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11:36 oleonard Hi all
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13:54 magnuse not a holiday in the us, then?
13:55 gmcharlt magnuse: no; Monday is, though
13:55 magnuse gmcharlt: what is monday, then?
13:56 gmcharlt Memorial Day
13:56 magnuse ah
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13:59 oleonard magnuse: Don't listen to gmcharlt, it is a holiday here: 40th anniversary of the release of Star Wars.
13:59 gmcharlt oh, also Towel Day
13:59 * gmcharlt hangs head in shame
13:59 oleonard Unfortunately not a holiday where I get to stay home from work.
13:59 magnuse so much to celebrate!
14:00 magnuse 40 years? wow
14:05 oleonard Me still being a huge Star Wars fan today would be like my parents still being huge fans of Singin' in the Rain in the 90s.
14:06 oleonard Singin' in the Rain certainly had a lasting cultural impact, but its prequels were terrible.
14:07 magnuse hehe
14:08 * magnuse wanders off to cook some raindeer for dinner
14:09 kidclamp I don't oleonard, Humming in the moisture had some great visual effects
14:09 oleonard They never should have added the CG orangutan
14:10 kidclamp lol
14:10 kidclamp oleonard++
14:10 kidclamp oleopard++
14:25 oleonard "Owen Leonard can place of the requested holds for a maximum of total holds" Thanks Koha, appreciate the heads-up.
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15:27 atheia Does anyone remember the magical incantation for checking a syspref from within a .pm?
15:27 atheia Most of the time I only need to check those from templates nowadays…
15:29 oleonard I see examples of: if ( C4::Context->preference("IndependentBranches") ) {
15:30 atheia Ah, yeah that rings a bell! I'll use that!
15:30 atheia oleonard++
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15:31 oleonard As a cut-and-paste Perl coder there's nothing I know if not how to search for stuff :)
15:33 atheia heh, a wonderful skill to have too! I'm rather the opposite, constantly re-inventing the wheel 'cus I forget to search for previous implementations and I can relatively quickly express stuff in Perl.
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16:09 barton having been with oleonard when he first saw Star Wars, can confirm, he's a big Star Wars fan. :-)
16:09 barton ^^ it was my first time too.
16:10 oleonard Do you remember coming back to my house after the movie and talking about it over Legos?
16:11 barton no, but hum a few bars, and I'll fake it.
16:11 oleonard I hope I'm not making up that memory.
16:12 barton I remember being confused by the early death star scenes, because the surface of the Death Star looked like a city, and I couldn't figure out where that fit in the plot.
16:12 oleonard Like, "Why are they bombing that city when there's a Death Star to destroy?"
16:19 barton something like that... my thought process wasn't that coherent... it was more like "Lock S-foils in attack position" (x-wings do their thing, death star hangs in the distance). "Start your attack run" (X wings and Y wings dive), 6yo /me sees surface of Death Star, thinks "WAIT, WTF? Where did City Come From???"
16:20 * barton didn't let it spoil the show.
16:27 barton so... I actually came in to ask a question about ICU config... I'm having trouble searching for words that start with the Spanish inverted question mark... I think that they're not being seen as punctuation, and we need a transform or transliterate rule, a-la https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]CU_Chains_Library
16:27 barton does anyone have <icu_chain locale="es"> ... ?
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18:25 oleonard This correctly-indented version of may never see the light of day, but it is a thing of relative beauty.
18:39 cait hm?
18:42 kidclamp we should have a template cleanup day after the release - gives enough time for anyone to rebase for next release
18:43 cait we had discussions about it in the past
18:43 cait i think some concerns about keeping history etc
18:46 cait kidclamp: can you help me test bug 9031?
18:46 huginn_ Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9031 minor, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , Overdue items crossing DST boundary throw invalid local time exception
18:47 kidclamp I can try :-)
18:47 kidclamp what do you need cait?
18:48 cait set TZ
18:49 cait :)
18:51 kidclamp good questionm
18:52 cait hm and it looks like we have a failing test in t/Calendar.t with and without patch
18:52 kidclamp timedatectl set-timezone America/New_York
18:52 kidclamp timedatectl list-timezones
18:53 kidclamp ^so you can set back also
18:53 cait
18:53 kidclamp unrelated
18:53 cait i know
18:53 cait but worried
18:53 cait i hope exceptions are not broken again
18:53 cait could you check if it fails for you too?
