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01:01 paul-kohacon17 3 patches signed off !
01:02 wizzyrea \o/ NICE
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01:51 mtompset There... ANOTHER koha-create patch submitted.
01:51 mtompset @seen Joubu
01:51 huginn mtompset: Joubu was last seen in #koha 1 day, 4 hours, 21 minutes, and 20 seconds ago: * Joubu is afk for ~10days, take care #koha
01:51 mtompset @seen tcohen
01:51 huginn mtompset: tcohen was last seen in #koha 12 hours, 15 minutes, and 30 seconds ago: <tcohen> @wunder cordoba argentina
01:51 mtompset @seen tcohen1
01:51 huginn mtompset: tcohen1 was last seen in #koha 8 weeks, 1 day, 12 hours, 29 minutes, and 51 seconds ago: <tcohen1> Joubu++
01:51 wizzyrea mtompset, which bug?
01:51 mtompset bug 9409
01:52 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9409 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , koha-create --request-db should be able to accept a dbhost option
01:52 mtompset bug 18564
01:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18564 minor, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , koha-common.cnf parsing is too restrictive
01:52 wizzyrea oh, yes approval
01:52 wizzyrea would also like to see separate vhost files for opac and intranet instead of one file
01:53 wizzyrea and fixing enable/disable/koha-plack to do the right things with that setup
01:53 mtompset that's beyond the scope of my issues right now.
01:53 wizzyrea :)
01:53 mtompset I'm attempting to dockerize Koha, and these bugs make it easier to automate nicely.
01:53 wizzyrea Ahhh
01:56 mtompset Oh and bug 14533
01:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14533 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , koha-create --use-db option shouldn't create any db or db user
01:56 wizzyrea yes, I approve of all of those things
01:56 wizzyrea (that's a thing I do quite often, create a Koha that uses an external server)
01:57 mtompset instance:user:pass:dbname:host <--- 9409 :)
01:59 mtompset And I'm itching for issue #200 to get pushed to the kohadevbox.
02:00 mtompset I've got jessie, xenial, and stretch coming up smoothly.
02:01 wizzyrea \o/
02:01 wizzyrea that is good work
02:01 wizzyrea mtompset++
02:01 mtompset Thanks, but it seems I've hit the horrid QA bottleneck. :(
02:02 wizzyrea as you do
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02:02 mtompset No fault of the QA team... just not enough people. :(
02:18 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha wizzyrea paul-kohacon17
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05:53 * magnuse waves
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06:07 cait good morning #koha!
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06:10 marcelr hi #koha
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06:13 magnuse hiya cait and marcelr
06:13 marcelr hi magnuse, cait
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06:15 fridolin hie there
06:15 * fridolin release day for 17.05.01
06:16 magnuse \o/
06:18 magnuse cait++ for the idea of putting the docs tools into kohadevbox
06:18 cait born out of frustration... had some trouble making it work last night
06:18 cait :)
06:18 cait works now thankfully :)
06:19 magnuse is gitlab the official home of the docs=
06:19 magnuse s/=/?/
06:22 cait i just asked rangi the same :) but we encourage to use it for making contributions
06:24 cait sphinx is quite cool, I am still learning, but i generated the html and epub version yesterday form the source files
06:24 cait lots to do tho
06:25 cait https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_the_Koha_Manual
06:25 cait < started a to-do list
06:30 cait marcelr++
06:31 magnuse yeah, i tried generating epub and there were some errors in the source that i *think* caused some chapters to be shorter than they really are
06:32 magnuse great to see an academic library in denmark using koha!
06:37 cait dtu++
06:38 magnuse dtu++
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07:04 reiveune hello
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07:04 drojf hi #koha
07:09 eythian Hi
07:09 drojf hi eythian
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07:19 * cait waves
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07:19 cait morning paul_p
07:20 paul_p hello cait. Not really morning in Manila ;-)
07:20 paul_p cait good morning to you though
07:20 cait waht time is it?
07:22 drojf hi cait and paul_p
07:22 paul_p cait 3:30PM
07:22 drojf cait: it's UTC+8, ours +6
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07:23 cait drojf: math? at this temperatures?
07:23 cait we didn't see a drop of rain here yesterday...
07:23 drojf hmm. are the default libraries and categories gone completely with the new onboarding tool? or did i miss something?
07:23 drojf cait: i looked it up yesterday
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07:24 cait drojf: i think there sould be a link to an advanced mode or something like that
07:24 cait i only tested it early on
07:24 cait but you shoudl still be able to go into the usual installer process
07:24 cait drojf: you shoudl check out the manual :)
07:24 drojf ok. would have made more sense for the test install
07:24 drojf yes is hould
07:24 cait wb paul_p
07:24 drojf should
07:25 cait paul_p: are you still hackfesting?
07:25 drojf a shame i have used it for thje first time now ;)
07:25 drojf anyway i git a 17.05 on stretch and it seems fine
07:25 drojf not that i expected anything else at this point
07:25 cait did you experience any problems witht he web installer?
07:25 drojf no
07:25 cait hm
07:25 drojf should i?
07:26 cait some sample data, but you didn't install those
07:26 paul_p cait nope, it's finished. I'm waiting for the driver that will bring me back to airport (in half an hour)
07:26 drojf i said yes to all sample data. but maybe that is irrelevant if you then use the onboarding tool
07:26 cait drojf: somoene had a problem completing the web installer a few days ago
07:26 drojf a bit odd
07:26 cait i wonder now if it was a mysql problem maybe
07:26 drojf stretch has mariadb
07:27 cait can't find the bug he filed now of course
07:27 drojf we should ditch mysql as recommendation and change all docs to maria
07:27 cait bug 18836
07:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18836 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Patron login is erroring out after failing to find table
07:27 drojf that does not mean we should not fix the mysql bugs ;)
07:27 cait could you comment that it worked for you?
