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00:47 mtj hiya #koha, fyi: i seem to have a working startup script, for the 'duped id' problem..
00:48 mtj https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]uto_increment_fix
00:48 wizzyrea oh is it different from the existing one?
00:49 mtj kia ora wiz... naw.. its the same as suggested above
00:49 mtj[…]f=koha-mysql-init
00:50 wizzyrea ohhhh that is excellent :)
00:50 mtj basically uses systemd to run the magical SQL on mysql startup, for every koha instance
00:50 wizzyrea yes good
00:53 mtj i plan to create a proper KC bug/patch for it 'real soon'... but good to get some eyeballs on it early, in irc
00:56 mtj thanks for the signoffs mtompset++ :0)
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06:27 * magnuse waves
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06:32 reiveune hello
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06:42 alex_a bonjour
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07:02 magnuse noone else running into bug 19492?
07:02 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19492 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Field 'lowestPriority' doesn't have a default value (MariaDB)
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07:04 fridolin hi there
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07:39 gaetan_B hello
07:39 wahanui bonjour, gaetan_B
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07:54 magnuse heia benjamin
07:56 benjamin hei magnuse, talk to you in 1hour (meeting) about ILL?
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07:56 magnuse benjamin: sure
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08:04 cait good morning #koha
08:26 magnuse guten morgen cait
08:32 cait good mornign magnuse :)
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08:45 marcelr hi #koha
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09:39 eythian hi
09:39 wahanui bidet, eythian
09:58 * kidclamp waves
09:59 marcelr o/
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10:38 marcelr kidclamp: will finish 16187 tomorrow; it 'waited' long enough..
10:39 kidclamp heh
10:39 marcelr wait vs unfilled ;)
10:39 kidclamp thanks
10:41 Joubu hi
10:42 marcelr o/
10:43 kidclamp hi Joubu
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11:01 Joubu We have 2 critical bugs, with patches, waiting for a bit of love. They affects stable releases
11:09 marcelr Joubu: things are marked critical quite easily of course
11:09 Joubu "internal server error" on stable releases, it is critical for me
11:09 marcelr yeah the other one
11:09 Joubu it could be marked as major, if we did not have 10 majors
11:11 marcelr kidclamp: did you forget to set signed off status on bug 19487 or did you request an extra one ?
11:11 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19487 critical, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Internal server error when writing off lost fine for item not checked out
11:13 kidclamp the former
11:13 wahanui the former is much more complicated.
11:13 marcelr go ahead and change it !
11:13 kidclamp done
11:13 marcelr thx
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11:18 marcelr Joubu: related to 19487, does Circulation/MarkIssueReturned.t still pass with you ?
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11:54 oleonard Hi #koha
11:54 Joubu marcelr: nope
11:54 Joubu hi Owen!
11:55 Joubu marcelr: are you on it?
11:55 marcelr i was
11:55 Joubu it is quite simple, the call is done without a valid itemnumber, so now it does not die anymore
11:56 Joubu I think we should create the item in the tests
11:56 marcelr add a follow-up, and it is ready for qa
11:56 Joubu It makes more sense to me to check the existence of the issue instead of the config of the anonymous patron
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12:08 cait bye, bbl
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12:14 marcelr hola tcohen
12:14 marcelr can you paste the content of your current kohadevbox plack.psgi ?
12:14 marcelr or is it identical to master ?
12:21 tcohen wait a seconf, I busted my virtualbox setup
12:21 tcohen :/
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12:25 Joubu marcelr: it's in master
12:25 Joubu the one in debian/templates
12:25 marcelr is it exactly the same one?
12:25 marcelr depends on the details..
12:26 caroline_ Hi guys. I have a question. What could cause double check outs in Koha?
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12:26 Joubu I am using exactly the same one, yes
12:27 marcelr too bad; a small difference might have given a clue
12:27 marcelr to me this is a critical one ;)
12:28 Joubu marcelr: from misc4dev
12:28 Joubu it does few sed, but I think it is obsolete
12:28 Joubu caroline_: double check outs? it should not be possible
12:29 Joubu there is a unique constraint on issues.itemnumber, that means you cannot have the same item checked out twice at the same time
12:31 caroline_ It is happening at one site. The same item is check out twice to the same user. Instead of 2 checkouts, it shows 4 checkouts
12:32 marcelr reset_plack will not resolve it; it is obsolete indeed, these paths were removed
12:32 caroline_ The librarian said they're using Internet Explorer. COuld that be the problem?
