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00:19 kidclamp .
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02:44 RKL HI ALL. would like to ask if possible for me to get list of books according to barcode number?
03:11 wizzyrea you mean out of your koha RKL
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03:29 RKL wizzyrea yes
03:29 RKL run report
03:29 wizzyrea select barcode from items
03:30 wizzyrea if you wanted say
03:30 wizzyrea the title
03:30 wizzyrea select biblio.title,, items.barcode from biblio join items using(biblionumber)
03:30 wizzyrea RKL ^
04:02 mtompset Have a great day, #koha wizzyrea RKL rangi
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07:47 alex_a bonjour
07:48 reiveune hello
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15:11 oleonard In 17.05 Koha no longer removes an item from a patron's account when it is marked lost?
15:11 oleonard Is there a new system preference for that?
15:12 Joubu oleonard: depends on how you mark it as lost...
15:12 oleonard From
15:12 Joubu should be
15:13 Joubu are you testing 17.05.x?
15:13 Joubu or .05?
15:15 oleonard 17.05.05
15:15 oleonard Out production system was just upgraded and this was an unexpected behavior
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15:16 Joubu works for me on 17.05.x
15:17 Joubu I check an item out, mark it as lost using the "set status" button on moredetails, the item has been checked in automatically
15:19 oleonard Thanks for checking Joubu. I think something bigger is going on with our upgrade.
15:23 Joubu nothing in the logs?
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15:33 fiq_ Hi
15:38 Joubu kidclamp and others: I moved tomorrow's dev meeting 1h later (15UTC)
15:38 Joubu so general at 14 and dev at 15, is that ok for you guys?
15:44 oleonard Works for me Joubu
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16:13 Wildcatter Hello, I'm new here. I just migrated from an old Koha server to a new Koha server using Koha 17.05 and now when I try to check out a book, I get the following error: "DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::_dbh_execute(): Duplicate entry '21' for key 'PRIMARY' at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/ line 121." How can I fix this?
16:22 fridolin see u tomorrow for meeting
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16:23 kidclamp Joubu - works for me
16:23 Wildcatter Hello?
16:25 Joubu Wildcatter: hello
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16:26 Wildcatter Hello Joubu, can you help me?
16:26 Joubu I do not know, maybe
16:26 Wildcatter I just migrated from an old Koha server to a new Koha server using Koha 17.05 and now when I try to check out a book, I get the following error: "DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::_dbh_execute(): Duplicate entry '21' for key 'PRIMARY' at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/ line 121." How can I fix this?
16:27 Joubu Wildcatter: You should read that wiki page: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]uto_increment_fix
16:27 Joubu which version of 17.05 are you using?
16:27 Wildcatter Thank you, I'll go take a look now.
16:27 Wildcatter
16:28 Joubu Wildcatter: perfect
16:29 Wildcatter How so? Is there an easy fix?
16:29 Wildcatter Mind you, I'm new to the world of ILS
16:36 Joubu Wildcatter: are you tech?
16:37 Wildcatter Yes and I know my way around Linux
16:39 Wildcatter I see the solution in your link. I'm thinking about attempting it now, but I don't see a [mysqld] section in my my.cnf file. I'm using MaraiaDB, is that why?
16:39 Joubu no
16:40 Joubu /etc/mysql/my.cnf ?
16:40 Wildcatter Yes, that's right.
16:40 Wildcatter I don't see a [mysqld]
16:40 Joubu which OS are you using?
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16:41 Wildcatter Ubuntu 16.04
16:41 Wildcatter This is what I see in my my.cnf file: [client-server]
16:42 Joubu `grep -r mysqld /etc/mysql` maybe?
16:43 Joubu well, grep [mysqld] maybe
16:43 Joubu sudo grep -r '\[mysqld\]' /etc/mysql
16:44 Joubu Wildcatter: you read the whole wiki page, right?
16:44 Wildcatter aha.../etc/mysql/​nf.d/50-server.cnf:[mysqld]
16:44 Joubu This trick will *not* fix the existing corrupted data
16:44 Wildcatter I see...
16:45 Wildcatter So what are my options?
16:45 Joubu You will have to deal with them before. Take a look at the about page to know how many rows you have
16:45 Joubu or execute the queries from the " Are your data corrupted? " section
16:46 Wildcatter I'm looking at the about page now...
16:46 Wildcatter How do I determine how many rows I have from the about page?
16:49 Joubu on the "system information" tab
16:49 Joubu you should see a table, with a list of IDs
16:50 Wildcatter Aha...this is what I see: "The following ids exist in both holds and old_reserves table: 21"
16:50 Joubu just one, you are lucky then :)
16:50 Wildcatter Yay!
16:50 Joubu do you understand what it means?
16:50 Wildcatter No
16:51 Wildcatter Well, sort of, but not sure what to do about it
16:51 Joubu on the wiki page, section "The problem". Basically the checkout (from the table issues) cannot be checkin (moved to the old_issues table) because a row with the same id already exists
16:52 Joubu due to the primary key constraint, it cannot be moved
16:52 Joubu so, either you do not care and delete the entry from the old_issues table
16:52 Wildcatter I just ran the queries you mentioned. All said "empty set" except for the last one: "1 row in set (0.00 sec) reserve id 21"
16:52 Joubu ha, it's a reserve!
