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00:10 mtj any bugzilla admins about, to add a 'rel_16_05_candidate' keyword please?
00:18 * Francesca waves
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00:56 mtj ive tested 18124 on 16.5.x and cant seem to trigger the bug, so i think we are good :0)
01:16 irma good morning #koha
01:17 irma I have just noticed the Donate link here seems strange
01:18 wizzyrea I think that's the donate to the guy who maintains schema spy
01:18 wizzyrea the software that generates the schemas.
01:19 wizzyrea has nothing to do with koha, only to do with the tools that we use to create that content.
01:19 irma ah ... would be good to have some Koha connection on that page and clarification
01:19 irma thanks wizzyrea
01:19 wizzyrea I don't think that's how it works.
01:20 wizzyrea possibly rangi can turn off the donate link but that seems rather rude.
01:21 irma no problem. just good to know.
01:21 wizzyrea possibly better would be to provide a patch to the schemaspy author to fix the perceived problem :)
01:24 wizzyrea oh gosh it's in svn.
01:25 wizzyrea and it looks like he's maybe not maintaining it anymore. Maybe time to fork :P
01:25 wizzyrea idk anything about java tho
01:26 wizzyrea maybe aleisha lol. (jk aleisha, I"m not really volunteering you for that...)
01:30 BobB interesting irma, wizzyrea, the donate button seems to be gone from
01:30 wizzyrea yep
01:30 wizzyrea it was broken.
01:30 wizzyrea an nowhere for the money to go
01:30 wizzyrea so it's gone.
01:31 wizzyrea (until such time as someone provides a new link and there is a plan for where the money goes)
01:31 BobB hmmm, we tried to get a fundraising committee up last year, should try again
01:31 BobB it ran into the usual 'no-one has consistent time' conundrum
01:32 wizzyrea well there are complications (rangi will know more) with the trust and getting money. I guess it only holds assets now.
01:32 wizzyrea assets like trademarks
01:32 wizzyrea and domains.
01:32 wahanui domains are cheap.
01:32 wizzyrea thanks wahanui
01:32 wizzyrea not assets like actual money
01:33 BobB i'll follow that up in my spare time :)
01:33 wizzyrea I'm sure there are copious amounts of it (not)
01:33 wizzyrea :D
01:34 BobB soonish
01:47 mtj hi wizzyrea, do you know someone at catalyst who can fix this... -> https://jenkins.koha-community[…]omputer/Debian_8/
01:48 wizzyrea maybe rangi, more likely tcohen
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02:38 mtj thanks, ill try to catch tcohen next
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03:14 wizzyrea I just had an insane idea
03:15 wizzyrea well kind of an insane idea
03:15 wizzyrea not really I guess.
03:15 aleisha do tell
03:15 wizzyrea what if we made a type of notice that was just slip (not circulation) and whatever notices you had listed as a slip
03:15 wizzyrea were in the print slip menu on circulation
03:15 wizzyrea so like, there are current bugs for "make a slip for printing fines"
03:16 wizzyrea and "print a slip on returns"
03:16 wizzyrea those turn up in slightly different places but like
03:16 wizzyrea if you return things from the checkout page
03:16 wizzyrea it could work I guess.
03:17 aleisha i get it
03:17 aleisha could work!
03:17 wizzyrea idk I'm not sure
03:17 wizzyrea requires more thinking I think. But I do like the idea of being able to add custom slips
03:17 wizzyrea for example
03:17 wizzyrea we have a library that never prints quick slips
03:18 wizzyrea but they do print address labels very often
03:18 wizzyrea so we repurposed the quick slip to print addresses
03:18 wizzyrea which totally works
03:18 wizzyrea but what if they could just make a notice of type slip
03:18 wizzyrea that turns up in that menu
03:18 wizzyrea to put whatever they please in it.
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04:12 wizzyrea also, should get rid of the rental charge on all default item types, and make an example one of "rental item" that actually has it.
04:12 wizzyrea so annoying.
04:12 wizzyrea only good for devs tho ;)
04:12 wizzyrea well, I guess it's good for users too. since they won't have to go back and edit 10 item types to not have the charge, if they start with the default ones.
