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05:05 * magnuse waves
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07:00 morgane hi #koha !
07:04 magnuse bonjour morgane
07:05 morgane salut magnuse :)
07:12 magnuse morgane: is there a bug in bugzilla for Mana yet?
07:13 morgane magnuse: not yet, I have to make one?
07:14 magnuse yeah, every change to koha needs a bug in bugzilla
07:15 morgane magnuse: I thought that bugzilla was just for little modifications. ok, I will do a bug !
07:15 magnuse as a star, it could be just a link to the rfc on the wiki
07:15 magnuse yeah, common mistake :-) bugzilla is also for all kinds of enhancements
07:16 magnuse s/star/start/
07:21 morgane magnuse: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=17047
07:21 huginn Bug 17047: new feature, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Mana webservice : share and use common information between Kohas
07:21 morgane magnuse: it's ok like that?
07:22 magnuse looks perfect!
07:22 magnuse morgane++
07:23 morgane magnuse: ok, thanks for your help :)
07:24 magnuse np, thank you for working on mana!
07:26 Joubu morgane: hi! When you open a bug report and plan to work on it, you should assign you the bug
07:26 Joubu and switch the status to "assigned"
07:27 Joubu morgane: you should also try to rebase your koha-mana branch regularly
07:30 Joubu morgane: there is a lot of code already. It would be nice to give you some QA feedbacks/remarks about your code to take them into account
07:31 morgane Joubu: ok, I go to assigned me, I will rebase and how can I have QA feedbacks?
07:34 Joubu morgane: usually you get feedbacks when the patches are submitted on bugzilla
07:34 Joubu when do you plan to submit them?
07:35 Joubu It won't be feasible to submit everything in one go. You should thing "small steps"
07:36 Joubu it would also be nice to squash some patches to ease the readability
07:37 morgane Joubu: I don't when it's better to do that because I thought that I have to finish my work before to submit patches on koha. moreover, the server was not host yet
07:38 morgane Joubu: ok, I'll try to do smarter steps
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07:41 paul_p hello #joubu
07:41 paul_p hello joubu
07:41 paul_p & others
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07:41 magnuse morgane: if you divide it up into smaller steps you can do one bug report in bugzilla per step, and mark each of them as blocking bug 17047
07:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17047 new feature, P5 - low, ---, morgane.alonso, ASSIGNED , Mana webservice : share and use common information between Kohas
07:41 Joubu Salut paul_p
07:42 paul_p Joubu = arrête de torturer nos stagiaires :D
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07:42 magnuse then when all the blockers are "pushed to master", 17047 is done
07:42 Joubu I just ask her some questions :)
07:42 * cait waves
07:42 magnuse hiya cait paul_p sophie_m
07:42 cait full house here this morning :)
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07:43 cait morning LibraryClaire
07:43 magnuse what ho LibraryClaire
07:43 paul_p Joubu can you repeat your questions, I'll try to answer for her
07:43 LibraryClaire hi cait :)
07:43 LibraryClaire hi magnuse :)
07:44 paul_p hi LibraryClaire & magnuse  & cait & others
07:44 * magnuse has been watching jeeves & wooster, featuring fry and laurie
07:44 LibraryClaire hi paul_p!
07:44 Joubu I just have a quick look at the code, and I'd like to do some remarks on the code and give her some feedbacks
07:44 Joubu paul_p: The code is not rebased (not a big deal, just 2 months), but some patches need to be squashed to ease the readability
07:45 paul_p Joubu I agree that rebasing will probably be easy.
07:46 paul_p Joubu about squashing, I think I'll have to explain morgane what it mean and how to deal with it ;-)
07:46 Joubu paul_p: what's the plan for submitting? I don't think you/she should submit everything in one go
07:47 Joubu I suggested her to submit things small steps by small steps
07:47 paul_p Joubu how to split it ? I don't see how it's possible splitting this feature.
07:47 cait what does it cover right now? only serials or more?
07:47 Joubu at least in 2, 1 for mana, 1 for sharing subscription data
07:47 paul_p cait only serials
07:47 cait ah
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07:48 drojf morning #koha
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07:49 Joubu paul_p: the changes are done directly in the serial code (which is not really nice, everybody will agree on that ;))
07:49 paul_p Joubu the commitid ?