07:27 drojf but we will have mariadb as default in newer debian and as workaround in ubuntu since 16.04
07:28 cait yeah, but this is a first time installation
07:28 drojf i'll do another instance and try to avoid the onboarding tool
07:29 cait missing db tables
07:29 cait maybe you could take a quick look if you got the missing one in yours?
07:29 cait club_enrollments
07:29 drojf did they say what os they are using?
07:29 drojf ok sec
07:30 cait i think on irc maybe, but not on the bug report
07:30 drojf MariaDB [koha_koha]> describe club_enrollments;
07:30 drojf +----------------+-------------+------+---​--+---------------------+----------------+
07:30 drojf | Field          | Type        | Null | Key | Default             | Extra          |
07:30 drojf +----------------+-------------+------+---​--+---------------------+----------------+
07:30 drojf | id             | int(11)     | NO   | PRI | NULL                | auto_increment |
07:30 drojf | club_id        | int(11)     | NO   | MUL | NULL                |                |
07:30 drojf | borrowernumber | int(11)     | NO   | MUL | NULL                |                |
07:30 drojf | date_enrolled  | timestamp   | NO   |     | CURRENT_TIMESTAMP   |                |
07:30 drojf | date_canceled  | timestamp   | YES  |     | NULL                |                |
07:30 drojf | date_created   | timestamp   | NO   |     | 0000-00-00 00:00:00 |                |
07:30 drojf | date_updated   | timestamp   | YES  |     | NULL                |                |
07:30 drojf | branchcode     | varchar(10) | YES  | MUL | NULL                |                |
07:30 drojf +----------------+-------------+------+---​--+---------------------+----------------+
07:30 drojf 8 rows in set (0.00 sec)
07:30 drojf oh sorry
07:30 drojf table is there
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07:36 drojf sample data does not get imported for me
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07:36 cait that's a known bug
07:36 drojf i stopped before the onboarding too, no user categories or anything
07:36 cait should be gone in 17.05.01
07:36 drojf ah
07:36 drojf ok
07:36 cait bug 18741
07:36 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18741 critical, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Pushed to Stable , Web installer does not load default data
07:36 cait one line fix i think
07:37 drojf ok then my testing is done ;)
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08:14 Tylathos Hey #koha
08:17 * cait waves
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08:41 Infra_3600 koha koha scheibu scheibu
08:46 cait looking for 'edit the manual' testers/authors - please let me know if you have time to try it
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09:13 fridolin cait: hie
09:13 fridolin im writing release post on WP
09:14 cait cool :)
09:14 fridolin but there is no release > 17.05 category
09:14 fridolin who can create it ?
09:14 cait hm liz i think
09:15 cait i don't have my password
09:15 cait to check
09:15 cait maybe jsut leave it out and leave her a later?
09:15 fridolin yep
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09:44 cait fridolin++
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10:05 magnuse fridolin++
10:08 fridolin thanks
10:20 magnuse too bad isn't used for koha stuff any longer
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10:42 drojf fridolin++
10:42 drojf package done too
10:49 fridolin yop super
10:49 magnuse drojf++
10:50 magnuse the big question then: do we consider 17.05.01 stable enough for use in production?
10:51 drojf that's for the bug reports to decide ;)
10:52 fridolin magnuse: gloups, i cant be sure
10:52 fridolin I'd say wait  a bit
10:52 fridolin and also because of translation
10:52 fridolin whe usually start with release .05 or .06
10:54 * magnuse has upgraded to .01 for most of the majoer releases
10:54 magnuse most of my libraries are small and use only the core functionality
10:54 magnuse but yeah, might be better to put it off until after my holiday in july
10:54 drojf unless a library is waiting for new features, i would not rush it. since we had the problems with hourly loans i am cautious. before i considered .1 or .2 ok
10:56 drojf i have one that needs new stuff, they'll get a 01 to test their workflows now
10:56 drojf maybe .02 in production if it works for them
10:57 magnuse very cautious :-)
11:03 drojf "someone" should check what is with the failing nightly master
11:04 * ashimema will ask atheia to take a look when he gets a moment
11:04 ashimema think Joubu has just gone on hols
11:04 ashimema if atheia doesn't get to it I'll take a look
11:04 drojf ashimema: i mean my automated packages
11:05 * ashimema is knee deep in code right now
11:05 ashimema ah.. your packages
11:05 ashimema can't help so much there ;)
11:05 drojf i think one is a missing dep
11:05 drojf the other, not sure, i just saw that when building 17.05.01 too
11:07 drojf missing Test/DBIx/
11:07 drojf and DBI connect('database=koha;host=local​host;port=3306','kohaadmin',...) failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/Class/Storage/ line 1487.
11:08 drojf mysql appears to be running
11:11 magnuse @seen Joubu
11:11 huginn magnuse: Joubu was last seen in #koha 1 day, 13 hours, 41 minutes, and 12 seconds ago: * Joubu is afk for ~10days, take care #koha
11:11 magnuse come on, qa-team, fill the PQA queue while he is gone!
11:14 drojf is the qa team busy and/or too small? i thought we had quite a few people
11:15 drojf looks like rangi worked on libtest-dbix-class-perl in the past but it is deleted on alioth
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11:34 oleonard Hi all
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11:40 CJSHayward Not sure if my last message got eaten by a bug. I've run an "aptitude update; aptitude upgrade" after the dot release was announced. I'm running into database issues both trying to upgrade an (incomplete) system I was trying to finish, and a fresh installation from scratch.
11:40 CJSHayward Should I file a bug, or is this an issue people are aware of.
11:41 eythian CJSHayward: you'll have to pastebin your issues so people can check :)
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11:42 CJSHayward eythian: I've gotten a couple of errors; the one I'm working onnow is at http://paste.koha-community.or[…]bmit=Format+it%21
11:43 eythian heh, that's a useless error message, someone needs to improve the diagnostics on that...