04:13 wizzyrea I'm monologuing! YAY ME
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04:32 ibeardslee sometimes monologuing is the only way to have a decent conversation with someone
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05:38 josef_moravec morning #koha
05:42 sameee hello!
05:42 sameee how's it going?
05:45 alexbuckley_ hi josef re. bug 18438 would you be happy with the use of the autofocus html attribute on the barcode checkin input instead of the onclick event?
05:45 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18438 major, P5 - low, ---, alexbuckley, Failed QA , Check in: Modal about holds hides important check in messages
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05:53 alexbuckley_ ^josef_moravec
05:58 josef_moravec alexbuckley_: as we use HTML5 doctype, I think it's OK
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06:02 alex_a bonjour
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06:05 josef_moravec alexbuckley: but I am not sure it will work... after closing modal...
06:08 josef_moravec I would use something like $('.modal').on('', function (e) { $("#barcode").focus(); });
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06:23 tt we are using java rfid program for issue/return using SIP
06:23 tt but our SIP connection is slow hence it takes time to issue/return books
06:23 tt is there any way to sort it out
06:24 * magnuse waves
06:28 magnuse tt: have you tried plack?
06:28 magnuse or maybe sip is not affected by plack?
06:28 magnuse hm, i'm not sure
06:29 tt no we are trying sip only
06:30 tt plack works better than sip
06:31 tt is it
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06:32 NPUA Hello, I have a problem with config
06:32 NPUA Can anyone help me?
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06:37 oha o/
06:37 josef_moravec NPUA: try to ask and you'll see ;)
06:37 NPUA :)
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06:38 NPUA we have uploaded books into the database, but they do not show up when searching for any of them
06:38 NPUA is there an indexing problem?
06:38 josef_moravec NPUA: looks like
06:38 wahanui it has been said that looks like is been busted forever, i reckon wiz
06:39 NPUA Can You tell me where to look?
06:39 NPUA is there an issue with zebra?
06:39 josef_moravec how do you made import? By import tool in staff client?
06:39 NPUA yes
06:39 josef_moravec it has 2
06:39 josef_moravec steps
06:39 josef_moravec first you just stage, and second import
06:40 NPUA thats the its been done
06:40 josef_moravec if you go to batch of import, there should be link to imported record - last column of that table
06:41 josef_moravec if the links are ok and go to records
06:41 josef_moravec try to reindex all manually by running:
06:41 josef_moravec koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f <instancename>
06:42 NPUA we tried that and it did not help
06:43 josef_moravec if you use -v parametr, you should see verbose output - you see how many records are indexed and eventually the problems with indexing
06:44 josef_moravec NPUA: also, which version of Koha are you using?
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06:45 tt i also need to knw whether plack works fine better than sip2
06:45 reiveune hello
06:45 wahanui hola, reiveune
06:47 mtj tt:  we use Koha with SIP and plack on 16.5.x, with no problems
06:47 NPUA we are using 3.22
06:47 tt do we need to use both
06:47 tt we just configured sip2 but it takes time to checkout/checkin books
06:47 NPUA what should I put in <instancename>?
06:48 tt even when we say telnet ip 8023 it takes time to connect to sip server
06:48 tt is then the issue at our end of network
06:48 tt hw to figure out tht
06:48 mtj plack speeds up Koha, it should also speed up SIP too
06:48 josef_moravec NPUA: the name of your instance as you create it with koha-create
06:49 mtj tt: perhaps your network is slow? .. have you checked?
06:49 josef_moravec NPUA: you can list created instances by koha-list
06:49 tt hw can we check that
06:49 josef_moravec NPUA: if you installed using debian packages of course
06:50 NPUA no its an ubintu
06:50 tt and inform our network admin guy
06:50 NPUA ubuntu 12.04*
06:50 tt because he is denying tht
06:50 josef_moravec NPUA: Ubuntu can use debian packages too ;)
06:50 josef_moravec NPUA: how did you install Koha?
06:51 josef_moravec NPUA: eg. which guide did you use?
06:52 NPUA we used this link
06:52 NPUA https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_ubuntu_-_tarball
06:53 mtj tt,  https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]sting_with_Telnet
06:55 tt Login OK.  Initiating SIP and hangs there
06:55 tt Connection closed by foreign host.
