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00:36 dilan Hi guys I'm trying to spin up a new koha devbox with vagrant but I ran into this issue
00:36 dilan fatal: [jessie]: FAILED! => {"changed": true, "cmd": "perl /home/vagrant/misc4dev/", "delta": "0:00:00.067425", "end": "2017-03-09 00:11:24.709122", "failed": true, "rc": 2, "start": "2017-03-09 00:11:24.641697", "stderr": "Cannnot open file No such file or directory at /home/vagrant/misc4dev/ line 24.", "stdout": "", "stdout_lines": [], "warnings": []}
00:37 dilan I'm following the instructions here:[…]/master/
00:37 wizzyrea where did you get up to
00:37 dilan TASK [kohadevbox : Replace koha-* scripts]
00:38 wizzyrea so vagrant up
00:38 dilan Yep
00:39 wizzyrea just to be sure, you've got the right version of vagrant (1.8+)
00:39 dilan Checking now
00:40 dilan 1.9.2
00:40 wizzyrea and what is your base OS?
00:40 wizzyrea linux, windows, mac...
00:41 dilan Linux
00:41 wizzyrea neat that makes things less hard. :)
00:41 dilan As always ;)
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00:45 wizzyrea hm.
00:45 wizzyrea just to be sure, you are in your kohadevbox directory
00:45 wizzyrea not above or below it
00:45 wizzyrea and not in the vm
00:45 wizzyrea ?
00:45 dilan Yeah I am
00:46 wizzyrea I'd try a vagrant up --provision
00:47 wizzyrea and see if it goes on
00:47 wizzyrea that makes it look like something went wrong copying things to the VM.
00:47 wizzyrea your error, I mean.
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00:51 dilan I can't even see a misc4dev directory so you might be right
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00:52 wizzyrea that dir would be inside the vm, if I'm reading this right
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01:52 mtj speaking of kohadevbox... does anyone know where the 'tasks' are located, that are executed on startup?
01:52 mtj ==> jessie: Exporting NFS shared folders...
01:52 mtj ==> jessie: Preparing to edit /etc/exports. Administrator privileges will be required...
01:52 mtj ==> jessie: Mounting NFS shared folders...
01:52 mtj ... that stuff ^
01:53 wizzyrea roles/kohadevbox/tasks
01:53 wizzyrea I think
01:56 mtj doesnt look like it
01:57 mtj in that, that specific text does not exist in any of those files
01:57 wizzyrea yeah it does[…]asks/misc4dev.yml
01:58 wizzyrea[…]/kohadevbox/tasks
01:58 wizzyrea these are the ansible things
01:58 mtj so, if ' Mounting NFS shared folders.' was failing...
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01:59 mtj ..there might be an  ansible file, for that task
01:59 wizzyrea[…]aster/Vagrantfile this might point you the right way
02:00 wizzyrea i would guess that nfs shares have to do with sync_repo
02:00 wizzyrea but I don't know
02:00 wizzyrea for sure
02:03 mtj hmm,  the text i'm looking for is from vagrant/ruby gem file, i guess
02:03 wizzyrea yeah, so that means it must be a default vagrant behaviour
02:03 wizzyrea are you trying to sync_repo at all?
02:08 mtj yep, i am... i figured it would be a useful problem to resolve
02:08 mtj ..looks like im getting close to a fix
02:12 wizzyrea it's always worked for me heh
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03:17 mtj wizzyrea: i did find a workaround, switching the kohaclone dir to a 'virtualbox' share
03:18 mtj im guessing nfs was prefered as it was faster?
03:18 wizzyrea hehe literally 0 idea there. :)
03:19 wizzyrea it's always worked for me the default way
03:19 mtj my guilty confession, is that im running kdb on a osx/macbook
03:19 wizzyrea AH
03:19 wizzyrea well yeah that could do it. :)
03:19 wizzyrea I haven't ever tried that.
03:20 mtj ..there seems to be some nfs/vagrant gotchas on certain osx versions
03:20 wizzyrea that is kinda unsurprising to me, as OSX isn't standard to unix/linux except in the vaguest of ways. and has these weird vagaries that are utterly nonsensical.
03:21 mtj yeah.. amen
03:21 wizzyrea but, it works for lots of people so c'est la vie
03:22 wizzyrea i'm glad you got it working
03:24 mtj ta.. hopefully will send an patch for the problem
03:57 dilan ok so i finally got myself a running devbox
03:58 dilan the readme file on github says that just by running vagrant up, a full copy of the koha repo is cloned but when i looked through my vm file system it looks like this doesnt actually happen
03:59 dilan which would explain why it ran so quickly because the full repo should be a 2gb download
04:01 dilan i ended up having to clone it to my host manually first and then running sync_repo vagrant up
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04:10 mtj congrats, thats the best option :)
04:11 dilan cheers mtj
04:12 mtj i did get to the bottom of my nfs problem too... embarrassing, but it was bad rule on my lappy's firewall - oops
04:17 mtj dilan: fyi, there is a bug around kdb and a non-defined  SYNC_REPO env
04:18 mtj 'This will download and install a bunch of stuff, please be patient - especially when you are not using SYNC_REPO (see below), since then the full Koha repository (which is over 2GiB) will be cloned too.'
