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00:17 dcook @later tell tcohen sort of
00:17 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
00:17 dcook @later tell tcohen I'd be keen to try out kohadevbox for windows!
00:17 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
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06:44 * magnuse waves from his new office
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07:06 LibraryClaire morning #koha
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07:25 fridolin hie there
07:32 LibraryClaire hey fridolin :)
07:32 fridolin LibraryClaire: yop bonjour
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07:51 drojf morning #koha
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07:51 LibraryClaire hi drojf
07:52 drojf hi LibraryClaire
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07:52 reiveune hello
07:52 wahanui what's up, reiveune
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07:56 LibraryClaire hi reiveune
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08:20 gaetan_B hello
08:21 LibraryClaire hey gaetan_B
08:21 wahanui gaetan_B is working at Biblibre and did the nice new start page together with asaurat or a fan of icons
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09:11 nlegrand Hey #koha!
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09:26 Joubu @later tell tcohen It seems that bug 17368 did not fix Jenkins. I think it's because the .kpz is not extracted and the one on the server is not erased. Could you replace it manually please?
09:26 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
09:26 cait good morning #koha
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09:29 * fridolin asking to join QA Team
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09:29 fridolin i'm happy to see cait took 16.11 relaese maintaining
09:29 cait wish me luck :P
09:29 cait i am sure they will be happy to have you on QA
09:34 cait ah, Julian signed up too - cool :)
09:34 cait fridolin++ jajm++
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09:36 fridolin we hope to do a good job
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10:15 Joubu @later tell tcohen do we have ES up and configured on Jenkins?
10:15 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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10:16 Joubu @later tell tcohen There is "Cannot detect source of 't/DataTables'!" What is this t/DataTables?
10:16 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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11:03 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 17518 - DBRev <[…]845fe73cc4d817db4> / Bug 17518: Displayed language name for Czech is wrong <[…]483dea52168fa5d6e> / Bug 17084 - Automatic debian/control updates (unstable) <[…]=commitdiff;h=4a3
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11:49 oleonard Hi #koha
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11:59 atheia Hi #koha
11:59 atheia I have a question about the difference between 'holdingbranch' and 'homebranch'…
12:00 atheia Intuitively I would think 'homebranch' is the place where an item lives, and 'holdingbranch' is where an item might be currently at (e.g. it might have been sent to a different 'holdingbranch' to satisfy a hold).
12:01 atheia By extension, a branchtransfer changes the 'homebranch' rather than the 'holdingbranch'.
12:01 atheia Is this more ore less accurate?
12:01 oleonard That sounds correct atheia
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12:01 marcelr hi #koha
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12:02 atheia OK, cheers for confirming oleonard!
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12:16 magnuse khall around yet?
12:16 khall what's up?
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12:40 tcohen morning
12:41 tcohen Joubu, I cannot make jenkins reach the nodes
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12:56 LibraryClaire hi tcohen
12:56 tcohen hi LibraryClaire
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13:02 nengard morning all
13:05 kidclamp morning nengy
13:10 tcohen hi nengard kidclamp
13:10 nengard nengy?? hehe
13:10 nengard you all see me on FLOSS weekly?
13:10 nengard[…]9?autostart=false
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13:11 oleonard Cool nengard!
13:16 oleonard tcohen++
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13:28 LibraryClaire @wunder Konstanz
13:28 huginn LibraryClaire: The current temperature in LuisenstraÃ&#376;e, Konstanz, Germany is 12.6°C (2:14 PM CET on November 02, 2016). Conditions: . Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1014 hPa (Rising).
13:28 LibraryClaire they forgot dark and creepy
13:28 Joubu bug 17537, bug 17538 and bug 17540 will help jenkins (when it will wake up)
13:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17537 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , xt/author/valid-templates.t is broken
13:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17538 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , t/db_dependent/Upload.t is broken
13:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17540 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , auth_values_input_www.t is broken
13:31 eythian @wunder jordaan ams
13:31 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Ten Kateplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands is 12.6°C (2:23 PM CET on November 02, 2016). Conditions: Rain Showers. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
13:32 eythian no one wins!
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13:33 oleonard @wunder 45701
13:33 huginn oleonard: The current temperature in Heatherstone, Athens, Ohio is 14.7°C (9:33 AM EDT on November 02, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Steady).
13:34 LibraryClaire hi oleonard o/
13:34 oleonard LibraryClaire: Dark and creepy? Sounds like a fairy tale
13:34 LibraryClaire stormy looking clouds
13:35 LibraryClaire does not bode well for my running enthusiasm levels
13:36 oleonard I would dispense motivational words if I weren't so lazy myself.
13:37 LibraryClaire :D
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15:24 * LibraryClaire gathers energy for running
15:24 LibraryClaire laters #koha
15:25 * Joubu sends LibraryClaire chocolate
15:25 LibraryClaire :D
15:25 * cait pushes her out the door to go running
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15:42 AndrewIsh hey guys, quick question. for the module i'm currently building, i need to be performing a barcode search on the catalogue and getting the matching item
15:42 cait hi AndrewIsh :)
15:42 AndrewIsh i've been looking in catalogue/ for some pointers, but that didn't help much
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15:42 AndrewIsh hey cait
15:43 AndrewIsh is there a module for doing this sort of thing?
15:44 AndrewIsh there are lots of promising sounding modules being used in, and my next step was to poke in each one to see what it does, but my laziness got the better of me
15:44 AndrewIsh hence this question
15:44 cait i think i wouldn't go into for that
15:44 cait what is it for?
15:45 AndrewIsh sorry,
15:45 cait I think that circulation uses the database, not Zebra
15:45 cait but I don't really have an idea where to look - maybe someone else knows?
15:45 AndrewIsh so, we're building a stock rotation feature, as part of that it's necessary to add items to a stock rotation rota, hence needing to be able to find items
15:46 oleonard AndrewIsh: That sounds similar to the lists feature which allows you to add to a list by barcode
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15:46 oleonard Maybe that would be a place to look?
15:46 AndrewIsh oleonard: there are similarities, but it's also different in some ways
15:46 AndrewIsh oleonard: ah, yes, good point!
15:50 AndrewIsh oleonard: bingo! C4::Biblio::GetBiblioFromItemNumber - thanks! :)
15:50 oleonard Cool
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15:51 mveron Hi #koha
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15:57 AndrewIsh oleonard: oh actually, C4::Items::GetItem is the one i was after! thanks for the pointers though :)
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16:01 ttt how to search baskets
16:01 ttt is there a way to list all baskets in acquisitions
16:02 cait do an empty vendor seaerch
16:02 cait then click on the link to show also baskets where all items have been received
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17:17 gaetan_B bye
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18:32 kchris Does anyone have experience using the SYNC_REPO  variable with Kohadevbox? I have spun up a dev box without it, and now want to test patches. Is there an existing kohaclone directory?
