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20:04 * cait waves
20:11 rangi morning
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21:24 wizzyrea eythian++
21:24 eythian hi2u2
21:24 wizzyrea There are, in fact, parts of kansas that are very flat.
21:24 wizzyrea also hi
21:25 wizzyrea ell ohh ell "Kansans should reclaim and celebrate flatness," Rishel says. "Kansas should become more flat than flat."
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21:42 eythian wizzyrea: my door is below sea level, I think it's pretty flat here too.
21:42 wizzyrea probably good for cycling?
21:42 wizzyrea (that is one of the nice things about middle-Kansas, that cycling a long way is really trivial.)
21:43 wizzyrea because the "hills" really aren't
21:44 wizzyrea Now eastern kansas is a different story. It's pretty hilly. not dramatically hilly, but rolling hills.
21:45 wizzyrea[…]ssey1/physio3.gif
21:46 wizzyrea my hometown is at the intersection of the arkansas river lowlands, the wellington-McPherson lowlands, and the Smoky Hills.
21:46 wizzyrea give or take
21:47 wizzyrea the place I moved from is on the edge between the glaciated region and the osage cuestas.
21:48 wizzyrea[…]-1e913a0682f1.jpg < a pretty reasonable representation of the flint hills.
21:59 jcamins wizzyrea: are you pro-flattening or con-flattening?
22:00 wizzyrea I have no opinion there. :)
22:00 jcamins wizzyrea: I feel like flattening would cause drainage problems.
22:00 wizzyrea well from a practical standpoint yeah, it seems not optimal.
22:00 cait hm
22:00 cait i haveproblems with TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory in kohadevbox
22:01 cait triyng to run t/db_dependent/Virtualshelves.t
22:01 cait ?
22:09 cait forget it... i was dumb
22:10 rangi heh
22:10 cait ... you should actually be in the correct directory
22:11 cait rangi++
22:37 wizzyrea You know, I think it's a bit odd that we don't show the library news on the borrower's logged in page.
22:38 wizzyrea the branch specific news.
22:38 wizzyrea because a borrower, upon logging in
22:38 wizzyrea doesn't normally go back to the home page. Ever.
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23:11 cait do people have an opinion about  EasyBib (Free Bibliography Generator)?
23:12 cait i haven't run inot this before today
23:14 wizzyrea hm
23:14 cait
23:14 wizzyrea well it's not open source
23:15 cait true
23:15 cait but other things aren't either that we link to
23:15 rangi like?
23:15 wahanui like is hard to say, could adapt to yes, but doesn't feel intuitive
23:15 rangi cos we should fix that too :)
23:16 cait the question is because of bug 16243
23:16 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16243 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, hector.hecaxmmx, Failed QA , Add reference manager software (Mendeley and EasyBib) to OPAC
23:16 cait rangi: was thinking of the facebook, twitter etc. links
23:16 cait as a comparable thing
23:17 cait or the cover services
23:18 rangi oh i thought you meant we link to as a project, not proprietary content people can switch on in Koha
23:18 cait but... there is really a ton of ads on that page
23:18 rangi yeah not sure thats something we should care about
23:19 rangi if people are already using easybib
23:19 cait hm?
23:19 rangi all proprietary is as bad as each other, ads or not
23:19 rangi so i dont think you can say easybib isnt ok but mendely is
23:20 cait ok
23:20 rangi what i would do
23:20 rangi is fail it
23:20 rangi because
23:20 cait ah, some stuff doesn't work
23:20 cait so failing it for now
23:20 rangi [% IF Koha.Preference( 'OpacReferenceManager' ) %]
23:20 rangi <form method="post" id="ris_form" action="" target="_blank">
23:21 cait hm http?
23:21 rangi that will put that there .. if it is mendely or easybib
23:21 cait aah
23:21 rangi its only needed for easybib
23:21 cait yeah that's a good ote
23:21 rangi and yeah https too
23:21 cait shoul it be https or will that be ok?
23:21 rangi https if possible
23:25 cait seems like their cert is not good
23:26 rangi ah yeah
23:27 rangi expired and for the wrong domain
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23:29 cait added another comment
23:29 jcamins Other than that, sounds perfect?
23:29 cait thx for the feedback
23:29 cait jcamins: hm?
23:30 jcamins cait: other than the cert being expired and for the wrong domain, it sounds like the ideal SSL certificate.
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23:31 dcook hehe
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