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03:36 bag hola
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12:53 rsantellan good morning #koha
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14:35 tcohen morning
14:35 cait morning tcohen
14:43 tcohen hi cait
14:44 tcohen @later tell oleonard thanks for testing bug 13757, I've added followup to address your findings!
14:44 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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16:08 kchris tcohen: Are you there?
16:09 tcohen I am
16:09 tcohen :-D
16:10 kchris I am testing 17792. I am not sure what's wrong with my setup.
16:10 tcohen what is your setup?
16:11 tcohen this is the dependency tree
16:11 tcohen https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]7&hide_resolved=1
16:11 tcohen so 17792 depends on 17755 and 17813
16:12 tcohen i have a regular kohadevbox
16:12 tcohen in which I apply each
16:12 tcohen and run
16:12 tcohen sudo koha-shell kohadev
16:12 tcohen cd kohaclone
16:12 tcohen perl installer/data/mysql/
16:14 kchris I am not using kohadevbox.
16:15 kchris I am on ubuntu 14.04 lts
16:15 tcohen ok
16:15 tcohen a gitified koha setup?
16:15 tcohen or a regular dev install?
16:15 kchris Yes,.
16:15 tcohen ok
16:16 tcohen I don't think master supports 14.04, but that shouldn't be  a problem for those patches
16:16 tcohen do you have libtry-tiny-perl installed?
16:17 kchris I applied 17755 first then 17813 in my bug_17792 branch;
16:17 kchris then I applied 17792
16:18 tcohen and then ran
16:18 tcohen perl installer...
16:18 kchris yes.
16:19 kchris In mysql, I checked to see if borrower_attributes table was altered successfully.
16:19 kchris It was.
16:19 kchris and it is being populated.
16:21 tcohen hm
16:21 tcohen I introduced a chicken-egg problem
16:21 kchris I do have libtry-tiny-perl installed
16:21 kchris Not sure yet how to use it.
16:22 tcohen it is just a dep the patches need
16:23 tcohen can you apply 17767 and then 13757?
16:23 kchris Can I do that over the existing patches?
16:24 tcohen eys
16:24 tcohen you need to
16:25 kchris So the final order would be 17755, 17813, 17792, then 17767, and finally 13757 ?
16:25 tcohen yup
16:25 tcohen that's the one in the dependency tree i pasted above, so yeah!
16:26 tcohen i made a mistake and there's a circular dependency with 13757
16:26 tcohen I don't think it is that bad
16:26 kchris I was going to ask about 13757. From the tree it looked like 17792 was dependent on it.
16:27 tcohen oh
16:27 tcohen you need to read it the other way
16:27 tcohen that's 13757 and its dependencies
16:27 tcohen but i introduced a dependency between 17792 and 13757, a circular one
16:29 kchris Ok. 13757 depends on 146759, but I should already have that from master, right?
16:30 kchris 17767 hasn't been pushed to master yet, so I'll need that one.
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16:46 kchris tcohen: I applied the additional patches on top of 17792 (17767, 13757).
16:46 kchris Then
16:47 kchris I still got an error referring to bug_17813 .
16:48 kchris and then when I ran the t tests, then failed with the error "No tests run for subtest 'opac_editable() tests."
17:01 tcohen kchris: I will need to set a dev environment to test it myself
17:02 kchris tcohen: okay, sorry I can't be of more help testing this. Still too much of a newbie.
17:15 * tcohen loves teh apply_on_cascado branch for git-bz
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23:36 eythian Francesca: I'm surprised you're not watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special.
23:38 Francesca I have seen it
23:38 Francesca it aired here last night
23:38 Francesca it was very good
23:40 eythian Ah right, fair enough then :)

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