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14:09 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
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16:54 eythian cait: check out the NZ news if you want interesting reading
17:05 cait already had soem fun with that on the train :( hope everyone is ok
17:11 cait bbl
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20:32 gmcharlt @quote random
20:32 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #45: "<CGI988> sekjal - you are a genious!!!!! asking me about the browser!!!! yes it's the #$%$#%$#ing IE was messing my cataloguing, oh I hate miscrosoft, the evil!" (added by gmcharlt at 07:00 PM, November 05, 2009)
20:33 * cait waves
20:41 liz hi :)
20:42 jcamins wizzywobble: is everyone okay?
20:42 wizzywobble yep, all catalystas accounted for. two deaths in the south island from collapsed houses though :(
20:42 jcamins :(
20:43 cait :(
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20:49 wizzywobble if you twitter and look for either #eqnz or Kaikoura
20:49 wizzywobble you can see some of the photos coming out
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20:56 eythian wizzywobble: how'd the catalyst building hold up do you know?
20:57 eythian I presume well given it's had no problems in the past, but...
20:57 wizzywobble well, it was quite violent in there, chris had some glass stuff broken
20:57 wizzywobble my standing desk fell over
20:57 wizzywobble there's a pic, 2 shakes
20:57 wizzywobble[…]97901669690327040
20:58 wizzywobble (no I didn't go in, Sod [did you meet sod?] took that)
20:58 wizzywobble but near as we know, the building itself is all good. But of course we are waiting for CBRE to clear it
20:59 wizzywobble they can't dock ferries at the moment because the ferry docks were damaged
20:59 wizzywobble so 3x ferries just hanging in the harbour.
21:01 eythian wizzywobble: I didn't meet Sod. that looks like a bit of a mess.
21:02 wizzywobble yeah I guess it was even worse on 9
21:02 wizzywobble idk why mine fell over and some of the other ones didn't maybe because mine was basically freestanding
21:02 wizzywobble my computer, which was on top, is still up
21:02 wizzywobble which is extra lol.
21:03 wizzywobble if you look closely you can see the tardis landed tidily on the floor
21:03 wizzywobble as you'd expect from a tardis.
21:04 wizzywobble status of cloud cuckoo land unknown
21:04 wizzywobble >.>
21:04 eythian heh
21:04 wizzywobble but my koha mug is not broken. So yay!
21:05 eythian :)
21:06 wizzywobble also shame about how much crap I've got on my desk.
21:09 eythian now it's a chance to put it in a different arrangement :)
21:10 wizzywobble hehehe yes.
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21:11 wizzywobble oh and we have a big storm headed for us, 140kph winds and crazy rain
21:11 eythian saw that
21:11 wizzywobble seems unfair >.>
21:11 wizzywobble j/k she'll be right.
21:12 wizzywobble[…]97907082875846656 that's sh1 near kaikoura. I've driven that stretch
21:12 wizzywobble and actually, I've driven over the area where the centre was
21:12 eythian[…]msterdam/1812872/ <-- contrariwise, it's going to warm up here. Was slightly sub-zero over the weekend.
21:13 eythian (looks like rain the whole time though. It being dark when you get to work and when you leave work, and raining when your travelling gets old fast.)
21:14 eythian but, at least NZ has shown the Dutch a thing or two about how to reclaim land from the sea again.
21:14 wizzywobble lol. Except we wait for the earth to do it for us.
21:14 wizzywobble (I'm kidding.
21:14 wizzywobble )
21:14 wizzywobble (sort of.)
21:15 eythian sure, but it's done in 30 seconds flat. None of this taking hundreds of years to do the job.
21:15 wizzywobble ah I miss you
21:16 eythian I have room for visitors, y'know
21:17 wizzywobble <3
21:18 eythian (but I'd suggest waiting until summer :)
21:38 eythian[…]udio_id=201823625 <-- good nerves (skip to about 4:15.)
21:53 cait cait?
21:53 wahanui you are the best friend you could ever have.
21:53 cait slides?
21:53 wahanui get back to writing them, cait!
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21:55 BobB hi #koha
21:55 BobB hi NZ
21:56 BobB you've had a big one over there
21:56 BobB we hear Wellington is basically shut down, hope everyone is ok
22:01 eythian BobB: two dead, but none in Wellington. CBD is informally closed due to risk of falling glass and unsafe buildings.
22:01 eythian[…]97888862928277504 <-- and this is the most Wellington forecast ever
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22:19 BobB hi eythian, if the forecast here was like that we'd stay under the bedcovers
22:19 BobB what a unique place
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23:57 mario @later tell jzairo Hola Jess, Can you take a look at ticket http://ticket.bywatersolutions[…]lay.html?id=38958 for DoSpace. Urgent for them. Thanks, If it’s not a jz ticket please let me know. thanks again
23:57 huginn mario: The operation succeeded.

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