12:32 Joubu nope
12:33 Joubu caroline_: which version of Koha are you using?
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12:33 caroline_ 16.05
12:33 Joubu There is one bug that is not resolved because we do not know how it happens: items are checked out but the "old_issues.returndate" is not set when checking in
12:33 caroline_ sorry 3.14
12:34 marcelr oops
12:34 Joubu ha, you will have to upgrade
12:35 Joubu Why are you using that version? Do you have a customized version?
12:35 caroline_ Is that a know issue in 3.14?
12:35 caroline_ *known
12:35 caroline_ I have no idea. Maybe they didn't want to upgrade just yet
12:36 Joubu caroline_: no idea, 3.14 is very old now
12:36 Joubu 3.14.17 at least?
12:37 caroline_ 3.14.07 from my info, but it might not be up to date
12:37 Joubu if you have access to the mysql cli, you can try: select count(*) from issues where borrowernumber=XXX;
12:38 Joubu it will return the number of items that are really checked out
12:38 Joubu then select count(*) from old_issues where returndate is null and borrowernumber=XXX;
12:38 Joubu this last query should return 0
12:39 Joubu caroline_: you should at least upgrade to the last 3.14.x version, which is 3.14.17
12:39 Joubu 3.14.07 has been released in may 2014...
12:43 caroline_ The select count(*) from issues gives me 4, itemnumbers 159013, 159013, 154522, 154522
12:44 Joubu apparently 3.14 does not have the unique constraint...
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12:46 caroline_ Ah, good to know... Thanks for your help! :) I will tell them to consider upgrading
12:47 Joubu the constraint is added by, but the upgrade will fail actually
12:47 caroline_ I will also tell the developpers to add the unique constraint to their version
12:47 Joubu you should fix that issue before upgrading
12:47 caroline_ ok
12:47 Joubu what happens if you check one item in?
12:47 Joubu Does it fail or both are checked in?
12:49 magnuse anyone got any experience with putting file-scheme links like "file://P:/HPX/V141.pdf" in 856u?
12:49 magnuse i know it will not work for anyone outside the customers LAN, but it should at least work there
12:50 caroline_ Both are returned
12:51 caroline_ I re-checked it out from my end and only one was added to the usesr's file
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12:51 Joubu good news for you then :) Maybe you will want to delete one of the 2 checkins from the old_issues table, to fix the history
12:53 caroline_ Since there is no constraint, could it be mechanical, like the scanner scanned the barcode twice in quick succession and it checked out twice?
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12:53 caroline_ At the same time, they told me it only started happening when they switched to IE
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12:54 Joubu magnuse: the code is talking about indicator(1)==7 and subfield $2, see C4::Biblio::GetMarcUrls
12:55 magnuse Joubu: the html looks good, though: <a href="file://P:/HPX/V141.pdf">Klicka här för att gå online</a>
12:56 magnuse in chromium, when i right click on the link, there are no options related to links, like "open in a new pane" or "copy link address"
12:56 Joubu I guess it's the ':'
12:57 magnuse in firefox those options are there. "copy link address" works, but "open in a new pane" does nothing
12:58 magnuse s/pane/tab/
12:58 magnuse ah, could be
12:59 Joubu magnuse: it is a URI reserved char, so you need to escape it
13:00 Joubu biblibre around? Simon?
13:05 magnuse Joubu: ah, i had not considered that, thanks for the pointer!
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13:13 chris_n heya pianohacker
13:13 wahanui g/xml/d
13:16 chris_n Joubu: the issue was that patrons are forbidden to return books via self-check; all parameters mentioned thus far are set correctly as far as I can tell
13:16 chris_n guess I'll have to dig into it :-)
13:17 Joubu good luck then :)
13:17 * chris_n will need it
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15:02 ammopt hello everyone
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15:02 hlx hi
15:04 ammopt i'm having problems with performance using serials
15:04 ammopt i have pinpointed the performance problem to the abouttoexpire function
15:04 ammopt located here:
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15:04 ammopt[…]/
15:04 Joubu what is your Koha version?