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18:48 Joubu kchris: you need to export the SYNC_REPO variable before the vagrant up command
19:01 kchris Joubu: I wonder if I can halt and provision it with that variable now?
19:02 Joubu maybe ssh before and remove what may have been cloned
19:02 tcohen kchris: yes
19:02 kchris I didn't use the variable initially because I was starting from scratch and didn't have an "existing" repo.
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19:09 fridolin hie there, me again
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19:11 tcohen hi fridolin
19:11 fridolin tcohen: whats up
19:11 tcohen hi there
19:11 tcohen i'm picking Manuel
19:11 fridolin i'm preparing my dogther for bed
19:11 tcohen will try to get back in time for the meeting!
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19:58 cait meeting in 2 mins!
19:59 fridolin cait: present
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20:01 cait #startmeeting General IRC Meeting, 2 November 2016
20:01 huginn Meeting started Wed Nov  2 20:01:24 2016 UTC.  The chair is cait. Information about MeetBot at
20:01 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
20:01 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 2 November 2016)
20:01 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'general_irc_meeting__2_november_2016'
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20:01 cait #topic Introductions
20:01 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
20:01 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 2 November 2016)
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20:01 cait Please introduce yourself following wahanui's example
20:01 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_2_November_2016 Today's agenda
20:02 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart
20:02 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin, Germany
20:02 bag #info bag Brendan Gallagher ByWater
20:02 NateC #info Nate Curulla, ByWater Solutions
20:02 * drojf might fall asleep during the meeting
20:02 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
20:02 d_antonakis #info Dimitris Antonakis, Athens, Greece
20:02 drojf sorry in advance
20:02 MKuhn #info Michael Kuhn, Switzerland
20:02 bgkriegel #info Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel, Córdoba, Argentina
20:02 BobB #info Bob Birchall, Calyx, Sydney
20:02 LibraryClaire #info Claire Gravely, BSZ, Germany
20:02 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
20:03 josef_moravec #info Josef Moravec, Municipal Library Usti nad Orlici, Czech Republic
20:03 cait waiting a little bit longer
20:03 tcohen joined #koha
20:03 tcohen hi
20:04 Joubu Hi josef_moravec, good to see you here :)
20:04 tcohen #info Tomás Cohen Arazi, Theke
20:04 * cait waves
20:04 josef_moravec HI Jonathan ;)
20:04 josef_moravec And all ;)
20:04 tcohen hi thd
20:05 thd Hello tcohen
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20:06 cait ok, moving on!
20:06 irma #info Irma CALYX, Sydney AU
20:06 cait #info Announcements
20:06 cait any announcements?
20:06 cait sec
20:06 cait #topic Announcements
20:06 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 2 November 2016)
20:06 cait so, better
20:06 thd Yes.
20:07 fridolin #info Fridolin Somers, Biblibre
20:07 thd I would like to announce that after 2 years of helping a friend avoid eviction I will have time for Koha again from February.
20:07 bag great we will expect all THE things then ;)
20:07 khall_away #info Kyle Hall, ByWater Solutions
20:07 bag heh
20:08 petter #info Petter Goksøyr Åsen, Oslo public library
20:08 barton #info Barton Chittenden, ByWater Solutions
20:08 cait ok, somehting else?
20:08 thd The judge said effectively that books are legal in New York City which my friend's landlord had argued against as combustible.
20:08 cait otherwise moving on - lots on the agenda today :)
20:08 cait #topic Update on releases
20:08 Topic for #koha is now Update on releases (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 2 November 2016)
20:09 tcohen agenda?
20:09 wahanui hmmm... agenda is a wiki
20:09 cait tcohen: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_2_November_2016
20:10 cait bag?
20:10 bag yes
20:11 JesseM joined #koha
20:11 cait update on release ;)
20:11 bag going well - dates are out there - iirc we’ve entered the slush
20:11 bag khall_away: anything to add here?
20:11 cait #info 16.11 has entered feature slush
20:11 tcohen I'd like to mention Jenkins
20:11 khall_away Not that I can think of
20:11 tcohen it's been having problems
20:11 tcohen to connect to the nodes
20:11 bag tcohen: the floor is yours
20:12 tcohen and is probably one of the reasons some failing tests were not highlighted properly
20:12 tcohen i'm sorry for that
20:12 tcohen I'm talking to Laurent (from Biblibre)
20:12 cait something to #info?
20:12 tcohen about alternatives to fix it
20:13 cait #info Jenkins is having some problems connecting to the nodes, tcohen is working on it with Laurent
20:13 Joubu (bugs 17537-40 fixes somes tests)
20:13 tcohen #info Jenkins is having issues and tcohen is working on that, a temporary server has been set and tcohen will post to the list, so people notice the failing tests
20:13 tcohen cait: you type way faster than me LOL
20:13 cait ;)
20:13 JesseM Hello
20:13 wahanui hello, JesseM
20:14 cait preparing to change topic :)
20:14 cait #topic Elections
20:14 Topic for #koha is now Elections (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 2 November 2016)
20:14 JesseM #info Jesse Maseto - ByWater Solutions
20:14 rangi #info Chris Cormack - Catalyst
20:15 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_17.05 Roles for 17.05
20:15 fridolin Laurent is on vacations this week, he will come back monday
20:15 cait the page has filled up the last few days and we have candidates for most of the roles
20:15 tcohen fridolin: thanks
20:16 cait before we start voting, are there questions to the candidates, about the roles or whatever that we should discuss before elections?
20:16 bag I would like to add Joubu to the RM as a back-up (alternate) for pushing code that ByWater has authored
20:17 bag does that sound acceptable?
20:17 fridolin indeed
20:17 * tcohen doesn't trust him that much
20:18 khall_away Lol
20:18 JesseM :D
20:18 cait me neither, but... ok
20:18 cait :)
20:18 Joubu I think it may be good to have author + push from different companies
20:18 cait agreed
20:19 khall_away Completely
20:19 rangi yep
20:19 Joubu at the beginning I asked for push access to fix small things
20:19 tcohen I think the bigger the team, the more collisions there can be
20:19 tcohen but I think you can manage it
20:19 Joubu or to fix timezone incompatibilities
20:19 Joubu if it means something...
