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00:28 wizzyrea bag:
00:28 bag coolness
00:28 wahanui coolness is a factor way the hell down druthb's list, though it's on there.  The ability to do druthb's editing in druthb's Editor Of Choice instead of that wonky one in WP was a big selling point, as was being able to version-control the whole site with git, and automate the upload.  So far, I'm happy as a clam with this.  I've got about another hours's work, and it'll be ready for me to throw WP overboard.
00:29 wizzyrea that's pulled from here[…]-list/tree/master
00:29 wizzyrea from
00:29 wizzyrea anybody can do a merge request to that.
00:30 * dcook perks up
00:30 * dcook wonders about the label "State"
00:30 dcook Might "Region" be more inclusive?
00:30 dcook I suppose State is fairly common..
00:30 wizzyrea leave it off if you don't use it
00:30 wizzyrea see the readme ;)
00:30 dcook Oh, I mean in Canada they have Provinces
00:30 dcook In France, Departments
00:31 wizzyrea mm there's no winning there
00:31 dcook m/e reads
00:31 wizzyrea except to leave it off.
00:31 dcook :S
00:31 dcook I don't see anything in the readme about that?
00:31 wizzyrea it just says "leave out anything that doesn't apply to you
00:31 dcook Does it?
00:31 dcook "Provide as much or as little information as you want."
00:32 wizzyrea You are welcome to submit a merge request ;)
00:32 dcook hehe
00:32 dcook Since we have states, I don't mind
00:32 dcook Although I guess we also have territories :O
00:32 * dcook thinks State is probably ubiquitious enough to be understod
00:33 wizzyrea I'm for being inclusive, but "State/Department/Province/Region/Game of thrones kingship" won't really fit in the header so well
00:33 dcook wizzyrea++
00:33 dcook Hehe. Nope.
00:33 dcook I was just asking a question :p
00:33 dcook State sounds fine
00:33 dcook It's a cool idea
00:33 dcook I like it more than updating the wiki
00:34 wizzyrea the cooler thing is that nobody has to log in to submit their library there
00:34 wizzyrea to the website
00:34 dcook Yep
00:34 wizzyrea it's automaaaaagic :D
00:34 dcook hehe
00:34 dcook Automaaaaagi!
00:34 dcook Damn keyboard..
00:34 dcook Automaaaaagic!
00:34 dcook Tpoooooooooo!
00:34 wizzyrea lool
00:34 dcook I saw the typo before I hit enter but I thought itw as better this way..
00:34 * dcook needs a better keyboard apparently
00:34 dcook Or more patience :p
00:35 wizzyrea flip it over and whack all the crumbs out
00:35 wizzyrea that usually fixes mine
00:35 dcook lol
00:35 dcook <3
00:35 dcook I don't really eat overtop of this one
00:35 dcook Although that reminds me that I have cookies in the cupboard...
00:36 dcook wizzyrea: Would it be possible to use a directory instead of just one file?
00:37 dcook Vendors could then maintain individual files themselves?
00:37 dcook And send merge requests against those?
00:37 wizzyrea possible, yes.
00:37 dcook I guess that could get out of hand too..
00:37 wizzyrea annoying? possibly.
00:37 wizzyrea my idea was that libraries and vendors are on equal footing submitting merge requests.
00:38 wizzyrea and, it can be done through the gitlab interface
00:38 dcook Oooh. Nice!
00:38 wizzyrea cuz it's just text
00:38 dcook I just noticed Github could do that recently
00:38 * dcook really needs to look at Gitlab more
00:38 wizzyrea NOW IS YOUR CHANCE
00:38 wizzyrea :)
00:38 dcook hehe
00:38 wizzyrea stick some of your libraries in there ;)
00:38 dcook I'm going to ask the boss first, but I'm keen
00:38 wizzyrea (the update job needs testing anyway, and there is a capitalisation error on the header line anyway)
00:38 dcook I actually like the idea of not attaching vendor as well
00:39 wizzyrea I'm sure someone will say that's a requirement
00:39 dcook heh
00:39 dcook I think it's much better this way
00:39 wizzyrea though in truth, we can put as much or as little as we want in there
00:39 dcook True
00:39 wizzyrea but I don't want it to be too verbose
00:39 wizzyrea just a list.
00:39 dcook Agreed
00:39 * dcook nods
00:40 dcook What would happen if someone put in HTML instead of plain text?
00:40 wizzyrea I might run the file through a sorter to alphabetise it, we'll see
00:40 dcook Say a link instead of just text for the Name?
00:40 * dcook was curious about sorting to
00:40 wizzyrea it should work
00:40 dcook too*
00:40 wizzyrea but I haven't tried
00:40 wizzyrea it is gated by the merge request
00:40 dcook Listen to me go. I should do more QA
00:40 wizzyrea if the request looks dodgy, we can decline it
00:41 dcook Yeah, I like that there's some review
00:41 wizzyrea I think you mean "I am king of scope creep"
00:41 wizzyrea ;)
00:41 dcook :O
00:41 dcook These are just ideas! haha
00:41 wizzyrea but yes, all of these things could be done
00:41 dcook If I'm the king of scope creep, then I know a few emperors of scope creep...
00:41 dcook Oh, I don't know if they're good ideas or bad ideas. Just curious :)
00:41 wizzyrea it's not a fantastically tricky process
00:42 dcook Mmm, so how does hea figure into it?
00:42 wizzyrea it doesn't, yet
00:42 wizzyrea that was my other idea
00:42 wizzyrea to take the hea list, tidy it, and use that in the website
00:42 wizzyrea but there isn't an api to hea
00:42 wizzyrea that I can talk to
00:42 * dcook was also curious about de-duplication... as the king of scope creep
00:43 wizzyrea if there was, this would be a different thing
00:43 dcook Hmm?
00:43 wizzyrea I could link directly there, but the list is rather untidy
00:43 wizzyrea (lots of dupes)
00:43 dcook ?
00:44 dcook Which list?
00:44 * dcook hasn't looked at hea in ages.
00:44 wizzyrea the library list of self reporting libraries in Hea?
00:44 dcook 513 libraries, eh? That's cool
00:44 dcook I'm sure that's a fraction of the real number using Koha..