15:04 ammopt namely when the function GetExpirationDate is called
15:04 ammopt 16.11.12
15:04 Joubu and hi :)
15:04 ammopt heyo
15:05 ammopt my question is how important is this function
15:05 ammopt and how should i go about hacking it
15:05 ammopt im afraid i might open holes somewhere else
15:07 Joubu did you display the startdate and enddate?
15:07 ammopt im thinking of inverting the if + elseif
15:08 ammopt you mean in the summary of the subscription?
15:08 Joubu select count(*) from subscription where startdate like "9999%" or enddate like "9999%";
15:08 Joubu if you have date like 9999-12-31, the comparaison/calculation/etc will take ages
15:09 ammopt oh
15:09 ammopt i see
15:09 ammopt that must be it actually
15:09 ammopt ill run that query
15:10 ammopt well
15:10 ammopt 10037
15:10 ammopt i have 15k subscriptions total
15:10 ammopt that explains it, i guess
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15:11 Joubu select count(*) from subscription where startdate like "9999%";
15:11 Joubu select count(*) from subscription where enddate like "9999%";
15:11 Joubu to see if it is startdate or enddate
15:11 ammopt its enddate
15:12 ammopt only 1 of those is startdate
15:12 ammopt the other 10.036 are endate
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15:16 Joubu I'd say it is expected for enddate, check if the perf issue is only with the startdate=~^9999 or with others as well
15:17 ammopt I just checked my original data
15:17 ammopt our team developed a custom script to import biblios + create subscription + import serials
15:18 ammopt and it turns out in fact all of the data has 9999 in the field we're using for enddate
15:18 ammopt i will try to prove if it is indeed this that its causing the lag
15:18 ammopt and follow your suggestion
15:18 ammopt thanks a bunch
15:20 Joubu let us know if it's better after the changes
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15:21 ammopt yes i hope to have a conlusion soon
15:28 ammopt i think i got it, Joubo
15:28 ammopt i think it has to do with periodicity
15:28 ammopt we have some data with "once a year" but the actual data doesnt respect that
15:29 ammopt the periodicity->{unit} is empty/false for the irregular subscriptions
15:29 ammopt so those are processed fast
15:29 ammopt but if there's any other periodicity defined, it lags
15:30 ammopt now i dont know if i should change the code or update all the data to irregular
15:32 Joubu if the data are bad, it's always better to update them :)
15:33 ammopt i still need to check if its because the subscriptions have periodicity defined
15:33 ammopt or if it is defined but not compatible with the actual serials
15:34 ammopt and for that i need to find an actual "real" subscription born in Koha
15:50 ammopt has nothing to do with the actual data not respecting the periodicity
15:51 ammopt if it has periodicity other than irregular -> takes 10 seconds, no matter what type of data
15:51 ammopt if irregular -> 1.5 secs
15:51 ammopt tested on an online demo, happens the same
15:51 ammopt also running 16.11.12
15:51 ammopt except the online demo is a tad fast, probably cause the database is much lightier
15:52 ammopt online demo is instant with irregular and about 4 seconds with any other periodicity
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16:17 * LeeJ waves
16:17 LeeJ hi #koha
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16:22 LeeJ kidclamp++
16:22 kidclamp what'd i do?
16:23 kidclamp oh, hah
16:23 kidclamp if you want to so that patch.... :-D
16:28 LeeJ I think I will as soon as I finish this method I'm writing :P
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17:33 LeeJ does anyone know what the do? It doesn't appear to have a perldoc so it's hard to include it in kohadocs
17:35 LeeJ aha! I'm thankful all old bug patches get archived!
17:42 LeeJ cait: around?
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18:01 cait yep
18:02 cait LeeJ:
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18:07 cait hey
18:18 LeeJ cait: sorry got pulled to help with something :P
18:20 LeeJ cait: has never been in kohadocs...what heading should it go under? Or should a new one be created?
18:27 cait hm
18:27 cait i am not sure waht it does
18:28 cait is that the one for oclc connexion?
18:29 LeeJ cait: according to the patch here https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]hment.cgi?id=8256 its description is "a cron job for processing import batch queues of type 'webservice' batches can also be processed through the UI"
18:29 cait hmm
18:29 cait i think it was a little part of it
18:29 cait maybe
18:29 cait a daemon that listens for OCLC Connexion
18:29 cait ah
18:30 cait that's the other script
18:30 LeeJ should we include it?