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11:50 CJSHayward I started a fresh install to capture errors; I got at practically the beginning of webmin interface setup.
11:51 drojf CJSHayward: what is your OS?
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12:05 CJSHayward @drojf Mint VM (under VirtualBox on OSX)
12:05 huginn CJSHayward: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
12:05 CJSHayward Thanks so much!
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12:08 * LeeJ waves
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12:30 CJSHayward Posted an earful of error messages from aptitude trying to configure koha-common:
12:33 LeeJ what in the world...
12:35 CJSHayward I'd like to try to wipe all traces of Koha and reinstall from a fresh start besides package repository configuration, and beginning from installing the koha-common package. Does this make sense, and if so, what should I do to purge all traces of the installation?
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12:36 cait sorry, my laptop died while I was afk - if you sent me a message and got no answer please resent
12:37 LeeJ hmm...well the command "koha-remove" is supposed to remove an instance of Koha. I am not sure if it does or does not remove all traces
12:37 * LeeJ waves to cait
12:37 * cait waves to LeeJ
12:37 * magnuse waves to cait and LeeJ
12:37 cait LeeJ: can I interest you in signing up for a manuel editing test drive? :)
12:37 LeeJ cait: I got your message...and yes of course :)
12:37 * magnuse tries to remember how to make sure zebra is up and running on a dev install
12:38 LeeJ cait and magnuse...CJSHayward asked about how to purge all traces of a Koha installation
12:38 LeeJ does koha-remove do that? Or just the specific instance?
12:38 cait hm just the instance i think
12:38 cait i am not sure how clean you can get it
12:38 magnuse koha-remove removes one instance
12:39 * magnuse neither
12:39 magnuse use apt-get to uninstall
12:39 LeeJ it's actually a good question I think
12:39 magnuse something like "sudo apt-get purge koha-common"
12:40 LeeJ interesting..
12:40 wahanui interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
12:40 LeeJ that always does that lol
12:41 LeeJ I know just the person who would love to test that command to see how well it works lol
12:42 LeeJ @later tell mtompset here's a challenge for you..install Koha then try to remove it with apt without touching the rest of the system :) something like "sudo apt-get purge koha-common"
12:42 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
12:43 cait heh
12:44 LeeJ cait: I'll test out the documentation for the System Preferences it's just the usual format listing the pref and its options right?
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12:44 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
12:44 LeeJ mtompset: speak of the devil :)
12:44 cait LeeJ: whatever you want and think is usefulr really
12:45 mtompset I just got your @later.
12:45 cait i think the documentation should go a bit beyond the mere description as in the gui
12:45 cait to add more value
12:45 LeeJ cait: okay! I'm excited because I've been curious about the documentation generation :)
12:45 mtompset LeeJ: Nope. Not going to try, because -- I know it fails. :)
12:45 cait unless it's really totally clear what it oes :)
12:45 LeeJ magnuse: well there's your answer on the purge command :)
12:46 magnuse got it :-)
12:46 LeeJ mtompset: I figured if anyone would have tried wacky scenarios it would be you :)
12:46 mtompset It leaves all those /var/lock log lib ... koha directories lying around sometimes.
12:46 LeeJ mtompset: perhaps not wacky..just creative :)
12:47 mtompset Not creative... Normal stupid stuff libraries would do.
12:47 LeeJ mtompset: CSJHayward had been in here and asked about it. Actually I think you would find one of his tests interesting
12:47 mtompset and if there's a failure, then you might end up with the db still existing, the user still existing, etc.
12:48 magnuse "Normal stupid stuff libraries would do" = marc, sip2, z39.50, iso2709 = wacky
12:48 LeeJ mtompset: this was the log from trying to install on Mint it's unusual
12:48 mtompset No no... wackying is trying to do a tarball installation under Debian.
12:49 * LeeJ cringes at the thought of tarball
12:49 mtompset no no.. worse, trying to do a 17.05 install on Ubuntu 12.04 ;)
12:49 mtompset no no.. worse, trying to do a 17.05 tarball install on Ubuntu 12.04 ;)
12:49 LeeJ O.O
12:49 mtompset But they found some google instruction on how to do it, and it doesn't work. :P
12:50 LeeJ but of course! :P
12:50 mtompset This is why I do not like blogs with instructions.
12:50 mtompset They NEVER update.
12:50 mtompset And then users try really dumb stuff.
12:50 LeeJ they are unfortunately of the "set it and forget it" mentality
12:51 mtompset Why do you think I visit the koha on ubuntu packages page each release?
12:51 cait there is an open bug about his intallation problem
12:51 cait s
12:51 cait if you know what's wrong - maybe comment?
12:51 mtompset bug number?
12:51 cait looking
12:53 cait bug 18836
12:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18836 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Patron login is erroring out after failing to find table
12:55 mtompset Ah, the one I didn't want to get sucked into for free. :)
12:56 mtompset Mint 18?!
12:56 mtompset I've never tried a Mint install.
12:56 LeeJ nor have I
12:57 cait ruling out it's a but, we can suggest t move onto the mailing list
12:59 * mtompset starts up a torrent download of Mint 18.
12:59 mtompset BTW, he hadn't mentioned Mint 18 yesterday.
13:00 LeeJ mtompset: I'm not surprised you considered it a challenge haha
13:00 mtompset LeeJ: You have to try the stupid stuff people do to see why it is stupid.
13:01 LeeJ mtompset: stuff like that is not hard to find :)
13:01 mtompset I don't get why people aren't using Debian and then choosing a GUI.
13:01 LeeJ amateurs lol
13:01 mtompset It's less likely to fail, and only frowned on because a server shouldn't be running a GUI.
13:01 drojf mint probably has mysql 5.7
13:01 mtompset It does.
13:01 drojf problem solved
13:01 mtompset (from what he seems to say)
13:01 drojf well, kind of :P
13:02 mtompset Probably.
13:02 mtompset But I have an idea.
