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00:37 * kidclamp waves
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03:08 amitgupta hi all
03:08 amitgupta Hi rangi
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03:18 rangi hi amitgupta
03:21 wizzyrea hi
03:21 wahanui hey, wizzyrea
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04:41 mveron Good morning /  daytime #koha
04:42 mveron Koha never sleeps... Bug 18545... Thanks, aleisha
04:42 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18545 minor, P5 - low, ---, aleisha, Signed Off , Remove use of onclick from OPAC Cart
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05:07 * mveron waves
05:09 BobB hi mveron - its early where you are :)
05:10 mveron BobB: It's about 7 am... Coffeetime :-)
05:11 BobB ok, not too early
05:13 * mveron normally gets up at 6 and reads the papers
05:18 mveron cait: Good morning... You might be interested in bug 18541 - Not yet ready, but it will help to design patron cards...
05:18 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18541 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, NEW , Patron card creator: Add a grid to support layout design
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06:34 reiveune hello
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06:53 alex_a bonjour
06:53 wahanui bonjour, alex_a
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07:17 * magnuse waves
07:18 BobB hi folks
07:19 BobB trying to set up a dev box ...
07:19 BobB and getting this message:
07:19 BobB ==> jessie: Mounting NFS shared folders...
07:19 BobB The following SSH command responded with a non-zero exit status.
07:19 BobB Vagrant assumes that this means the command failed!
07:19 BobB mount -o 'vers=3,udp''/home/bob/Devbox/Koha' /home/vagrant/kohaclone
07:19 BobB Stdout from the command:
07:19 BobB Stderr from the command:
07:19 BobB stdin: is not a tty
07:19 BobB mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting
07:20 BobB permissions?
07:20 wahanui well, permissions is most likely the problem
07:20 mtj
07:21 mtj BobB: i think your issue is described toward the end..
07:21 mtj[…]-on-debian-jessie
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07:22 BobB thx mtj, found the section, will try it
07:22 mtj a brutal workaround for me was to add ALL;ALL to /etc/hosts.allow
07:23 mtj s/;/:/
07:23 * mtj hit the same bug about 2 hours ago ... :)
07:25 mtj the doco needs the nfs stuff as an pre vagrant step
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07:43 BobB no luck mtj
07:46 mtj $ sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server
07:47 mtj ^ youll need that package BobB
07:47 BobB hey mtj its dilan here
07:47 BobB i already installed it for him :/
07:47 BobB and nfs-kernel-server
07:51 mtj ok
07:51 mtj did you update /etc/hosts.allow ?
07:52 mtj sudo service networking restart
07:52 mtj sudo service nfs-kernel-server restart
07:54 mtj its possible you have some odd perms on /home/bob/Devbox/Koha... but unlikely
07:57 BobB hey yeah mtj i did all of that
07:58 BobB this has got me completely stumped
07:58 BobB the permissions on the folder have been set as low as possible as a last ditch attempt
07:58 BobB still nothing
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08:03 mtj add 'ALL:ALL' to hosts.allow
08:05 pastebot "mtj" at pasted "vagrant up --provision" (31 lines) at
08:07 mtj ALL:
08:07 mtj sshd: ALL
08:07 mtj ^ thats safer, and seems to work ok too
08:11 mtj 'vagrant up --provision' seems to still fail for me, and needs to be re-run a few time, before success
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08:31 fridolin hie tehre
08:31 fridolin wahanui: howareu
08:31 wahanui fridolin: what?
08:41 eythian hi
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09:18 evantill hi
09:18 wahanui hey, evantill
09:19 evantill I am a newbie in koha and it's installation
09:19 evantill trying to install it using docker
09:19 evantill on a debian jeesie
09:19 evantill using mysql on a second node
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09:20 evantill runing 'koha-create --request-db' give me an error
09:20 evantill getent: invalid option -- 'k'
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09:25 evantill any advice please ?
09:29 eythian what is your full command line?
09:30 eythian I feel like you may not be specifying an instance name.
09:31 eythian (I'd suggest opening a bug for that if it's true: koha-create should abort if it's missing a name.)