00:44 dcook Ahh, I didn't realize there was anything beyond the home page!
00:44 wizzyrea probably more like 450 because of the dupes :(
00:45 dcook Hmm surely HEA should de-dup...
00:45 dcook Anyway...
00:45 dcook I think I have a billion other things I should be doing..
00:45 dcook But cool idea :)
00:45 wizzyrea it's not an acronym ;)
00:45 dcook :O
00:45 dcook In that case, hea it is.
00:45 dcook Bloody acronyms..
00:45 wizzyrea hehe
00:46 wizzyrea People always trying to take those Māori words and make them acronyms!
00:48 dcook Even when you've just told them they're not acronyms
00:48 dcook I mean
00:48 dcook ACRONYMS
00:48 dcook >_>
00:49 dcook I think it should be mandatory that acronyms always be spelled in uppercase
01:11 dcook "Since Apache is one of those packages people like to compile themselves while others prefer the bureaucrat’s dream Debian, it is impossible to give guidelines which will work for everyone. Just send some feedback to the mailing list at to get this document tailored to your favorite distro."
01:12 * dcook blinks
01:30 jcamins dcook: that document sounds great.
01:30 * dcook is curious when it dates from
01:31 dcook Last updated 2016-08-12
01:31 dcook ([…]r-over-http.html)
02:12 dcook wizzyrea: Looks like we'll be adding some libraries in the near future
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03:15 tcohen hi
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05:12 bag i can not believe
05:12 dcook ^
05:13 dcook bag: You're not too far from the Canadian border, although I believe the immigration site has crashed...
05:13 bag I am in Seattle currently
05:13 bag but I think I am going to New Zealand
05:15 dcook Not a bad option
05:15 dcook Well, I've never been
05:15 dcook Of course, then you have Australia right there...
05:15 dcook We can't gloat about our elected representatives...
05:16 bag I am shocked
05:18 dcook I think everyone is
05:18 dcook I think a lot of people were thinking it would go the other way
05:18 dcook Makes me think about Canada's last election
05:18 dcook I think the Conservatives lost because everything thought they would win, so they tried really hard to oust Harper
05:19 dcook Whereas surely no one thought Trump would actually win
05:19 * dcook would be interested in the final voter turnout figures..
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06:14 bag omg
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06:41 cait hm no Joubu
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07:13 LibraryClaire morning #koha
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07:22 fridolin hie there
07:22 LibraryClaire hey fridolin
07:22 wahanui somebody said fridolin was busy at the moment, I asked him to backport the bug fix
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07:34 reiveune hello
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07:39 alex_a hello
07:46 LibraryClaire hey reiveune, hey alex_a
07:47 reiveune hi LibraryClaire
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08:07 * magnuse is barely able to wave
08:08 LibraryClaire hi magnuse
08:08 magnuse guten morgen BüchereiKlara
08:09 alex_a_ :'(
08:10 * LibraryClaire sends hugs
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08:22 alex_a_ hugs++
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08:25 gaetan_B hello
08:26 LibraryClaire hi gaetan_B
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08:29 Joubu heh, back
08:30 Joubu (my vps has been trumped)
08:32 LibraryClaire hi Joubu
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08:50 eythian @wunder Jordaan, ams
08:50 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Geuzenbuurt Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands is 3.1°C (9:50 AM CET on November 09, 2016). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1001 hPa (Steady).
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09:05 smon hi! how do i run from the command line? i mean in order to generate marc, i just found a script that generates the interface html
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09:07 Joubu smon: misc/
09:07 Joubu the script has been split
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09:15 smon i see, thanks
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09:22 LibraryClaire @wunder Konstanz
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10:29 magnuse kia ora Viktor
10:30 Viktor Is down? Don’t see anything on the lists or in the chat logs but server seems down for me
10:30 Viktor Kia ora @magnuse
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10:38 * kidclamp waves
10:39 LibraryClaire hi kidclamp
10:39 kidclamp hi LibraryClaire
10:39 LibraryClaire Viktor: it's down for me too
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10:43 magnuse Viktor: down for me too
10:43 magnuse oh well, lunchtime
10:43 wahanui i guess lunchtime is a terrible time for a meeting
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10:56 Viktor Thanks LibraryClaire and Magnuse. I got word from Bernardo who says it will probably be back soon.
10:57 Viktor And it’s back! :)
10:58 LibraryClaire \o/
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11:28 Joubu @later tell khall please push followup on bug 16520
11:28 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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11:49 * cait waves
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12:35 AndrewIsh Hey everyone. I'm adding a view to the Catalog intranet views, all going well so far with one exception. In my template I'm including, however, on my view the list of options it's offering are truncated compared to other tabs (Normal, MARC etc.) presumably I should be passing something to the template to help it know what tabs to display, any idea what?
12:36 AndrewIsh The example I'm referring to is, that passes $loggedinuser, which I've tried, to no avail
12:38 AndrewIsh I should say that *some* of the tab options are being displayed, just not all of the same ones as moredetails' template
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12:53 AndrewIsh Looking at the options not being displayed, it's all the ones with privilege bindings, i.e. can_view_labeledMARC So, clearly I'm not passing them to the template.
12:53 * AndrewIsh keeps digging...
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13:42 cait AndrewIsh: not sure i understand the problem
13:42 cait but could it be permissions?
13:42 wahanui could it be permissions is it only keyword searches or all searches?
13:42 cait if you tell us which tabs are missing, maybe we can figure it out :)
13:45 AndrewIsh cait:  The missing tabs are MARC, Labeled MARC, ISBD, Analytics, & Subscription(s)
13:46 cait hm
13:46 cait there are systempreferences for some of those
13:47 AndrewIsh cait:  Yet, if I click on one of those tabs, the template displays all the options, so it feels like that template is getting something that mine isn't that is enabling it to determine what options to display
13:47 cait might be a perl variable
13:47 cait not checking the prefs int he template yet, as this is older than the opac files
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13:51 magnuse hm, where is itemtypes.summary supposed to be displayed?
