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00:00 rangi yeah git gets better all the time
00:04 wizzyrea idk the context of "keyword nope" but I really think that should be a git code review command
00:04 wizzyrea git nope 3 resets to 3 commits back
00:05 wizzyrea well I think I'm funny.
00:05 dcook lol
00:05 * dcook is trying to get Plack to work on a git install
00:05 dcook Not having too much luck
00:06 wizzyrea hm yeah there would be quite a few ins and outs to fiddle with I think
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00:07 dcook At a glance koha.psgi looks all right, so not sure what I'm missing
00:07 wahanui missing is usualy library only, an item that's not out
00:09 dcook "Response needs to be 3 element array, or 2 element in streaming at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.2​0.1/Plack/Middleware/ line 112"
00:10 dcook I'm thinking perhaps the issue is the koha.psgi..
00:12 dcook Fewer errors with Starman but still doesn't work
00:12 dcook Lesse...
00:14 dcook Ah, I think I see...
00:15 dcook Might help if I actually configure it correctly
00:17 dcook Getting better..
00:17 dcook Interestingly, Starman will return the page while HTTP::Server::PSGI will just show Plack::Middleware::Lint errors...
00:19 dcook Ah... HTTP::Server::PSGI doesn't seem to handle the redirect for some reason..
00:24 dcook wizzyrea: Seems to be working :)
00:24 dcook Although damned dev atomic updates just nuked some tables... sigh
00:25 dcook Oh my...
00:25 dcook And I appear to be stuck in an infinite loop
00:25 dcook Web installer > Step 1 to Step 3 and back over and over..
00:35 wizzyrea db version gone wrong?
00:35 dcook How do you mean?
00:36 wizzyrea i mean, is the version reported by the database different/lower than the version reported by
00:36 dcook Yep
00:36 dcook But it doesn't seem to update it
00:36 wizzyrea so it is lower?
00:36 dcook Yep
00:36 wizzyrea that's why you have an infinite loop :)
00:36 dcook I'm at "/cgi-bin/koha/installer/instal​"
00:36 dcook I click "Next"
00:36 dcook Why's that?
00:37 wizzyrea yep I've seen this.
00:37 dcook It shouldn't be abnormal to have a db version lower than the code version
00:37 wizzyrea it is if you've gone through the updater
00:37 dcook O_o
00:37 rangi it is totally abnormal
00:37 rangi the version
00:37 rangi is precisely related only to the db version
00:37 dcook What?
00:37 rangi srsly
00:38 dcook You've got me confused
00:38 rangi the version in the systempreference
00:38 dcook Ah wait... maybe I misundersttood you
00:38 wizzyrea you only have a version lower in the DB before you've gone through the update
00:38 wizzyrea if you have gone through an update and it's still lower
00:38 wizzyrea the updater hasn't updated the syspref.
00:38 rangi needs to be the same as in
00:38 wizzyrea so it send you back to the beginning
00:38 rangi or it will prompt for an upgrade
00:38 wizzyrea send*
00:38 wizzyrea sends*
00:38 rangi restart plack
00:38 rangi and restart memcached
00:38 rangi to make sure you dont have an old one cached
00:38 dcook That's what I was saying :p
00:39 dcook I'll look at memcached
00:39 rangi no you said it was lower in the db
00:39 rangi 13:36 <@wizzyrea> so it is lower?
00:39 rangi 13:36 < dcook> Yep
00:39 dcook Which is what you just said
00:39 rangi no
00:39 dcook "you only have a version lower in the DB before you've gone through the update"
00:39 wizzyrea ^ is how it *should* be
00:39 wizzyrea it is not how it is in your situation.
00:39 dcook To me, it seems that the update hasn't gone through
00:40 wizzyrea (as I understand it)
00:40 dcook So I'm still at the original position have having a lower value in the DB
00:40 wizzyrea it hasn't, that's why you have a loop
00:40 dcook As it hasn't been updated to the "code version" in
00:40 dcook That's what I'm saying :p
00:40 dcook Or trying to say
00:40 wizzyrea so sort out why it's not updating, and it will work again. :)
00:40 rangi have you checked and/or the atomic update to see if it sets it
00:40 dcook Clicking "Next" takes me to: "cgi-bin/koha/installer/​p=3&op=updatestructure&checkmodule=1"
00:40 dcook rangi: That's what I'm doing next
00:41 wizzyrea you should start there :P
00:41 rangi cos those are the only places that change the version number
00:41 dcook I don't think I should've said anything to start with :p
00:41 wizzyrea lol :)
00:41 dcook I think we're all on the same page
00:41 wizzyrea \o/
00:42 dcook Also seeing a lot of these: "Could not restore 'STDIN': Invalid argument at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.20.1/Archive/ line 146."
00:43 wizzyrea pass ^.^
00:43 dcook lol
00:45 dcook Hmm
00:45 dcook On Step 3...
00:45 dcook It has a link to "finished"
00:45 dcook But the version gets updated in "finish"
00:45 dcook Lesse...