07:49 Joubu well, I just read the code quickly
07:50 Joubu almost all the commits I look add change to serials/*.tt|pl
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07:53 LibraryClaire hi drojf :)
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07:54 drojf hi LibraryClaire :)
07:56 paul_p Joubu the changes in serials screens are the one required by the interface changes. the business logic is in Koha:: namespace. So I don't see what could be removed.
07:59 eythian
08:02 eythian that was totally the wrong channel
08:02 eythian but never mind
08:02 wahanui Good, I'm glad you figured it out. I didn't understand, and probably never will, being a bot.
08:03 paul_p eythian I was waiting for your explanation about how to link this equipment with RFID vendors ones :D :D
08:03 paul_p eythian good morning btw :D
08:03 eythian heh, that would be an interesting exercise :)
08:03 eythian good morning!
08:03 wahanui well, it's morning somewhere, yes
08:04 eythian wahanui: it is morning here
08:04 wahanui ...but it is <reply>...
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08:08 ziera helo
08:08 ziera can anybody help me?
08:08 ziera i need to downgrade koha version
08:08 eythian why?
08:09 eythian also, that's not necessarily a simple task.
08:10 ziera because my koha cannot search the books that catalog before
08:10 cait better to solve the problem
08:10 ziera or anybody can give me the solution
08:10 ziera ??
08:11 cait every upgrade changes the database structure - so you'd have to undo all of that manually
08:11 cait as there is no automatic process to do it
08:11 drojf grs1 vs dom
08:11 * drojf bets 1€
08:11 * cait too
08:11 cait first you should take a look at about Koha > system information tab
08:11 cait in your staff interface
08:12 ziera then?
08:12 cait read what it says there
08:12 cait it's a place the system shows posible problems
08:12 ziera it shows ---WarningYou are missing the <log4perl_conf> entry in your koha-conf.xml file. Please add it, pointing to the log4perl.conf file for your Koha instance.
08:13 ziera You are missing the <upload_path> entry in your koha-conf.xml file. Please add it, pointing to the configured file upload directory for your Koha instance. Also note that you need to properly set the OPACBaseURL preference for the file upload plugin to work.
08:13 ziera how i can solve this problem?
08:13 ziera i'm still the newbie in here
08:13 cait hm those are not related to indexing
08:13 cait so what version are you running and which one before?
08:14 ziera now i'm using 3.22.06
08:15 ziera before this i'm using 3.20.02
08:15 cait do you know how your koha is installed? did you do the update yourself?
08:16 ziera yes...i'm update it by myself
08:16 ziera using the instruction in the website
08:17 cait which instructions?
08:17 wahanui which instructions are you following?
08:17 cait there are a lot floating around
08:18 ziera[…]0installed%20Koha
08:18 ziera i'm refer to this website
08:19 eythian those are really weird instructions
08:20 ziera so any solution for my problem?
08:20 drojf somebody emailed me who also used those. and it did not work
08:21 eythian well, it _could_ work I think, it just seems fragile.
08:21 drojf don't remember what was wrong, but they seem to be up on google for whatever search
08:21 eythian also, they're not upgrade instructions anyway
08:21 eythian they're "move to a new machine" instructins.
08:21 drojf "Install Koha either using Koha Live DVD "
08:21 drojf meh
08:22 drojf oh yeah i got a different link from that website
08:22 drojf but it wasn't great either :P
08:22 ziera hurmm..
08:23 ziera what i need to do now?
08:23 ziera i'm in trouble
08:23 eythian well, start by describing your symptoms in detail.
08:23 eythian you can't search: what happens when you try?
08:24 eythian can you see books being there by some other method?
08:24 eythian <-- have you seen the "searching" section at the bottom of the real documentation :)
08:25 eythian (using the packages instructions, rather than the manual ones.)
08:25 eythian (assuming you're using packages)
08:25 ziera yeah i'm using package
08:25 eythian but mostly: describe your symptoms
08:26 ziera but after upgrade and rebuild the zebra it show message  error : Memory allocation failed : buffer error: text too long
08:27 eythian that is not one I've seen before.
08:28 drojf plesk
08:28 drojf that's what google says
08:29 drojf or maybe it doesn't really. to tired to process stuff
08:29 * drojf shuts up
08:30 eythian also, it's important to describe your symptoms clearly: What are you doing when this happens? where does the message appear? What is generating it?