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13:54 AndrewIsh cait: Indeed, Colin here just pointed out that I wasn't passing flagsrequired to get_template_and_user, which I am now, but doesn't seem to have helped in this case... :(
13:56 cait magnuse: i never figured it out, i think reslut list without xslt maybe (very maybe)
13:56 cait AndrewIsh: still good to catch that
13:56 cait what does the template look like, can you paste?
13:59 AndrewIsh cait:  My view template or the menu tabs template include?
14:00 eythian @wunder jordaan, ams
14:00 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Ten Kateplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands is 5.9°C (2:55 PM CET on November 09, 2016). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 6.0°C. Pressure: 29.50 in 999 hPa (Steady).
14:01 cait the include
14:01 cait for a start :)
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14:06 AndrewIsh cait:  OK, sorry, remind me of the channel approved paste service?
14:06 AndrewIsh Ah, got it from the topic :)
14:08 pastebot "AndrewIsh" at pasted "" (38 lines) at
14:09 AndrewIsh cait:  All I've done is add the stockrotationview option at the bottom
14:09 AndrewIsh cait:  And, as I say, all the other template that include this display all the options
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14:24 magnuse cait: thanks!
14:32 AndrewIsh cait:  Just to let you know, Colin just got it, I wasn't passing C4::Search::enabled_staff_search_views to the template. Doh!
14:38 magnuse cait: nah, can't even see it if i turn off xslt. will enter a bug for it
14:39 cait ah sorry, had to run around
14:39 cait but glad you solved it!
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14:50 Viktor Opac sv-se for 16.11 is now at 100% I’m going home now :)
14:52 cait hi Viktor!
14:52 cait and have a nice evening :)
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14:53 tcohen late morning #koha
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14:56 LibraryClaire hey tcohen
14:56 Viktor You to cait!
14:57 magnuse bug 17598
14:57 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17598 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Make use of itemtypes.summary
14:58 magnuse for those who are better at archaeology than me ^
14:58 cait tcohen: did you see my later about the web installer under plack?
14:58 cait it was a few days ago
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15:22 tcohen hi cait
15:22 tcohen I didn't
15:24 cait ah
15:24 cait when i have plack turned on in kohadevbox
15:24 cait it runs in a loop
15:24 cait and no restarting of anything gets me out of it
15:24 cait it might only happen if there is an atomic update too - i haven't verified that yet
15:25 cait but the only way to make it stop i found was to disable plack
15:25 cait tcohen :)
15:27 tcohen you might try restarting memcached and then plack
15:31 cait hm i think i tried that
15:32 cait because i restarted both mutliple time
15:32 cait s
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15:32 tcohen cait: I dunno
15:33 cait keep an eye out if it happens to you too? :)
15:33 tcohen of course
15:33 tcohen you can try removing the atomic update file
15:34 cait next time maybe
15:34 cait i am not sure how much testing i will get done before release
15:34 cait and yay for kohadevbox 2.0! :)
15:34 cait do i have to do something to update? :)
15:34 kchris tcohen: in kohadevbox (jessie, 32 bit), ansible is failing. I get a "retry, use -limit @/home/ckirby/kohadevbox/site.retry" message. Not sure what to do with this.
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15:35 tcohen kchris: take a screenshot of the actual error please
15:36 tcohen cait: yeah, i tagged it 2.0 as it finally got the whole needed functionality from the original one (and more of course)
15:37 cait so just git pull?
15:37 cait and then...?
15:37 tcohen to get 2.0?
15:37 tcohen yeah
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15:37 cait do i have to destroy my curernt one or can i still use it?
15:38 tcohen i would destroy it
15:38 tcohen just in case, yeah
15:38 cait hmm
15:38 cait ok
15:38 tcohen go get some tea in the meantime ;-)
15:38 cait can dump my database and then move it
15:38 cait heh not right now anyway, later, much later
15:38 tcohen dump it in kohaclone
15:38 tcohen so you have it outside
15:38 cait yep
15:39 cait that's the plan :)
15:39 cait actually i do that already, just shouldn't forget to do a current one before the destry
15:40 tcohen cait: you should use SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1
15:40 tcohen now that you are on 2.0
15:40 tcohen and of course add your user/pass on user.yml
15:40 cait is thatdocumented yet? :)
15:40 tcohen unless you are fine with admin admin
15:40 tcohen cait: are you kidding?
15:40 tcohen of course it is!
15:41 tcohen and pull requests are accepted if you think it can be improved
15:41 cait heh
15:42 magnuse tcohen++ for doing awesome work on kohadevbox
15:43 tcohen #koha if you want easy patches to sign off, look at bug 14598 'blocks' bugs
15:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14598 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , itemtype is not set on statistics by C4::Circulation::AddReturn
15:43 cait tcohen++ :)
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15:48 kchris tcohen: I got a screenshot. What is the best way to share it with you?
15:48 tcohen I paste it in
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15:54 Joubu @later tell khall you should have a look at 17591, the article request patches put a mess in our tests
15:54 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
15:54 Joubu @later tell khall I am writting a patch to move the GetIssuingRules sub out of C4::Circulation to avoir Koha module to use it
15:54 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
15:55 Joubu @later tell khall but this won't be the kind of patch (lot of things will be done) to push just before a release
15:55 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
15:55 Joubu @later tell khall the only safe solution I see so far is to revert the patches
15:55 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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15:59 pastebot "kchris" at pasted "ansible errors in kohadevbox" (1 line) at
16:00 kchris tcohen: that paste was for you.
16:02 LibraryClaire laters #koha
16:03 LibraryClaire left #koha
16:03 tcohen kchris: it looks like you are re-provisioning with SKIP_WEBINSTALLER, and it is failing because it failed creating the database
16:03 tcohen i never vagrant halt
16:03 tcohen and never vagrant up --provision
16:03 kchris ok
16:03 tcohen i usually vagrant destroy
16:03 tcohen OR vagrant suspend
16:04 tcohen then vagrant up
16:04 tcohen maybe I'm doing it wrong
16:04 tcohen and that's why it fails for you
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16:04 tcohen but my workflow has always been different
16:06 kchris tcohen: okay. I will try to start over (vagrant destroy).