13:02 oleonard Ubuntu's inclusion of non-free stuff solves a lot of hardware compatibility problems, significant if people are talking about, for instance, laptops for development
13:03 oleonard (not relevant if we're talking about a Koha server running Mint of course)
13:03 mtompset But oleonard -- He's running Virtual Box. Hardware compatibility isn't an issue.
13:03 LeeJ I see that KohaCon's Hackfest went well last night..quite a few sign offs and such :)
13:03 * oleonard hasn't kept up with the entire conversation
13:04 * LeeJ waves to oleonard
13:04 LeeJ you're not missing much lol
13:04 LeeJ we were talking about 18836
13:07 * cait wonders what kind of deity she is
13:07 cait don't they all have a main 'topic'?
13:07 cait superpowers?
13:07 cait should have used [off]
13:07 cait hehe
13:08 cait :)
13:11 cait if the weather tool would still work... i could show you all that it's really too hot to think here...
13:11 cait 32 °C
13:12 drojf there is no weather without a weather bot
13:12 mtompset drojf: Does that mean it is both hot and cold until we actually observe it? ;)
13:12 oleonard When I look at the sky I see a featureless void that is neither light nor dark
13:12 rkrimme1 joined #koha
13:13 mtompset oleonard: I'm sorry you have been sucked into the realm of pixels, where only CSS rules supreme. ;)
13:14 LeeJ it's pleasant here for the first time in a few days..been mostly around 26-32ËšC this week (I converted it to celsius to be metric-friendly :)
13:14 mtompset That's still too hot for my likely.
13:14 mtompset 23 is the perfect temperature.
13:15 LeeJ mtompset but that's the world that oleonard lives in all the time isn't it?
13:15 mtompset -- thinks I need more caffeine.
13:15 mtompset featureless voids have no temperature. :P
13:16 * LeeJ bows to oleonard as he sits on his curly bracket-shaped throne
13:16 oleonard In the realm of no weather temperature has no meaning. Your skin crawls with the craving for input
13:16 * mtompset shouts, "Johnny 5 is alive!"
13:16 LeeJ cait: looking through the gitlab now :)
13:16 * mtompset wishes he had a faster internet connection.
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13:20 tcohen morning
13:20 * LeeJ waves to tcohen
13:22 magnuse have a nice weekend, #koha!
13:22 mtompset Greetings, tcohen
13:23 eythian cait: it's a balmy 20° here. I think it's still recovering after yesterday's massive thunderstorm.
13:23 * LeeJ will be able to do Farenheit to Celsius conversions in his head someday..
13:25 * eythian assumes LeeJ is in Belize.
13:25 LeeJ eythian: nope! USA haha
13:25 LeeJ some would consider that even worse haha
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13:26 mtompset I find it funny. I remember when room temperature was 20, and now it is supposedly 22.
13:26 mtompset Climate change! ;)
13:26 cait eythian: north of germany got a lot of thunderstorms... but none here
13:27 eythian mtompset: yeah, in NZ I was used to it being 18°. Now I'm feeling chilly if I have my heating set below 22.
13:27 mtompset Glad I have torrent download link, LeeJ. Mint 18 had issues,and I had to restart the torrent download... :)
13:27 LeeJ mtompset oooooh sounds like an exciting day :)
13:27 eythian cait: we had it come straight through. We stood at the window watching lightning bolts come down and shake the windows.
13:28 LeeJ cait: so this looks like it's going to be fun once I get used to the syntax and workflow
13:28 oleonard Okay so we have a little bit of weather here:
13:29 cait eythian: i'd like a good thunderstorm here....
13:29 cait LeeJ: thiking the same :)
13:29 cait i can merge your change, just let me know - or if there are any questions
13:29 mtompset cait: Had that last night here.
13:30 cait also if you spot mistakes on the wiki page etc
13:31 LeeJ cait: when I clicked Edit it said "You're not allowed to edit files in this project directly. Please fork this project, make your changes there, and submit a merge request." Is this correct and I should make a fork?
13:31 cait hm can you screenshot?
13:31 LeeJ moment :)
13:31 cait it did only look like that the first time and then I couldn't get back there
13:32 cait you want a fork, but I want to upate the wiki so it's more clear
13:32 LeeJ just need to reinstall gyazo :)
13:32 LeeJ certainly!
13:34 LeeJ cait:[…]b49bb22838a3681e1
13:34 cait Fork!
13:34 cait :)
13:34 * LeeJ salutes
13:34 LeeJ aye aye
13:35 LeeJ cait: if you want, I can screen capture for everything if it would be helpful
13:35 CJSHayward joined #koha
13:35 LeeJ cait: like this![…]8b8ae5dcec413efc3
13:35 cait it might be, just not sure where we can store it
13:36 cait ah, just multiple screens
13:36 cait might be good for the manual later
13:36 cait i noticed there actually is a chapter about contributing to it
13:36 cait but haven't looked inside yet :)
13:36 cait (noticed yesterday)
13:37 LeeJ interesting!
13:37 wahanui i think interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
13:37 LeeJ why does that do that every time...I can't help I use that word often lol
13:38 cait what happened?
13:40 oleonard cait: wahanui said a thing
13:41 cait LeeJ: it's trained to do that
13:42 cait you could make wahanui forget with forget <keyword>
13:42 cait but ... not sure if that is ethically correct :)
13:42 oleonard wahanui: Forget your family
13:42 wahanui oleonard, I didn't have anything matching your family
13:42 oleonard You sure don't.
13:43 eythian wahanui is not a kidnapper, oleonard.
13:43 talljoy joined #koha
13:43 * oleonard remains suspicious
13:45 mtompset wahanui?
13:45 wahanui yes, mtompset?
13:45 mtompset wahanui is?
13:45 mtompset eythian: You didn't programme the bot to say it isn't a kidnapper? ;)
13:45 oleonard If wahanui could tell us something about himself would that make him sentient?