06:56 josef_moravec NPUA: the recomended way of installing Koha is using packages: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ubuntu_-_packages
06:56 josef_moravec Also Ubuntu 12.04 is pretty old, you should use 16.04 or Debian Jessie
06:57 NPUA I understand, but we had to use this one as this was the "recommended" way by the national library net admin
06:57 NPUA and since we need to connect to their server we had to try this way ))
06:58 NPUA I also understand that the version of Ubuntu is old, but unfortunately its not on our hands ((
07:02 BobB NPUA that is going to be an ongoing problem for you.  What country are you in?  You should urge your national library to upgrade Ubuntu to the currently supported version
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07:03 NPUA Yes I know, I'm doing my best to make them understand that the old version is not secure anymore, above anything else
07:04 NPUA but for now, can You offer me any solution?
07:04 * sophie_m waves
07:05 josef_moravec NPUA: recheck if you installed things around zebra like they should be
07:05 josef_moravec NPUA: try to check this: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]bleshooting_Zebra
07:06 josef_moravec NPUA: But you probably encounter some other problems...
07:06 NPUA yes we did!
07:07 NPUA but we have resolved all the problems besides search indexing
07:07 NPUA which is the most important ))
07:07 josef_moravec NPUA: another thing: try to go to About -> Perl modules page and System information page to check you have everything what you need
07:08 josef_moravec NPUA: also, which version of Zebra you have installed?
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07:08 josef_moravec Hello cait
07:09 NPUA Zebra 2.0.44
07:09 cait hi josef_moravec :) hi #koha
07:09 NPUA HTTPD::Bench::ApacheBench (0.73) shows not installed
07:10 NPUA but it shows as optional
07:11 josef_moravec NPUA: yes, it is just optional
07:12 josef_moravec NPUA: Zebra 2.0.44 is almost 8 years old, that could be problem
07:13 NPUA :D
07:13 NPUA it could be
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07:14 josef_moravec you could add indexdata repository for installing newer zebra
07:16 NPUA ./  -b   -z -v
07:16 NPUA I have run this command and its working now
07:17 NPUA by working I mean its rebuilding
07:17 josef_moravec NPUA: so you'll see ;)
07:17 NPUA its says records exported 18
07:18 NPUA and its loading under it, but we have tried this before
07:20 cait hm is there no kw,phr?
07:20 * magnuse waves
07:20 cait trying to frot he best way to search for corporate identity in that order
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07:22 gaetan_B hello
07:27 NPUA Record length of 237457 is larger than the MARC spec allows (99999 bytes). at /usr/share/perl5/MARC/File/ line 314
07:28 NPUA it gave this message for some entries
07:28 NPUA Is this a problem or they just won't come up in search?
07:28 NPUA it says now"REINDEXING zebra"
07:29 NPUA also "Records exported: 100878"
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09:20 eythian hi
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09:38 magnuse hiya eythian
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11:45 eythian <-- this is quite relevant for anyone involved in taxonomies and cataloguing.
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11:46 marcelr hi #koha
11:46 eythian hi marcelr
11:46 marcelr o/
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11:55 oleonard Hi all
11:56 eythian hi oleopard
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11:58 jzairo morning kellym meliss
11:59 meliss morning jzairo
12:00 * fridolin applying for RM 17.05
12:01 fridolin https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_17.11
12:01 magnuse yay!
12:01 * oleonard votes for fridolin
12:01 fridolin thanks
12:01 magnuse RMaint, then ;-)
12:01 fridolin yep RMt ;)
12:03 cait fridolin++ :)
12:04 fridolin i'll do my best for this job
12:04 fridolin better than last time ;)
12:04 cait push early... I will walk in your foot steps .)
12:05 cait i am not always early now...
12:05 fridolin yep its not easy
12:05 cait but you were the last missing piece
12:05 cait now we got a team to elect :)
12:06 fridolin Joubu: nice to see you at comand capt'ain
12:08 magnuse hooray for the community!
12:09 cait bgkriegel++ too
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13:04 marcelr alex_a around ?
13:04 alex_a marcelr: yep
13:04 marcelr hi alex_a; i am still working on bug 12063
13:04 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12063 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, Signed Off , Change date calculation for reserve expiration to skip all holidays
13:05 marcelr i now have two minor issues, will submit them on the report. so please be prepared to respond :)
13:05 marcelr would be nice if we could finish this qa battle..