16:19 kchris kchris_away
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16:49 Joubu tcohen: see 17599 and 17600
17:00 gaetan_B bye
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18:50 rangi morning
18:50 tcohen hi rangi
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18:53 * cait wave
18:53 cait left #koha
18:54 bag hi rangi tcohen and cait
18:54 bag ah just missed cait
18:54 rangi http://translate.koha-communit[…]n/html/index.html
18:55 tcohen rangi, that looks really awesome!
18:56 rangi bgkriegel++
18:56 rangi bernardo has been doing some work on it too
18:57 rangi i just like that it is so much easier to work with
18:57 rangi for reference, atom has a really good restructured text plugin
18:58 kidclamp hello all
18:58 rangi heya kidclamp
18:58 wahanui kidclamp is rockin the stache
18:58 kathryn joined #koha
18:58 josef_moravec rangi: it looks great!
18:59 rangi[…]32ed01d616bdd10a6
18:59 rangi nearly finished splitting it up
19:00 kidclamp I'll give a minute or two for anyone else to trail in for meeting
19:00 rangi ahh yep
19:01 tcohen ah, I thought it was later!
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19:01 kidclamp I did too, but nope
19:02 rangi[…]6430f8342f0f2c60e   <-- now you can go, make spelling
19:03 rangi and it tests for spelling errors :)
19:03 kidclamp alright, let's get going
19:03 kidclamp #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 9 November 2016
19:03 huginn Meeting started Wed Nov  9 19:03:43 2016 UTC.  The chair is kidclamp. Information about MeetBot at
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19:03 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 9 November 2016)
19:03 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'development_irc_meeting_9_november_2016'
19:04 kidclamp #info Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
19:04 rangi #info Chris Cormack, Catalyst IT
19:04 tcohen #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Theke Solutions
19:04 tcohen /#topic introductions
19:04 MKuhn #info Michael Kuhn, Admin Kuhn GmbH
19:04 josef_moravec #info Josef Moravec, Municipal Library Usti nad Orlici, Czech Republic
19:05 kidclamp #info Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
19:06 kidclamp okay
19:06 jirislav joined #koha
19:06 Topic for #koha is now Announcements
19:06 kidclamp Anyone have anything?
19:07 rangi just the manual stuff that people have already seen
19:07 kidclamp #info rangi is working on updating the manual
19:07 tcohen #link http://translate.koha-communit[…]n/html/index.html
19:07 kidclamp beat me to it
19:08 rangi i am thinking of maybe shifting it to gitlab, so people can do merge requests easier .. i want the barrier as low as possible, it doesnt need to have near as much stringent QA as the code
19:08 kidclamp +1
19:08 jirislav That's nice! Read the docs is the right choice
19:08 rangi and with the .rst we dont need specific editors, it is human readable .. so that is much easier
19:09 jirislav ... hi btw :)
19:09 rangi we can get francesca (one of the koha junior devs here) to do us a koha css theme
19:09 rangi thats all i have
19:09 kidclamp cool, next topic if no one else has announcements?
19:10 tcohen ah yes
19:10 tcohen I put it at the bottom
19:10 tcohen but it is really an announcement
19:10 kidclamp go for it
19:10 tcohen and I won't be aroudn at the end of the meeting
19:10 tcohen The community jenkins server started to malfunction a couple weeks ago
19:10 tcohen i spent a lot of time trying to recover it
19:11 tcohen only to notice a clean install would just work
19:11 tcohen as the Biblibre guy in charge of the server is AFK for a couple weeks
19:11 tcohen I set a temporary (?) server on my own
19:11 tcohen
19:12 tcohen in which I set the 'master' branch tasks so we have information for the next release
19:12 kidclamp #info tcohen set a temporary jenkins server until community jenkins is back up
19:12 kidclamp #link
19:12 tcohen we could just keep it, provided Laurent/Biblibre agrees and we just change the DNS
19:12 tcohen but I'm evaluating another posibilities
19:12 tcohen for CI
19:13 tcohen * Travis-CI * Buildbot * GoCD
19:13 tcohen they are all valid options
19:13 tcohen i'm trying to have time to make my mind about them
19:13 kidclamp do you want to talk with laurent and/or send an emial to devel tcohen?
19:13 tcohen the plan is to somehow containerize the tasks
19:14 rangi i think evaluating others is a good idea
19:14 tcohen so we don't depend on the underlying OS (from the nodes)
19:14 rangi jenkins works .. but it has always been fragile
19:14 tcohen and I also plan to re-use the kohadevbox ansible playbook
19:14 tcohen for generating such environments/containers
19:14 tcohen yeah, jenkins is fragile, too much
19:15 tcohen I just had to downgrade the clover plugin
19:15 tcohen they don't fix it...
19:15 tcohen anyway
19:15 tcohen #info If anyone has strong opinions on CI tools, please write to tcohen about it
19:16 tcohen #info substituting jenkins for something else is a really possible option
19:17 kidclamp #action tcohen will investigate options for jenkins and coordinate with laurent @ BibLibre
19:17 kidclamp okay, next topic
19:17 wahanui i heard next topic was a tricky one...
19:17 kidclamp #topic Review of coding guidelines
19:17 Topic for #koha is now Review of coding guidelines (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 9 November 2016)
19:17 kidclamp #info Proposal - REST: Ban id fields in POST/PUT/PATCH bodies
19:18 kidclamp I am not sure who put this proposal, anyone?
19:18 thd joined #koha
19:18 rangi not me
19:18 tcohen Martin / Kyle / Jonathan /Me?
19:18 tcohen we had that discussion
19:18 tcohen the RESTful services design is not a closed discussion
19:19 kidclamp want to add your thoughts? we can postpone vote until more people are around too
19:19 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
19:19 tcohen ok, my thought is that we shouldn't include the ID on the object we SEND
19:19 tcohen when you update/replace an object you usually hit an endpoint that looks like
19:20 tcohen /endpoint/{ id }
19:20 tcohen and send the new object (PUT) or attributes (PATCH) on the request body
19:20 bag #info bag Brendan Gallagher
19:20 tcohen it is straightforward to just forbid the id to be part of the body
19:20 tcohen on the other hand
19:20 tcohen if we allow it
19:20 tcohen we need to add checks to it
19:21 tcohen so people don't change the object id!
