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07:55 alexbuckley hi cait
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21:39 wizzyrea this is a really probably dumb question - on the template cache stuff, you can multiple instance with that ya?
21:43 * Francesca waves
21:45 wizzyrea hi Francesca :)
21:45 wizzyrea how ya doin
21:45 wizzyrea hi aleisha
21:45 wizzyrea and alex, but he's gone now
21:48 Francesca crazy busy
21:48 Francesca how are you?
21:49 Francesca and the rest of the gang?
21:49 wizzyrea nvm about my question, empirical testing says "yes, you can, but you must change the path for the template cache to /tmp/<instancename> or the like."
21:49 wizzyrea doing good, pleasantly busy :)
21:49 wizzyrea doing *well I mean.
21:50 wizzyrea School's going ok?
21:50 kathryn hi francesca :)
21:51 Francesca hi Kathryn :)
21:51 Francesca wizzyrea: uni fine, very busy
21:51 Francesca we have midterm break starting next week so alllll the assesments are due this week
21:53 Francesca I've gotta go to my next class
22:21 eythian wizzyrea: assuming you're using the same templates, it should be fine.
22:22 wizzyrea well, I found that it wasn't, it wants a copy for each instance because the templates are owned by the first loaded instance
22:22 wizzyrea the cache is
22:22 wizzyrea I suppose I could do something like put all the koha users in a group
22:22 wizzyrea and give the group permissions
22:23 wizzyrea the doc for it is laughably thin.
22:26 wizzyrea anyway, my eventual and probably humorously stupid fix for it was to make each instance make their own directory in /tmp
22:27 eythian Hmm.
22:27 eythian That surprises me
22:27 wizzyrea it surprised me too
22:28 eythian The cache i thought was just the template rendered into code and all variables etc were applied to that.
22:28 eythian Tbf i never looked into it in any depth at all
22:29 wizzyrea it looks like that's true, except the part where it's owner/group is the first loaded instance
22:29 eythian Ahh
22:29 eythian I forgot about that
22:29 wizzyrea OR, something like "you enabled it on one instance instead of all of them at the same time so permissions are stupid"
22:29 wizzyrea but I don't think that's true
22:29 wizzyrea as I tidied up the caches when I discovered this problem
22:29 eythian Maybe a uname or sticky bit can be set
22:29 eythian Not uname
22:29 eythian The other thing
22:29 wahanui the other thing is probably i want to upgrade the version of koha. how?
22:30 eythian umode? I forget
22:30 wizzyrea anyway, giving each instance it's own copy seems to make it come right, even if that seems space inefficient
22:30 eythian Sure
22:30 eythian They're not likely to be big
22:31 wizzyrea it kinda offends my sense of order, but it works so
22:31 eythian It's definitely a good enough solution :)
22:31 wizzyrea thanks for talking to me about it - rangi's not here and I wanted to understand lol
22:32 eythian Np :)
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22:32 eythian Umask! That's what i forgot!
22:33 wizzyrea hehe that was bugging you wasn't it
22:33 eythian Yep
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