18:54 kidclamp i think it does (did when i commented on bug) :-)
18:54 cait hm?
18:54 kidclamp all passing for me currently
18:54 cait ah
18:54 cait ok, i will file a separate bug for this
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18:55 kidclamp passes for me with or without bug
18:56 cait passes now?
18:56 cait are you in db_dep or in t?
18:57 kidclamp t
18:58 cait hm
18:58 cait odd
18:58 cait i filed 18671 already
18:58 cait bug 18671
18:58 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18671 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Calendar.t failing exception holiday test
18:59 * oleonard shouts To hell with history! and leaves
18:59 cait hehe
19:00 cait bye oleonard
19:00 wahanui bye oleopard
19:00 kidclamp oh yeah, massive indentation fixes mess up blames etc
19:01 kidclamp so we need a script that goes line by line, finds the commiter - assumes their identity - and indents correctly
19:01 cait oleonard++ # seeing the revamped web installer for the first time :)
19:07 cait kidclamp: signed off
19:07 wahanui i heard signed off was the queue the QA team should watch
19:08 * magnuse looks forward to seeing the revamped webinstaller
19:09 magnuse hm, trying to add a js library to a plugin. "Alias /plugin "/var/lib/koha/kohadev/plugins"" is set, but i get a 403 for the js file. anyone got a clue? file permissions?
19:14 kidclamp thanks cait!
19:14 * kidclamp has only vague recall of even writing that patch
19:14 cait it's been sitting a while
19:14 cait old bug number too
19:14 cait starting with the lowest ones
19:21 kidclamp cait++
19:23 magnuse cait++
19:26 kidclamp magnuse++
19:26 magnuse kidclamp++
19:26 cait magnuse++ kidclamp++
19:26 kidclamp magnuse grows an inch everytime you up his karma - it's how he got so big
19:27 magnuse yeah, better not overdo it
19:27 cait this is just a way of procrastinating...
19:28 cait as you are here magnuse - do you want ot have a go at bug 12836?
19:28 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12836 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Needs Signoff , Add a script to regenerate Explain files from configs
19:28 magnuse cait: what kind of go?
19:28 cait helping me test it
19:29 magnuse ah sure
19:29 magnuse not sure how long i am around but i'd be glad to help
19:29 cait basically i have never touched these things i think
19:30 cait not sure what to expect to happen
19:31 cait the file is just for documentation<ß
19:31 cait ?
19:31 cait no change of behaviour?
19:32 magnuse that is right
19:32 magnuse sru clients can read it and know how to query our sru server
19:33 magnuse so it should be based on the actual config we using, not be a static one-size-fits-all
19:35 cait hm posting on the bug - there is a lot of warnings and thinsg running it
19:35 cait https://bugs.koha-community.or[…].cgi?id=12836#c11
19:35 huginn_ Bug 12836: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Needs Signoff , Add a script to regenerate Explain files from configs
19:38 magnuse hm, that might be because of missing stuff in the configs
19:43 cait hm not sure how to fix, might have to leave it be for now
19:43 magnuse yeah, i should probably have another look at that
19:44 magnuse thanks for testinga anyway!
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19:58 magnuse mapping?
19:58 wahanui mapping is only required if you try to use replicate or update, neither of which work with AD right now
19:58 * magnuse gets curious
20:08 misilot Hi, I am looking at  UpdateTotalIssuesOnCirc where it says Do/Do Not update a bibliographic record's total issues count whenever an item is issued (WARNING! This increases server load significantly; if performance is a concern, use the cron job to update the total issues count).  ... my question is, if it is Do Not, when is it updated?
20:15 cait1 when you run a cronjob
20:16 cait1 it's either done immediately, then you dont need it, or you can do it later on with the cronjob
20:19 misilot mhmm would the cronjob update values from the past, as it seems we have it as Do not, and I can't find the cronjob enabled anywhere
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20:29 mveron Good evening / daytime #koha
20:31 cait1 misilot: possibly,but not sure, I'dlook at the documentation in the cronjob
20:31 mveron Tags inside of template directives lead to translation problems, but it is sometime cumbersome to avoid them or to weed them out.
20:31 mveron That's why I propose Bug 18665 ...
20:31 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18665 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Translatability: Add tt filter to allow html tags inside tt directives
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21:08 mveron Oh, it's getting late...
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21:38 magnuse have fun #koha!
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