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00:09 Francesca joined #koha
00:12 mtompset Thanks, aleisha. I'll try to figure out what constraint it causing this.
00:46 mtompset aleisha: Could you try deleting lines 33&34 the dbh stuff in the Iterator.t test and retry?
00:47 mtompset Because I believe it is dying at 37 for you.
00:58 aleisha mtompset, i deleted those lines and still got the same error
00:59 mtompset :(
00:59 mtompset Is your data sensitive?
00:59 mtompset (i.e. could I get a copy of it)
01:01 wizzyrea mtompset, i'm wondering if she's up against
01:01 wizzyrea https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]uto_increment_fix
01:01 mtompset Hmmm...
01:01 wizzyrea so let us troubleshoot for a min
01:01 mtompset Yes, that is a good idea.
01:03 wizzyrea yay that was it I think (aleisha will confirm)
01:05 Francesca joined #koha
01:06 wizzyrea well it was part of it :/
01:11 aleisha mtompset, we found that the tests passed when i had no issues, but when i had issues, they failed
01:11 aleisha so do you have any issues?
01:11 mtompset Sorry... issues? Probably not.
01:11 mtompset What's an issue?
01:11 wahanui rumour has it an issue is more like "what information do I want to show on jcamins's screenshot." :P
01:11 wizzyrea like a checkout
01:11 mtompset still checked out?
01:11 wahanui checked out is set to 0000-00-00.
01:12 wizzyrea something on issue to a borroewr
01:12 aleisha sorry check out
01:12 wizzyrea checked out to a borrower
01:12 mtompset Let me check a book out and see.
01:13 mtompset AH! Thanks. Reproduced.
01:13 wizzyrea \o/
01:13 aleisha \o/ and /o\
01:13 wizzyrea forget checked out
01:13 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot checked out
01:14 aleisha if that makes sense
01:14 wizzyrea ymca?
01:14 wizzyrea hrmph.
01:14 aleisha lol
01:14 wizzyrea \o/     ^o^      /o/       /o\
01:15 wizzyrea oh I remember why wahanui wasn't taught that one
01:15 wizzyrea because of all of the ding dang escaping
01:15 mtompset recursive?
01:15 aleisha hahaha
01:19 * Francesca waves
01:20 wizzyrea hey Francesca
01:20 wahanui Francesca is a musical front end cat person
01:20 wizzyrea how's stuff
01:20 Francesca very very busy
01:20 Francesca almost break!
01:20 Francesca I have vocal competitions this weekend though
01:20 Francesca and you?
01:20 wizzyrea keepin on keepin on :)
01:21 mtompset aleisha: Fixed.
01:21 mtompset Just needed to delete Issues too. :)
01:21 aleisha woohoo
01:22 wizzyrea \o/
01:22 mtompset apply the last patch and keep on testing.
01:22 mtompset I personally like...
01:23 mtompset sudo koha-shell -c bash kohadev
01:23 mtompset prove `git diff origin/master | grep ^diff | grep [.]t$ | cut -f4 -d' ' | sed -e "s#^..##"`
01:23 mtompset Runs all the tests that were changed. :)
01:24 aleisha good tip!
01:25 aleisha okay so a couple of things
01:25 aleisha fails in t/db_dependent/search.t and t/db_dependent/ILSDI_services.t
01:25 aleisha ill paste the output for you
01:26 pastebot "aleisha" at pasted "error output" (38 lines) at
01:26 pastebot "aleisha" at pasted "error output ILSDI_Services.t" (42 lines) at
01:27 mtompset Search some of that noise is pre-existing.
01:27 aleisha oh yeah i think the search stuff is just noise then ignore that
01:27 mtompset But the ILSDI one... hmm....
01:27 aleisha just the ILSDI one
01:28 mtompset Do you have clubs?
01:28 aleisha i might do, let me check
01:28 aleisha i do
01:28 aleisha should i delete them
01:29 aleisha theyre only there for testing purposes
01:29 mtompset No, the test should do that.... in a rollback-y way.
01:29 aleisha oh okay, yeah my clubs still exist
01:29 mtompset Let me see if I can reproduce by adding one.
01:31 mtompset Duplicated by adding them with a branchcode set.
01:35 aleisha \o/
01:36 mtompset aleisha: fixed. :)
01:37 aleisha i will reapply
01:38 aleisha that test passes now :)
01:38 aleisha all tests successful
01:38 mtompset YAY!
01:39 mtompset Now, actually try to OpacHiddenItem things and override them. :)
01:43 mtompset Oh, and don't forget fun test cases like having two or more items on the same biblio, but choosing rules that only hides some of them. :)
01:44 aleisha can i just clarify how the test plan should work
01:44 mtompset My two biblio test cases... any two biblios, one had two items, but I made all three items different itypes.
01:44 mtompset Sure ask away.