09:36 evantill thanks
09:36 evantill ithat the probleme
09:37 evantill changing my cmd to "koha-create --request-db what-ever-name" will not raise the error
09:37 evantill I will open a bug. Thanks
09:37 eythian I would avoid using -
09:37 eythian actually, it might be fine, but I'm not sure
09:38 eythian see if it works :) but yeah, you'll need to give the instance name.
09:38 * eythian wants to properly dockerise koha one day, with separate containers for each component.
09:40 evantill +1 for example provide an installation operation mode using docker. It's very practical
09:42 evantill where could I find koha version on my debian ?
09:42 eythian apt-cache policy koha-common should tell you
09:43 evantill thanks a lot
09:43 evantill 16.11.07
09:47 evantill submitted https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=18548
09:47 huginn_ Bug 18548: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , running  koha-create --request-db without an instance name should abort
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10:23 josef_moravec evantill: still here?
10:23 wahanui it has been said that here is where I work
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10:27 eythian josef_moravec: fast work :)
10:30 josef_moravec eythian: just a try ;) :)
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11:17 evantill josef_moravec: I will try
11:28 evantill josef_moravec: it's ok with your modification thanks
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12:14 * oleonard whispers hello
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12:14 eythian hello oleopard
12:16 edveal Happy Friday everyone!
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12:30 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Error when applying Bug 11897" (32 lines) at
12:30 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11897 new feature, P5 - low, ---, alex.sassmannshausen, Needs Signoff , Stock Rotation for Koha
12:30 oleonard Why would I get "working tree files would be overwritten by merge" when those files shouldn't be untracked?
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12:34 eythian hmm. Speculating, but is your tree clean initially. Then I'd look into the patches, maybe there's something strange with them adding files and removing/renaming them.
12:34 eythian (then maybe something else depends on them or something.)
12:34 eythian i.e. is the ordering correct.
12:39 magnuse friday?
12:39 wahanui well, friday is pizzaday
12:39 magnuse woohoo!
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12:50 magnuse bonjour cait and kidclamp
12:50 kidclamp morning magnuse
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12:52 magnuse hiya NateC and tcohen
12:52 tcohen hi magnuse
12:52 wahanui kamelåså
12:53 cait me waves
12:53 tcohen hi cait
12:55 kidclamp cait has declared herself a wave, not a particle
12:55 kidclamp that's sorted then
12:55 ashimema are you sure about that kidclamp.. last time I looked if you observe it you change it ;)
12:56 eythian a.k.a. you break it, you bought it.
12:56 kidclamp that's the problem with unit tests
12:56 ashimema would be surprised if she becomes a particle next time I see her
12:57 * ashimema wonders if kidclamp has a physics background
12:58 kidclamp I took physics for fun in college - let me tell you, that pisses off physics majors - I didn't complete the track, but got a decent background once upon a time
12:58 * kidclamp was mostly just an Einstein fanboy
12:59 ashimema haha, cool
12:59 * ashimema converts that to british english in his head.
13:00 * kidclamp wonders which parts get converted
13:00 * magnuse did physics for fun in "college" too
13:01 ashimema college -> university, physics major -> physics student, track -> course
13:01 ashimema few physics geeks in here then :)
13:01 magnuse hm, or maybe it would be high school.
13:01 * magnuse is confused
13:01 * ashimema completed the course.. also mostly for fun..
13:02 eythian high school is mid teens, university is after high school
13:02 ashimema I 'think' college in american translates to uni in uk
13:02 kidclamp ah, yes, it was a university too, we just never call them that
13:03 eythian ashimema: to add to the confusion, college in NZ is both some high schools, and a kind of vocational post-high school institution.
13:03 ashimema pre -> primary -> secondary -> college/sixth form -> university.. that's the standard track in UK
13:03 kidclamp preschool -> elementary school -> middle school -> high school -> college -> work -> death
13:04 eythian sounds like a poor work-life balance going on there
13:04 ashimema yeah.. college in the UK is much the same.. you can stick to secondary school and skip college and get the same quals at the end of the day
13:04 * kidclamp left out the fun bits
13:04 ashimema haha.
13:05 ashimema `short few years of fun -> exam stress -> work stress -> family stress -> families exam stress -> more work stress -> death`
13:05 * magnuse gives up
13:05 ashimema ;)
13:06 ashimema 'tis not that bad ;)
13:07 oleonard Hey ashimema I'm having trouble applying the Stock Rotation patches. Can I ask you about that?