04:19 dilan yeah it just doesnt clone it
04:19 mtj snap.. no cloning attempt is made
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04:28 BobB rangi about?
04:32 BobB not about
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07:13 LibraryClaire morning #koha
07:14 fridolin bonjourrr
07:14 LibraryClaire salut fridolin
07:14 fridolin ;)
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07:54 reiveune hello
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08:01 drojf hi #koha
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08:03 marcelr hi #koha
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08:04 marcelr hi LibraryClaire drojf
08:05 drojf hi marcelr and LibraryClaire
08:11 magnuse guten morgen BüchereiKlara, drojf, marcelr
08:11 LibraryClaire hei magnuse
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11:12 magnuse gah, i have ceased to exist!
11:12 magnuse no more work today, then!
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12:05 ttt on our opac when we searched for a title in results against availability it is showing No items available Checked out (1) how to sort out this error
12:06 ttt actually item is attached to this record
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12:14 ttt on our opac when we searched for a title in results against availability it is showing No items available Checked out (1) how to sort out this error
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12:34 tcohen morning
12:36 drojf hi tcohen
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13:05 tcohen hi drojf
13:05 drojf irc messages take quite some time until they reach argentina :D
13:06 * tcohen is tempted to wait 10 minutes to answer
13:06 drojf lol
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13:08 drojf eythian: would you happen to know why there are still debian/koha.* files left and that was not moved to the debian/koha-common.* versions?
13:13 magnuse i think there was a plan to provide a "koha" package, to set up just one library or something?
13:16 drojf magnuse: yes. but the koha.* files seem to be used in koha-common installations and they contain other things than the koha-common.* files
13:16 drojf like /var/lib/dpkg/info/koha.postrm
13:16 magnuse ah, no idea then :
13:16 drojf so i guess i can't just throw them away :)
13:19 drojf or maybe i should and see what happens
13:27 magnuse it's worth a try
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13:27 magnuse or wait and see what eythian has to say for himself
13:28 LibraryClaire throw out all the things!
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13:30 edveal Howdy
13:33 drojf eurgh i forgot about fcking overdrive
13:38 drojf hi edveal
13:40 drojf i got broken umlauts in email notices. is that expected?
13:40 drojf i think it is a 16.05
13:43 tcohen drojf: remove the koha* ones :_D
13:43 tcohen unless you want to make it work of course
13:43 tcohen he
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13:44 drojf tcohen: i want to make bug 17311 work, i don't care about the koha package ;)
13:44 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17311 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mirko, ASSIGNED , koha-common service should be restarted on upgrade
13:44 drojf moving koha-common to koha is a nice to have thing for one day in the future ;)
13:46 * tcohen imagines koha-core, koha-apache2, koha-nginx and koha packages
13:46 ashimema :)
13:53 drojf what would koha-core vs koha be?
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14:02 drojf overdrive test is broken even with overdrive installed. how did anyone test this?
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14:15 eythian drojf: so, the koha.* files are for building the koha package
14:16 eythian the preferable but harder solution is to make it do something sensible.
14:16 eythian the easier solution is to remove building of the koha package entirely.
14:16 eythian what you choose to do is up to you :)
14:16 eythian I always wanted to make it do something, but never had time.
14:17 drojf eythian: why does something like /var/lib/dpkg/info/koha.postrm get installed with the koha-common package then?
14:17 eythian dunno
14:17 eythian I wouldn't expect that
14:17 drojf that's what i thought :)
14:20 drojf and they contain different things. like[…]8836a2559;hb=HEAD
14:20 drojf the zebradb files don't show up in the koha-common version
14:21 drojf ah ok that is done per instance
14:21 drojf for koha-common
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14:22 drojf still does not explain why they get installed when koha-common is installed
14:22 drojf koha, full of mysteries
14:22 francharb Hi all!
14:22 drojf hi francharb
14:27 drojf overdrive--
14:27 drojf overdrive--
14:27 eythian so, there'll be magic debian stuff happening with those files.
14:27 eythian It's quite possible that they don't get run, just get carried along.
14:27 drojf eythian: yes, i am trying to follow that
14:28 drojf while i curse overdrive
14:28 drojf and broken stuff being pushed and not taken care of
14:33 drojf playtime's up, went to cursing overdrive. back to paid work
14:34 Joubu drojf: I thinkbug 16034 comment 80 must go on another bug report
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14:37 LibraryClaire laters #koha
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14:41 marcelr bug 16034
14:41 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16034 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, srdjan, REOPENED , Integration with OverDrive Patron API
14:42 marcelr drojf++ #making overdrive work :)
14:47 drojf Joubu: why?
14:48 Joubu drojf: I let a comment on the bug. That issues have to be fixed on another bug report
14:48 Joubu These*
14:50 drojf ok
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16:49 reiveune bye
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