08:30 * eythian is leaving for a meeting in a minute
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09:30 marcelr hi #koha
09:31 LibraryClaire hi marcelr
09:31 marcelr :)
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11:16 drojf hm
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11:35 oleonard Hi #koha
11:36 druthb hi, oleonard!
11:38 LibraryClaire hi oleaonard
11:38 LibraryClaire err
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11:39 LibraryClaire hi oleonard
11:40 magnuse hi o'leonardo
11:40 oleonard To be honest I'm always surprised that people know how to spell my last name. I guess it's just common enough.
11:40 magnuse your last name = my son's first name
11:40 LibraryClaire it's nearly leopard too
11:41 drojf lol
11:41 oleonard magnuse: half the time people think Leonard is my first name too
11:41 oleonard LibraryClaire: I've never thought of that!
11:41 drojf hi oleopard
11:41 LibraryClaire :D
11:43 * oleonard becomes a superhero who nearly has the powers of a leopard
11:44 * LibraryClaire is awestruck
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11:49 Tylathos Hey folks :)
11:50 magnuse hi there Tylathos
11:51 Tylathos I'm quit impressed at the moment i must say :D
11:52 * magnuse hopes Tylathos is impressed with something Koha-related ;-)
11:53 Tylathos Some guys, who say they got IT skill, had made an apt-get upgrade while the diner time. Becaus thats enough time there. Then they press y. And what they see after that, oh know there is an update for koha and the last backup is without 5000 new books. So i prayed the last 10 minutes, that the upgrade, won't crash anything. AND
11:53 Tylathos everything worked fine. Thats why im quit impressed :D
11:54 magnuse :-)
11:55 Tylathos And of course, i changed all passwords on the server, so that these "IT Guys" don't have access any longer :D
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12:16 Joubu From #dancer: sawyer: (Koha project)++
12:17 drojf how did we earn that?
12:17 eythian Joubu: he works here :)
12:20 Joubu eythian: ha that's why: you paid him for that, that's it? ;)
12:27 eythian definitely :)
12:47 marcelr oleonard: you missed the tabs joke
12:47 oleonard Sorry
12:47 marcelr never replace a tab by 4 tabs
12:47 marcelr i would recommend 4 spaces
12:48 marcelr that was the recursive thing
12:48 * Joubu is filling guilty...
12:48 Joubu feeling!
12:48 wahanui feeling is mutual
12:48 * Joubu is out
12:50 eythian wahanui: \is out is <reply>ten-four good buddy
12:50 wahanui OK, eythian.
12:51 * LibraryClaire pokes wahanui
12:51 wahanui ouch!
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12:55 cait tsk LibraryClaire
12:56 LibraryClaire awww
12:56 cait wahanui botsnack cookie
12:56 wahanui thanks cait :)
12:56 cait :P
12:57 LibraryClaire yeh yeh :P
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12:59 cait ok... not the best bot parenting example
13:00 marcelr who is the best bot?
13:00 marcelr heh he does not know
13:01 LibraryClaire hehe
13:01 eythian who is the best bot?
13:01 eythian oh, that'll confuse it
13:01 eythian the 'is' is a separator
13:01 LibraryClaire poor wahanui
13:01 wahanui Will he ever win?
13:02 marcelr who was the best bot?
13:02 marcelr who the best bot?
13:03 eythian hrm, I just got a notification that I have a mysterious package arriving. Or it's a thing from Amazon that would be two days early.
13:05 barton good morning #koha!
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13:10 eythian oh nice, it's a book I'd forgotten I'd ordered on European languages.
13:13 tcohen hola #koha
13:14 eythian[…]pleasantly-ironic <-- specifically this
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13:15 eythian in hindsight, I should have bought the original Dutch version
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13:22 tcohen hi eythian
13:23 eythian hello tcohen
13:25 tcohen jajm: around?
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13:45 paul_p !seen jajm
13:45 paul_p @seen jajm
13:45 huginn paul_p: jajm was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 1 day, 6 hours, 46 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <jajm> hello
13:45 paul_p tcohen = you've got your answer ;-)
13:45 tcohen hi paul_p
13:45 paul_p hi tomas
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14:57 drojf hello again
15:00 * LibraryClaire waves
15:02 oleonard Joubu: I think Bug 15758 is almost there!