20:19 rangi one thing id like to bring up, wrt RMaints
20:19 tcohen +1 from me
20:20 rangi can we please go back to no enhancements being backported
20:20 rangi (or refactoring)
20:20 drojf +1
20:20 rangi we've had a few too many bugs in the stable releases
20:20 cait rangi: that's my plan
20:20 rangi cool
20:20 drojf and i built every single package twice
20:20 drojf not doing that again
20:20 rangi yeah
20:21 cait i will try to be careful and check with devs when not sure about something
20:21 fridolin refactoring indeed is useless for stable branches
20:21 cait yep
20:21 Joubu basically you 'just' need to check the status and the dependencies
20:21 Joubu if it's a enh or ft, don't push it
20:21 fridolin sometimes some patches are defined as enhancements but may be considered as bug
20:21 tcohen the caching refactoring was a special case
20:21 Joubu if it depends on an enh or ft not in stable branches, don't push it
20:22 fridolin basicaly I'm ok
20:22 cait I think if we need dependencies for a bug fix we can take a closer look - if pushing them is better than having to write a different bug fix patch
20:22 fridolin there may be some exceptions but mainly branch must be "stable"
20:22 tcohen i wouldn't have backported those, but I understand it was the rmaints call
20:23 rangi yeah
20:23 schnydszch joined #koha
20:23 rangi thats all I wanted to bring up anyway
20:23 cait also some real small enh might be good to have - as frido said, sometimes it's a bit of a grey area with bug or not
20:24 fridolin RMaint is a real job ;)
20:25 schnydszch #info Eugene Espinoza Philippines
20:26 cait contineu with voting?
20:27 cait bag: can you please add Joubu to the wiki?
20:27 cait or Joubu can you?
20:27 Joubu I have already added myself as a Module Maintainer actually
20:28 Joubu not sure what I should do now :)
20:28 cait let's vote from top to bottom
20:28 cait ah ok, just missed that
20:28 wizzyrea #info Liz Rea, Catalyst IT NZ (sorry to be late)
20:28 cait ok, i am going to cheat and just list the role, names and then options - not phrasing it as a real question, but the bot forces me to write ?
20:29 Joubu I think Kyle is able to push patches from ByWater if SO+QA is different from ByWater
20:29 cait #startvote: Release Manager: Kyle Hall, Brendan Gallagher? yes, no, abstain
20:29 huginn Begin voting on: : Release Manager: Kyle Hall, Brendan Gallagher? Valid vote options are yes, no, abstain.
20:29 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:29 rangi #vote yes
20:29 cait #vote yes
20:29 LibraryClaire #vote yes
20:29 MKuhn #vote yes
20:29 thd #vote yes
20:29 JesseM #vote yes
20:29 wizzyrea #vote yes
20:29 tcohen #vote yes
20:29 Joubu #vote yes
20:29 bgkriegel #vote yes
20:29 josef_moravec #vote yes
20:29 fridolin #vote yes
20:29 schnydszch #vote yes
20:30 BobB #vote yes
20:30 NateC #vote yes
20:30 drojf #vote yes
20:30 d_antonakis #vote yes
20:30 bag we will communicate with Joubu and ask him to push ones where we want a different “company” eyes on the patch
20:31 cait closing vote
20:31 cait #endvote
20:31 huginn Voted on ": Release Manager: Kyle Hall, Brendan Gallagher?" Results are
20:31 huginn yes (17): LibraryClaire, Joubu, cait, JesseM, josef_moravec, schnydszch, NateC, BobB, fridolin, wizzyrea, tcohen, MKuhn, thd, drojf, d_antonakis, rangi, bgkriegel
20:31 cait #agreed Release Manager: Kyle Hall and Brendan Gallagher
20:31 cait is someone against group voting the ones with more than one name listed?
20:31 cait like voting for all the maints together?
20:32 tcohen nope
20:32 bag not against that idea
20:32 fridolin nope
20:32 cait #startvote Release Maintainers: Katrin Fischer (16.11), Mason James (16.05), Julian Maurice (3.22)
20:32 huginn Unable to parse vote topic and options.
20:32 cait sorry
20:32 cait wait
20:32 cait #startvote Release Maintainers: Katrin Fischer (16.11), Mason James (16.05), Julian Maurice (3.22)? yes, no, abstain
20:32 huginn Begin voting on: Release Maintainers: Katrin Fischer (16.11), Mason James (16.05), Julian Maurice (3.22)? Valid vote options are yes, no, abstain.
20:32 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:32 tcohen cait?
20:32 wahanui i think cait is the best friend you could ever have.
20:32 Joubu #vote yes
20:32 thd #vote yes
20:32 tcohen #vote yes
20:33 JesseM #vote yes
20:33 d_antonakis #vote yes
20:33 bag #vote yes
20:33 fridolin #vote yes
20:33 josef_moravec #vote yes
20:33 bgkriegel #vote yes
20:33 NateC #vote yes
20:33 rangi #vote yes
20:33 khall_away #vote yes
20:33 LibraryClaire #vote yes
20:33 schnydszch #vote yes
20:33 MKuhn #vote yes
20:33 wizzyrea #vote yes
20:33 drojf #vote yes
20:33 petter #vote yes
20:34 cait ending vote
20:34 cait #endvote
20:34 huginn Voted on "Release Maintainers: Katrin Fischer (16.11), Mason James (16.05), Julian Maurice (3.22)?" Results are
20:34 huginn yes (18): Joubu, LibraryClaire, wizzyrea, petter, JesseM, josef_moravec, schnydszch, NateC, drojf, bag, fridolin, tcohen, d_antonakis, thd, khall_away, MKuhn, rangi, bgkriegel
20:34 cait #agreed Release Maintainers: Katrin Fischer (16.11), Mason James (16.05), Julian Maurice (3.22)
20:35 BobB sorry, went to get breakfast and missed that one :)
20:35 cait #startvote Module Maintainer: Jonathan Druart - Architecture, internals and plumbing, including privilege to push to master, working with RMs
20:35 huginn Unable to parse vote topic and options.
20:35 cait gr.
20:35 cait sec again
20:35 cait Module Maintainer: Jonathan Druart - Architecture, internals and plumbing, including privilege to push to master, working with RMs? yes, no, abstain
20:35 cait #startvote Module Maintainer: Jonathan Druart - Architecture, internals and plumbing, including privilege to push to master, working with RMs? yes, no, abstain
20:35 huginn Begin voting on: Module Maintainer: Jonathan Druart - Architecture, internals and plumbing, including privilege to push to master, working with RMs? Valid vote options are yes, no, abstain.
20:35 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:35 rangi you missed startvote
20:36 cait #vote yes
20:36 bag #vote yes
20:36 bgkriegel #vote yes
20:36 rangi #vote yes
20:36 thd #vote yes
20:36 cait sorry, i will get the hang of it hopefully soon
20:36 tcohen #vote yes
20:36 JesseM #vote yes
20:36 LibraryClaire #vote yes
20:36 MKuhn #vote yes
20:36 barton #vote yes
20:36 khall_away #vote yes
20:36 BobB #vote yes
20:36 josef_moravec #vote yes
20:36 wizzyrea #vote yes
20:36 NateC #vote yes
20:36 fridolin #vote yes
20:37 cait closing vote
20:37 drojf #vote yes
20:37 cait #endvote
20:37 huginn Voted on "Module Maintainer: Jonathan Druart - Architecture, internals and plumbing, including privilege to push to master, working with RMs?" Results are
20:37 huginn yes (17): LibraryClaire, cait, JesseM, josef_moravec, khall_away, barton, BobB, bag, wizzyrea, NateC, tcohen, fridolin, MKuhn, thd, drojf, rangi, bgkriegel
20:37 cait #agreed Module Maintainer: Jonathan Druart - Architecture, internals and plumbing, including privilege to push to master, working with RMs
20:37 cait #startvote Translation Manager: Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel? yes, no, abstain
20:37 huginn Begin voting on: Translation Manager: Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel? Valid vote options are yes, no, abstain.