01:45 aleisha so if i have opachiddenItems set to 'itype: BK' and opachiddenitemsexceptions set to 'S'
01:45 mtompset [BK]
01:45 aleisha that means patrons of category S cant see items of category BK?
01:45 mtompset Don't forget the []'s
01:45 aleisha o yeah i didnt, just didnt type them here
01:46 mtompset No, patron category S is the exception... so it CAN see.
01:46 aleisha okay yeah thats what i thought
01:47 mtompset Oh, and I had to play with that itypes system preference too.
01:47 mtompset trying to remember the name.
01:48 wizzyrea item level itypes?
01:48 aleisha item-level_itypes
01:48 wahanui well, item-level_itypes is the pref I think
01:48 mtompset item-level_itypes -- yes
01:48 aleisha did you set it to biblio record?
01:48 wizzyrea i can't ever remember the hyphen/underscore things on that one
01:48 mtompset No, items.
01:49 mtompset That way I could set the items to three different types. :)
01:49 aleisha oh right
01:49 mtompset Get search results with both biblios, but only one item for the one with two.
01:50 kellym joined #koha
01:50 mtompset and other fun combinations.
01:51 mtompset And when you start playing with tags.
01:52 mtompset If you have two results, but the results with your tag (which identical to the tag by someone else on the other), you will get two results when you try to limit you search by tag.
01:52 mtompset And then it will go to the 404 page.
01:52 mtompset That is a KNOWN and not in this bug error.
01:53 mtompset See the FIXME comment that was added. :)
01:54 aleisha it looks so far like its working for me with opac tests
01:54 mtompset Now you need to confirm all the searching and details in intranet work too.
01:55 mtompset Because lots of functions had prototypes changed.
01:55 mtompset Though, there won't be any filtering. :)
01:56 mtompset searchResults, GetHiddenItemnumbers, GetMarcBiblio, and EmbedItemsInMarc (or something like that) were the four major functions affected.
01:56 mtompset feel free to grep for them and read the code to see if any calls are wrong.
01:57 mtompset I discovered you had missed one search_context. :)
01:57 mtompset But given the massive nature of these function calls, it always helps to have multiple eyes.
02:01 aleisha just trying to put osmething in the reservoir
02:01 mtompset Hmm... okay, let's see what may break. I didn't try that.
02:03 aleisha its in your test plan though!
02:04 aleisha nothing seems to break so i think everythings all good
02:04 aleisha if that's all, im happy to sign off on it
02:05 aleisha on your stuff
02:05 mtompset where's the reservoir stuff?
02:05 aleisha what reservoir stuff
02:06 mtompset you said it was in my test plan.
02:06 mtompset I don't recall that.
02:06 mtompset I manually catalogued something.
02:06 aleisha the last step on bug 14385 comment 32
02:06 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14385 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Extend OpacHiddenItems to allow specifying exempt borrower categories
02:07 mtompset Silly me... I forgot to redo that in my testing. :)
02:08 aleisha i have to head off in a few minutes so do you wanna quickly check it all works for you as expected?
02:08 aleisha i dont see anything broken so happy to sign off while im here
02:08 mtompset I'll later tell you. No rush on the sign off. :) I have to put my chauffeur hat on.
02:09 aleisha sweet :)
02:35 kellym left #koha
03:05 mtompset @later tell aleisha I have put up the fullest test plan thus far. I have yet to do it all.
03:05 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
03:39 mtompset Have a great day, #koha
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05:40 * magnuse waves
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06:26 marcelr hi #koha
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07:22 reiveune hello
07:22 wahanui niihau, reiveune
07:35 cait joined #koha
07:36 gaetan_B joined #koha
07:36 gaetan_B hello
08:09 cait hi gaetan_B
08:10 Amit_Gupta joined #koha
08:22 eythian hi
08:26 magnuse hiya reiveune cait gaetan_B Amit_Gupta eythian
08:26 Amit_Gupta hi magnuse
08:26 wahanui kamelåså
08:26 * cait waves
08:27 Amit_Gupta heya cait
08:49 drojf joined #koha
08:49 drojf hi #koha
08:49 cait oh a drojf!
08:49 wahanui a drojf is from Germany and developing Koha on a raspberry pi!
08:50 drojf mtj: around?
08:50 drojf hi cait
08:54 marcelr hi drojf
08:54 drojf hi marcelr
08:54 drojf eythian: i just got an @later from you, seems like i have not been here for a while :D
08:55 mtj aloha, good peoples
08:55 marcelr hi mtj
08:57 drojf hi mtj
09:04 * mtj saves his wp release draft
09:06 Tylathos joined #koha
09:07 Tylathos Hey #koha
09:18 magnuse so i'm doing this query: SELECT categorycode, privacy, count(*) AS Antal FROM borrowers GROUP BY categorycode, privacy ORDER BY categorycode, privacy
09:18 magnuse is there a way to have it return never/default/forever for privacy, instead of 0/1/2?