19:21 tcohen this is a usual scenario and use case
19:21 jirislav I thought the object id is immutable
19:21 tcohen we all agreed it was a good idea, adhering to that design style
19:21 jirislav #info Jiri Kozlovsky, Brno, Czech Republic
19:22 tcohen jirislav: it is, but when you code it, you need to take care of that immutability
19:22 rangi tcohen: it sounds like a good rule to me
19:22 tcohen the tradeoff
19:22 tcohen (otherwise there wouldn't be a dsicussion at all)
19:22 kidclamp and you sent it out on koha-devel - doesn't look like much discussion has come up
19:22 tcohen is that when you GET an object
19:22 tcohen it could include the id
19:23 tcohen yeah
19:23 tcohen we just wanted to have it formally approved on a meeting
19:23 tcohen it is the usual way
19:23 rangi right, you do need to get the id from somewhere
19:23 tcohen when you hit /endpoint
19:24 tcohen you get the objects list
19:24 tcohen they have the id
19:24 kidclamp I say we can vote and add it, and revisit if needed, but seems reasonable
19:24 rangi yeah, we can always change rules :)
19:25 kidclamp lemme see if I do this right ;-)
19:25 kidclamp #startvote Should we add a coding guideline to ban id fields in post/put/patch bodies for the rest api?
19:25 huginn Begin voting on: Should we add a coding guideline to ban id fields in post/put/patch bodies for the rest api? Valid vote options are Yes, No.
19:25 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
19:25 kidclamp #vote yes
19:25 thd #vote yes
19:25 tcohen #vote yes
19:26 jirislav #vote yes
19:26 rangi #vote yes
19:26 josef_moravec #vote yes
19:26 bag #vote yes
19:26 kidclamp last call
19:26 kidclamp #endvote
19:26 huginn Voted on "Should we add a coding guideline to ban id fields in post/put/patch bodies for the rest api?" Results are
19:27 kidclamp heh
19:27 kidclamp it didn't list results, but passed
19:27 kidclamp #info vote passed unanimously with 7 yes
19:27 kidclamp :-)
19:28 kidclamp #topic Progress on next release (16.11)
19:28 Topic for #koha is now Progress on next release (16.11) (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 9 November 2016)
19:28 kidclamp bag?
19:28 wahanui bag is, like, in Seattle currently
19:28 bag kyle has shared the release notes
19:28 tcohen
19:28 bag looking for comments on it - but no rush - we still have a little bit of time
19:28 m23 joined #koha
19:29 bag besides that we’re moving along
19:29 kidclamp tomorrow is second draft of release notes (according to deadlines)
19:29 tcohen Jonathan has been working hard to fix failing tests / bugs
19:29 bag yeah - that may not be nessicary since we haven’t had any feedback
19:29 bag but when I say that - I am not sure there is need for feedback yet
19:29 kidclamp Joubu++
19:29 bag yes Joubu++
19:30 bag those patches we’ll push
19:30 bag that’s about it from me kidclamp
19:30 kidclamp #info Joubu working on failing tests
19:30 tcohen we have a weird dependency situation
19:30 tcohen for smart people to take a look
19:31 tcohen Undefined subroutine &C4::Circulation::GetItem
19:31 kidclamp #info bag says things are going well - kyle shared draft 1 of release notes
19:31 Dyrcona joined #koha
19:31 tcohen we get those on several tests
19:31 tcohen bug 17591 was the wrong attempt to hide the issue (but solve the side effects)
19:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17591 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Failed QA , Use fully qualified C4::Items function names in C4::Circulation
19:31 kidclamp yeah, I have seen that happen once or twice on a customer server randomly
19:31 rangi hmmm
19:32 rangi i can try to get time to take a look, but can't promise it
19:32 kidclamp Joubu posted two poc I think too
19:32 kidclamp bug 17599
19:32 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17599 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, ASSIGNED , Move C4::Circulation::GetIssuingRule to Koha::IssuingRules->get_effective_issuing_rule
19:32 kidclamp bug 17600
19:32 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17600 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, ASSIGNED , Standardize the EXPORT
19:32 tcohen we didn't find the root cause
19:33 kidclamp #info odd dependency situation causing error: Undefined subroutine &C4::Circulation::GetItem
19:33 kidclamp #info tcohen, joubu and other investigating
19:34 kidclamp I think we can move into general dev discussion
19:34 tcohen item-level_itypes set but no itemtype set for item
19:34 tcohen lots of tests are raising that waring
19:34 tcohen because of a patch I wrote :-D
19:35 kidclamp so you will fix that :-D
19:35 tcohen shame on me, I wrote several patches for bugs that fix that
19:35 Topic for #koha is now General development discussion (trends, ideas, ...)
19:35 kidclamp #info Developer documentation (POD) needs to be a QA issue.
19:36 tcohen #vote yes
19:36 kidclamp anyone have anything to add on that?
19:36 kidclamp hah
19:36 kidclamp I agree
19:37 kidclamp shoudl it be coding guidelines?
19:37 rangi yeah, using devel::cover
19:37 rangi we can test POD coverage
19:38 rangi or
19:38 tcohen we could patch the qa script
19:38 rangi[…]t/Pod/
19:38 thd Yes, if you want people to do it put it in the guidelines.
19:38 kidclamp yeah , I think add it to qa script and guidelines
19:38 rangi if coverage decreases, tests fail .. something like that
19:38 rangi yep
19:39 kidclamp #action POD coverage should be in qa script and a coding guideline added
19:40 kidclamp someone want to volunteer?
