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14:50 DaveB Hi all
14:51 DaveB I'm having a problem with my catalog and was hoping someone here might know what I'm missing.
14:52 DaveB I've added over 100 books, but when I search the catalog in the staff interface or the OPC interface no books come up
14:53 eythian DaveB: Sunday afternoon is a very quiet time here, but if you ask and provide detail, and hang around a while someone may pop up.
14:53 eythian (for search problems, check zebra.)
14:53 eythian I _think_ it's covered in the FAQ
14:53 eythian wahanui: faq
14:53 wahanui faq is found at
14:54 * eythian returns to cleaning
14:55 DaveB thanks!
14:55 DaveB REINDEXING zebra ==================== 09:54:23-29/01 zebraidx(16170) [warn] Failed to open /var/lib/koha/library/biblios/register/ [Permission denied] 09:54:23-29/01 zebraidx(16170) [fatal] mf_read2 reci internal error
14:55 DaveB that doesn't look good
15:14 DaveB Sooo, I'm looking at this[…]ember/038293.html, would it break anything if I used the solution in the message?
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15:26 DaveB it worked, thanks to the zebra tip
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19:55 rangi morning
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21:41 eythian Well, DaveB found my advice from three years ago. Good to know it's still relevant.
21:42 wizzycray eythian, it's pretty much a weekly occurrence that advice you gave in the past is relevant.
21:42 wizzycray at least weekly.
21:44 eythian :)
22:01 * magnuse wishes the nz'ers a fine day and falls asleep
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22:16 dcook eythian: I once wondered how someone found a particular Zebra solution... and then realized they were quoting an email I'd sent out a year earlier >_>
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22:17 eythian dcook: heh, the worst is when you're trying to solve a problem and find an email from yourself several years previous asking the same question.
22:17 eythian With no answer.
22:18 dcook hehe
22:19 dcook That would definitely be the worst
22:19 wizzycray I'm feeling quite sure there's an xkcd on that
22:20 wizzycray well kinda
22:20 wizzycray
22:20 dcook hehe those feels too
22:20 aleisha i have also felt those feels
22:21 eythian @later tell cait[…]t/~3/VxbWZdPQlg8/ hah!
22:21 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
22:21 dcook Alas, I don't have enough Stackoverflow "stuff" to comment on anything
22:21 dcook I think the best I've managed away from Koha is updating Wikipedia >_>
22:21 eythian @later tell LibraryClaire[…]t/~3/VxbWZdPQlg8/ solace if you need it!
22:21 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
22:22 dcook I had a mystery this weekend involving some Germans..
22:22 dcook Well, I wasn't entirely sure they were Germans at first
22:23 dcook A couple, who sounded like they were probably German, were looking at white SUVs in the middle of our carpark
22:23 dcook Judging from the different plates on the vehicles and that they appeared to be tourists, I figured they were shopping around for a SUV to take them around Straya
22:23 dcook But how did they know about the carpark? It's a fairly hidden carpark in a residential area.
22:24 dcook They had to either work nearby or know someone who lives nearby...
22:24 dcook As it turns out, our neighbours have turned their apartment into an AirBnB (which I learned after the Germans asked to hang some washing on our line)
22:27 wizzycray so some people were hanging around, looking at cars, and asked before hanging their washing on your line. A+, would people again.
22:27 dcook I had thought about telling them to find their own carpark, but figured they weren't hurting anything/anyone
22:28 dcook And as it turned out, they actually asked after they'd alrady hung up half their washing :p
22:28 dcook But they were very nice to talk to, so I'd probably people again
22:28 dcook There is something so happy and energetic about German tourists
22:29 dcook Trying to remember which tourists have bad reputations... I think Aussies are mixed. Well known for being friendly but also complaining about everything.
22:30 dcook Actually met a guy in Greece once who lived down the street from us in Australia. Massive man... when he overheard us saying Australians were obnoxious travellers he loomd ovr us and said
22:30 dcook "I'm from Australia... and you're absolutely right. We are the worst."
22:30 dcook Seeing as we were on a monastery on a stone pillar overlooking a very far fall, I'm glad that he was in agreement with us...
22:30 wizzycray I don't think I have an opinion about australian tourists.
22:30 dcook :P
22:31 * dcook has seen Flight of the Conchords
22:31 wizzycray in fact, unless they are doing something egregiously antisocial, I don't mind tourists at all.
22:32 dcook Oh, I don't mind tourists here in Australia
22:32 dcook In fact, I think they make up a significant number of people I see in any given day
22:32 dcook Partially due to there being more and more Airbnbs all the tim
22:32 dcook time*
22:33 dcook And some weird businesses around here that seem to only open for pre-booked tourist groups...
22:33 dcook It's weird but if they help support local business in my suburb, I'm totally for it
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