13:08 eythian also, it's friday, I have to attend a geheim genootschap beer meeting tonight, which is good :)
13:08 magnuse gah, i meant to sign off bug 7317
13:08 huginn_ Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7317 new feature, P5 - low, ---, alex.sassmannshausen, Needs Signoff , Add an Interlibrary Loan Module to Circulation and OPAC
13:08 magnuse the day has just flown by...
13:08 cait exam stress > koha fun ? :)
13:08 oleonard magnuse: I was just trying to test that and didn't see the ILL link on the home page. Did you?
13:09 magnuse no, that went missing after the rebase and the last patches
13:09 tcohen magnuse: you rebased cait?
13:09 ashimema fire away oleonard
13:10 ashimema I've just poken alex to come online too
13:10 atheia joined #koha
13:10 oleonard
13:10 ashimema oh.. that's odd
13:10 magnuse tcohen: don't think so?
13:10 atheia oleonard: this happens on a clean git branch?
13:10 ashimema how have we got untracked files in there
13:10 magnuse kia ora atheia
13:11 atheia hola magnuse!
13:12 magnuse atheia: the ill link on the staff home page went away after i applied the rebased patches + the new ones
13:12 cait hm did you regeneate the dbic files maybe?
13:12 cait they culd be left over from this
13:12 cait not sure about the t/db_d... tho
13:12 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Using git apply to apply just the troublesome patch on top of the earlier ones" (11 lines) at
13:12 oleonard I don't know if that error sheds more light or not
13:13 atheia magnuse: uff — it's all weirdness with my patches today…
13:13 atheia magnuse: I'll have a look at this after the stockrotation issue
13:14 atheia oleonard: thanks — well… for me the patches apply 100% cleanly using git bz apply on a fresh branch off master…
13:14 atheia so what was the troublesome patch?
13:14 Joubu oleonard: it says that you have the files that are untracked in your repo
13:15 atheia (Sorry, I think I missed the first part of the conversation…)
13:15 Joubu if you apply the patch, the untracked file will be added
13:15 ashimema I'm not sure how you got there..
13:15 Joubu git does not like that, you ask him to add a patch whereas the file already exists
13:15 ashimema but I'd nuke those listed untracked files and try re-applying the set to a clean branch
13:15 Joubu s/him/something else
13:16 Joubu oleonard: git status; rm untracked files you want to rm
13:16 mveron-away Have a great day / daytime #koha
13:17 Joubu in your case Koha/StockRotation*
13:18 atheia Joubu, oleonard: also the test files!
13:18 Joubu oleonard: only if you know what it does: git clean -d -f
13:19 Joubu will remove everything that is not tracked (or ignored)
13:19 oleonard I checked before and git status didn't show any relevant untracked files. I'll check again.
13:23 atheia Thanks for that!  If you still get the error, would you mind sending me the commands you use from master branch, and I'll try to reproduce.
13:23 atheia (You can dm me if you prefer)
13:28 magnuse atheia, oleonard: [% USE Koha %] at the top of makes the ILL link appear
13:28 magnuse ILL uses [% IF Koha.Preference('ILLModule') %] but all the other modules have e.g. [% IF ( CAN_user_acquisition ) %]
13:29 magnuse would it be better to check for the permission as well as the syspref?
13:30 magnuse except for this i think 7317 is worthy of a signoff and would be awesome to have in 17.05
13:30 magnuse but now i gotta pick someone up from kindergarten!
13:31 atheia magnuse: testing now will let you know what I find.
13:31 Joubu A 5k line patch pushed just before the release?
13:32 oleonard Joubu: ?
13:32 ashimema atheia and I were both thinking it would be great to push it just after the release now.. so it's in nice and early in the next cycle but not in for this release
13:33 oleonard Oh I see Joubu. I didn't see the context
13:33 ashimema we're confident it's pretty solid.. BUT yeah.. in 5K lines there's allot of scope for something/anything to have been  missed.
13:33 Joubu ashimema: I am not RM :)
13:33 atheia Agreed.
13:33 oleonard Yeah I don't think we should rush this in. Too big.