20:37 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:38 cait #vote yes
20:38 d_antonakis #vote yes
20:38 rangi #vote yes
20:38 barton #vote yes
20:38 wizzyrea #vote yes
20:38 thd #vote yes
20:38 JesseM #vote yes
20:38 bag #vote yes
20:38 BobB sorry, went to get breakfast and missed that one :)
20:38 MKuhn #vote yes
20:38 josef_moravec #vote yes
20:38 tcohen #vote yes
20:38 Joubu #vote yes
20:38 khall_away #vote yes
20:38 BobB dam
20:38 BobB #vote yes
20:38 NateC #vote yes
20:38 LibraryClaire #vote yes
20:38 Joubu 2 breakfasts in a row!
20:38 drojf #vote yes
20:38 schnydszch #vote yes
20:38 barton Ha!
20:38 BobB :)
20:39 cait ending vote...
20:39 cait #endvote
20:39 huginn Voted on "Translation Manager: Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel?" Results are
20:39 huginn yes (18): Joubu, LibraryClaire, wizzyrea, JesseM, josef_moravec, schnydszch, NateC, barton, BobB, bag, cait, tcohen, d_antonakis, thd, drojf, MKuhn, rangi, khall_away
20:39 cait #agreed Translation Manager: Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel
20:39 MKuhn Isn't it possible to say yes only once for all the votings, saving time?
20:39 tcohen bgkriegel++
20:39 cait bgkriegel++ indeed :)
20:39 bgkriegel :)
20:40 cait #startvote Documentation Manager: Chris Cormack, David Nind? (yes, no, abstain)
20:40 huginn Begin voting on: Documentation Manager: Chris Cormack, David Nind? Valid vote options are , yes, no, abstain, .
20:40 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:40 tcohen #vote yes
20:40 MKuhn #vote yes
20:40 LibraryClaire #vote yes
20:40 bag #vote yes
20:40 NateC #vote yes
20:40 drojf #vote yes
20:40 barton #vote yes
20:40 wizzyrea #vote yes
20:40 schnydszch #vote yes
20:40 thd #vote yes
20:40 rangi #vote yes
20:40 khall_away #vote yes
20:40 BobB #vote yes
20:40 josef_moravec #vote yes
20:40 JesseM #vote yes
20:40 cait #vote yes
20:40 Joubu #vote yes
20:40 bgkriegel #vote yes
20:41 d_antonakis #vote yes
20:41 cait closing vote
20:41 cait #endvote
20:41 huginn Voted on "Documentation Manager: Chris Cormack, David Nind?" Results are
20:41 huginn yes (19): LibraryClaire, JesseM, bgkriegel, wizzyrea, khall_away, josef_moravec, NateC, Joubu, barton, BobB, bag, cait, tcohen, MKuhn, thd, drojf, d_antonakis, rangi, schnydszch
20:41 NateC Wow how long since that role has changed?!?
20:41 cait #agreed Documentation Manager: Chris Cormack, David Nind
20:41 cait #startvote Database Documentation Manager: David Nind
20:41 huginn Unable to parse vote topic and options.
20:41 cait gr.
20:42 tcohen nengard++
20:42 cait #startvote Database Documentation Manager: David Nind? yes, no, abstain
20:42 huginn Begin voting on: Database Documentation Manager: David Nind? Valid vote options are yes, no, abstain.
20:42 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:42 tcohen and
20:42 cait #vote yes
20:42 tcohen rangi++
20:42 josef_moravec #vote yes
20:42 MKuhn #vote yes
20:42 tcohen #vote yes
20:42 rangi #vote yes
20:42 fridolin #vote yes
20:42 Joubu #vote yes
20:42 barton #vote yes
20:42 d_antonakis #vote yes
20:42 bgkriegel #vote yes
20:42 BobB #vote yes
20:42 bag rangi++
20:42 drojf #vote yes
20:42 bag #vote yes
20:42 petter #vote yes
20:42 khall_away #vote yes
20:42 thd #vote yes
20:42 NateC #vote yes
20:42 JesseM #vote yes
20:42 cait wow
20:42 Joubu 2 breakfasts in a row!
20:42 cait )
20:42 Joubu ;)
20:42 wizzyrea #vote yes
20:42 cait lots of voters tonight!
20:42 rangi i agree with MKuhn
20:42 rangi for next time, can we just vote on everything ;-)
20:42 LibraryClaire #vote yes
20:42 cait where is the ufn in that :P
20:43 schnydszch #vote yes
20:43 cait we are almost done, too late to complain
20:43 bag it’s elevenses for BobB but he’s more an elf than a hobbit
20:43 wizzyrea mmm 2nd breakfast.
20:43 Joubu no rangi, you have to stay and vote for everything!
20:43 Joubu one by one
20:43 MKuhn I like that, a lot
20:43 cait #endvote
20:43 huginn Voted on "Database Documentation Manager: David Nind?" Results are
20:43 huginn yes (21): Joubu, JesseM, LibraryClaire, cait, petter, khall_away, josef_moravec, schnydszch, NateC, barton, BobB, wizzyrea, bag, fridolin, tcohen, MKuhn, thd, drojf, d_antonakis, rangi, bgkriegel
20:43 cait #startvote QA Team: Martin Renvoize, Marcel de Rooy, Nick Clemens, Tomas Cohen Arazi, Kyle Hall, Jonathan Druart, Fridolin Somers, Julian Maurice? yes, no, abstain
20:43 huginn Begin voting on: QA Team: Martin Renvoize, Marcel de Rooy, Nick Clemens, Tomas Cohen Arazi, Kyle Hall, Jonathan Druart, Fridolin Somers, Julian Maurice? Valid vote options are yes, no, abstain.
20:43 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:44 rangi #vote yes
20:44 drojf #vote yes
20:44 NateC #vote yes
20:44 thd #vote yes
20:44 MKuhn #vote yes
20:44 d_antonakis #vote yes
20:44 cait #agreed Database Documentation Manager: David Nind
20:44 wizzyrea #vote yes
20:44 LibraryClaire #vote yes
20:44 cait #vote ves
20:44 huginn cait: ves is not a valid option. Valid options are yes, no, abstain.
20:44 BobB #vote yes
20:44 josef_moravec #vote yes
20:44 barton #vote yes
20:44 cait #vote yes
20:44 schnydszch #vote yes
20:44 petter #vote yes
20:44 Joubu #vote yes
20:44 JesseM #vote yes
20:44 bgkriegel #vote yes
20:44 Joubu #vote yes # not for myself heh
20:44 huginn Joubu: yes # not for myself heh is not a valid option. Valid options are yes, no, abstain.