13:46 mtompset oooo.... 49 seconds.
13:53 kidclamp_dnd joined #koha
13:54 cait LeeJ: still alive?
13:54 CJSHayward joined #koha
13:55 LeeJ cait: mhm! Trying some documentation..had to find prefs that weren't already included! :)
13:56 eythian wahanui: be wahanui
13:56 wahanui Look at me! I'm a bot! Beep beep! Boop boop!
13:56 LeeJ cait: am I correct that changes won't carry over from say 16.11 to 17.05's documentation?
13:57 cait not right now now
13:57 cait totally different format
13:58 LeeJ I figured..just wanted to check! :)
13:59 pastebot "CJSHayward" at pasted "Permissioning error after migrating to MariaDB" (6 lines) at
14:00 CJSHayward Hello; I wanted to give an update. I've replaced my MySQL installation with MariaDB, and have an unaltered database <config> section (besides changing the username and password). It's reporting denied access: but I can log in to the command line server with "mysql -uroot -p" without incident.
14:07 fridolin left #koha
14:08 kholt joined #koha
14:09 LeeJ_testing cait: does spacing vs. tabs matter?
14:09 cait hm good question
14:09 cait i don't know
14:09 cait i'd stick with spaces
14:09 oleonard Because after all we're not cave people.
14:10 juan_r joined #koha
14:12 LeeJ_testing cait: okay! I'm about to commit my first change! :)
14:12 cait yay :)
14:12 drojf[…]e-money-use-tabs/
14:13 juan_s_ joined #koha
14:13 oleonard Cha-ching!
14:15 LeeJ_testing cait: merge request submittied! Hopefully I did it right!
14:15 cait will check in a moment!
14:15 LeeJ_testing drojf: I heard about that before!
14:15 LeeJ_testing cait: I'm excited!
14:17 CJSHayward I'm having a MariaDB difficulty. "mysql -uroot -p" as root works with any password. No password is accepted, even after I tried to set one specific password, from the command line. What can I do so "mysql -uroot -p" will work with the set password from the command line?
14:18 jac joined #koha
14:19 LeeJ_testing cait: I think I made an an email that my pipeline has failed
14:19 cait oh
14:19 cait you switched to 16.11 i think
14:19 cait not changing the right branch
14:21 LeeJ_testing cait: I was following the framapad and it says that the syspref was added in that's what I tried to do :(
14:21 cait you want to leave master
14:21 cait hm let me see if we can try again
14:21 LeeJ_testing I believed I did..
14:22 cait we are putting everything in master now
14:22 cait it says manual16.11.x for me
14:22 cait where it shoudl say master
14:22 LeeJ_testing ooooh
14:22 LeeJ_testing whoops!
14:23 LeeJ_testing that would definitely be a problem! haha
14:23 cait can you try if you can change it from your side?
14:23 cait i am not seeing how to do it right now in the gitlab interface
14:23 LeeJ_testing sure..I'll poke around
14:24 LeeJ_testing cait: can't seem to find where it allows me to change it in the merge request..I'll just close the request and start over...I copied my change to Notepad anyway :)
14:25 cait sorry!
14:25 LeeJ_testing cait: nevermind! Found it! when you're on the page for the merge request, clicking "Edit" lets you change the target
14:25 cait should note to leave master on the notes
14:25 drojf have a nice weekend #koha
14:28 LeeJ_testing so just so I'm sure to understand it correctly, my merge should have been to the master branch as the target yes?
14:32 LeeJ_testing cait: I think I answered my own question..since it clearly lists in the wiki that 17.05 and back are a different format :)
14:32 cait yes master
14:32 cait it should preselect that, so you should not have to change anything
14:42 jbeno joined #koha
14:43 LeeJ_testing cait: okay! Let's try this again! LOL
14:43 cait ok
14:44 cait seeing it!
14:44 cait aaah
14:44 cait ok
14:44 cait i think another mistake i am sorry
14:44 cait or not sure...
14:44 cait @ldjamison      changed target branch from manual16.11.x to master   less than a minute ago
14:45 cait looks better now but still says tehre is a merge conflict
14:45 LeeJ_testing cait: starting from scratch then :)
14:45 cait hm sorry, let me check something
14:45 cait when you are here[…]vs-users/kohadocs
14:45 cait make sure that the branch on top is master
14:46 cait before you startt editing
14:47 LeeJ_testing cait: I am now :)
14:49 LeeJ_testing cait: requested!
14:50 cait ok one sec
14:50 cait ready to be merged... good sign!
14:50 cait just taking a look at your change now
14:50 LeeJ_testing yayyy!!!
14:51 LeeJ_testing I only added one syspref to make sure I had the procedure right before working on larger ones :)
14:51 cait reads well!
14:51 cait merging
14:51 LeeJ_testing yay!!
14:52 cait it will not show up in the manual immedaitely
14:52 LeeJ_testing no worries!
14:52 cait but if you want to see you can followthe instructions on the gitlab start page for the project
14:52 cait it's pretty cool
14:52 cait it's still merging, but looking good
14:53 LeeJ_testing so will the merge request close automatically when it's done?
14:56 LeeJ_testing answered my own question :)
14:58 rocio joined #koha
15:00 kmlussier joined #koha
15:01 cait yep all happens automatically
15:01 cait once you get it down it should be a quick process
15:04 mtompset Meeting done.
15:09 deb-CSPL joined #koha
15:09 reiveune bye
15:09 reiveune left #koha
15:10 cait LeeJ++ thx a lot!
15:10 cait bbl
15:10 cait left #koha
15:22 mtompset @seen tcohen
15:22 huginn mtompset: tcohen was last seen in #koha 2 hours, 2 minutes, and 37 seconds ago: <tcohen> morning
15:23 mtompset You still around?