13:33 Joubu I do not decide
13:33 * ashimema also feels the same about the 'clubs' feature that was just pushed :(
13:33 Joubu https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]ment.cgi?id=63084 => contains lot of FIXME: need tests
13:34 * oleonard too, ashimema
13:34 * tcohen needs coffee
13:34 ashimema yeah.. ILL is certainly prime time for testing.. but not 100% for push.. needs some more tests writing as you've spotted Joubu
13:35 ashimema but I would like it in as early as possible next cycle.. to ensure it's fairly back portable for those that want to undertake that for 16.05 ;)
13:35 ashimema and to allow lots of testing whilst in the cycle
13:35 atheia Joubu, magnuse I personally feel ILL is at a decent initial sign off stage — but I am well aware that it falls short of the high standards that new code should follow — unit tests are patchy, documentation is iffy, and there is some legacy code.
13:35 atheia There might also be some issues around deployment/installation.
13:36 Joubu atheia: cloning (Clone::clone) hashref can be avoided easily with `my $clone = { %hash };`
13:36 ashimema sure it's not a deep hash Joubu?
13:36 ashimema I got bit by that recently ;)
13:37 atheia I think having it in relatively early in the next release would provide a great incentive to incrementally improve it over the course of the next cycle — A big part of the complexity around ILL and testing is that we need people to develop against it to get it tested properly.
13:37 Joubu indeed
13:37 atheia That's why getting it in would be beneficial — as a solid ground for dev.
13:37 atheia Joubu: yeah, it's a deep-hash.  would that work in that context too?
13:37 Joubu nope, forget it :)
13:38 ashimema hehe.. :)
13:38 atheia Personally I am super confident about stockrotation, and am very happy with it's quality — ILL is getting there, but it's not on the level of stockrot.
13:38 * ashimema is glad he pointed that out/asked that question
13:39 Joubu I am definitely for big things pushed early
13:39 * oleonard tries 11897 in a different VM and it applies just fine
13:39 ashimema that's really odd oleonard
13:40 kholt joined #koha
13:40 atheia oleonard: indeed… odd — but glad to hear it's applied cleanly now at least…
13:40 Joubu "Storable's dclone() is a flexible solution for cloning variables, albeit slower for average-sized data structures. Simple and naive benchmarks show that Clone is faster for data structures with 3 or fewer levels, while dclone() can be faster for structures 4 or more levels deep."
13:41 Joubu sorry to distract the attention
13:41 * Joubu returned to what he did before
13:41 ashimema hehe
13:42 ashimema I've read that exact statement a few days ago and wasn't sure which way to go in his code
13:43 atheia magnuse: I can confirm the link issue here. Odd, not sure how that was introduced, but will test your suggested fix.
13:43 Joubu (see also Bug 16221: Use Storable::dclone() instead of Clone::clone() for L1 cache deep-copying mode
13:43 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16221 enhancement, P2, ---, abl, RESOLVED FIXED, Use Storable::dclone() instead of Clone::clone() for L1 cache deep-copying mode
13:43 Joubu )
13:51 Joubu alexbuckley: answered :)
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14:01 kidclamp oleonard, barton: my links were bad in original email - https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ugs_only_edition!
14:01 talljoy joined #koha
14:01 kidclamp you can add yourself as a  'hand-holder' for gbsd
14:02 * kidclamp shouldn't put exclamation marks in wiki titles
14:03 barton thanks kidclamp!
14:07 barton kidclamp: is there a 'hand-holders' list?, if so, where do I add myself? (I prefer 'freindly guide' over 'hand-holders' :-)
14:07 kidclamp edit the page if you wish
14:07 kidclamp make sure you have the exclamation point
14:08 barton looks like someone already edited the page title and removed that.
14:08 kidclamp
14:08 kidclamp the one without is a list of bugs from joubu
14:09 barton aha.
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14:21 * oleonard takes away his devbox's health care and waits for it to die
14:24 barton hey #koha, I'mm adding names to the 'firendly guides' list on the GBSD page ( ) ... I've got myself and oleonard. Anyone else want to throw their hat in the ring? Joubu? kidclamp? tcohen?
14:24 tcohen \o
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14:31 reiveune bye
14:31 reiveune left #koha
14:34 atheia So, I have a permissions check that checks for the ILL permission.  When the ILL permission is explicitly set for a user, the link appears correctly.