18:30 cait i think we shoudl include both
18:30 cait with the description from the bug
18:30 LeeJ okay :)
18:31 cait might be helpful to somoene
18:31 cait brb - washing the dishes :)
18:31 LeeJ okay!
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18:45 cait hi tomascohen[m] :)
18:46 tcohen hi
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19:16 eythian Hi kathryn
19:17 kathryn hi eythian!
19:17 eythian Rumour has it I'm coming back for New Year's.
19:17 kathryn ooooOOOOoooooo
19:17 eythian I know this because someone i haven't spoken to since I left knew.
19:18 kathryn well that's a sure thang then
19:18 eythian Definitely
19:18 kathryn cool, I'll be around btw Christmas and NYs
19:19 eythian Sweet. I'm sure I'll attend some beer o'clock
19:19 eythian I need to work out the internal details still
19:20 kathryn I'll be on holiday from Christmas til the 9th or so, but can catch up sometime for sure
19:21 ibeardslee eythian: that's good I understand francois will be about around that time as well
19:21 eythian kathryn: hmm, I think I head back around the 7th
19:22 eythian ibeardslee: oh nice
19:22 eythian kathryn: but if your holiday is still around Wellington, it'll work :)
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19:30 cait :)
19:41 LeeJ cait: so should I add a new section? Perhaps calling it OCLC?
19:42 cait i think the job might have been thougth to be general
19:42 LeeJ okay
19:42 cait the import webservice one
19:42 cait do we have something like catalouging?
19:43 LeeJ we have a Catalog section
19:44 cait that sounds ogod
19:44 LeeJ okay :)
19:46 LeeJ cait: by the way..there's a merge request pending
19:46 LeeJ :)
19:47 cait hehe i know
19:47 cait just a bit slow tonight
19:50 LeeJ all good! :)
19:54 cait thx for the work :)
19:59 LeeJ cait: glad to help :)
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20:16 barton hey #koha, the 'Create from SQL' link seems to have disappeared from reports/ on master. Is there a different way to get to it that I'm missing?
20:17 cait do you have the create sql perm?
20:17 cait i still see the link
20:17 * wizzyrea wonders if the db update didn't update users who aren't superlibrarian to have the permission
20:18 wizzyrea or something like
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20:18 cait hm if you are superlibrarian i think ti should just work
20:18 cait and was a separate permission for a long time
20:18 barton hm. I'm logged in as the database user (prolly not the best idea, but it's a fresh install)
20:18 cait yeah well, don't do that heh
20:19 wizzyrea haha
20:19 wizzyrea yeah don't do that.
20:19 wizzyrea I see it on master logged in as the db user though
20:20 wizzyrea custom JS?
20:21 barton wizzyrea: nope. I'm using master, fresh install.
20:22 wizzyrea dunno then, wfm
20:22 Joubu create a user anyway :)
20:22 wizzyrea ^
20:22 wizzyrea ffs, that's why we have the onboarder.
20:22 wizzyrea so you never log in with the db user.
20:23 Joubu there is also misc/devel/
20:24 Joubu there is no excuse for using it :)
20:24 wizzyrea ^^^
20:24 barton yeah, I'm making that happen.
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20:57 BobB morning
20:58 cait meeting in a moment
21:00 cait #startmeeting Documentation IRC meeting 19 October 2017
21:00 huginn` Meeting started Thu Oct 19 21:00:37 2017 UTC.  The chair is cait. Information about MeetBot at
21:00 huginn` Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
21:00 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 19 October 2017)
21:00 huginn` The meeting name has been set to 'documentation_irc_meeting_19_october_2017'
21:01 cait #topic introductions
21:01 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
21:01 Topic for #koha is now introductions (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 19 October 2017)
21:01 georgewilliams #info George Williams, Northeast Kansas Library System
21:01 cait please introduce yourself using #info :)
21:01 BobB #info Bob Birchall, Calyx, Australia
21:01 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart
21:01 caboose #info Michael Cabus, ByWater Solutions
21:01 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
21:02 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_19_October_2017 today's agenda
21:02 rangi #info Chris Cormack, Catalyst NZ
21:02 cait #chair rangi
21:02 huginn` Current chairs: cait rangi
21:02 cait thx all cor coming!
21:02 cait #topic How does it work?
21:02 Topic for #koha is now How does it work? (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 19 October 2017)
21:02 cait I don't have new information since the last meeting, instrcutions are available on the wiki
21:03 cait but are there any questions about the process?
