:52 jenkins * mtj: Translation updates for Koha 16.05.19
20:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18801 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Pushed to Stable , Merging authorities has an invalid 'Default' type in the merge framework selector
20:52 jenkins * mtj: Add release notes for Koha 16.05.19
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21:13 cait tcohen: can you take a look at why 16.11.x is failing?
21:14 cait seems to be at a early stage of the process
21:14 cait https://jenkins.koha-community[…]lastBuild/console
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