20:45 drojf nice try, now vote for yourself
20:45 cait ending vote
20:45 tcohen #vote yes
20:45 bag Katrin Fischer <>
20:45 cait #endvote
20:45 huginn Voted on "QA Team: Martin Renvoize, Marcel de Rooy, Nick Clemens, Tomas Cohen Arazi, Kyle Hall, Jonathan Druart, Fridolin Somers, Julian Maurice?" Results are
20:45 huginn yes (18): LibraryClaire, Joubu, wizzyrea, petter, JesseM, josef_moravec, NateC, barton, BobB, cait, bgkriegel, tcohen, MKuhn, thd, drojf, d_antonakis, rangi, schnydszch
20:45 cait bag?
20:45 bag sorry
20:45 fridolin whouuu I'm in
20:45 cait #agreed QA Team: Martin Renvoize, Marcel de Rooy, Nick Clemens, Tomas Cohen Arazi, Kyle Hall, Jonathan Druart, Fridolin Somers, Julian Maurice
20:45 cait congrats QA team :)
20:45 bag that was supposed to be #vote yes
20:46 cait #agreed QA Team: Martin Renvoize, Marcel de Rooy, Nick Clemens, Tomas Cohen Arazi, Kyle Hall, Jonathan Druart, Fridolin Somers, Julian Maurice
20:46 Joubu with all of these QAers, QA queue cannot be above 10
20:46 cait hm, doubled up
20:46 JesseM khall will be busy
20:46 cait someone else should chair next time
20:46 cait ok
20:46 cait do you want to summary vote the next roles?
20:47 MKuhn #vote yes
20:47 cait or otherwise... is someone against it?
20:47 tcohen i wanted to abstain
20:47 tcohen but hey, I support the summary vote too
20:48 cait #startvote Packaging Manager: Mirko Tietgen, Continuous integration infrastructure maintainer (what a role name!): Tomas Cohen Arazi, Bug Wranglers: Indranil Das Gupta, Marc Véron
20:48 huginn Unable to parse vote topic and options.
20:48 cait ok
20:48 cait messed up again
20:48 thd Can we start again and do a summary vote of everything ? :)
20:49 cait #startvote Packaging Manager: Mirko Tietgen, Continuous integration infrastructure maintainer (what a role name!): Tomas Cohen Arazi, Bug Wranglers: Indranil Das Gupta, Marc Véron? yes, no, abstain
20:49 huginn Begin voting on: Packaging Manager: Mirko Tietgen, Continuous integration infrastructure maintainer (what a role name!): Tomas Cohen Arazi, Bug Wranglers: Indranil Das Gupta, Marc Véron? Valid vote options are yes, no, abstain.
20:49 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:49 barton #vote yes
20:49 bgkriegel #vote yes
20:49 d_antonakis #vote yes
20:49 tcohen #vote yes
20:49 fridolin #vote yes
20:49 cait #vote yes
20:49 MKuhn #vote yes
20:49 thd #vote yes
20:49 bag #vote yes
20:49 BobB #vote yes
20:49 JesseM #vote yes
20:49 khall_away #yes
20:49 wizzyrea #vote yes
20:49 LibraryClaire #vote yes
20:49 drojf #vote yes
20:49 cait i think having discussions now won't make it faster now
20:49 josef_moravec #vote yes
20:49 Joubu #vote yes
20:50 cait closing vote!
20:50 schnydszch joined #koha
20:50 cait #endvote
20:50 huginn Voted on "Packaging Manager: Mirko Tietgen, Continuous integration infrastructure maintainer (what a role name!): Tomas Cohen Arazi, Bug Wranglers: Indranil Das Gupta, Marc Véron?" Results are
20:50 huginn yes (16): LibraryClaire, Joubu, cait, JesseM, josef_moravec, drojf, barton, BobB, bag, fridolin, bgkriegel, d_antonakis, thd, wizzyrea, MKuhn, tcohen
20:50 cait #agreed Packaging Manager: Mirko Tietgen, Continuous integration infrastructure maintainer (what a role name!): Tomas Cohen Arazi, Bug Wranglers: Indranil Das Gupta, Marc Véron
20:50 cait i have a question about the last one
20:50 cait indranil, Brooke and David haven't added themselves
20:50 cait have you been in contact with them?
20:51 thd Indeed, however, I think indrag is OK with inclusion but everyone listed is merely an implied volunteer.
20:52 thd It is really the support for the proposal which I am seeking.
20:52 thd Anyone can join in.
20:52 Joubu Is it the same proposal as the one for 3.20, 3.22, 16.05 and 16.11?
20:53 thd Yes, unfortunately all my tame was taken helping my elderly friend avoid eviction for 2 years.
20:53 thd That is now thankfully over.
20:53 thd s/tame/time/
20:53 BobB congrats thd, awesome achievement
20:54 drojf i ẃas wondering, can we separate the wiki from the release team? it has not really a connection to release cycle. and you plan to start in february, while release cycle is november to may. its an ongoing task like website etc, we dont have roles for that either
20:54 Joubu yes, congrats. It's good news
20:54 BobB it would be great to have a team of wiki maintainers, but maybe we just elect thd now and add the others when they consent?
20:55 thd It was added to the roles in the past so I re-added this time.
20:55 cait sounds good to me BobB
20:55 BobB I take droif's point too
20:56 BobB but its a role we really need
20:56 thd I had meant merely to indicate that others were willing but the category was missing and might not have put themselves forward without the category.
20:56 BobB yep
20:56 barton +1 for the role.
20:56 drojf we certainly need it and i welcome everyone working on it, i just dont see the connection to the releases
20:57 rangi moving on?
20:57 rangi i gots work to do :-)
20:57 thd :)
20:57 cait voting ofr thd now as BobB suggested
20:58 cait #startvote Wiki curator: Thomas Dukleth? yes, no, abstain
20:58 huginn Begin voting on: Wiki curator: Thomas Dukleth? Valid vote options are yes, no, abstain.
20:58 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:58 wizzyrea #vote yes
20:58 thd #vote yes
20:58 BobB #vote yes
20:58 khall_away #vote yes
20:59 bag #vote yes
20:59 rangi #vote yes
20:59 tcohen #vote yes
20:59 bgkriegel #vote yes
20:59 NateC #vote yes
20:59 josef_moravec #vote yes
20:59 MKuhn #vote yes
21:00 cait closing vote
21:00 cait #endvote
21:00 huginn Voted on "Wiki curator: Thomas Dukleth?" Results are
21:00 huginn yes (11): wizzyrea, khall_away, josef_moravec, NateC, BobB, bag, tcohen, MKuhn, thd, rangi, bgkriegel
21:00 Joubu #vote yes
21:00 Joubu arg
21:00 cait #agreed Wiki curator: Thomas Dukleth
21:00 cait changing topic?
21:00 khall_away Heh
21:00 barton ah, I looked away, and... oops, breakfast.
