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09:30 pro-koha hi all koha friends
09:49 pro-koha hi all
09:50 pro-koha do u know why even after truncating my biblio, biblioitems,items tables the data is still accessible through opac
09:51 pro-koha I mean when i search for the record with keywords of title, still data is listed though it is shown that record is not not available
10:09 pro-koha which files in linux does koha-rebuild-zebra affect
10:13 Francesca joined #koha
10:23 eythian pro-koha: you will need to do a full zebra reindex to update search results.
10:26 pro-koha I tried koha-rebuild-zebra --full library where library is my instance name; but my mysql-table name for koha is koha_library
10:27 pro-koha after that i restarted my zebrasrv; but in vain
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11:36 pro-koha hi
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