09:19 magnuse in other words translate 0 => forever, 1 => default, 2 => never
09:35 LibraryClaire magnuse: i can't get into the schema for some reason atm but you could always try an IF statement?
09:37 LibraryClaire also hi #koha
09:37 magnuse LibraryClaire: ah, guess i never played with that before. thanks!
09:46 magnuse CASE fixed it: SELECT categorycode, CASE privacy WHEN 0 THEN 'forever' WHEN 1 THEN 'default' WHEN 2 THEN 'never' END AS privacy, count(*) AS Antal FROM borrowers GROUP BY categorycode, privacy ORDER BY categorycode, privacy
09:50 LibraryClaire ooh, I haven't really played with CASE
09:55 * magnuse neither
09:56 * magnuse wanders off to play with some food
10:21 kidclamp joined #koha
10:34 magnuse kia ora khall and kidclamp
10:34 khall mornin magnuse!
10:35 khall lol
10:36 kidclamp_DND morning magnuse
10:36 * magnuse tries not to disturb
10:45 kidclamp_DND heh, it's really more of a notice to you that I am not paying attention so may not respond
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11:25 meliss joined #koha
11:36 mtj hi cait, Joubu, drojf - all good for release ?
11:41 marcelr mtj: what about fridolin?
11:43 mtj i think he is not on irc, atm
11:44 marcelr mtj: i guess he should be pushing first to 1705
11:44 drojf packages are done, not sure who is going to give the upload sign
11:45 drojf marcelr: the pushing is done already
11:45 marcelr ok
11:45 drojf unless somebody missed something, which would be a bit late now :)
11:46 marcelr i did not see a few reports passing by that i expected too
11:46 drojf ok. i did not pay much attention to bz lately, i just packaged what was there
11:47 mtj it would be good to get jenkins build the sec repo
11:51 mtj im hoping to send release stuff in next hour, as its late here
11:53 drojf cait wrote down the sec release process last time. cait *ping*
11:55 drojf "RM is going to announce (email, ( the release  once everything is in place, coordinating the last steps with Mirko  and moving the tarballs to their final destination."
11:55 drojf "- Tarballs will be built by Rmaints and uploaded to<youruser>/ "  <<< did that happen?
11:57 drojf so Joubu should be doing the anouncement. i'll have to leave. i will check back in an hour or two
11:57 drojf later #koha
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12:18 cait sorry, was not here, uploaded mine to katrin
12:29 mtj yes, me too
12:29 cait to katrin? :)
12:30 cait I sent the instructions from last time, noone vetoed/commented, so I thought we'd do it the same as last time
12:30 cait I have prepared a draft on the website, just not published
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13:21 tcohen hi
13:23 marcelr hola
13:30 * cait waves
13:35 kmlussier joined #koha
13:38 tcohen marcelr: can u take a look at bug 17467? I don't thing there's a need for dev_install in it
13:38 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17467 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , There should be a koha-zebra script to handle Zebra daemons for instances
13:38 tcohen but maybe I'm wrong
13:39 marcelr i will
13:39 tcohen I'd like to see it pushed for the release so will start asking for signoffs
13:39 tcohen thanks
13:45 tcohen1 joined #koha
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14:40 drojf joined #koha
14:41 drojf hi. any news?
14:42 kellym joined #koha
14:55 tcohen hi drojf
14:58 cait tcohen: you killed my followup on 18120
14:59 cait at least comment, if you don't like it ;)
14:59 tcohen :-P
14:59 tcohen it was a mistake!
15:00 cait I had commented on permissions too
15:00 tcohen you added a followup but didn't sign it off, you payed a price for that
15:01 cait anyway, have to leave, bye all
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15:30 reiveune bye
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15:55 * cait waves
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16:29 * LeeJ waves
16:29 LeeJ hi everybody
16:29 wahanui Hi, Doctor Nick!
16:31 * cait waves
16:32 * LeeJ waves to cait
16:34 LeeJ did I miss anything important at the meeting yesterday?
16:36 edveal joined #koha
16:46 cait LeeJ: hm - announced the documentation meeting date :)
16:46 LeeJ cait: good deal :)
16:46 cait meeting minutes
16:46 cait my brain is empty
16:48 LeeJ I'll look later..wasn't sure if they generated yet
16:48 LeeJ kinda distracted on my other project until Monday anyway :P
17:01 cait np
17:01 cait hope it goes well
17:04 LeeJ as do I
17:04 LeeJ I'll find out once the students start using it :)
17:04 LeeJ if I can figure out the MySQL select bug for DateTime...
17:09 tcohen minutes?
17:09 wahanui minutes are on the wiki page
17:14 Amit_Gupta joined #koha
17:14 LeeJ tcohen: good try lol
17:22 LeeJ well I'm heading out for now..just wanted to check in. cait: until tuesday email me if you need anything :)
17:26 cait :)
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