21:00 schnydszch #vote yes
21:00 khall_away Lol
21:00 cait moving on
21:00 bag that’s 3rd breakfast or second lunch barton
21:00 cait #topic KohaCon
21:00 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 2 November 2016)
21:01 cait schnydszch?
21:01 wahanui schnydszch is it June 12-16 Monday - Friday?
21:01 barton 1st dinner, bag.
21:01 schnydszch June 13 to 16
21:01 khall_away Second dinner is best
21:01 schnydszch Tuesday to saturday
21:01 BobB or 13 to 17?
21:01 wahanui 8.65041591938134e+18
21:02 schnydszch June 13 to 17 sorry
21:02 BobB cool
21:02 schnydszch June 12 is independence day in the Philippines
21:03 tcohen1 joined #koha
21:03 * tcohen1 just kicked that wifi router
21:03 schnydszch Thanks by the way to the 10 people who already preregistered. We hope that those even 1% sure going pre-register in the google form
21:04 cait #info dates are June 13 to 17, 12 being independence day in the Philippines
21:04 Joubu I preregister not to have to pay 100$ if I can come
21:04 Joubu maybe I should not tell that...
21:05 bag bbias
21:05 Joubu (I can bargain it if I cannot attend, something like 50$ ;))
21:05 schnydszch We're trying to negotiate the venue rental hence the fee. The venue rental is Php100,000.00 per day. We will be presenting in the 17th
21:05 rangi did we find out why we are breaking the tradition of no fee for kohacon?
21:06 schnydszch Or you can help us in making it free :)
21:06 schnydszch Nigeria charged 150
21:06 schnydszch http://kohacon15.projektlinkko[…]com/registration/
21:07 BobB schnydszch you need to make a budget for the conference
21:07 rangi yep, and that was unpopular and decided not to do it again, it was free again in greece
21:07 BobB then when you know how much you need we can work out how to fund it
21:07 thd In the case of Nigeria, that was sadly an issue for safety of the venue location.
21:07 bag and it ended up being safe
21:08 BobB Philipinnes has its issues too
21:08 schnydszch We will try to make it free as much as possible. We're waiting for a meeting with the organization registered with the securities and exchange commissi9n of the philippines so we can solicit even local companies
21:08 * rangi will bow out, im not planning to attend anyway so others can decide
21:08 bag yes it does - just looked at the usgov state department - and it is not on the no travel list
21:08 cait #info 10 people already preregistered, please register if you plan to attend (link to the form was send to the mailing list)
21:09 BobB parts of the country are 'no travel' on the Australian advisory
21:09 BobB but the wider problem is an apparent breakdown in the rule of law
21:10 BobB I'll be making bookings, but keeping an eye on that situation
21:10 schnydszch You can help us make it free if you can send us figures to be added for the presentation to ayala museum bosses like cost vis-a-vis proprietary
21:10 * fridolin saying good night and see u soon
21:10 fridolin left #koha
21:10 schnydszch No worries BobB
21:10 bag singapore airlines has very cheap tickets flying from san fransisco
21:10 cait schnydszch: have you sned out a call for sponsors yet?
21:11 schnydszch Not yet cait. After our meeting with the Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines
21:12 schnydszch but the form has a clause if they plan or their company plans on sponsoring
21:13 drojf ebsco asked me about sponsorship options
21:13 drojf where should i forward that to? (email)
21:13 schnydszch Are they okay with jusf the name of the volunteers first?
21:14 drojf i don't know what is interesting for them, you have to talk to them
21:14 schnydszch Please email me
21:15 drojf ok
21:16 cait ok, somehting to add?
21:16 cait otherwise moving on :)
21:16 cait as we are runnign late, i'd like to not discuss Kohacon18 this time
21:16 schnydszch By the way, we're also waiting for the result of the gra t proposal from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts
21:16 * LibraryClaire says goodnight
21:17 schnydszch Of the Philippines to help us defray expenses.
21:17 BobB you need a budget ... then you know how much you need :)
21:18 cait ok, moving on unless somoene stops me fast :)
21:18 thd cait++
21:18 cait #topic Bugzilla vs. Github/Gitlab
21:18 Topic for #koha is now Bugzilla vs. Github/Gitlab (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 2 November 2016)
21:18 cait petter: still there?
21:18 wahanui there is one... but i don't know it
21:18 schnydszch The last time an international conference was held in the Philippines, it was full of locals
21:18 rangi i have to run out to a meeting soon, but ill quickly note down my thoughts
21:19 rangi not opposed to gitlab (with caveats)
21:19 rangi fundamentally opposed to github (i find telling people they should use FOSS and then using proprietary tools to dev it is hypocritical)
21:19 cait schnydszch: I think locals are good actually :)
21:19 thd rangi++
21:19 wizzyrea rangi++
21:19 rangi the caveats are, that with gitlab .. how do we implement our signoff/qa process
21:19 schnydszch Hence the preregistration. Althougb we can say that we won't accept walk-ins, there will always be those who will not follow
21:20 cait it also means people have to register with a service we can't control
21:20 schnydszch Okay that's all for now :)
21:20 rangi do we end up with gerrit or some other peer review tool? which is arguably much harder to use than git-bz
21:20 rangi those are my thoughts anyway
21:20 tcohen1 we can have our own gitlab setup
21:20 schnydszch We want to to 250 or less :)
21:21 tcohen1 I don't like gitlab, but we could
21:21 cait schnydszch: sorry, running late today - didn't want to interrupt you
21:21 Joubu rangi: harder to use but much more efficient for reviews
21:22 schnydszch I'm done already. The floor is yours :)
21:22 BobB schnydszh typically KohaCon is mostly local people, with varying numbers of international attendees
21:22 rangi Joubu: yep, it does cut down the pool of users signing off tho .. when we need to increase that
21:22 BobB locals are good, as someone else said
21:22 schnydszch Noted BobB
21:22 rangi Joubu: so I see that as the problem that we need to solve .. maybe there are better tools than gerrit now?
21:22 cait before we consider a switch, i'd like to see how we can handle things in our workflow, i have no experience with gitlab, but adding a quick follow up or rebasing for a new dev should be easy to do
21:23 Joubu did not find something else when I had a look
21:23 thd To my knowledge Bugzilla has significantly more features which can be customised suitably than any competing bug tracker.  I do not know why anyone would want to use something with fewer options to turn to our purpose.
21:23 wizzyrea it took years of iteration to get to the process we have now
21:23 wizzyrea changing it will require a similar amount of time.
21:23 wizzyrea rather, changing it to a point where it is as natural and understood as it is now will take that long.
21:24 wizzyrea I'm not opposed to it (though I am opposed to github. full nopetopus.)
21:24 Joubu I think we need to wait for petter to get the pros :)
21:25 BobB its also very important that it be accessible to librarians, not just devs
21:25 Joubu I personnaly find gitlab slower than bugzilla (maybe because I did not optimize it on my server)
21:27 barton How does gitlab compare to bugzilla in terms of searching for bugs?
