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02:33 mtompset Greetings, #koha
02:34 mtompset Who keeps Jenkins up and happy?
02:34 mtompset -- all listed as offline.
02:35 mtompset Joubu++ # kitchensink patch
02:35 mtompset khall++ # integration
02:35 * mtompset was hoping to see Jenkins happiness.
02:45 mtompset Have a great day, #koha
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02:53 dcook
02:53 dcook How have I never noticed this before?
02:54 dcook Seems like it could be really dicey with MARCXML, but interesting nonetheless
02:54 dcook I guess so long as you XML encode anything in there..
02:55 dcook Also this:
02:56 dcook Ew...
02:56 dcook $a to mean different things within the 886
02:56 dcook Hurray for XML namespaces..
03:37 dcook release?
03:37 wahanui release is
03:37 dcook freeze?
03:38 dcook Hmm no 16.11 release scheduled
03:42 dcook rangi, wizzyrea, bag: Anyone know when the 16.11 freeze dates are?
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03:43 dcook string freeze a week before release?
03:44 dcook feature freeze 4 weeks before?
03:45 dcook Is there a feature slush?
03:46 dcook Last year feature slush was October 26
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05:33 * magnuse waves
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06:14 magnuse @later tell dcook are there any good guides on installing koha on redhat/centos somewhere? i know a library that has a server where they can't choose the os
06:14 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.
06:17 eythian magnuse: debian inside a KVM?
06:17 magnuse eythian: this is probably already a virtual server
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06:30 fridolin hie
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06:46 alex_a bonjour
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06:57 reiveune hello
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09:10 Joubu wow, the weather forecast for Marseille is terrible...
09:11 Joubu rain and thunderstorm from monday to friday...
09:22 magnuse ouch?!?
09:22 wahanui
09:24 Francesca joined #koha
09:24 magnuse hm, my weather service only says rain in tuesday and wednesday
09:25 magnuse[…]long.html?spr=eng
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09:51 Joubu[…]e/marseille/13000 Mardi is Tue and Mercredi is Wed
09:51 Joubu not on monday, you are right
09:52 Joubu the other tab "14 jours" tells rain Thu and Fri
09:52 Joubu and Sat...
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11:03 * magnuse packs an umbrella
11:07 eythian @wunder ams
11:08 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Schiphol, Badhoevedorp, Netherlands is 12.1°C (12:56 PM CEST on October 06, 2016). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 30.30 in 1026 hPa (Steady).
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11:54 oleonard Hi #koha
12:04 magnuse kia ora oleonard
12:05 magnuse so the right syntax to make match on 001 when importing would be -match=Control-number,001 ?
12:07 kidclamp morning
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12:22 gaetan_B hello
12:27 rsantellan good morning
12:27 wahanui the only good morning is a dead one
12:28 oleonard Poor wahanui. He's cursed to always be awake when it's morning *somewhere*
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13:00 tcohen bonjour!
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14:52 rsantellan Hi, I'm trying to use kohadevbox with an external DB If I use sudo koha-mysql I connect to the DB but if I do koha-rebuild-zebra it try to connect to koha_kohadev and not my DB
14:55 rsantellan it should not use the same: /etc/koha/sites/kohadev/koha-conf.xml data?
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16:02 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
16:02 CrispyBran howdy
16:03 mtompset Greetings, CrispyBran.
16:03 mtompset Do you know who keep Jenkins running happy?
16:03 mtompset -- all listed as offline.
16:03 CrispyBran I don't know what Jenkins is.
16:06 kidclamp_lunch mtompset, tcohen might be able to help
16:06 kidclamp_lunch but he isn't online
16:06 mtompset I've decided to email koha develop mailing list.
16:07 mtompset I just want to see some Jenkins happiness. :)
16:07 gaetan_B someone knows the difference between accountlines_id and accountno in accountlines ?
16:08 gaetan_B it seems they have the same value *most of the time* but i don't really know what's their actual use
16:08 gaetan_B ah it seems to be the sequence for a given borrower
16:10 gaetan_B still don't get what the advantage would be over using the accountlines_id for a given borrowernumber
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16:40 reiveune bye
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18:18 oleonard "If the field is a control field, the subfield should be empty" and "Both subfield values should be filled or empty." are contradictory but concurrent JS alerts on the MARC modification template page
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23:43 * dcook waves
23:45 dcook @later tell magnuse I'd suggest talking to 'Nicholas van Rheede van Oudtshoorn <>'. He runs Koha on Fedora. I think marcelr does as well. They could probably give advice re: CentOS and RHEL
23:45 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
23:46 dcook @later tell magnuse I reckon the hardest part is getting the Perl dependencies. Depending on the versions of CentOS/RHEL, the ones Nicholas built might work. He has a public repository for them.
23:46 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
23:50 dcook Any Debian folk around?
23:50 dcook wizzyrea? rangi?
23:50 dcook Curious about what XML parsers we have...
23:51 dcook I almost feel like there's a script for this..
23:51 dcook ./misc/ maybe
23:52 dcook XML::SAX::ParserFactory;
23:52 dcook Cool. That should answer that question..
23:53 dcook That's actually rather convenient..
23:53 dcook Ah, but I don't know if it can handle streams..
23:54 dcook Whelp, one way to find out

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