00:46 dcook Step 1 should be checking the modules... and that should be fine..
00:47 dcook Leap frogging over Step 2..
00:48 dcook Ahh... I think I understand
00:48 dcook Yeees
00:48 dcook Mucho foolishness I think
00:50 dcook Carry on :p
00:50 wizzyrea \o/
00:50 dcook Misconfiguration of course
00:51 dcook Now what on Earth was I doing in the first place..
00:52 wizzyrea plack on git
00:52 dcook To do a sign off :)
00:53 dcook Plack on Git was pretty easy in the end..
00:53 dcook Although obviously haven't tested it thoroughly
00:53 dcook Spoiled by using Catalyst with Plack out of the box
01:02 dcook Interesting...
01:02 wahanui it has been said that interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
01:03 dcook I thought I'd fixed the issue but I guess not
01:04 dcook applied its updates though
01:05 dcook Perhaps caching?
01:05 dcook Yees
01:05 dcook Indeed caching
01:05 dcook As the database says it's been updated
01:06 dcook Restarting Plack gets around it... but huh..
01:07 jcamins dcook: that's why updates are handled by a script.
01:07 dcook Hmm?
01:07 dcook instead of the web installer you mean?
01:07 jcamins koha-upgrade-schema
01:07 wahanui koha-upgrade-schema is, like, done now. I can login to the admin but in the opac site I'm getting unavailable error. should I change any setting after upgrade
01:07 jcamins Yes.
01:07 dcook Makes sense to me
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01:08 dcook Well, except I dont' have koha-upgrade-schema of course with a non-Debian git install
01:08 wizzyrea forget koha-upgrade-schema
01:08 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot koha-upgrade-schema
01:08 dcook But perl
01:08 jcamins Oh, I know. I just thought I'd share a historical note.
01:08 dcook :)
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01:45 dcook Oh fun... Javascript problems O)O
01:57 * dcook scratches head
01:57 dcook Ever have that feeling that something was working a few days ago, but it seems like it might've broken a year ago?
01:59 dcook But it couldn't have been a year ago..
01:59 * dcook shrugs
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02:20 dcook Only a little over half an hour on that one..
02:21 dcook Hmm I wonder if that's broken upstream as well...
02:26 dcook tfw you've already fixed it in master but you hadn't fixed it locally >_<
02:26 aleisha_ question: does the comment about adding new functions to C4::Biblio in https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]g.cgi?id=14367#c3 imply that a new file called Koha::Metadata::History should be created with those functions in it?
02:26 huginn Bug 14367: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, xarragon, Failed QA , History for MARC records. Roll back changes on a timeline or per field.
02:27 dcook aleisha_: Yeah
02:27 aleisha_ which means also new tests?
02:28 dcook I suppose it would need new tests in either case?
02:28 dcook Oh I see nvm
02:28 dcook Yeah
02:28 aleisha_ oh never mind they have written the tests i missed that
02:28 aleisha_ thanks :)
02:28 dcook np I totally forgot I'd even commented on that one
02:29 aleisha_ i am reviving it
02:29 dcook :D
02:29 dcook aleisha++
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05:06 dcook rangi: Still around?
05:06 dcook I hope not at 6pm..
05:17 dcook @later tell rangi I can see why you said to restart memcached. Trying to put it under load and had some explosive errors... appears to be related to memcached in some way.
05:17 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
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07:09 gaetan_B1 hello
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07:10 LibraryClaire hi gaetan!
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07:13 Joubu aleisha_ : still around?
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07:13 Joubu @later tell aleisha about 14367 you should take a look at bug 17196
07:13 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
07:13 oleonard Hello all
07:13 matts hello !
07:14 drojf bonjour
07:14 wahanui niihau, drojf
07:17 oleonard LibraryClaire: This is the HTML validation addon I use in Firefox:
07:18 LibraryClaire thanks oleopard :D
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07:24 * magnuse waves
07:25 * LibraryClaire waves
07:25 * drojf waves
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07:36 fridolin hie ther
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07:48 nlegrand Hey #koha!
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07:50 bag magnuse: HI
07:50 wahanui what's up, bag
07:50 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "#!/usr/bin/env perl # This fil" (152 lines) at
07:50 magnuse bag: HI
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08:12 * drojf waves
08:12 drojf gave up on resting, made it to the hackfest
08:12 drojf i'm in the small room in case somebody misses me ;)
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09:05 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16769: [QA Follow-up] Remove unsupported deepcopy parameter <[…]3b3ad72cfcca0d8a6> / Bug 16769: [QA Follow-up] Still found an occurrence <[…]a7ed0ee1df35532e8> / Bug 16769: Uniformise calls to Koha::Cache->set_in_cache <
09:07 bag magnuse: HI
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09:20 magnuse bag: HI
09:31 drojf could somebody please announce the start of presentations here? i will miss everything otherwise
09:35 cait we will try!