21:27 cait #info please refer to full logs for discussion - lots of info there
21:28 barton ... that's my only gripe with bugzilla.
21:29 drojf did i miss the part about why we should switch to something else in general?
21:29 rangi drojf: i think petter is not here to talk to that
21:29 drojf ah ok
21:29 cait hm he was there at the beginning
21:29 cait we might have lost him
21:29 drojf we voted too long
21:30 cait barton: i think bugzilla's search is mighty, we just don't use the same terms often for the same things, that's the issue that makes it hard to find stuff :)
21:30 cait in my opinion not a thing that a new tool can solve
21:30 barton I can't argue with that...
21:30 rangi maybe the problem is we write bad bug descriptions :-)
21:32 cait i think we have colleced a lot of info
21:32 drojf good night, gotta sleep off the flu. don't change all infrastructure until i'm back :P
21:32 cait or opionins
21:32 cait let'smove on?
21:32 Joubu We improved it a lot, but we can always do better
21:32 thd Maybe we should add some guidance about how to describe a bug better for easier finding.
21:33 barton thd++
21:34 bag move on
21:34 barton that too.
21:34 * rangi has to go to a meeting at the nz treasury dept .. ill try to fix the world economy when im there
21:34 rangi bbl
21:34 bag well we’ve got that going for us now ;)
21:35 barton heh.
21:35 barton Next topic?
21:35 wahanui Next topic is a tricky one...
21:35 cait #topic Support provider registration email list
21:35 Topic for #koha is now Support provider registration email list (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 2 November 2016)
21:35 cait sorry, got distracted
21:35 cait i am not sure who added that
21:35 barton I did.
21:36 bag we jumped over the marketing one
21:36 barton yeah, that's more important.
21:36 cait coming back tot hat
21:36 barton Ah. Ok.
21:36 bag ah ok :)
21:36 cait barton: can you quickly explain?
21:37 barton so quickly, as I understand it, In India, there's a law that says that support providers
21:37 barton need to register with some governing entity...
21:37 barton so we get a lot of requests added on the Koha mailing list.
21:38 rangi (not a law, lots of people put 'must be a registered support provider' in their RFP)
21:38 wizzyrea 1 we are not and have never been a governing entity.
21:38 rangi the longest running Koha supporter
21:38 barton It's an important function, but I think that it lowers the signal to noise ratio.
21:38 wizzyrea 2 what rangi said
21:38 rangi indranil only registered this year, because of that RFP madness
21:38 rangi its not a law tho .. just a bad idea
21:38 rangi and now i have to get in a taxi ;)
21:38 BobB they totally misunderstand what the list is - it gives no credit or endorsement of any kind
21:39 cait i think if we limit to a list
21:39 wizzyrea 3 i am glad to have the many eyes on them
21:39 cait it will ge tless eyes on it
21:39 cait i don't mind them oing to the main list
21:39 barton right ... anyway, I'd like to move that discussion off the koha mailing list.
21:39 wizzyrea oppose that
21:39 wizzyrea the subjects should be filterable if you don't want to see them
21:40 cait i think they hsould not be hidden on a separate list to be honest
21:40 wizzyrea ^
21:40 cait they belong in the ocmmunity channel
21:41 thd cait++ ; wizzyrea++
21:41 Joubu I clicked on some links once, and almost 1 out 2 does not provide a link to or any mentions to Koha
21:42 wizzyrea it is an important function that many people check them
21:43 BobB India's a problem - more Koha users than anywhere else on the planet and very few contributions to the project (Indra honourably excepted)
21:44 cait a lot of the support providers listed are not active contributors
21:45 wizzyrea BUT we do not limit people from being listed based on that
21:45 cait not only from india - but i think that's not something we can do much about it
21:45 wizzyrea the only requirements are the ones stated
21:45 cait and if we tried to - what kind of contribution makes it valid?
21:45 cait to get listed
21:45 Joubu It may be better to maintain a list of active contributors, by company
21:45 wizzyrea we aren't going to try to. I'd drop the list first.
21:45 Joubu (we already almost have it with the dashboard, but only on 1 year)
21:45 cait we also have the git stats
21:46 wizzyrea But I agree with joubu, that list could be helpful as a supplement
21:46 wizzyrea the list of code contributors
21:46 cait not so pretty, but you can see a lot there if you want to
21:47 wizzyrea anyway, next topic?
21:47 cait ok
21:47 cait any action to take her before we move on?
21:47 thd wizzyrea++
21:47 cait #topic Koha Marketing Group or Committee
21:47 Topic for #koha is now Koha Marketing Group or Committee (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 2 November 2016)
21:47 barton wizzyrea++
21:48 cait last one for today, thx all for being here still :)
21:48 cait handing over to bag
21:48 bag ok I wrote my notes out - so I will just copy and paste
21:48 bag then give everyone a minute to read
21:48 bag I think that we should have a group that is in charge of marketing Koha.
21:48 bag Plenty of ideas here.  Spotlight libraries that are using Koha and tell their stores
21:48 bag website content
21:48 bag blogposts
21:48 bag press releases
21:48 bag marketing series on all the great things that Koha already does and has been doing for years (like multi-tenant or webservices)
21:48 bag Something that would help fight FUD ;)
21:48 bag Anyways I was thinking that we start a little group or committee that would be interested in doing that.  NateC has volunteered to be the lead on that - get the meetings going - offering a place to host the meeting - so ideas can flow.
21:48 bag Should we do this?  And how do we start?  Any one here interested in volunteering to help?
21:48 bag Maybe call it the Koha Informations Group
21:49 wizzyrea sorry bag I have to run but I am for this initiative
21:49 BobB This idea came up at KohaCon14 in Cordoba iirc
21:49 bag yes but we never pulled the trigger BobB
21:50 bag I think NateC is ready for it now :)
21:50 BobB its a good idea, if there people to carry it forward
21:50 wizzyrea do let me know if you require any things from the website. I've been meaning to do a not-slight overhaul of it anyway
21:50 NateC This could also help with the last issue that was discussed, in that contributing companies are spotlighted more so than those that are not by talking about the devs that were added
21:50 NateC Ive been ready for this for a long time. We don't have a loud enough voice in the global library community
21:50 wizzyrea (nothing drastic, just tidying and adding/removing content)
21:51 bag cool wizzyrea - noted ;)  we’ll make sure that any committee or group works with you :)
21:51 wizzyrea we certainly can't compete with the funding that ebsco has for their not-at-all-revolutionary thing
21:51 bag good luck at your meeting
21:51 wizzyrea ha thanks :)
21:51 bag So should we take this to the mailing lists to look for volunteers?
21:51 NateC wizzyrea: correct, but some social media and press and content is much better than none
21:52 bag that sounds like an action for NateC?
21:52 schnydszch Question on place natehas in mind? Virtual or real place?