13:06 alex_a thx for your patience marcelr :)
13:06 cait marcelr++
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13:11 mveron Hi #koha
13:12 mveron cait: Bug 18465 - I made screenshots with settings and expected result
13:12 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18465 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Patron card creator: Print on duplex card printer
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13:22 oleonard Joubu I hope my follow-up sufficiently addresses your concerns about Bug 17942
13:22 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17942 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Update style of the web installer with Bootstrap 3
13:24 cait thx!
13:24 cait did you see mycomment?
13:25 cait mveron: was wondering about one of the settings in the pdf - both llayouts read front?
13:29 mveron cait: That's OK. Setting it to back shuffles data for multi column layouts (not used for duplex print).
13:29 * mveron is about to comment on the bug...
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13:42 cait thx
13:42 cait we haven't used that module much at all... it's a bit mysterious
13:44 tcohen morning
13:47 marcelr hi tcohen
13:47 tcohen hi marcelr
13:48 mveron cait: Yes, it is a little bit tricky to figure things out...
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13:59 Joubu jajm: mtj pushed a lot of security patches to 16.05. Since the next 3.22 will be the last, it may be great to have all of them into 3.22.x as well
14:04 Joubu @later tell jajm mtj pushed a lot of security patches to 16.05. Since the next 3.22 will be the last, it may be great to have all of them into 3.22.x as well
14:04 huginn_ Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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14:13 Joubu @later tell mtj 17146 is marked as pushed to 16.05.x, but is not
14:13 huginn_ Joubu: The operation succeeded.
14:15 Joubu @later tell mtj 18094 is marked as pushed to 16.05.x, but has been reverted (why?)
14:15 huginn_ Joubu: The operation succeeded.
14:16 mtj hi joubu, failing tests ^
14:17 mtj i'll update the bug(s)
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14:22 Joubu mtj: the tests pass for me
14:23 Joubu mtj: do you want me to upload my 16.05 version?
14:25 Joubu done
14:32 mtj thanks Joubu, i still get a failling test for 18094 after your patches - but its poss my current dev setup
14:33 * mtj has no vagrant setup atm (long story)
14:35 mtj ill be happy to confirm the tests on jenkins, when it comes up
14:36 marcelr tcohen around
14:37 marcelr you only included one biblio-zebra-indexdefs.xsl on bug 18098
14:37 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18098 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , Add an index with the count of not onloan items
14:37 Joubu mtj: you could ask someone else to confirm if you want
14:44 Joubu mtj: did you apply the 2 patches or just the tests?
14:44 Joubu I get the same failure when I just apply the first patch
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14:56 mtj i applied both patches, it still fails for me
14:58 schnydszch Dear all, This is Eugene Espinoza, one of the organizers for KohaCon2017, I might not make it to the meeting later which is 4 A.M. in our local time, and it's already 11P.M. So I'm sending the updates for KohaCon2017: 1) We'd like to ask that the website for kohacon2017 be added in the kohacon links in the koha community website; 2) There are now 235 pre-registered participants for the said Conference, 45 are foreign participants..
14:58 oleonard Great registration numbers schnydszch!
14:58 tcohen marcelr: what?
14:59 marcelr see the bug report please
14:59 marcelr 18098
14:59 tcohen ah, I missed the other xslts
14:59 tcohen hm
14:59 marcelr have to go; bye #koha
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15:02 schnydszch the estimate is right, 50 foreign, 200 local. We want to have other local institutions the chance to attend so we're trying to work on that. 250 is the limit for the venue, so we're working doubly on this. 3) This May 17 12PM-1PM PST, KohaCon2017 will be featured in a local radio program created by the University of the Philippines Main Library which is termed as libradio, link is here: but that will still be on May 17. We
15:03 kidclamp schnydszch, can you add these notes to the agenda page on the wiki?
