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06:12 LibraryClaire morning #koha
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06:13 alex_a bonjour
06:13 * dcook waves
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06:23 * magnuse waves
06:34 * LibraryClaire waves
06:35 magnuse guten morgen BüchereiKlara
06:36 LibraryClaire hei magnuse
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06:37 magnuse wie geht's
06:37 magnuse ?
06:37 LibraryClaire sehr gut, danke :)
06:37 LibraryClaire und dir?
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06:56 reiveune hello
06:56 wahanui kia ora, reiveune
07:01 magnuse mir geht's gut
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07:02 LibraryClaire :)
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07:02 fridolin hie tehre
07:02 kastan morning koha
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07:09 oha o/
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07:19 gaetan_B hello
07:21 magnuse le bonjour!
07:25 sophie_m hello
07:25 wahanui hey, sophie_m
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07:32 marcelr hi #koha
07:37 kastan hi marcelr
07:38 marcelr :)
08:05 sophie_m jajm : il y a une page wiki pour orex ? Je ne trouve pas. Du coup c'est toi qui prends tous les tix ?
08:05 sophie_m oups
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08:23 marcelr sophie_m: Je ne sais pas :)
08:23 sophie_m :)
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08:42 marcelr jajm around?
08:43 jajm marcelr, hi
08:43 marcelr hi jajm
08:43 marcelr jajm: could you qa bug 9988 ?
08:43 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9988 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , Leave larger authority merges to merge_authorities cronjob (pref AuthorityMergeLimit)
08:48 jajm marcelr, yep, i can look at it this afternoon
08:49 marcelr that would be great, thanks
08:56 ashimema @later tell Joubu When you get a moment could you rebase bug 17600, I just need to add my QA mark to the commits and we'll be in Passed :)
08:56 huginn` ashimema: The operation succeeded.
08:58 marcelr ashimema: Joubu wanted two QAers, because it was not signed?
08:58 marcelr if you signoff, i will look at them too
08:59 ashimema ooh.. I thought it was signed looking at the status..
08:59 marcelr no it had no signoff yet i believe
08:59 ashimema always goodto have a second pair of eyes on a patchset like this though.. I'd certainly feel real happy knowing your meticulous eyes are on the case too :)
08:59 marcelr oef
09:00 ashimema either way.. it needs a quick rebase first.. I'm sure for Joubu that'll be reasonably trivial :)
09:00 marcelr cool
09:02 magnuse hm, what's a fella supposed to do to get /api up and running these days?
09:03 * ashimema thinks it's just uncommenting the lines in the vhost?
09:05 eythian hi
09:05 wahanui salut, eythian
09:05 eythian @wunder ams
09:05 huginn` eythian: Error: No such location could be found.
09:05 magnuse @wunder enbo
09:05 huginn` magnuse: Error: No such location could be found.
09:06 magnuse ashimema: thanks, those lines were missing from my upgraded apache config
09:07 ashimema ah, not just a simple uncomment, but a copy paste then ;)
09:07 magnuse well, they would be missing from any apache config generated by the packages, it seems
09:08 magnuse[…]4889e077e;hb=HEAD v.s.[…]27db2ebb5;hb=HEAD
09:17 magnuse it works \o/
09:17 magnuse well, after doing apt-get install libswagger2-perl
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11:12 ashimema anyone seen this error whilst trying to fetch the lastest fit from koha-community?
11:12 ashimema `error: Unable to find 7ed0ea3f7e1cffe1597a53ae5b55d6a7d9c6c8cc under`
11:14 marcelr not seen ashimema; it is a tree
11:14 ashimema yeah.. I'm confused
11:14 ashimema all my other linked repo's are fetching fine
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11:44 Joubu hi
11:44 wahanui hola, Joubu
12:09 mveron joined #koha
12:10 mveron Hi again #koha
12:11 oleonard Hi all
12:13 Joubu marcelr: Hi! Bug 17866 comment 36, did you?
12:13 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17866 normal, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , Change sender for claim and order notices
12:14 marcelr hey Joubu; i will do it soon
12:14 marcelr on my list
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12:46 khall cait: your OTR plugin is going crazy spamming me with pm's that you aren't around
12:46 kellym joined #koha
12:46 khall @later tell cait your OTR plugin is going crazy spamming me with pm's that you aren't around
12:46 huginn` khall: The operation succeeded.
12:47 khall joined #koha
12:48 khall @later tell cait, nevermind, I figured out the problem
12:48 huginn` khall: The operation succeeded.
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13:31 oleonard Looks like kohadevbox is having trouble with cpan commands
13:31 oleonard "failed: [jessie] (item=Test::DBIx::Class) => {"cmd": "/usr/bin/cpanm Test::DBIx::Class"
13:32 magnuse :-)
13:32 meliss joined #koha
13:33 LibraryClaire :D
13:34 oleonard Uh.... thanks?
13:38 magnuse it wasn't meant to be to you, oleonard
13:38 magnuse but it was kind of fitting, i guess...
