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05:23 dpk1 hi all.  I just ran an update (debian package upgrade) from 16.x to 17.05.02 and my admin site has broken with a the following error in plack-error.log:
05:23 dpk1 Could not compile /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ Attempt to reload Koha/Patron/ aborted.
05:23 dpk1 Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 31.
05:23 dpk1 BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 31.
05:25 dpk1 During the upgrade, the database update failed becauase mysql was not ready yet, but I manually ran and it seemed to have finished successfullly.  Is there perhaps some other updates steps that have been skipped?
05:27 dpk1 By the way, I was updated from 16.11.08.
05:39 dpk1 Has anyone seen this issue before?
05:44 mtj Dpk1. Did you try restarting placket and memcached?
05:44 mtj Oops. Plack
05:54 dpk1 Just did that via '/etc/init.d/koha-common restart' and that seems to have fixed it.  I am guessing that was skipped when the update errored.
05:54 dpk1 Thanks for the confirmation of my suspicion.
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06:00 dpk1 Thanks again #koha.
06:00 dpk1 Goodnight (or Good morning) wherever you are…
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06:15 BobB hi indradg
06:23 indradg hi BobB
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06:31 marcelr hi #koha
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06:45 * magnuse waves
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06:46 alex_a bonjour
06:52 BobB indradg you wrote a blog post on 'librarian chat' a while back, using mibew
06:52 BobB do you still use mibew?
06:52 * cait waves
06:52 BobB It seems to have a very small developer community - 1 or 2 guys
06:53 BobB hi cait :)
06:53 indradg hi cait
06:53 indradg BobB: yes, using it still
06:53 BobB and no support concerns?
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07:01 cait tcohen: ping?
07:01 wahanui Using deft allegory, the authors have provided an insightful and intuitive explanation of one of Unix's most venerable networking utilities.[…]oks/dp/0448421658
07:04 cait still having trouble resetting my kohadevbox
07:04 cait has someone seen this before?
07:04 cait Stderr from the command:
07:04 cait /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion: xmalloc: .././copy_cmd.c:365: cannot allocate 32 bytes (835584 bytes allocated)
07:09 cait $bbCait-12
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09:02 deb hi
09:02 wahanui bonjour, deb
09:04 deb I wanted to know about the infrastructure and cost needed for koha implimentation
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09:05 ex-parrot hey rangi :)
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09:40 mveron Hi again #koha
09:41 ex-parrot hello mveron :)
09:42 mveron Hi ex-parrot :-)
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09:42 mveron Hi cait :-)
09:42 cait hi mveron
09:42 mveron Can anybody confirm Bug 19048?
09:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19048 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Self checkout: Internal server error in
09:43 cait having fights with kohadevbox :( no koha for me right now
09:43 cait been trying to get it to work again all morning, running out of ideas
09:43 mveron :-(
09:43 cait was hoping to do some testing today
09:45 marcelr looks like an obvious bug, mveron
09:46 marcelr the find method is oftern not tested and should be tested more
09:47 marcelr i would say it is not critical since you must pass an invalid cardnumber
09:48 mveron marcelr: It happens with the very first call (simply try to start SCO), that's why I consider it as critical.
09:48 marcelr ok
09:48 cait ok, new virtualbox, new vagrant... and a gazillion things i tried and something of it fixed it
09:48 cait i got a devbox
09:48 marcelr great, cait
09:49 cait hope it survives restarting etc
09:49 mveron cait: fingers crossed...
09:49 cait thx :)
09:49 cait off to find late breakfast, bbiab
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10:13 * mveron has to go...
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12:40 Joubu hi #koha
12:42 marcelr hi Joubu
12:44 Joubu Hi guys, 19033, 19034, 19035 are security bugs, waiting for SO
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12:52 tcohen hola #koha
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13:28 oleonard Joubu++ # Thanks for catching and fixing Bug 19041
13:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19041 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , footerjs = 1 removed by bug 17855
13:42 LeeJ morning #koha
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13:48 Joubu LeeJ: Hi! Why did not you signoff on bug 18331?
13:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18331 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , CSV exports need to be fixed once and for all
13:49 LeeJ Joubu: I thought I had read it was frowned upon to sign off on patches you submit?
13:50 oleonard LeeJ: You can add your signoff if you want. It doesn't "count" as a signoff to move it into the QA queue.
13:50 oleonard Lee: Some projects have developers add their signoff to every patch. I'm not sure what the advantage is.
13:51 LeeJ Joubu: had mentioned last week you would be looking at it again yourself so I was waiting to see if you had any commentary before I moved forward regardless
13:51 LeeJ oleonard: thanks for the clarification..I don't understand projects that do that either
13:51 Joubu if you have tested everything and it worked for you, it is good to add your signed-off-by lines
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14:18 LeeJ Can someone explain the status of Bug 14435 ? I'm writing a "what's new" email for our library staff where I list impactful changes between 3.22 and this worth mentioning? It reads as if it's still "broken"
14:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14435 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, RESOLVED FIXED, Recover feature to store and access results of a report
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14:22 rsantellan good morning #koha
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14:36 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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14:55 rsantellan Hi doesn't anybody knows the full flow of retrieving the item data on the edit screen? I have the problems that the doesn't show the item data on the form. I have the data on the db but is never goes to the view
14:57 oleonard lari around?
14:57 cait rsantellan: did you check your marc frameworks and the visibility settings there?
14:57 rsantellan so far what I understand is that the GetMarcItem retrieves from GetItem the data from the items table, and after that parse the xml of the field
14:58 cait sometimes restarting plack also helps, depenidng on if you are using it and the version possibly
14:58 rsantellan I have plack disabled
14:58 cait so did you check the marc frameworks?
14:58 rsantellan I will recheck
14:58 cait go marc bibliographic frameworks > 952 and make sure 'editor' is checked for visilibity
15:00 rsantellan the field is marked in editor
15:02 cait thesubfields?
15:02 rsantellan where in the flow should retrieve all data from the xml in biblioitems.marcxml ? I'm using koha 16.11
15:02 cait you have to look at the subfield config
15:03 rsantellan for example the subfield 952^2 I have with visibility: opac, intranet and editor. and is a no show
15:04 cait source of classification?
15:04 cait hm do you have another example?
15:05 rsantellan is a migrated biblio from an old koha install
15:06 rsantellan all of the 952 field happend the same
15:06 cait sothe edit item form is empty?
15:06 rsantellan yes
15:06 cait and there is inofrmation in the items table?
15:06 rsantellan sorry, is not all empty
15:07 rsantellan only is empty the fields that are not in the items table
15:08 rsantellan for example the 952^u that I have mapped to the itemnumber in the koha to marc configuration
15:09 cait you should not change that mapping
15:09 cait especially not the itemnumber one
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15:09 cait so the information you are missing is NOT in the items table
15:09 cait where is it?
15:10 cait sorry, i am trying to understand
15:10 cait the items table kinda is 'the source of thruth' - all your information should be there in order to display in the edit item form
15:11 rsantellan the information is on biblioitems.marcxml there is all the xml with the data I want
15:11 cait that won't work
15:11 cait the marcxml should not even have a 952
15:11 cait a long time ago we stopped storing item information in marcxmk
15:11 rsantellan I have all the record of the biblio there
15:12 cait it's only in items and for indexing added to the records exported to zebra
15:12 cait yes
15:12 cait but only the biblio level, not the item level
15:12 rsantellan the migrations scripts put everything there.... :(
15:12 rsantellan where should it be all that data?
15:12 cait when you import items, you can import in 952 in the marc record
15:13 cait but on import, the items table should be filled with the inofrmation
15:13 cait and the 952 will be removed from the marcxml and should not be visible there
15:14 cait sorry, not sure i can explain that well
15:15 rsantellan okay, what if I have more data on the 952 that is not mapped to koha? where it should be, on more_subfields_xml?