15:06 schnydszch the list and update the K-C on this, the language of the radio program will be Filipino-English, so those interested in listening to the podcast, please bear with us. 4.We're already done with the program, we're just trying to figure out to make it like the program done with Greece, was it a Wordpress plugin? so please contact us regarding this. In any rate, program will be out this week. 5) One major sponsor not yet filled up so we'd appreciate i
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15:10 eythian schnydszch: beware the network doesn't kick you out for excess flood, best to wiki things like that and link them
15:10 schnydszch ..have one. Well that sums up, updates on KohaCon2017. need to get a rest guys. thanks oleonard! and kidclamp i'm afraid i might mess up the wiki with weary eyes. Cheers and good night! :)
15:11 eythian schnydszch: I think there is content missing
15:11 eythian so really, at the least you ought to pastebin it :)
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15:24 reiveune bye
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15:24 schnydszch hi eythian and all! here's the pastebin link:
15:25 schnydszch bye and good night to all!
15:25 eythian later :)
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15:57 oleonard Thanks josef_moravec!
16:04 josef_moravec oleonard: not at all ;)
16:05 josef_moravec somebody interested in testing bug 18008 ? ;)
16:05 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18008 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, josef.moravec, Needs Signoff , Use templates for generating pagination in intranet
16:18 josef_moravec bye #koha
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16:42 pastebot "Joubu" at pasted "test results for 16.05.x" (27 lines) at
16:42 Joubu mtj: ^
16:43 Joubu mtj: if I change the number of tests for HoldsQueue.t to 43, it's green
16:44 mtj easy fix, thanx! :0)
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17:20 oleonard Joubu: Do you remember, was there an issue with Bug 18007 which you were waiting for me to fix? Or is it simply waiting for signoff?
17:20 huginn_ Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18007 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Interface updates to notices and notice previews
17:50 Joubu oleonard: I think it is ok like that
17:51 Joubu I remember a vertical vs horizontal comparison, but the screenshot shows what I expected
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18:29 tcohen is the onboarding stuff pushed already?
18:29 oleonard Yes but not the style update
18:35 Joubu "already"? :p
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20:00 * kidclamp waves
20:00 kidclamp everyone ready for a meeting?
20:00 thd If and only if my internet does not fail.
20:00 * indradg|afk waves back
20:00 * Joubu is not far
20:01 thd A sewer fire and explosion may have been the cause of mostly no internet for me for a month.
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20:02 talljoy meeting?
20:02 wahanui meeting is in two days, i thought was tomorrow. plenty of time then
20:04 kidclamp ashimema, cait , mtj, rangi, jajm, Brooke
20:04 cait oops
20:04 cait here
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20:04 kidclamp trying to ping everyone with a role :-)
20:04 kidclamp starting in one minute
20:04 indradg wow @thd
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20:05 kidclamp #startmeeting General IRC meeting 03 May 2017
20:05 huginn_ Meeting started Wed May  3 20:05:46 2017 UTC.  The chair is kidclamp. Information about MeetBot at
20:05 huginn_ Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
20:05 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 03 May 2017)
20:05 huginn_ The meeting name has been set to 'general_irc_meeting_03_may_2017'
20:05 kidclamp #topic Introductions
20:05 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
20:05 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 03 May 2017)
20:05 thd indrag:[…]article-1.3014939
20:06 talljoy #info Joy Nelson ByWater
20:06 kidclamp #info Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
20:06 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart
20:06 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
20:06 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin, Germany
20:07 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
20:08 kidclamp #topic Announcement
20:08 Topic for #koha is now Announcement (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 03 May 2017)
20:08 kidclamp Next week we will do a GBSD for bugs for 17.0
20:08 kidclamp 5
20:08 kidclamp I will send an email out and put up a wiki page today
20:08 kidclamp I plan to be about to help anyone with testing/sandboxes
20:08 kidclamp and will see if I can get ours runing
20:09 * kidclamp has fat fingers today
20:09 kidclamp #info GBSD next week, wiki and emial to come today
20:09 kidclamp #action kidclamp will send out something for GBSD
20:09 kidclamp anyone else?
20:09 indradg #infor Indranil Das Gupta, L2C2 Technologies
20:10 barton #info Barton Chittenden, BWS
20:10 indradg #info Indranil Das Gupta, L2C2 Technologies
20:10 cait kidclamp: the date?
20:10 wahanui the date is circled ;)
20:10 kidclamp May 10th
20:10 cait thx :)
20:10 kidclamp #info GSBD for May 10th, bugs only edition
20:11 kidclamp cait++
20:11 Joubu we have 18 majors and 2 criticals
20:11 Joubu filled with patches
20:12 kidclamp #info there are 18 majors and 2 critical bugs needing attention
20:12 kidclamp halp! please!