13:39 magnuse tech support is
13:55 khall @later tell tcohen can you look at bug 18409?
13:55 huginn` khall: The operation succeeded.
14:04 oleonard I wonder why kohadevbox tries to get those dependencies from a specific mirror
14:05 francharb joined #koha
14:13 cait khall: oops sorry!
14:16 oleonard You'd think eventually Olivier Leonard would realize they're not getting confirmation messages for all those holiday reservations and would check the email address they're using.
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15:32 reiveune bye
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15:55 eythian oleonard: no, you're looking at it wrong. The proper way to look at it is that you're getting free holidays booked for you.
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17:31 Subhi Hi there
17:31 wahanui bonjour, Subhi
17:31 Subhi I just got Koha installed on a fresh install of debian
17:31 Subhi but I can't get apache to serve the right files
17:32 Subhi where would the webserver files be ?
17:32 Subhi All I am getting is the default Apache page
17:32 Subhi and the closest thing I found is ./usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs/ which does not have anything useful except unavailable.html
17:37 Subhi I've followed the installation guide found in the topic
17:42 CrispyBran joined #koha
17:42 * CrispyBran waves
17:44 Subhi hello
17:46 CrispyBran hello!
17:46 oleonard Subhi: I've heard it suggested before that you disable the default site
17:46 oleonard sudo a2dissite 000-default
17:47 oleonard ...assuming you don't need the default site of course.
17:47 Subhi yes, it'll only do koha
17:47 Subhi Site 000-default already disabled
17:47 oleonard How did you install Koha? Package?
17:52 Subhi yes, package
17:52 wahanui package is probably 'perldoc'
17:53 Subhi I've used this guide
17:58 oleonard Subhi: Sorry I am not an expert in resolving that kind of problem
18:00 Subhi fair enough
18:00 Subhi Thanks for your help
18:00 Subhi I might try to reinstall it again tomorrow
18:00 Subhi once I am fresh again
18:01 jcamins Subhi: take a look at /etc/apache2/sites-available/${your_instance}
18:01 jcamins If ... .conf
18:01 jcamins s/If //
18:03 oleonard Hi jcamins how's it going?
18:04 jcamins oleonard: good! I'm preparing for seder tonight.
18:06 oleonard jcamins: Are you hosting?
18:07 jcamins I'm doing really well. I just have the chicken left to make.
18:07 jcamins Yup.
18:08 jcamins I have a pretty nice menu, I think.
18:09 jcamins Horseradish-crusted salmon, sour beef, moroccan chicken, passover eggs, potato gratin, pickled watermelon-avocado salad, za'atar parsnip puree, sweet potato quinoa salad, and spicy crisp brussel sprouts.
18:09 jcamins And a lot of dessert.
18:10 jcamins Chocolate matzah bark (both vegan and dairy), pomegranate chocolate fudge, toasted orange chocolate chip meringue, mint meringue, cacao-chocolate chip meringue, and vegan coconut macaroons.
18:11 oleonard Figures that after I haven't talked to you in months when I do you're cooking :)
18:11 jcamins Plus one of our guests is training as a pastry chef, so he's bringing something, too.
18:11 jcamins That's pretty much the only time on my computer these days.
18:11 jcamins At least at times you're on the computer.
18:13 oleonard kidclamp awake?
18:20 CrispyBran Anyone here familiar with the self regisitration process in Koha?
18:22 CrispyBran kidclamp is mia
18:27 jcamins oleonard: how are you today?
18:28 oleonard I'm good. Spending the day looking at patches after quite a while being occupied by non-Koha stuff.
18:29 oleonard Haven't done any of my own work on Koha for ages :(
18:35 kidclamp in a meeting sorry y'all
18:35 jcamins I haven't used Perl in ages. I don't miss it.
18:35 jcamins Or, at least, haven't used Perl for anything large.
18:48 * Joubu is trying to imagine pretty crisp brussel sprouts
18:50 kidclamp brusselsprouts++
18:56 oleonard Bye all
20:06 rangi morning
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20:15 cait morning rangi and all
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21:33 * cait waves to Joubu
21:34 Joubu hi cait
21:34 cait just noticing your activity on bugzilla :)
21:36 Joubu Also drank a couple of beers with tcohen today :)
21:41 cait oooh
21:41 cait sounds fun!
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21:44 cait Joubu++ thx for the 16.11.x specific patches
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22:14 cait @later tell tcohen can you please take a look at why t/db_dependent/www/search_utf8.t is failing on 16.11.x? I can't reproduce locally, something with page it's looking for seems odd
22:14 huginn` cait: The operation succeeded.
22:14 cait i also need some help with bug 18411
22:14 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18411 normal, P5 - low, ---, chris, NEW , t/db_dependent/www/search_utf8.t  fails on 16.11.x
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22:44 mtj hey #koha
22:45 mtj cait: i think those tests may have been broken for a good while? ^
22:46 * mtj thinks they have only just been added to jenkins recently
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