15:15 cait yes
15:15 cait i fyou leave the mapping empty in the marc frameworks, it should go into more_subfields_xml automatically
15:18 rsantellan for example I have the 952^2 mapped to item.restricted and on the db of an item I have it the value in NULL. That means that the migration process was incorrect? How could I rebuild all items?
15:19 cait hm $2 is usually another itme
15:20 cait field
15:20 cait hm or let me check
15:20 cait restricted is a numerical value
15:21 cait is your data numerical?
15:21 rsantellan yes, is 0 or 1
15:21 cait it's liked to the RESTRICTED authorised value, is that set up with the values in your data?
15:22 cait hm restricted in my installation is mapped to 5  - why did you change the mappings?
15:23 cait 2 would be classification source, which is used to generate the sortable form of the callnumber in cn_sort
15:23 cait I would never recommend changeing the mappings
15:23 cait because the zebra indexes are set on the default mappings
15:24 cait so you will break search and possibly more if you reconfigure those
15:24 rsantellan I have 84533 biblios with 111748 items from a koha 2 installation that I'm migrating to koha 16.11
15:26 rsantellan I have does marc21 mappings on the old and trying to adjust them to the new one
15:26 cait are you migrating the data or trying to update the database<ß
15:26 cait ?
15:26 cait because i woudl try to make the data fit the current mappings
15:26 cait if you export the marc and items, I'd change it before reimporting
15:26 rsantellan migrating the data with all the upgrade scripts
15:27 cait i am not sure how best to resolve this
15:27 cait but I know that changing th emappings like this is very likely to cause you problems
15:27 cait at least with indexing
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15:28 cait maybe someone else who has done a koha 2 migration before can help you more
15:28 cait talljoy: around maybe?
15:29 rsantellan perhaps what I can is based on a clean koha install try to map all the fields and move them around...
15:29 rsantellan is any documentation on the wiki about default mappings?
15:30 cait it's what koha installs with, but i think the manual has a table
15:31 cait http://manual.koha-community.o[…]html#itemcatguide
15:32 rsantellan I'll try to do a remapping and try again
15:32 rsantellan thanks for all the help!
15:33 talljoy cait?
15:33 wahanui cait is the best friend you could ever have.
15:37 cait just wondering if you have experience in migrating from koha 2
15:37 cait because rsantellan and i were discussing the different item mappings
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15:43 amitgupta hi all
15:57 LeeJ well I'm heading out for now..take care all!
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16:12 amitgupta cait around
16:25 NateC @later tell larryb we need to go over that security sheet today
16:25 huginn NateC: The operation succeeded.
16:29 oleonard @seen larryb
16:29 huginn oleonard: larryb was last seen in #koha 1 year, 24 weeks, 4 days, 21 hours, 15 minutes, and 7 seconds ago: <larryb> thanks
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16:51 lari oleonard: you were asking me
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16:59 oleonard Hi lari, I was looking at Bug 19037. The test plan says to test the API "with different parameters
16:59 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19037 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, lari.taskula, Needs Signoff , Circulation and fine rules test tool
16:59 oleonard as defined in the path's Swagger spec"
16:59 oleonard What do you mean by "the path's Swagger spec?"
17:00 lari oleonard: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]ment.cgi?id=65523 ctrl+f parameters":
17:00 lari i was lazy :)
17:01 lari branchcode, itemtype, categorycode, barcode, itemnumber, borrowernumber, cardnumber
17:03 oleonard Got it, thanks
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17:13 talljoy @later tell cait sorry i missed you.  had something urgent come right after you pinged me
17:13 huginn talljoy: The operation succeeded.
17:14 mtompset Congratulations on taking third position, oleonard.
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17:16 mtompset Have a great day, #koha lari oleonard talljoy kidclamp
17:16 kidclamp thanks mtompset
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19:11 pianohacker /shalom
19:14 * kidclamp waves wildly
19:18 pianohacker hi kidclamp :)
19:21 * cait waves
19:22 pianohacker hiiiiii
19:31 tcohen_DND later #koha
19:31 tcohen_DND oh
19:31 tcohen_DND hi pianohacker!!