15:23 tcohen heading to the doctor
15:23 tcohen I didn't manage to test your PR because of debian's local mirror issues
15:23 tcohen will try in a couple hours at home
15:24 tcohen I don't like the IF [ANSIBLE > 2.1] { something } else { nothing }
15:24 rocio joined #koha
15:24 tcohen and the problem with JSON::Validator should be fixed by pushing the OpenAPI bug
15:24 tcohen but overall, it looks good to me
15:25 CJSHayward How do you set MariaDB's permissions so an unprivileged e.g "mysql -uroot -p" will work with the password set with SET PASSWORD?
15:27 mtompset tcohen: I agree it will eventually get fixed, but even once fixed, the patch shouldn't break.
15:27 mtompset and yes, I don't like the if myself either, but I wanted something that worked.
15:28 kmlussier joined #koha
15:29 tcohen mtompset, what I meant about the if
15:29 tcohen is that it looks like
15:29 tcohen you want to make adding the repo conditional to currently available
15:29 tcohen so it should be like
15:30 tcohen if (available ansible < 2.1) { add special repo } ; install ansible
15:30 mtompset I'm not familiar with ansible. The idea was install the default repo version and upgrade it if it is too low.
15:30 tcohen i assume you are adding that only because stretch contains a new enough ansible
15:31 tcohen exactly
15:31 mtompset Right
15:31 mtompset feel to tweak it cleaner.
15:31 tcohen so you need to move the apt install ansible outside the if
15:31 mtompset feel free to tweak it cleaner.
15:31 mtompset can't.
15:31 mtompset because if the install fails, the install as a whole fails.
15:32 mtompset there was a ordering issue.
15:32 mtompset can't remember what exactly.
15:32 mtompset I'll let you try to tweak it nicer, so you understand and/or improve it. :)
15:32 tcohen ok <.<
15:41 mtompset Oh shucks!
15:41 mtompset Just when I was going to tell him how he installed it wrong.
15:42 mtompset I successfully installed Koha on Linux Mint 18.
15:42 LeeJ_lunch nice!
15:43 mtompset Key steps being install and configure the mailer (exim4) and mariadb-server BEFORE installing koha-common.
15:43 mtompset ubuntu instructions?
15:43 wahanui ubuntu instructions are at
15:44 mtompset ubuntu package instructions?
15:44 mtompset ubuntu install?
15:44 juan_s joined #koha
15:44 mtompset Basically just followed https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ubuntu_-_packages
15:44 mtompset obviously ignore the mysql-server step.
15:45 mtompset no mysql server tweak.
15:45 mtompset no port configuration
15:45 mtompset tweak the hosts file as described.
15:45 mtompset use firefox on the mintbox.
15:46 mtompset no lynx necessary, did web install in firefox
15:53 jzairo joined #koha
15:54 kidclamp_dnd joined #koha
15:56 juan_r joined #koha
16:17 oleonard Is biblioitems.totalissues considered to be accurate?
16:21 oleonard Hm I guess not in our case, at least, since it's empty for all our records
16:23 oleonard Given a report which returns a list of items, is there an efficient way to include a total issue count for each item? Without crushing MySQL?
16:27 LeeJ hmm...
16:27 LeeJ oleonard I'll try something and see if it works
16:32 * oleonard got something which seems to work
16:33 LeeJ oleonard I was working on a report against the statistics table that might work if your solution doesn't
16:36 cait joined #koha
16:36 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Authors and titles by collection code" (6 lines) at
16:38 * cait waves
16:38 * LeeJ waves to cait
16:38 cait my favourite person today - LeeJ :D
16:39 LeeJ cait++ for being an awesome documentation teacher :)
16:39 cait didn't do much really
16:39 cait thx for test driving :)
16:39 LeeJ cait: my pleasure! I love to learn :)
16:40 cait happy to have you around :)
16:40 cait I am still learning myself about the manual process
16:40 cait but i hope we can get things moving and we will keep adding to it
16:41 LeeJ happy to be around and be involved :)
16:43 cait :)
16:43 cait can we clone you? heh
16:44 cait i could use 20 more manual writers :)
16:47 cait hm wanted to send you a screenshot of your addition in the generated entry
16:47 cait but my screenshot upload thing is broken... have to fix that first
16:49 LeeJ oleonard your report looks good to me but can I make a suggestion for readability? It might be useful to add "ORDER BY count DESC" to group everything nicely :)
16:50 oleonard That's not the order we need
16:51 LeeJ haha my bad..I got my lines mixed up!
16:51 LeeJ meant to say "GROUP BY biblio.title"
16:52 LeeJ if my thinking is correct, that should group nicely
16:54 oleonard That'd work if I could also get a count of the grouped titles and a count of their items
16:55 laurence left #koha
16:57 LeeJ I wonder why totalissues isn't accurate though...
16:58 LeeJ oleonard: so apparently there's a totalissues cron job?
17:01 cait so who else wants to do some manual writing? :)
17:03 liw I recomment manual writing to everyone. It's how I got rich and famous. </motivational-speech>
17:04 cait sounds awesome!
17:04 cait thx for the support liw!
17:06 LeeJ cait: I took the liberty of marking "(added)" next to each syspref in the framapad to indicate which prefs in the list are already on master
17:06 LeeJ well..started to mark :P
17:06 cait thx!
17:06 cait so we might not be missing as many as i thought initially, that's good too
17:07 cait was not sure when nengard stopped
17:07 LeeJ we got this!
17:07 * LeeJ high fives cait
17:08 juan_s joined #koha
17:09 cait *high five*
17:09 LeeJ :D
17:11 cait :)
17:13 LeeJ oleonard I think I figured out the totalissues appears that /misc/cronjobs/ is a manual appears this is what populates that biblioitems.totalissues value :)
17:15 cait there is apref
17:15 cait that decides if it's done on checkout or should be scheduled by a cronjob
17:15 cait for performance reasons
17:15 LeeJ oooh
17:15 LeeJ the more you know haha
17:15 * LeeJ gets intimidated sometimes with the number of sysprefs available
17:21 mtompset LeeJ_bbs: syspref everything! ;) I agree... LOTS of system preferences, and frequently they interact and sometimes the interaction isn't always documented well.