19:40 tcohen i think absent people gain the right to be volunteered
19:40 rangi heh
19:40 kidclamp heh
19:41 tcohen I'd volunteer Joubu, who mainly maintains the qa scripts
19:41 kidclamp #action Joubu (has been) volunteered to update qa script for pod
19:41 kidclamp next up is
19:41 kidclamp #info Highlight easy to test bugs for beginners (follow-up)
19:42 kidclamp I had brought this up initially, we discussed adding a way to mark bugs as sndbox testable
19:42 kidclamp etxc
19:42 kidclamp etc
19:42 kidclamp but I think we ended at using Academy to tag low hanging fruit
19:43 tcohen bugs that depend on bug 14598
19:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14598 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , itemtype is not set on statistics by C4::Circulation::AddReturn
19:43 rangi kidclamp: tagging Academy now is really helpful for me too, any that dont get done before then, we can do at the academy in january
19:44 rangi there is the wiki page i made a while ago too
19:44 rangi that needs to be updated
19:44 rangi lemme find it
19:44 rangi https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/I_want_to_help
19:44 kidclamp #action please tag simple bugs with 'Academy' tag now and year round to help move them along and get people involved
19:44 kidclamp #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/I_want_to_help
19:45 rangi we've done the  OMGWTFBBQ! one already
19:45 rangi :)
19:45 kidclamp ranig++
19:45 kidclamp rangi++
19:45 rangi keeping that page up to date would be good i think, then we can point people at it
19:46 kidclamp #action kidclamp will update the wiki page with academy tag info and link
19:47 * kidclamp feels less bad about volunteering Joubu now
19:47 caboose_ joined #koha
19:47 kidclamp next point
19:47 caboose_ hi all
19:47 kidclamp #info Bootstrap 3 upgrade (Bug 16239) and relating UI changes
19:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16239 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, josef.moravec, Failed QA , Upgrade Bootstrap in the staff client
19:47 caboose_ I am new so kind of just lurking at this point
19:47 caboose_ with ByWater
19:48 rangi caboose_: we are in a meeting at the moment so a good time to lurk
19:48 caboose_ cool!
19:48 tcohen have to leave
19:48 tcohen cya!
19:48 kidclamp bye tcohen
19:48 tcohen picking Manuel!
19:48 josef_moravec I started to work on upgrading bootstrap
19:48 rangi ahh yes, we do need to upgrade bootstrap .. i tried that with the academy 2 years ago, it was too hard/big for the 3 days we had
19:48 caboose_ #info caboose ByWaterSolutions
19:48 bag welcome caboose_ - it’s the koha-dev meeting currently
19:48 josef_moravec rangi: as you say ;)
19:49 caboose_ ah...sorry I got an email invite to attend...but I think I was invited accidentally!
19:49 josef_moravec i have patches and oleonard tested today
19:49 kidclamp all are welcome caboose, the more the merrier
19:50 kidclamp anything you need josef_moravec? more testing?
19:50 rangi caboose_: everyone is welcome :)
19:50 caboose_ nice
19:50 josef_moravec yes more testing of course...
19:50 josef_moravec i would like to make it ready when next release cycle starts
19:51 josef_moravec because i think it's almost imposible to push it without mistakes...
19:51 kidclamp #info please test bug 16239 to get it ready for early next release cycle to encourage more testing/debugging
19:51 josef_moravec so would like to have enough time to polish it for 17.05
19:51 kidclamp agreed - big bugs often go that way
19:52 rangi josef_moravec: i agree, i think push early and tidy it .. too big to get it right first time
19:52 kidclamp any highlights of big things it gains us?
19:52 josef_moravec after this is pushed i would like to investigate to use bootstrap more...
19:52 josef_moravec and get rid of yui library hopefully...
19:53 kidclamp I think kyle played with it in his react patches too - bootstrap tables over datatables
19:53 rangi i thought we had got rid of all yui stuff already?
19:53 josef_moravec we use grids from yui
19:53 rangi ahhh
19:54 josef_moravec and in rancor modals we use gridos from bootstrap
19:54 cait joined #koha
19:54 kidclamp sounds good, going to keep us moving
19:54 kidclamp #info REST API - how to solve "conflicts" in endpoints? For example bugs 17007 and 17371
19:54 cait sorry, I am late
19:54 kidclamp heh - throwing me to the wolves
19:55 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
19:55 cait not intentionally :)
19:55 thd grids, fixed sizes :(
19:55 josef_moravec these two bugs solves the similer problems, but in a bit different ways...
19:55 rangi i've been leaving the REST stuff to others so no opinion on that
19:55 josef_moravec thd: exactly
19:56 kidclamp yeah, I think we don't have the devs most involved in that here today
19:56 josef_moravec we just need to decide which one should pick...
19:56 josef_moravec kidclamp: it looks like...
19:56 cait bug 17007
19:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17007 enhancement, P3, ---, mail, Needs Signoff , REST API: add route to get biblio
19:56 cait bug 17371
19:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17371 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , REST API: add CRUD for biblios
19:56 josef_moravec thanks cait
19:56 kidclamp or to resolve future conflicts too josef_moravec
19:57 josef_moravec kidclamp: it would be useful
19:57 josef_moravec I'm willing to test it.... we really need good REST API
19:58 josef_moravec we maybe need more detailed guidelines for API...
19:58 kidclamp tcohen and Joubu proposed a standard at hackfest
19:58 josef_moravec for CRUD there is nice example of /cities endpoint
19:58 josef_moravec kidclamp:
19:59 kidclamp exactly
19:59 bag yeah cities is the example
19:59 josef_moravec but it's an example when all is simple...
19:59 josef_moravec which is not always true...
20:00 josef_moravec as you can see with these too bugs...
20:00 kidclamp I don't think there can be a blanket rule though, more when conflicts arise they go into discussion/ out on mailing list/ vote at meeting
20:00 josef_moravec kidclamp: i agree
20:01 josef_moravec maybe just more oftem brings these thing to dev meetings...
20:01 josef_moravec and vote for one or another, as you say
20:01 kidclamp anyone have differing opinion?
20:01 josef_moravec it's all from me now ;)
20:02 cait i think having some guidelines and updating the wiki pages for the api dev would be good
20:02 kidclamp keep new endpoints up to date in wiki too to avoid conflict?
20:03 cait hm not sure, might get out of sync too fast
20:03 cait but if someone wants to try, sure
20:03 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/Rest_Api_HowTo
20:03 kidclamp I think we need input from those who have been working on it too
20:03 josef_moravec kidclamp: as proposals? because there are many endpoint in patches in bugzilla, but just few in master code...
20:04 jirislav well, i think bug 17007 and bug 17371 should be merged - they aren't that different
20:04 josef_moravec kidclamp: sure
20:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17007 enhancement, P3, ---, mail, Needs Signoff , REST API: add route to get biblio
20:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17371 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , REST API: add CRUD for biblios
20:04 kidclamp yeah, just a thought for proposals
20:04 josef_moravec jirislav: do you try it?