21:52 bag virtual
21:52 wahanui i think virtual is available at
21:53 cait we also discussed this in 'Marseille a bit
21:53 bag most likely zoom or hangouts or something like that - whatever we could agree apon that has a low barrier for participation
21:53 cait maybe we just need to rename a few things :)
21:53 schnydszch Haha
21:53 thd We should be just a little cautious about avoiding the effect of advertising for particular support companies in presenting case studies, etc.
21:53 bag very true cait
21:53 NateC basically if I get the blessing from the community I can run with this
21:54 BobB so what is the motion here? That we endorse efforts to form a Koha Marketing group?
21:55 schnydszch It seems I can volunteer on this
21:55 bag ok so cait I think the next action - is NateC takes this to the mailing list and asks for volunteers to join in
21:55 bag BobB ^^
21:55 bag schnydszch: awesome!!
21:55 wahanui That'll be NOK 10 for the awesome jar, bag
21:55 bag NateC: I also noticed that David Nind said he would join in too with you
21:55 cait #action NateC to take the Marketing Group idea to the mailing list to ask for volunteers
21:55 bag so you’ve got 3 ;)
21:56 BobB cait +1
21:56 NateC ok am i taking it to the list to create the group, look for volunteers or both?
21:56 cait both sounds good to me
21:56 bag both NateC
21:56 BobB yep
21:56 NateC ok
21:56 cait i don't think someone will oppose the general idea
21:57 NateC until after the fact you mean cait ;)
21:57 bag ha
21:57 bag ok that’s it cait - move on ;)
21:57 tcohen1 hehe
21:57 BobB two hour meeting, is this a record?
21:57 cait #topic Set date and time for next meeting
21:57 Topic for #koha is now Set date and time for next meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 2 November 2016)
21:58 khall_away Probably!
21:58 cait Joubu: awake still?
21:58 thd Number of items on the agenda may be a record.
21:58 BobB December 7?
21:58 cait yeah, lots of info in the logs
21:59 cait ok by me
21:59 BobB time?
21:59 wahanui i think time is like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff. or generously donated to giving support in #koha but if you need more help faster than we can give it try
21:59 cait i was hoping Joubu could help me out with a meeting time suggestion
21:59 Joubu erk
21:59 Joubu yes
21:59 Joubu sec
21:59 cait and i'd like to ask if someone wants to give chairing a try
21:59 Joubu
21:59 Joubu says
22:00 Joubu 1 or 2 pm is the best
22:00 cait i will probably be around if any help with the bot is required and there is a wiki page now too :)
22:00 Joubu but it was for dev meetings
22:00 cait 2 utc?
22:00 wahanui 2 utc is unfair to europe, not everyone
22:00 BobB here joubu, or where you are?
22:00 Joubu yes
22:00 JoshB joined #koha
22:00 JoshB left #koha
22:00 Joubu but we will need to find another one to switch with
22:01 cait i think the problem might be not many votes from oz/nz
22:01 Joubu people can continue to vote :)
22:01 bag 2 utc and 14 utc?
22:01 bag or is 12 hours off bad
22:02 BobB we're 10 hours ahead of europe now, NZ12
22:02 thd 2 UTC had problems of extremely low attendance when we tried for an extended period in rotation.
22:02 cait 2 utc is 3am
22:03 cait that's in my black zone
22:03 cait i can get up early... but not that early :)
22:03 Joubu I said 2pm
22:03 Joubu not am
22:03 BobB we can never solve this, everyone time is bad in either europe, us, or south asia/oceania
22:03 cait Joubu: can you send a tim econverter link?
22:03 Joubu or you are searching for another one...
22:03 cait is that 14utc then?
22:03 Joubu[…]l?iso=20161109T14
22:04 tcohen1 joined #koha
22:04 * bag gives up - will try to attend if the timing isn’t the worst.  Will agree to whenevers
22:04 wizzyrea NateC: err, I didn't mean that ebsco thing in a challenging way, more in a  "sigh they are well funded" way.
22:05 bag consensus at its finiest
22:05 BobB like bag said
22:05 schnydszch 4am was the start of the meeting for the philippines ;)
22:05 cait i am confused
22:05 cait help
22:05 cait so 7th december
22:05 bag yes
22:05 Joubu 7th 14UTC
22:05 cait whoever volunteers to chair picks the time? ;)
22:05 Joubu then will see next time
22:06 bag 7th 14UTC and Joubu is chair ;)
22:06 Joubu I am not volunteer to chair, but I picked the time. Half of the work is done :)
22:06 bag :P
22:06 cait #agreed Next meeting will be on December 7, 14 UTC
22:06 cait bag maybe?
22:06 BobB ok guys, customers are waiting
22:06 bag #info chair to be decided (TBD)
22:06 thd BobB, How does 14 UTC work for Oceania?
22:07 cait #action all volunteer to chair the next meeting!
22:07 Joubu BobB: Please fill the pool
22:07 wizzyrea it's icky, 3am
22:07 Joubu wizzyrea: same for you ;)
22:07 wizzyrea but eh
22:07 BobB its 1 am in Sydney and 3 am in NZ (if I have the world spinning in the right direction)
22:07 wizzyrea don't let it stop you I reckon
22:07 JoshB joined #koha
22:07 JoshB left #koha
22:07 cait #action all please vote in the meeting survey to help find good meeting times -
22:07 cait ew
22:08 cait still ending now - please try to find consensus on list for times - i am falling asleep :)
22:08 wizzyrea 12-13 hours off from europe :)
22:08 cait #endmeeting
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22:08 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]02-20.01.log.html
22:08 wizzyrea (nz anyway0
22:08 cait thx all for attending!
22:08 wizzyrea thanks for chairing cait++
22:08 BobB thanks cait !!
22:09 Joubu Thanks cait
22:09 Joubu good night/day all!
22:09 thd We should always be prepared to revisit issues, but I think that we are moving away from what had been a good consensus which was least bad for almost everyone.
22:09 BobB cait I can chair when you can't but I cannot offer to do it regularly
22:09 BobB and a european is more likely available for most meetings
22:09 thd s/what/what hours/
22:10 * thd heads to a meeting.
22:11 cait thx BobB - triyng to get a bigger pool of people comfortable iwth chairing
22:11 cait kidclamp volunteered for the next dev meeting :)
22:11 BobB happy to be part of a pool :)
22:12 cait BobB++
22:12 cait you can then have meetings at my 3am too heh
22:12 andreashm joined #koha
22:12 cait hi andreashm - you missed otu on the meeting fun :)
22:12 bag thanks cait
22:13 andreashm yeah, I noticed
22:13 andreashm hi cait btw
22:13 andreashm quickly scrolling through the log and all the voting tipped me off. =)
22:15 cait heh
22:24 magnuse joined #koha
22:27 reiveune bye
22:27 reiveune left #koha
22:52 kidclamp joined #koha
23:01 jamesb joined #koha
23:21 irma joined #koha
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23:42 papa joined #koha

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