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00:45 rangi @later tell joubu I dont thnk we can wait on some promised research, and the mysql config issue is way less hacky than code fixes for a db issue
00:45 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
00:46 rangi @later tell mtj I wotn have a chance to look at mod_mellon/provisioning stuff until next week
00:46 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
00:49 mtj hiya rangi, no probs...  do you have a vhosts file i can crib from?
00:50 mtj .ive clicked that my 500 error is caused by a problem with default mellon and apache mpm_itk
00:52 mtj i havent stumbled upon the workaround yet - other than disabling itk on my dev koha
01:00 rangi https://library.charteredaccou[…]koha/  <-- is using mpm-itk and mellon ill check the config
01:01 rangi we set some headers
01:01 rangi Header unset X_REMOTE_USER
01:01 rangi RequestHeader unset X_REMOTE_USER
01:01 rangi RequestHeader set X_REMOTE_USER %{MELLON_NAME_ID}e
01:01 rangi but other than that, its standard mod_mellon
01:02 mtj hmm, ok...
01:02 mtj[…]-04/msg00000.html
01:02 mtj ...thats the exact problem i hit, same odd apache errors
01:03 rangi hmm
01:03 rangi it is single site, so we maybe not including mpm-itk .. you only need it for multiple instances
01:05 mtj ah yep, ok ..
01:05 rangi (we put all the non standard stuff on their own servers)
01:06 mtj so the mellon <location> blocks, any magic there..?
01:06 rangi just those headers
01:07 rangi have you tried just commetning out the set id line?
01:07 rangi AssignUserID
01:07 rangi that one?
01:07 mtj yep, it works..
01:08 rangi right so you dont have to disable mpm-itk
01:08 rangi you just dont set a user for that one site
01:08 mtj sorry...that was my workaround.
01:08 rangi the rest all still could
01:11 mtj so, which <locations> need    MellonEnable "auth" set?
01:11 mtj <Location /cgi-bin/koha/>
01:11 mtj MellonEnable "auth"
01:11 mtj </Location>
01:11 rangi whatever ones you want
01:11 rangi i think its better to set auth for all
01:11 rangi then set info
01:11 rangi for the ones you dont want
01:11 rangi safer
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01:11 mtj <Location />
01:11 mtj MellonEnable "info"
01:11 mtj </Location>
01:12 rangi do it the other way
01:12 rangi make it on for all
01:12 rangi turn it off for the ones you dont want it on
01:12 rangi like opac-main opac-search
01:12 mtj yep, much better :0)
01:13 rangi dont forget
01:13 rangi <Location /opac-tmpl/bootstrap>
01:13 rangi MellonEnable "off"
01:13 rangi </Location>
01:13 rangi too :)
01:14 rangi or you could jsut try the shibboleth stuff
01:14 rangi that didnt exist/work in koha when we started
01:14 mtj right, ill try both i think
01:19 mtj re: the itk error.. i see a bunch of mellon *lock or *path directives here..
01:19 mtj
01:20 mtj im guessing that setting those to something unique might fix the error
01:21 mtj thanks for the braindump chris :)
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06:04 marcelr hi #koha
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06:15 cait marcelr: the lock causes lots of issues in my testing - did you read the comments on the bugs?
06:16 marcelr must have seen a lot
06:17 cait as far as i understand you can only lock the whole table
06:17 cait which means other processes trying to insert etc fail
06:17 marcelr depends on what you want
06:17 cait I don't want half the check-ins to fail constantly
06:17 marcelr :)
06:22 cait marcelr: if you can make the lock working better... but it seems mysql is not supporting it too well and Joubu has noted problems it causes with DBIX
06:23 marcelr we should do it via dbix; and if dbix does not give us any good locks, it was a bad choice
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06:23 cait it seems mysql doesn't support row level locking etc
06:24 cait so maybe only so much to blame on the orm tool
06:25 marcelr yeah
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06:26 marcelr InnoDB implements standard row-level locking
06:27 cait there was some discussion about database table types last night
06:27 cait I won't have much time today to get involved witht his, travelling
06:31 marcelr ok
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06:40 reiveune hello
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07:33 * cait waves at AndrewIsh
07:33 * AndrewIsh waves back
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07:34 gaetan_B hello
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07:46 fridolin hie terhe
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08:45 eythian hi
09:20 fridolin Bug 18965
09:20 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18965 normal, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Needs Signoff , branch transfer limits pagination save bug
09:20 fridolin realy complex bug to produce
09:20 fridolin but 1line patch :D
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09:37 manu while sending email alerts for renewing books in bulk(like renewing 15 books) some titles are missing.Any idea about this?
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09:46 * cait waves from train
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10:10 cait manu: which version?
10:10 wahanui well, which version is recommended?
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10:11 cait there is a known bug with a race condition, but it should be fixed in recent versions
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10:27 marcelr have to go #koha, have fun with bug 18970 :)
10:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18970 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, ASSIGNED , Yet another try at issue id's
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12:17 rsantellan good morning #koha
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13:06 LeeJ morning #koa
13:06 LeeJ #koha
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13:32 tcohen morning
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13:51 LeeJ_customizationsforwork oleonard: around?
13:52 oleonard_answeringLeeJsquestio yes
13:52 LeeJ_customizationsforwork haha
13:55 LeeJ_customizationsforwork oleonard: being the resident OPAC UX specialist, are "if" conditionals in TT the recommended method for dynamic pages? As in I choose from a drop down and submit and the page reloads and hides/shows information based on selection?
13:56 oleonard That's what the advanced search page does when you choose "more options," so it's certainly an acceptable way of doing things.
13:56 LeeJ_customizationsforwork sweet
13:56 oleonard Before implementing such a think I'd think about whether the user should have a persistent state associated with their choice.
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16:01 reiveune bye
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16:04 edveal It is a quite Friday in #koha
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18:39 edveal Are the sandboxes not working. I tried loging into one and it tells me the login/pwd is invalid?
18:41 edveal I guess no bug testing today.
18:42 edveal Ok, the Unimarc ones work it is just the marc21 sandboxes 05 and 06 that don’t work.
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18:44 bag edveal: we are rebuilding ours
18:44 bag trying to get some set up with ES
18:45 edveal OK, cool I was was just going to work through a bug or two this afternoon while I had some time.
18:46 edveal khall had said the BWS were not up so I was just looking at the BibLibre ones.
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19:18 LeeJ_lunch have a good weekend #koha
19:26 everyday cya leej
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19:44 caboose hi..the RSS feed in the OPAC..does anyone know which files generate that? Is that in: /cronjobs/rss
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