20:05 kidclamp #info REST api conflicts should be brough up in bugzilla/posted to koha-devel/discussed at dev meeting
20:06 kidclamp #action Someone involved in REST api should update 'how to' wiki and note guidelines on conflicts and cities endpoint as base example
20:06 jirislav i could, but it seems like 17007 is in the subset of 17371, so it could eventually be marked as duplicate (17007)
20:07 kidclamp yeah, 17371 is all crud, 17001 is just get?
20:07 jirislav kidclamp: right
20:07 kidclamp #info 17007 seems to be a subset of 17371 and should be merged
20:08 kidclamp want to comment on bugs jirislav?
20:08 jirislav sure thing
20:08 kidclamp cool, next topic
20:08 kidclamp #topic Updates from the QA team
20:08 Topic for #koha is now Updates from the QA team (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 9 November 2016)
20:08 kidclamp take it away cait :-)
20:09 cait oh
20:09 cait there are some problems with failing tests
20:10 cait so please sign off on those and generally focus on bug fixes for a bit :)
20:10 kidclamp #info please focus on bug fixes for the next release
20:10 cait i hope i don't repeat something already said
20:11 cait testing master, testing updates etc.
20:11 cait I have the list of critical and blocker bugs linked from the agenda
20:12 cait #link https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]n=run&sharer_id=1 List of critical and blocker bugs
20:12 kidclamp #link https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]20NOW&sharer_id=1
20:12 cait :)
20:12 kidclamp ah, link name :-)
20:12 cait 2 blockers especially  - one breaks the OPAC if you allow renewals
20:13 cait bug 17522
20:13 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17522 blocker, P5 - low, ---, kyle, In Discussion , gives error of OpacRenewalAllowed is enabled
20:13 cait bug 16430
20:13 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16430 blocker, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED , dies if library is not set
20:13 rangi ah yeah that one is nasty
20:14 cait so yeah, lots to do to make this release shine - please help :)
20:14 jransom joined #koha
20:14 jransom hi all
20:14 kidclamp #info review critical bugs 17522 and 16340 especially :-)
20:14 cait that's all from me
20:14 kidclamp tcohen already mentioned CI updates
20:15 josef_moravec jransom: hi ;)
20:15 kidclamp #topic  Koha and Qvarn -
20:15 Topic for #koha is now Koha and Qvarn - (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 9 November 2016)
20:15 kidclamp thanks cait!
20:15 rangi right, so have people had a chance to have a quick look at Qvarn?
20:16 kidclamp very briefly looked at site
20:17 rangi so basically
20:17 rangi Koha stores a lot of sensitive information
20:17 rangi about people, and their reading habits
20:18 rangi the EU has a new act General Data Protection Regulation (which is in transition until the end of the next year)
20:18 rangi says that anyone deploying systems has to take care that none of this could leak
20:18 rangi (also its just good to do that in general)
20:18 rangi Qvan can act as a data store and IDP
20:19 rangi it has restful https json api
20:19 rangi so it would allow us to store patron data in qvarn, instead of in raw tables
20:20 rangi this is all just stuff to think about at this point
20:20 rangi but I do think it is worth considering
20:20 kidclamp so, things like borrowers/issues/statistics would move out of native db? what would it mean for reporting?
20:21 jirislav okay, so if we decide to use qvarn, what would be left in koha database? i mean .. all of the information related to user would have to be accessed via rest api instead of just mysql socket?
20:21 thd Is there a Qvarn process for particular users to have data removed as should be required by law in EU or even alter and augment it?
20:22 rangi jirislav: yup
20:22 jirislav wouldn't that be a preformance issue?
20:22 rangi potentially
20:22 rangi or it might be faster
20:22 jirislav that's right, if it's scaled properly, it could be even faster than SQL
20:22 cait i think you can keep what can't be linked to a person - if it's anonymous?
20:22 wizzyrea hi
20:22 wahanui hola, wizzyrea
20:22 rangi yep
20:23 wizzyrea #info Liz Rea, Catalyst NZ
20:23 jirislav cait: this is just statistics & configuration .. or anything more?
20:23 rangi like i said, nothing to decide now, but something to research and think about, even if we dont go with qvarn we need to work on making koha more secure around private data
20:23 rangi liw works at qvarnlabs and would be happy to discuss more i am sure
20:24 kidclamp I think it is interesting
20:24 josef_moravec it all sounds interesting....
20:24 rangi i like the IDP part of it too
20:25 cait jirislav: not sure exactly, storing a borrowrnumber alone might be ok
20:25 cait ?
20:25 cait rangi?
20:25 kidclamp maybe liw wants to send out some basic info to listserv, or you rangi?
20:25 josef_moravec it would be better to use solution like this than write something own...
20:25 kidclamp wahanui: botsnack
20:25 wahanui :)
20:25 rangi kidclamp: yep one of us will
20:26 rsantellan joined #koha
20:26 thd There should always be some means to change or remove data held in accordance with legal requirements and library policy even if pseudo-anonymised.
20:26 kidclamp #action rangi or liw will post some qvarn info to listservs
20:26 jirislav cait: oh, interesting point of view .. borrowernumber actually isn't an identifier which can be treated as an anonymous person
20:26 jirislav *is an identifier ..
20:27 kidclamp approaching 90 minutes I think we can keep that discussion going outside of meeting
20:27 jirislav which means qvarn would only store personal data like name, surname etc ... with connection to bornumber
20:28 rsantellan_ joined #koha
20:28 thd Behaviour generally unmasks anonymisation.
20:28 rangi lets move on :)
20:28 kidclamp #topic Set time of next meeting
20:28 Topic for #koha is now Set time of next meeting (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 9 November 2016)
20:28 rangi theres hours of discussion about privacy :) we can have that another time :)
20:28 kidclamp do we have a two times set now from survey?
20:29 kidclamp heh, it's good discussion to have
20:30 kidclamp it looks like 13 UTC was most popular?
20:31 thd Very much better than the present time.