19:31 pianohacker hi tcohen_DND :)
19:31 pianohacker hasta luego
19:32 tcohen_DND :-D
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19:48 pianohacker do we have any minutes from the last dev meeting or a time/date for the next one?
19:53 kidclamp bye all
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20:14 JoeAppleby hey, is this the right place to ask a question?
20:15 pianohacker JoeAppleby: always a good first place; if nobody here can help you, the general mailing list is a good next step. What's up?
20:21 JoeAppleby well I am trying to install Koha on my Rspberry 2 (virgin Debian install, new for this project) and it says it can't find the packet
20:21 JoeAppleby both for stable and oldstable
20:22 JoeAppleby I'm rather new to Linux so I am not quite ready (if you will) to make my own install from the source
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20:25 pianohacker JoeAppleby: what does apt-cache policy koha-common show? (please use to send the output)
20:27 pianohacker oh, never mind. JoeAppleby: I'd post to the mailing list, the packages are only published for amd64 and i386 and I'm not really sure why.
20:27 pastebot "JoeAppleby" at pasted "can't find the package with apt-get" (1 line) at
20:28 JoeAppleby that says "can't be found" in German
20:28 pianohacker yeah, the packages aren't published for your Pi's processor architecture (though I don't think many of them contain actual binaries)
20:29 JoeAppleby well that explains a lot
20:29 JoeAppleby and kills the project
20:29 JoeAppleby thanks for the clarification
20:29 pianohacker JoeAppleby: you _can_ work around this, though  it's not the easiest option
20:29 JoeAppleby it's not worth it for the project tbh
20:30 pianohacker The actual packages are marked as "all", so if you download the .deb files and install them manually they'd work fine
20:30 pianohacker ah, okay. Well, best of luck then :)
20:30 JoeAppleby hm
20:36 JoeAppleby thanks fpr the help!
20:36 pianohacker JoeAppleby: one sec
20:36 pianohacker dammit.
20:42 pianohacker @later tell JoeAppleby try changing your sources.list entry (or koha.list, wherever you have it) from "deb ..." to "deb [ arch=amd64 ] ..."
20:42 huginn pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
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22:02 pianohacker hi, Francesca
22:03 Francesca morning pianohacker
22:03 Francesca long time no speak
22:04 pianohacker yup :)
22:04 Francesca how are you?
22:04 pianohacker good! Just got a cat
22:06 Francesca yay cats!
22:06 Francesca I have two
22:07 Francesca is it a fluffy cat?
22:08 pianohacker Francesca: extraordinarily fluffy. She's shedding like crazy
22:09 Francesca yikes
22:09 Francesca I have two somewhat fluffy cats
22:10 Francesca (medium haired when we meant to get short haired)
22:10 Francesca but they don't shed heaps
22:11 pianohacker she might just have realllllly needed brushing, but she's shed like half a cat's worth of hair :)
22:11 pianohacker how old are yours? Ms. Daisy is about 7
22:12 Francesca mine are around 2 and a half ish
22:12 Francesca we fostered them, their litter and their mother just before my 18th and kept two
22:12 pianohacker aww :)
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22:13 Francesca I should figure out how to send photos in here
22:13 Francesca imgur maybe
22:15 pianohacker prob easiest :)
22:16 cait cat photos?
22:16 Francesca cat photos :)
22:16 Francesca hi cait
22:16 cait hi Francesca :)
22:16 pianohacker
22:17 Francesca that your cat piano hacker?
22:17 pianohacker yup :)
22:18 cait cute :)
22:19 Francesca lemme find a sutiable pic
22:21 Francesca
22:29 Francesca those are my two
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22:32 cait very cute too :)
22:35 cait bye all
22:39 Francesca see ya
22:45 pianohacker aww :) fluffbuckets
22:45 pianohacker ttfn all
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23:22 talljoy cats?
23:22 wahanui The only good cat is a stir-fried cat.
23:23 talljoy oh no...
23:23 talljoy indradg posted on FB there were cats here....
23:35 Francesca there are cats here
23:36 Francesca - thats pianohackers cat
23:36 Francesca
23:36 Francesca ^those are my cats
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