20:13 kidclamp next up is elections - do we have enough participants or should we postpone? 13 UTC has been the more active time lately - we could push for a week?
20:14 cait why nto have it?
20:14 Joubu May 10th? :)
20:14 cait i stayed up1
20:14 Brooke No time is a good time for all. I think we should vote now, like Cait
20:14 cait !
20:14 cait :)
20:15 kidclamp #topic Roles for 17.11 - Elections
20:15 Topic for #koha is now Roles for 17.11 - Elections (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 03 May 2017)
20:15 kidclamp okay, we vote!
20:16 barton yea, yes, +1!
20:16 talljoy barton is eager
20:16 indradg heh
20:16 kidclamp I think there are no contested seats, any discussion?
20:17 kidclamp I propose we can vote the whole list at once
20:17 thd Yes
20:17 thd Sorry that I have been without internet...
20:17 Brooke +1 for the slate
20:18 thd I am adding my name along with Brookes for Wiki curator now. :)
20:18 thd (more the merrier)
20:18 thd I actually thought that elections were next month.
20:18 cait the release is this month
20:19 kidclamp don't want to release without a new team in the wings
20:19 kathryn joined #koha
20:20 kidclamp okay, I will enter all the roles here for minutes, then we can vote slate
20:21 alexbuckley_ joined #koha
20:21 kidclamp Release Manager:
20:21 kidclamp Jonathan Druart
20:21 kidclamp --
20:21 kidclamp RM Assistants:
20:21 kidclamp Alex Sassmannshausen
20:21 kidclamp Martin Renvoize
20:21 kidclamp --
20:21 kidclamp Release Maintainers
20:21 wahanui Release Maintainers are Chris Cormack for 3.8
20:21 kidclamp (17.05) Fridolin Somers
20:21 kidclamp (16.11) Katrin Fischer (continuing)
20:21 kidclamp (16.05) Mason James (continuing)
20:22 kidclamp Translation Manager
20:22 wahanui well, Translation Manager is proposed to be Frédéric Demians
20:22 kidclamp Bernardo González Kriegel (continuing)
20:22 kidclamp Documentation Team
20:22 kidclamp Katrin Fischer & Chris Cormack
20:22 kidclamp shh wahanui
20:22 kidclamp Database Documentation Manager
20:22 kidclamp Indranil Das Gupta
20:22 kidclamp Quality Assurance (QA) Team
20:22 kidclamp Brendan Gallagher
20:22 kidclamp Kyle Hall (continuing)
20:22 kidclamp Marcel de Rooy (continuing)
20:22 kidclamp Martin Renvoize (continuing)
20:22 kidclamp Alex Sassmannshausen (dipped my toe last cycle)
20:22 kidclamp Nick Clemens (continuing)
20:22 kidclamp Julian Maurice (continuing)
20:22 kidclamp Tomas Cohen Arazi (continuing)
20:22 kidclamp Packaging Manager
20:22 kidclamp Mirko Tietgen (continuing)
20:22 kidclamp Continuous integration infrastructure maintainer (a.k.a. Jenkins)
20:22 kidclamp Tomas Cohen Arazi
20:22 kidclamp Bug Wranglers (the more the merrier!) What does a Bug Wrangler do
20:22 kidclamp Marc Véron (continuing)
20:22 kidclamp Claire Gravely
20:22 kidclamp Josef Moravec
20:22 kidclamp Amit Gupta
20:23 kidclamp Wiki Curators (The more the merrier!)
20:23 kidclamp Brooke
20:23 kidclamp Thomas Dukleth
20:23 kidclamp Okay
20:23 * Joubu votes for wahanui French president
20:23 * barton reves up hos voting engine...
20:23 barton s/hos/his/
20:23 kidclamp #startvote Should we elect all proposed roles for 17.11 as listed on the wiki and above? Yes, No
20:23 huginn_ Begin voting on: Should we elect all proposed roles for 17.11 as listed on the wiki and above? Valid vote options are Yes, No.