21:03 caboose I'm just getting my act together (missed last( but will review instructions :)
21:03 cait let me know if I can help :)
21:04 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_the_Koha_Manual Instructions on how to edit hte manual
21:04 cait moving on
21:04 BobB no contribution from me yet, cait, hoping to get to it in the next couple of weeks
21:04 cait BobB: thx! Irma has sent a merge request - waiting for her feedback on my comment
21:04 cait #topic What's been done so far
21:05 Topic for #koha is now What's been done so far (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 19 October 2017)
21:05 cait #info LeeJ has been cleaning up the cronjobs chapter and adding new things to it
21:05 cait #info Joubu fixed the problem with the screenshots that were not migrated correctly
21:06 cait #info jzairo has been working on a patron clubs feature - merged not long ago today
21:06 cait #info Documentation Sprint has been quite good, we got some first time contributors, more listed on the wiki
21:06 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]tation_Sprint_Day Past Documentation Sprint day
21:07 cait #info kellym has been updating the authorized values list
21:07 cait hope i didn't miss someone - every contribution is much appreciated
21:07 kellym #info kelly mcelligott bywater
21:07 rangi i fixed the search
21:07 rangi thats about all I got done
21:07 cait #info rangi fixed the search problem!
21:07 cait sorry :)
21:08 cait i'd like to move on to todo if that' sok
21:08 cait #topic Next steps
21:08 Topic for #koha is now Next steps (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 19 October 2017)
21:08 cait #link todo list
21:09 cait we've listed some areas where descriptions are missing, authorised values and notices for examples
21:09 cait i think it would be good to take a look at the feature lists of the last releaess and check against the manuals what is missing
21:10 cait if someone wants to volunteer to fill up the list it would be nice :)
21:10 cait rangi, any technical todos?
21:10 rangi there are nicer ways to do translation than the way we currently do it for the old manual, id like to get one of those working
21:11 cait yes, translation is a big TODO
21:11 rangi
21:11 rangi we can still use pootle, but there are easier was to generate the .po file
21:11 reiveune bye
21:11 reiveune left #koha
21:12 cait hm but still po files then?
21:12 cait i thin one problem with pootle is if hte po files orders alphabetic
21:12 rangi yes
21:12 cait would be nice to have th estrings in the order they appear
21:12 rangi people can use transifex or anything they want with the .po file
21:13 kellym-kohamtg cait I can add to the to do list for 17.05 release including new sys pref and features
21:13 rangi its the currently the way we generate it, and regenerate the docs that is the messy bit
21:13 Joubu Are there notes somewhere already about that?
21:13 rangi Joubu: about what?
21:13 cait kellym-kohamtg: thx! sysprefs should be done up to 17.05, but everything else we didn't check
21:13 Joubu manual translation
21:13 Joubu the different possibilities, what has been tried already, etc.
21:13 cait #action kellym to add missing 17.05 features to to-do list
21:14 rangi i dont have the docs for the old docxml way, that was done by bernardo
21:14 rangi but this looks like the best way for sphinx
21:14 rangi
21:14 cait for the old way there is inofrmation on the wiki
21:14 rangi and
21:14 cait we haven't added anything there for sphinx yet
21:14 Joubu when will want to pick the strings that are already translated on the old manual I guess?
21:15 Joubu :s/when/we
21:15 Joubu (sorry, tired...)
21:15 rangi for the ones that are translated yes
21:15 rangi (which is spanish, french, chinese and german?)
21:15 rangi we can start fresh with the others
21:15 cait not german
21:15 cait but there are some
21:15 cait italian maybe too
21:16 rangi ah yes substitute italian for german
21:16 cait it's been a lot of work, would be good to save it
21:16 rangi the old way you get lots of duplicated stuff
21:16 rangi (like we do in our .tt)
21:17 rangi im hoping we can reduce lots of that
21:17 Joubu I will try to have a look at that, if nobody else does
21:17 cait ot as much in the manuals as in the interface i think, but yeah
21:18 Joubu why duplicated stuff?