09:40 drojf thanks!
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09:44 bag drojf: cheese soon :D
09:46 drojf bag: i know why i am in the other room :P
09:46 bag :P
09:48 oleonard Presentation on FOLIO starting momentarily
09:49 drojf thanks oleonard
09:49 drojf skipping that one, already got it at kohacon
09:53 drojf do we gather slides for presentations somewhere?
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10:03 oleonard drojf: No one has presented with slides yet
10:04 drojf oleonard: ah ok
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11:28 bag cheese day is awesome
11:30 eythian it was cheese day here today, too
11:30 eythian lots of smelly dutch cheese
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11:36 jcamins Aww, man... there's no cheese day here! :'(
11:38 oleonard Sometimes you have to hold cheese day in your heart jcamins
11:42 jcamins oleonard: I prefer cheese day in my tummy.
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11:51 eythian @wunder ams
11:51 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Schiphol, Badhoevedorp, Netherlands is 12.4°C (1:38 PM CEST on October 11, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
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13:02 bag still feeling the cheese high
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13:20 magnuse bag: HIGH
13:20 eythian http://classicprogrammerpainti[…]ieter-bruegel-the
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13:31 rsantellan good morning #koha
13:31 rsantellan I have a little question about zebra indexing and marc
13:32 rsantellan now is failing really bad because I believe the default configuration of getting the biblio number is on 999$c
13:34 cait which marc flavour are you using?
13:34 rsantellan I go to see the marc of the default framework and it says that is ignored the 999#c and 999#d
13:34 cait did you change the mappings?
13:34 rsantellan marc21
13:34 rsantellan no, I didn't change anything
13:34 cait ignored is ok
13:34 cait what's the error you see?
13:34 rsantellan Record didn't contain match fields in (bib1,Local-number)
13:34 cait ignored just means not visible in the editor in this case, which is fine
13:34 cait how did the record get into Koha?
13:35 drojf kidclamp:
13:35 rsantellan it was an old record from 2.3. I created the leader with the migration scripts, the 001, 003, 005 and 008
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13:36 rsantellan Zebra configuration information says BIBLIONUMBER in : 999$c and BIBLIOITEMNUMBER in : 999$d
13:37 rsantellan but I don't have them on my biblos...
13:37 rsantellan do I need to create them?
13:37 Joubu bensinober: bug 17427
13:37 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17427 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Replace CGI::Session with Data::Session
13:39 cait how did you import them into Koha?
13:40 cait because those fields should be filled on import
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13:40 cait did you change the koha-to-marc-mappings?
13:40 rsantellan to migrate I did: perl $KOHA_PATH/installer/data/mysql/
13:40 rsantellan perl $KOHA_PATH/misc/migration_tools/22​_to_30/
13:40 rsantellan perl $KOHA_PATH/misc/migration_tools/22​_to_30/
13:41 cait ah
13:41 rsantellan perl $KOHA_PATH/misc/migration_tool​s/22_to_30/
13:41 cait so this is an upgrade problem :(
13:41 rsantellan yes
13:41 cait i am sorry, i am not sure i can help there
13:41 rsantellan and the upgradeitems I also ran it
13:41 cait what you will want is have your 999 filled in correctly
13:41 cait with the biblioitemnumber and biblionumber
13:41 cait but i am not sure how to achieve that
13:42 rsantellan for each biblioitemnumber I will have to create a new 999 right?
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13:50 bag tcohen: please don’t forgot to ask for a volunteer for taking notes
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14:57 kidclamp thanks drojf
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15:02 gaetan_B tonight's bar could be :
15:02 gaetan_B LibraryClaire: ^^
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15:02 LibraryClaire thanks :D
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15:03 atheia That bar is called Fietje it seems?
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16:15 rsantellan cait: I just added the 999 to the marc structure to all the frameworks and save the biblio with ModBiblioMarc and worked like a charm!! Now is indexing!
16:17 rsantellan thanks for the help!
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16:33 rsantellan Those anybody knows how to search items by biblio number? I added a new item search field to the field 999#c but it searchs with a like not an equals
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19:31 rangi morning
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20:45 wizzyrea hi
20:45 wahanui hello, wizzyrea
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21:22 ccordova hi,
21:25 ccordova I have a problem with my pb 3.22.11 to return a 500 error items throws me this shows in the log
21:25 ccordova
21:26 wizzyrea are you logged in as the db super user or as a regular superlibrarian user or some other kind of user?
21:32 ccordova if I have superuser permissions db and  koha  superlibrarian
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22:19 barton @seen oleonard
22:19 huginn barton: oleonard was last seen in #koha 10 hours, 40 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <oleonard> Sometimes you have to hold cheese day in your heart jcamins
22:21 barton @later tell oleonard I just put notes in bug 12420 -- syndetics is testing for ISBN when displaying images in, but they show results for DVDs which use UPC instead. Should this be a separate bug report?
22:21 huginn barton: The operation succeeded.
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