20:23 huginn_ Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:24 kidclamp #vote Yes
20:24 barton #vote Yes
20:24 cait #vote yes
20:24 Joubu #vote yes
20:24 thd #vote yes
20:24 drojf #vote yes
20:24 indradg #vote yes
20:25 mkuhn #vote yes
20:25 kidclamp last call
20:25 kidclamp #endvote
20:25 huginn_ Voted on "Should we elect all proposed roles for 17.11 as listed on the wiki and above?" Results are
20:25 huginn_ Yes (8): Joubu, cait, barton, kidclamp, indradg, mkuhn, thd, drojf
20:26 kidclamp Huzzah! Congrats Joubu
20:26 kidclamp Joubu++
20:26 indradg Joubu++
20:26 Joubu hope you all read the proposal guys ;)
20:26 cait release_team_17.11++ Joubu++ :)
20:26 * cait whispers he wants us to work... pf
20:26 barton { and Tomás has himselff marked as 'Yes' in the meeting notes }
20:27 barton @ytpos++
20:27 huginn_ barton: I suck
20:27 kidclamp #topic Update on releases:
20:27 Topic for #koha is now Update on releases: (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 03 May 2017)
20:28 Joubu cait: heh, indeed, things like "responsibility", "motivation", etc.
20:28 kidclamp Kyle is out this week but will be working on things once he returns
20:28 kidclamp cait: 16.11?
20:28 wahanui 16.11 is coming out next week
20:28 kidclamp mtj, jajm? I think they are sleeping
20:29 cait heh not quite next week
20:29 cait but according to schedule
20:29 cait was focusing a bit on sign offs this week
20:29 barton wahanui forget 16.11
20:29 wahanui barton: I forgot 16.11
20:29 cait will start pushing after feature flush
20:29 cait string freeze on 15th and release on 22nd
20:29 kidclamp #info cait will push for 16.11  after 17.05 feature slusgh
20:29 kidclamp #info 17.05 feature slush if Friday, May 05
20:30 kidclamp #info 17.05 feature slush is Friday, May 05
20:30 kidclamp #16.11 string freeze on 15th and release on 22nd
20:30 kidclamp anything else?
20:30 wahanui i think anything else is just being crap
20:30 kidclamp wahanui forget anything else
20:30 wahanui kidclamp: I forgot anything else
20:30 barton ^^ I wish ;-)
20:31 kidclamp #topic KohaCon
20:31 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 03 May 2017)
20:31 kidclamp schnydzsch posted an update into channel earleir today
20:32 kidclamp it seemed incomplete but we asked for him to update wiki and email oout to lists as well
20:32 kidclamp #info schnydzsch should send an email to lsits or update wiki
20:34 kidclamp no updates on the marketing / etc
20:34 barton move on?
20:34 kidclamp so floor is open for final thoughts
20:34 kidclamp or just set next meeting
20:34 barton Any notes from the marketing group?
20:34 kidclamp nope
20:34 Brooke can you flesh out the marketing etc comment please
20:34 Brooke do you mean for KohaCon or project wide?
20:35 mveron-away joined #koha
20:35 barton Brooke, it was the last item on the agenda.
20:35 kidclamp something NateC was involved with, I don't know details
20:36 kidclamp I think maybe an agenda holdover
20:36 kidclamp copy/pasta
20:36 barton nothing to do with KohaCon.
20:37 Brooke thanks for the clarification Nick
20:37 kidclamp #topic Next meeting
20:37 Topic for #koha is now Next meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 03 May 2017)
20:38 kidclamp June 7th - 13 UTC?
20:38 cait ok
20:38 Brooke great by me, that is not Election Day
20:39 kidclamp #info Next meeting: Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 13 UTC
20:40 kidclamp last chance
20:40 kidclamp 3
20:40 kidclamp 2
20:40 kidclamp 1
20:40 thd +1
20:40 Joubu 0
20:40 kidclamp #endmeeting
20:40 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to the #koha IRC chat | Code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/ | Please use for pastes | Installation guide for Koha is
20:40 huginn_ Meeting ended Wed May  3 20:40:41 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
20:40 huginn_ Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-05-03-20.05.html
20:40 huginn_ Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]7-05-03-20.05.txt
20:40 huginn_ Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]03-20.05.log.html
20:40 Brooke thanks for driving the bus
20:41 barton ^^ what Brooke said.
20:41 kidclamp heh 'No brakes!!!!!'
