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13:38 cait @later tell magnuse could you take another look at Bug 18585 - Connect to RDF triplestore? Patch still applies.
13:38 huginn` cait: The operation succeeded.
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20:43 pianohacker hi cait :)
20:48 cait hi pianohacker :)
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21:59 wizzyrea I think we need to be able to print pages of barcodes without having items already created for them.
21:59 wizzyrea i.e. give Koha a range, it spits out barcodes, on label pages.
21:59 wizzyrea this thing where you have to have an item before you can print a barcode is for the birds.
22:01 cait i think there is a patch somewhere in the queues for that
22:03 cait bug 7468
22:03 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7468 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, david.bourgault, Failed QA , Add label to batch by barcode range
22:03 wizzyrea 7468
22:04 wizzyrea mm no that is not the same thing
22:04 wizzyrea the thing I envision has nothing to do with existent barcodes.
22:05 wizzyrea oh I didn't read far enough down.
22:05 wizzyrea well good, maybe it will get in.
22:06 wizzyrea tired of seeing work arounds built in to defeat the chicken-egg problem that is printing barcodes from Koha.
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23:40 LeeJ hi all!
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