21:18 Joubu strings should appear only once in the manual, so should not be picked twice
21:18 rangi heh no
21:18 rangi lots of strings repeat
21:18 Joubu ok sounds fun
21:19 rangi but i think sphinx-intl will do a much better job
21:19 rangi we will see :)
21:19 cait i still think translating in context would make up for repeats
21:20 Joubu ok, so the plan would be to first make it translatable easily, then reinject the strings that are already translated
21:20 cait not having context or knowing what the paragraph before referenced to is making things hard
21:20 rangi yeah
21:20 cait manual translation coudl be different to gui
21:21 cait ok
21:21 cait is there any action item we can look?
21:21 rangi i really dont want to build any more tools we have to look after
21:21 cait is someone volunteering to look into options?
21:22 rangi if we can use tools others are maintaining, rather than our own scripts its a massive win
21:23 Joubu I really would like to announce that the manual for 17.11 is ready, so I will try to have a look
21:23 rangi cool
21:23 Joubu at least estimate the amount of work we need
21:24 rangi thanks Joubu
21:24 cait #action Joubu is goingto look into options for manual translation
21:24 cait ok
21:24 cait something else?
21:24 wahanui well, something else is doing that, before you ran my rebuild
21:25 Joubu yes
21:25 Joubu wait
21:25 Joubu what's next? :)
21:25 cait getting more people involved
21:25 Joubu I would like to know what do we do for the new ft
21:25 cait new features?
21:25 wahanui new features are almost invariable meant for master
21:25 Joubu the ones that are going to be in 17.11
21:26 cait we have a possible backlog to 16.11 or 16.05, not sure yet
21:26 cait kellym-kohamtg:  was going to look at 17.05 release notes
21:26 kellym-kohamtg yes cait!
21:26 cait maybe we could provide 'alpha' release notes for 17.11 to get people started?
21:26 rangi they are there now
21:26 cait link?
21:26 wahanui link is both helpful/unhelpful
21:27 rangi
21:27 rangi its always that pattern
21:27 Joubu I would like to do something for the release notes, provide them very early and make the contribution/fix easy
21:27 cait yeah, but not release notes to see what will be added :)
21:27 Joubu and highlight what is missing (new)
21:27 rangi ah right, misread
21:27 cait Joubu: hm?
21:28 rangi Joubu: you could use gitlab ci or jenkins
21:28 rangi to publish them somewhere
21:28 cait constantly bulid them
21:28 cait could work
21:28 Joubu new ft will be highlighted in the release note, with the "release notes" field
21:28 cait ah
21:28 Joubu - Is it enough to put that in the manual?
21:28 cait jenkins sounds like a good idea to me
21:28 cait no
21:28 Joubu - Does we ask dev to make something bigger for the manual?
21:28 Joubu - It is not a job for dev
21:29 cait because you can't see where it should go and it's suppoed to be a summary I think - not instructions how to use
21:29 Joubu - Do we want to have all these ft with enough doc when 17.11 is out?
21:29 cait without having the list I fear that we might not have enough people rightnow
21:30 cait we could try to get more people involved by having such a list
21:30 cait and if peope send me text i can make the patches to include
21:30 cait if that's a barrier
21:30 cait add screenshots too if they are sent separately
21:31 cait Joubu: could you check where we could keep the pre-release notes? and then we send an email to the mailng list to aks people to send merge requests or texts to koha-docs mailing list to include?
21:31 Joubu Anyone around that is willing to help documenting the new 17.11 features?
21:32 cait caboose-afk: don't go... was going to ask you about styling the manual :)
21:32 caboose-afk I definitely want to get involved
21:32 caboose-kohatmtg yeah I want to help with that for sure cait!
21:32 cait someone left some notes about ways on how to do that on the todo list
21:32 caboose-kohatmtg sweet
21:33 cait haven't had time to review, but might be a starting point
21:33 caboose-kohatmtg cool, I am on it
21:33 Francesca joined #koha
21:33 cait #info caboose to look into styling/improving the manual look and feel
21:34 cait Joubu: willing to try, but can't do it alone, so let's try mailing list next
21:34 cait #info If people want to send text and screenshots instead of merge requests, cait will turn that into patches
21:35 cait #action caboose to look into styling/improving the manual look and feel
21:35 cait #action Joubu to generate pre-release notes for manual work
21:35 cait search has been fixed
21:36 * Joubu duplicates himself
21:36 cait so i think we covered about all of the next steps topics listed now
21:36 cait sounds good :)
21:36 cait moving on?