20:41 barton HA
20:41 Brooke gotta pump em rookie ;)
20:41 barton kidclamp: that would be NateC.
20:42 * kidclamp wanders off to start closing tabs and end his day
20:43 thd indradg: A funny/scary moment of the sewer explosions near me a month ago was after several manhole covers had earlier exploded into the air another manhole cover exploded directly under a fire service vehicle.
20:44 Brooke Yank infrastructure--
20:44 thd :)
20:44 thd I really need multiple upstream connections.
20:45 bapt_w joined #koha
20:45 thd I was even disconnected twice very briefly during the very brief meeting.
20:46 Brooke do you know an automated way to exchange information from Hea with the wiki?
20:46 thd Hea?
20:46 wahanui Hea is coming (see
20:46 Brooke I'd love to see flow between the two
20:46 Brooke yeah Hea is very cool. go check it out
20:46 Brooke just got a nice update, too
20:46 Joubu Brooke: what do you mean?
20:47 Brooke I know we aren't wikipedia, but there are automated tools that can draw on data sets then leverage bots to create or manage pages
20:47 Brooke or alert someone to changes
20:48 Brooke or make little authorised value changes so a person isn't bothered by them
20:48 Brooke I hit things with sticks, but I know there are better ways
20:48 cait ?
20:48 cait hea is all automated?
20:48 indradg thd: wow++
20:48 Brooke yes
20:48 Brooke and the wiki is not
20:48 Brooke what I worry about is folks not implementing hea or data not being mirrored
20:49 thd_ joined #koha
20:50 Joubu Brooke: sorry still do not get it, do you have a specific example?
20:51 Brooke no but I have a specific problem in mind
20:51 Brooke I think it behooves us to have redundant data in this case
20:51 Brooke not everyone has service full time as thd proves
20:51 thd_ Brooke: Sadly I lost internet connection again.
20:52 Brooke and those that are less fortunate in their connections might prefer to print the wiki (I know the horror, but this is so)
20:52 thd_ Brooke: I have had very reliable service for the past 2 years with minor interruptions.
20:52 Brooke or there might be people that edit the wiki then not participate in hea, which is queer but possible
20:52 Brooke yes, but other people do not necessarily have reliable service most of the time
20:53 Brooke anyway, the barrier to entry for contributing to the wiki is lower than hea
20:53 thd_ Brooke: I have never had an outage of a month previously.
20:53 cait Brooke: hea is very low onw
20:54 cait Brooke: it's just turn on prefs
20:54 Brooke though the visualisations hea is capable of is superior
20:54 Joubu Brooke: If you have examples of what you want, I can try & write script to daily generate something (csv/svg/...)
20:54 Brooke I will think on if this is necessary at all
20:54 Brooke people seemed to indicate no don't bother on the list when I mentioned mapping and GIS
20:55 thd_ Brooke: Is the URL ?
20:55 Brooke but I'm very grateful for the disambiguation someone did to force the data to be nicer on Hea
20:55 Brooke yes
20:56 thd_ That URL does not resolve for me.
20:56 thd_ Brooke: I think it is an SSH issue.
20:56 * Joubu thinks that thd_ should read a bit more the Koha ML
21:00 thd_ Difficult to read enough when internet access is mostly down.
21:00 thd_ I know I do not read it enough in the past three years when internet is working :)
21:00 * thd_ tries a different web browser.
21:01 Joubu have to run, bye #koha
21:01 Brooke bye bye
21:06 thd_ Brooke: Adding hea data directly to the wiki in a manner similar to the way in which it is being added to the website at would be a security risk for the wiki database.
21:08 thd_ Brooke: However, hea data might be collected somewhere intermediately and then updated on some wiki page with perhaps some polling function.
21:10 thd_ Brooke: The big issue is limiting direct writes to the database running the wiki to localhost.
21:12 thd_ Brooke: An unrelated issue is that the security certificate for the subdomain might not be configured correctly.
21:26 thd__ joined #koha
21:27 Kafilini joined #koha
21:38 stozza joined #koha
22:34 wizzyrea joined #koha
22:39 talljoy joined #koha
23:08 mveron Good night / daytime #koha
23:19 stozza joined #koha
23:58 stozza joined #koha
23:59 jamesb joined #koha

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