16:52 Joubu sorry
16:53 Wildcatter Okay, so is the solution the same?
16:53 Joubu so it's the same I just told you, but replace checkout/in with "hold"
16:53 Wildcatter Ok...
16:54 Joubu it's more or less the same, if you do not care about the holds history you can remove the row
16:54 Joubu it's the easier solution
16:54 Joubu or... let me check
16:55 Wildcatter Okay. Tell you the truth, I'm not very good with mysql just yet. How do I delete that particular row?
16:55 Joubu are you sure you want to delete it?
16:55 Wildcatter Yes
16:55 Wildcatter This is a new library
16:56 Joubu delete from old_reserves where reserve_id=XXX;
16:56 Joubu with XXX= 21 in your case
16:56 Wildcatter ok
16:56 Joubu From which version did you upgrade?
16:56 Wildcatter Done.
16:57 Wildcatter Umm...trying to remember...
16:57 Wildcatter I was on Ubuntu 14.04...
16:57 Wildcatter Can't remember the Koha version...
16:57 Wildcatter I was running mysql then, but now I'm running MaraiDB
16:59 Wildcatter Hey Joubu, if I could, I would kiss you right now. My problem is resolved. Thank you so very much!!
17:02 tuxayo hi, I've found a documentation issue on the "Clean Patron Records" tool. Both the in-app + online doc mention that:
17:02 tuxayo «patrons with outstanding fines or items checked out not saved» (the rest of the doc confirms that we are talking about removal) → nope (code e
17:02 tuxayo[…]ymize-bulk-delete
17:02 tuxayo aahhhh!!!
17:02 tuxayo I sent my draft before finishing it T_T sorry for the spam
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17:03 Joubu Wildcatter: setup the DBMS fix to avoid the problem to appear again!
17:03 Wildcatter How do you mean?
17:04 Joubu the mariadb init file
17:05 Wildcatter Okay
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17:09 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
17:09 mtompset @seen Joubu
17:09 huginn mtompset: Joubu was last seen in #koha 5 minutes and 1 second ago: <Joubu> the mariadb init file
17:09 mtompset Oooo...
17:09 Joubu hi mtompset
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17:10 tuxayo So, I think I've found a documentation issue on the "Clean Patron Records" tool. Both the in-app + online doc mention that:
17:10 tuxayo «patrons with outstanding fines or items checked out not saved» (the rest of the doc confirms that we are talking about removal) → nope (code exhibits on demand to avoid spamming the chat)
17:10 tuxayo «The anonymization will fail quietly if AnonymousPatron preference does not contain a valid value.» → nope, according to the UI itself «The AnonymousPatron system preference is not  defined. You can use this feature anyway but NULL will be used to  update the checkout history.»
17:10 mtompset I added a patch to bug 19570, Joubu
17:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19570 is not accessible.
17:12 Wildcatter Joubu: Done, with no errors in the error log :)
17:13 Joubu congrats :)
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17:13 Wildcatter Joubu: Thank you, again. You're a lifesaver!
17:14 Wildcatter Joubu: Have a good one!
17:14 Joubu you are welcome
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17:16 Joubu mtompset: yep I have seen your patch yesterday, thanks
17:22 tuxayo Oh I forgot to conclude my message with a question... >_< Where can I report these doc issues, in the issue tracker?
17:26 reiveune bye
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17:29 Joubu tuxayo: either bugzilla or[…]s-users/kohadocs/
17:30 Joubu tuxayo: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]diting_the_manual
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17:31 Joubu tuxayo: if you want to fix it :)
17:32 Joubu tuxayo: we are currently working on the manual to avoid redundancy. The idea is to link the local manual with the online doc
17:33 Joubu So I would suggest to fix the online manual first (only?)
17:51 tuxayo Joubu:Thanks. Unfortunately I only have the resources to report this issue. But I'm keeping the resources so when I'll have the time (and business knowledge) to edit something I could do it right away :)
17:52 mtompset Are there any folks who can make sense of bug 14420 for me? The underlying question I have is why does this person have ISBN1|ISBN2|...|ISBNn in 020$a, when 020 is repeatable?
17:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14420 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, vfernandes, Needs Signoff , - Some problems
17:58 tuxayo see you tomorrow all!
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18:02 mtompset Ingat, tuxayo. :)
18:02 mtompset (take care)
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18:35 greenjimll Joubu: thanks for the Koha newsletter. I've just tried to take a look at new release notes but[…] is throwing up 503 errors. Is it just me?
18:37 greenjimll mtompset: have you seen the state of the "MARC" that comes out of some library systems? :-)
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19:16 Joubu ashimema: Hi! Are you around?
19:17 Joubu greenjimll: it works for me, could you retry?
19:18 greenjimll Ah, works for me as well now. Obviously gitlab was having a bad day.  Looks good.
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20:46 Joubu Guys... Why are you rebasing/signoffing new enhancement whereas the feature freeze is passed?
20:47 Joubu There are major and critical bugs for everybody
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21:27 eythian cait: I have been very sick. I blame you.
21:28 eythian Where do germs come from, cait? Where do germs come from.
21:29 cait hmpf.
21:29 cait probably deserved you right, because you are always so mean to me :P
21:30 eythian *served
21:30 eythian And, never!
21:30 cait :)
21:42 cait Joubu++
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