17:25 cait we can work on the documentation part :)
17:26 mtompset cait: True! :)
17:27 cait mtompset: do you want to hav ea go at manual writing? :)
17:28 cait i have lots of sysprefs to document heh
17:28 mtompset Sadly, as a programmer, I can assure you my documentation skills are not the calibre that is needed.
17:34 rocio_ joined #koha
17:35 mtompset cait: not to mention, I'm tweaked the Ubuntu instructions right now so people install mariadb.
17:35 mtompset tweaking.
17:35 mtompset Doing a test run first.
17:39 rsantellan joined #koha
17:40 jony joined #koha
17:41 LeeJ_bbs cait: since there aren't many bugs I can really work on currently (can't work on ES bugs until the repo gets fixed) I think I'll take a week or so and hammer out some documentation
17:42 meliss1 joined #koha
17:43 LeeJ cait: perhaps on the framapad it might be a good idea for us to mark next to the syspref something like (in progress) while we work on it so that we don't dupe efforts?
17:43 laurence joined #koha
17:44 laurence left #koha
17:45 tcohen joined #koha
17:46 kholt joined #koha
17:47 jony joined #koha
17:49 mtompset Wow! Onboarding worked nicely in lynx, oleonard!
17:50 oleonard Excellent
17:52 mtompset That was my first attempt at it with lynx.
17:53 mtompset Had to follow the instructions closely to make sure others could succeed.
17:53 LeeJ mtompset link?
17:54 mtompset packages?
17:54 wahanui packages is at
17:54 mtompset Nope... ubuntu packages?
17:54 mtompset https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ubuntu_-_packages
17:56 mtompset Need to add in comment about installing MTA and perhaps a wiki page that points to and
17:56 mtompset Because Xenial doesn't install an MTA by default either.
17:57 kholt joined #koha
17:58 * eythian has started appreciating ansible playbooks more and more for deploying complex software.
17:58 jac joined #koha
17:59 eythian Building from scratch a new nextcloud server with web and db hooked up was about an hour or so.
18:00 eythian A good portion of which was the semi manual process of sorting out letsencrypt. The other was the playbook not supporting stretch until I figured how to fix and upstream that.
18:04 cait LeeJ: I was thiking about writing the name - but both is fine with me!
18:05 mtompset eythian: nextcloud server? Not related to Koha? Or would this be related to kohadevbox issue 200?
18:05 cait LeeJ: gogogo :)
18:05 cait talljoy: around?
18:05 talljoy yup
18:06 talljoy what's up?
18:08 cait someone mentioned you might be interested in manual writing :)
18:09 talljoy i have done some.  i had been trying to get the gitlab thing working
18:09 eythian mtompset: not related at all, except it was a very convenient way to install one and hook it up to my backup system in a way that I can reproduce.
18:09 cait talljoy: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_the_Koha_Manual i wrote up some instructions here
18:09 cait looking for feedback and 'test drivers'
18:10 talljoy i can test drive!
18:10 LeeJ talljoy vroom vroom! :D
18:10 talljoy ha
18:12 cait talljoy: i know we are still missing stuff, but hope to grow it
18:12 cait (the instructions) but the manual too
18:15 talljoy very nice.  your gitlab steps sound so easy.  i'm sure i made it way more complicated when i did it. heh
18:16 talljoy i'm happy to find something to update and test it out.
18:16 LeeJ_documenting cait: don't forget to mention about that kanban page with the framapad! ;)
18:16 cait it's supposed to sound easy :P
18:16 cait have to lure them in
18:16 talljoy offer cookies!
18:16 jony left #koha
18:16 cait hehe yes, there is a taiga task too and the framamad with ideas about what needs updating
18:16 cait this week's menu is updating system preferences
18:16 cait come and grab some! we are going to run out soon!
18:17 cait talljoy: will try to figure out a command line base dworkflow too for those who prefer that
18:18 talljoy i excited to get more eyes on it.  more voices too
18:18 cait yep
18:18 cait and also close all the gaps
18:18 cait or at least try to
18:18 cait not sure if command line gitlab merge is possible... have to research
18:19 juan_s joined #koha
18:26 LeeJ_documenting cait: suggestion..perhaps we should consider creating a "Documentation on how to document" (i.e. a style guide) in the future so everyone can follow the same format. Unless something like that is already made which would make me oblivious :)
18:26 cait i am not sure if there is somehtin gin the manual about it
18:27 cait i don't have a complete overview yet (wonder if i will ever)
18:27 cait i have tried to add some sections to the wiki page
18:27 cait like use geneder neutral pronouns, capitalization
18:27 cait so yep, like the idea
18:27 cait not sure what else to add right now
18:29 cait LeeJ_documenting: please feel free to change/fix the wiki page too when you want to add something
18:30 LeeJ_documenting cait: okay! I just like to run stuff by you because you're the boss :) haha
18:30 cait nah not really :)
18:30 LeeJ_documenting close enough! :D
18:30 cait but you can run stuff by here always of course :)
18:30 cait rangi came up with most of it, including the giltlab workflow
18:31 cait i am just trying to write everything down
18:31 cait rangi##
18:31 cait rangi++
18:36 LeeJ_documenting what HASN'T rangi done?!
18:36 LeeJ_documenting rangi++ for being a force of nature :D
18:37 LeeJ_documenting cait: almost done with the article requests sysprefs :)
18:37 cait wow! cool
18:37 cait i am trying to figure out a workflow using command line... not sure how far i will get
18:39 LeeJ_documenting I love poking around with stuff so I'm curious how that would work :)
18:39 cait it seems you might have to use an extra tool to make it possible to create a merge request from command line
18:39 cait so just trying to do it with a push to your branch and then the web interface for now
18:40 cait will see if that makes sense/works soon i hope :)
18:41 LeeJ_documenting let me know if you need help testing and I'll do what I can :)
18:42 LeeJ_documenting cait: merge request sent :)
18:46 LeeJ_documenting cait: just realized I left extra spacing before the section..but I can clean that up on the next request :)
18:47 cait ok
18:47 cait do you want to add it right away? or have me merge it first?