21:36 cait #topic Getting more people involved
21:36 Topic for #koha is now Getting more people involved (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 19 October 2017)
21:36 cait actually that fits with the question about 17.11
21:37 cait i think too early for another sprint maybe
21:37 cait any other ideas?
21:37 wahanui any other ideas are welcome as well
21:38 BobB as a company we want to help ....
21:38 Joubu people should stop sleeping
21:38 BobB but there are so many competing demands on everyone's time
21:38 cait Joubu: not sure I can do with even less...
21:39 BobB somehow we really need to get users to own this - librarians
21:39 wizzyrea ^
21:39 cait BobB: we understand, it's just turning into a global problem :)
21:39 georgewilliams As a librarian I want to help too but, like BobB says, there are a lot of demands on my time
21:39 cait all the koha people are super busy, which is good, so we need more of us and get libraries involved
21:40 BobB so keep pounding the mailing list?
21:40 cait georgewilliams: what would make it easy for you?
21:40 georgewilliams If there were two of me
21:40 BobB LOL
21:40 cait heh
21:40 cait maybe another thought
21:40 * wizzyrea fires up the cloning machine
21:40 Joubu (just a number, this year we have ~20 authors per months, last years it was ~30)
21:40 cait #info Please think about putting your name down for documentation team 18.05
21:40 georgewilliams I'm being crushed by demands for help from the 51 libraries in our system, so my biggest issue is a complete lack of time
21:42 cait georgewilliams: maybe start small... you are lookign for something in the manual, don't find it, note it on the todo
21:42 georgewilliams That I can probably do
21:42 cait also when you notice a typo or whatever
21:42 georgewilliams That's a good idea - a good starting point
21:42 Joubu cait: maybe you should (just in case...) add a message on the kanba. There was a documation epic with lot of people interesting by contributing to the manual
21:42 cait the todo is made so it can't be done quickly, no log in or anything
21:42 Joubu kanban*
21:43 cait #info If you ntoice something missing on the manual, a typo, some error, please take a short moment to note on the to-do list!
21:43 cait #action cait to update the kanban with latest developments/needs
21:43 cait and if any of you know someone who would be good to contribute something, please ask them
21:44 cait moving onto setting a date for the next meeting ok?
21:44 cait it's awfully late here
21:44 georgewilliams And I'll also report on this meeting and the need for contributers at the next Koha-US meeting
21:44 cait excellent!
21:44 NateC joined #koha
21:44 caboose-kohatmtg :)
21:44 cait #action georgewilliams to report about the documentation meeting and the need for contributors at the next Koha-US meeting
21:44 cait cool
21:45 cait #topic Set time of next meeting
21:45 Topic for #koha is now Set time of next meeting (Meeting topic: Documentation IRC meeting 19 October 2017)
21:45 cait so release is end of nov
21:45 cait should we meet agian before?
21:46 Joubu in 3 weeks
21:46 caboose-kohatmtg perfect
21:47 cait Joubu: can you suggest a date?
21:47 Joubu +3w, Now 8th :)
21:47 Joubu Nov
21:47 cait is that ok for everyone?
21:47 kellym-kohamtg yes
21:47 caboose-kohatmtg yep
21:47 georgewilliams yes
21:48 cait hm let me quickly chekc my calendar
21:48 Joubu ha, it's a Wed
21:48 Joubu maybe 9th then
21:48 BobB Nov 8 is a Wednesday
21:49 cait hm will be having trainign that week
21:49 cait so that week is generally bad for me, unless somoene else could chair
21:49 cait is a week later still ok? maybe monday?
21:50 caboose-kohatmtg that works for me
21:50 cait 13th
21:50 cait same time? at least we should go into winter time before that, so a little bette rfor me (if I calculated correctly)
21:50 georgewilliams 13th works here
21:50 kellym-kohamtg that date works for me!
21:52 cait #agreed next meeting will be on Monday, 13 November, 21 UTC
21:52 cait #endmeeting
21:52 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
21:52 huginn` Meeting ended Thu Oct 19 21:52:07 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
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21:52 huginn` Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]19-21.00.log.html
21:52 cait thx all for attending!
21:52 caboose-kohatmtg thank you cait!
21:53 BobB thank you cait
21:53 cait time to sleep :)
21:53 cait bye all!
22:11 Francesca joined #koha
22:15 JoshB left #koha
23:45 NateC joined #koha
23:53 papa joined #koha

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