20:31 cait 10 and 19 where the last 2 meetings
20:31 cait hm were
20:31 kidclamp 13 works for me
20:31 cait hm today is 14
20:32 cait ah sorry, no, that's next general
20:32 * cait will be quiet
20:32 thd 14 is problematic for me where 13 is less so.
20:32 kidclamp no worries, two weeks out is day after release?
20:32 rangi just fyi
20:33 rangi ill never be at a 13 UTC one
20:33 kidclamp if we want to meet then
20:33 kidclamp heh
20:33 rangi not that that should stop you
20:33 rangi (its 2am nz time)
20:33 kidclamp so when we stage the revolt, it should be at 13UTC?
20:34 thd I much prefer morning UTC time.
20:34 kidclamp alright I am suggesting Dec 14 - 13 UTC?
20:35 cait ok for me
20:36 kidclamp #info Next meeting December 14th, 13 UTC
20:36 * kidclamp takes that opportunity
20:36 kidclamp #endmeeting
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20:36 kidclamp thank you #koha
20:38 thd The analysis of the meeting schedule preference survey has taken too much of an all or nothing approach to meeting times.
20:41 kidclamp I think the best solution is we all rent an apartment together
20:41 * kidclamp is happy to relocate to another country
20:41 rangi i have a big section, you can build a koha retreat up the back of our house
20:42 wizzyrea I don't own mine but you could probably get a tent up there.
20:42 kidclamp so next kohacon in NZ we all come and stay forever
20:43 kidclamp bag: get work started on the bywater NZ complex
20:43 eythian If wizzyrea hadn't moved, there would have been a small forest up behind her house
20:44 wizzyrea true. The current place has 2 lower terraces, and 2 upper terraces (and the one where the house is)
20:44 rangi[…]ovingtonewzealand  :)
20:45 rangi i only got 4/7
20:47 rangi in good news .. because lets face it, there's a crapton of bad news.   nz secret santa starts today too
20:47 rangi and now i will go submit some patches
20:47 * wizzyrea goes to sign up
20:47 wizzyrea bah later!
20:48 eythian 2/7, remind me not to return via the US
20:48 wizzyrea there's no really good way for you to get here from there
20:50 eythian No. Asia had better airports.
20:50 eythian Has
20:51 m23 left #koha
20:51 wizzyrea I just meant it's a long trip either way
20:51 wizzyrea American airports are crap.
20:52 * cait avoided america when she went, it works
20:53 rangi singapore is a good airport
20:53 rangi i try to go through it where i can
20:53 cait i tihnk mine was... bangkok? coudl that be?
20:54 rangi yep
20:54 cait i was mostly a zombie by then
20:54 rangi HK, bangkok, singapore
20:54 rangi shanghai
20:54 eythian Singapore is fine, been there a goodly number of times.
20:55 eythian Think last time I did KL via Brisbane
20:56 rsantellan_ left #koha
21:25 tcohen joined #koha
21:27 mario joined #koha
21:28 tcohen hi
21:35 tcohen1 joined #koha
21:36 tcohen1 am i online?
21:37 rangi yes
21:41 tcohen1 thx
22:14 thd rangi: We need to find perhaps two times from the meeting times popularity survey and be much in the same position as we had been before the survey.
22:20 dcook meeting times popularity survey?
22:20 JoshB left #koha
22:23 georgewilliams joined #koha
22:24 tcohen hi dcook
22:24 thd dcook: I am looking for the link now.
22:25 dcook heya tcohen
22:26 dcook I guess 13 UTC is 9.5 hours ago?
22:27 dcook Oh well
22:27 tcohen 19 UTC
22:30 dcook Hmm?
22:30 dcook 3.5 hours ago... sleep :D
22:31 dcook Speaking of sleep, how are things with the young one, tcohen?
22:32 thd dcook:
22:35 dcook thd: That's cool. Cheers.
22:40 dcook Interesting... the internet and my computer disagree on AEST->UTC conversions..
22:44 andreashm joined #koha
22:45 * andreashm waves
22:46 * dcook waves
22:46 andreashm hi dcook!
22:46 dcook hey andreashm :)
22:46 dcook Haven't been synchronous in ages!
22:46 andreashm Yeah, I know!
22:47 andreashm How is everything? Kiddo doing alright?
22:47 dcook Oh, we were all sick for a bit. I'm still in the middle of it, but I think kiddo is mostly fine now.
22:47 andreashm Sent you and e-mail a few hours ago btw, but sure you saw that already.
22:47 dcook Going to read it in just a couple of minutes :)
22:47 andreashm Ouch. I hat being sick.
22:48 dcook It's certainly not fun. We've been lucky not to get sick much in this first year
22:48 dcook In 9 months, I think it's only the second time, so can't complain too much
22:48 dcook My nephews seem to get sick all the time
22:48 andreashm Or for the kids to be. This autumn has been pretty terrible with that.... constantly one or the other being sick. Sigh.
22:50 andreashm Good that you've managed to stay away from most of it! Just wait 'til he grows old enough to start interacting with other kids. that when the fun times begin (in regards to getting sick)
22:51 dcook Hehe. Yeah, I've been thinking about that.
22:51 dcook We have quite a few friends with kids now, so I wonder sometimes if that's where this latest bug has come from
22:51 dcook I thought I brought it home, but since I'm the last one to get better... I'm guessing not
22:52 andreashm we'll you never really know. just got to roll with it.
22:52 andreashm well
22:53 * andreashm reads the log. Seems like I missed yet another meeting.
22:54 dcook me too
22:56 liw me too (was travelling)
22:57 * cait missed most of it too
22:58 * liw has checked minutes and will be mailing about qvarn to the list
22:58 andreashm I have basically no idea what qvarn is, but it sounds interesting/promising!
22:58 andreashm hi cait and liw btw
23:00 reiveune bye
23:00 reiveune left #koha
23:00 jamesb joined #koha
23:02 * andreashm is happy to see progress on the REST API
23:04 andreashm and Kohadevbox!
23:04 wahanui kohadevbox is at
23:07 kidclamp joined #koha
23:09 CrispyBran_webinar joined #koha
23:10 chrisvella__ joined #koha
23:14 tcohen1 joined #koha
23:48 papa joined #koha

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