18:47 cait has someone seen this before?
18:47 cait my kohadevbox is not ocming up
18:47 cait Timed out while waiting for the machine to boot. This means that
18:47 cait Vagrant was unable to communicate with the guest machine within
18:47 cait the configured ("config.vm.boot_timeout" value) time period.
18:47 LeeJ_documenting I'd say do the merge since it's already submitted and I'll just include it
18:48 LeeJ_documenting might have to run a provision perhaps
18:48 LeeJ_documenting mtompset may suggest otherwise
18:50 cait merging now :)
18:51 LeeJ_documenting yay!
18:51 LeeJ_documenting how does it look?
18:51 cait will chekc in a moment
18:52 LeeJ_documenting okay
18:53 cait hm still trouble with the kohadevbox :(
18:54 LeeJ_documenting I believe the last time I had that problem I halted then upped and it worked
18:54 cait looking good
18:55 LeeJ_documenting nice :)
18:55 LeeJ_documenting this will probably be the rest of my night after work! haha
18:59 * LeeJ_documenting slinks away to work more
18:59 cait if you have a devbox or linux i recommend following the steps on the start page of the repo for adding your own repo
18:59 cait then you can test as much as you want :)
18:59 cait it's really quite easy
18:59 cait clone the rpeo
18:59 LeeJ_documenting I have devbox myself :)
18:59 cait install sphinx
18:59 cait and then run make html :)
19:00 cait or make epub (very exciting)
19:00 LeeJ_documenting huh
19:00 LeeJ_documenting that's cool
19:00 cait i tried it last night for the first time - it's nice
19:06 cait as my kohadevbox is on strike
19:06 cait RenewalLog - is that appearing after issuelog or where?
19:09 cait ooh, looking like it's back alive
19:10 LeeJ_documenting yay for working devboxes! haha
19:14 cait yep :)
19:14 cait it was after LettersLog :)
19:22 mtompset LeeJ_documenting: Sorry, wasn't paying attention. Too busy with other things.
19:22 LeeJ_documenting mtompset all good!
19:27 tcohen cait: what is needed for kohadocs on kohadevbox?
19:28 tcohen only python sphynx?
19:44 cait tcohen: check the notes on the startpage on gitlab
19:44 cait it has all it needs
19:46 tcohen kohadocs?
19:52 cait yes
19:53 cait[…]vs-users/kohadocs
19:59 CJSHayward joined #koha
20:00 LeeJ_documenting cait: you'll have a much larger merge coming your way in a few minutes :)
20:01 cait ok!
20:01 cait shoud i start filling up the to do list some more? :)
20:01 LeeJ_documenting cait: I think that might be a good idea because I'll probably be done with the sysprefs by tomorrow :)
20:01 cait alright :)
20:02 LeeJ_documenting cait: once I get the format down I can fly through tasks :)
20:02 cait yeah still struggling there a little too
20:02 liw LeeJ_documenting++
20:02 cait but i think it will be eaiser in a bit
20:02 CJSHayward I started over on a previously Koha-free VM and got a familiar error: http://paste.koha-community.or[…]bmit=Format+it%21
20:02 liw cait++
20:02 liw koha++
20:03 cait CJSHayward: did you install mariadb instad of mysql now?
20:03 CJSHayward Yes; I started by installing mariadb first
20:04 cait hm
20:04 cait i thought that should have fixed it
20:04 cait mtompset: still around?
20:04 cait CJSHayward is the one installing on Mint, I think you gave it a try ealrier?
20:05 CJSHayward Let me backtrack and try again. I thought I tried to install mariadb and it was already there, but I'm not getting an 'i' in aptitude search mariadb. I owe it to myself and you to try to nail that down first.
20:05 cait i ofund some references to that kind of bug
20:06 cait https://bugs.koha-community.or[…].cgi?id=10459#c55
20:06 huginn Bug 10459: minor, P5 - low, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, borrowers should have a timestamp
20:06 cait i tihnk mysql has a problem with the date
20:07 cait but anyway - using mariadb is necessary and will avoid other issus
20:25 cait hm ok
20:26 cait there is also a workflow now on the wiki with using a local repo
20:26 cait probably could be refined a bit
20:30 sophie_m joined #koha
20:31 cait LeeJ_documenting: working on the todo list a bit :)
20:32 LeeJ_documenting cait: okay! I'll be heading out momentarily but I'll hop on when I get home :)
20:32 cait :)
20:32 cait i guess that's the moment then to wish you a nice weekend!
20:32 LeeJ_documenting will have another 7 sysprefs to merge in about 2 minutes :)
20:37 LeeJ_documenting cait: merge requested!
20:37 cait :)
20:37 cait reading!
20:38 LeeJ_documenting cait: and now I'm out! take care all!
20:38 cait bye LeeJ
20:38 cait LeeJ++
20:53 juan_s joined #koha
21:00 caboose joined #koha
21:03 juan_s joined #koha
21:03 juan_s joined #koha
21:09 m23_ joined #koha
21:15 juan_s joined #koha
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21:26 juan_s joined #koha
21:38 CJSHayward joined #koha
21:43 CJSHayward I'm observing behavior from MariaDB that I don't understand. As root, "mysql -uroot -p" prompts for a password and accepts any password. As an unprivileged user, no password I've tried is accepted. The database koha_library exists, but it's empty of tables.
22:28 juan_s joined #koha
22:29 juan_r joined #koha
22:55 cait1 joined #koha
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23:01 juan_r joined #koha

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