14:35 atheia However when the 'superlibrarian' permission is set for that same user, the permission returns false.
14:35 atheia Do I have to register the ILL permission within the superlibrarian permission somehow?
14:35 NateC joined #koha
14:36 atheia oleonard: that's some decent gallow's humour you got going there… ;-)
14:41 oleonard In what is surely a metaphor of American politics, killing my devbox and starting over did not solve my problem.
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15:03 oleonard Hi evantill and rrrhonda
15:04 rrrhonda Hi,  I would like help getting started with koha testing.
15:05 oleonard What kind of testing? General testing for learning purposes or testing patches?
15:07 rrrhonda A little of both.  I think testing patches would be a good place to start.
15:07 Joubu rrrhonda: Who are you? :) Developper or librarian?
15:07 rrrhonda librarian
15:07 wahanui i guess librarian is giving evergreen a look over two. I'd like to be able to say don't bother. but i can't yet
15:08 rrrhonda with a background in programing
15:08 oleonard Don't worry about wahanui rrrhonda, it's a bot
15:09 eythian wahanui: forget librarian
15:09 wahanui eythian: I forgot librarian
15:09 * Joubu is searching on the wiki for the correct documentation
15:10 Joubu rrrhonda: Are you familiar with Koha? With bugzilla?
15:15 tcohen @later tell drojf can u please let me know the status of the OpenAPI, newer Mojo and JSON::Validator packaging?
15:15 huginn_ tcohen: The operation succeeded.
15:19 huginn_ New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 18502: Make koha-shell set the right PERL5LIB on dev installs <[…]393b194a8d695e298>
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16:11 oleonard <td>[% rota.cyclical ? 'Yes' : 'No'%]</td>
16:11 oleonard I wonder if that is translatable
16:17 Joubu Nope
16:18 Joubu It certainly needs to be [% IF cond %]<td>Yes</td>[% ELSE %]<td>No</td>[% END %]
16:18 Joubu With html tags inside the TT tags
16:21 oleonard Thanks Joubu
16:24 * magnuse will not try to get ill into 17.05, then
16:24 magnuse but will push for it to get in early after the release
16:24 * magnuse will be developing against it
16:26 * oleonard doesn't see a way to delete a stock rotation rota
16:26 magnuse @later tell rangi i tried to create an epub from the docs (master branch) and got some errors. are patches to the docs mailing list still the preferred way to contribute?
16:26 huginn_ magnuse: The operation succeeded.
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16:33 rickx Hello everyone
16:33 rickx I have a technical question about koha
16:34 rickx How can I manipulate the default information on the tag 008?
16:40 rickx_ joined #koha
16:46 new joined #koha
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16:53 * rickx slaps rangi around a bit with a large fishbot
16:56 jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #164: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 43 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/164/
16:56 jenkins jonathan.druart: Bug 18502: Make koha-shell set the right PERL5LIB on dev installs
16:56 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18502 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , koha-shell broken on dev installs
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17:04 barton Joubu++
17:04 barton ^^ for bug 18502
17:04 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18502 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , koha-shell broken on dev installs
17:10 eythian[…]tosaurus-is-back/ <-- wizzyrea, in case Soren doesn't already know.
17:11 rickx Hi everyone!
17:12 rickx I want to change the default information on the tag 008
17:12 rickx I tried editing the files:
17:12 rickx, and marc21_field_008.xml
17:12 rickx But I can not
17:12 rickx Could someone guide me?
17:16 eythian rickx: you're on the end of a Friday, it's quite possible most people are at the pub or sleeping off hangovers, depending on timezone :)
17:18 oleonard rickx: I'm sober. What are you trying to change?
17:20 eythian oleonard is probably not sober, he just plays it on IRC.
17:20 rickx I try to change the default values of some drop-down list positions in tag 008
17:23 rickx I did something on the leader and 007 tags but I do not understand how to do it on the tag 008
17:27 oleonard Sorry rickx maybe if I had a stiff drink I could come up with a good way to customize that
17:28 rickx :(
17:32 rickx Thank you anyway
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20:32 kidclamp mtompsett++
20:54 mtompset joined #koha
20:55 mtompset kidclamp++ # thanks for the sign off. :)
20:57 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
21:13 kidclamp np, sorry I tried to derail your bug :-)
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