15:02 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15758 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Move the C4::Branch related code to Koha::Libraries - part 4
15:02 oleonard Joubu++
15:04 tcohen Joubu: bug 17030 and bug 17050
15:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17030 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Configure the REST api on packages install
15:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17050 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Accessing the REST API through Plack kicks the session out
15:04 Joubu thanks a lot oleonard!
15:05 tcohen I ccd jajm and khall_away
15:05 tcohen it is easily reproducible, I hope people can help fit it
15:24 Joubu oleonard: These pages don't show the patron's library in the sidebar:  -  members/
15:24 Joubu could you please confirm? I see it
15:26 oleonard I think I must have marked the files wrong in my notes. I see it on but not
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15:28 Joubu oleonard: indeed, thx!
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15:33 oleonard Joubu: The patch for Bug 16996 adds some Data::Dumper stuff. Is that intentional?
15:33 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16996 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Template process failed: undef error - Can't call method "description"
15:34 Joubu oleonard: absolutely not
15:35 * oleonard was surprised the qa tools didn't complain
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15:45 tcohen apache++
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15:54 Joubu oleonard: do you have the report you used for the issue?
16:00 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Joubu: Report I used to test Bug 15758" (2 lines) at
16:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15758 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Move the C4::Branch related code to Koha::Libraries - part 4
16:01 oleonard I simply looked for the first report I could find in my system which used <<Branch|branches>>
16:02 Joubu haaaa
16:02 Joubu ok, I did not get it. Thanks
16:02 Joubu I thought it was on the results
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16:46 BobB good morning #koha
16:46 BobB Day 2 at Koha US
16:46 BobB Chris Davis up on 'Issues of Open Source Software in Libraries'
16:52 * kidclamp_kohaus waves
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17:31 eythian BobB: I also want you to write down everything for that one for me 😉
17:34 lisette eythian: Chris Davis put his presentation on the wiki at: if you want to check it out sans our discussions.
17:38 eythian Oh thanks
17:38 eythian I think I gave a talk on that theme once.
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17:45 eythian OK, those notes are good. Things I'd change of course, but still good. Also, he plans talks the same way I do. :)
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17:51 CrispyBran_kohaus Enjoying day 2 at the Koha-US 2016 conference.  :)
17:52 eythian The US is far too remote.
17:53 CrispyBran_kohaus :)
17:56 CrispyBran_kohaus It's not to remote for some folks from New Zealand.  :)
18:00 bag :P
18:03 eythian Yeah, but I haven't been there for nearly a year now :)
18:04 CrispyBran_kohaus You'll have to work on that.  :)
18:05 CrispyBran_kohaus What is up with the cats in presentations????  ;)
18:08 CrispyBran_kohaus And what's up with kidclamp's stache?
18:09 BobB eythian:[…]TzQ&usp=drive_web
18:09 BobB interesting url, let me find if there is something more direct
18:10 BobB here's what you want:
18:11 BobB we've had a break now and Fred King is up 'Modifying Koha For Unique Uses'
18:12 eythian BobB: ta
18:12 BobB ok I see lisette had already posted that :)
18:12 eythian CrispyBran_kohaus: naw, no immediate rush to go back to NZ
18:14 BobB certainly not to Invercargil eythian :)
18:15 eythian BobB: my parents no longer live there, so definitely not
18:15 BobB i almost went there once, it was one town too far
18:16 eythian It's not bad, just not very exciting. A good access point to fiordland and Stewart Island.
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18:19 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 17024: Fix XSS in tools/ <[…]e7877caae9458206c> / Bug 17026: Fix XSS in serials/ <[…]206fd5458448fff1b> / Bug 17028: Fix XSS in reserve/ <[…]h=66f81fc2101f194
18:20 eythian[…]true&preview=true <-- not everyone agrees however
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18:49 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 17023: Fix XSS in acqui/ <[…]2c8881134926a3ed0> / Bug 17023: Fix XSS in cataloguing/ <[…]0206c7bc2808bce26>
18:58 oleonard Bye #koha
19:20 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 17022: Fix XSS in circ/ <[…]b8a71838256de98cf>
19:28 cait joined #koha
19:30 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16878: Fix XSS in opac-memberentry <[…]4f89b867a69eec9a8> / Bug 16988 - Suspending a hold with AutoResumeSuspendedHolds disabled results in error <[…]776b09395e4c88199>
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19:40 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16975 : @INC should not have '.' as its last entry <[…]e1655714b33711ab3>
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19:50 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16971: Missing dependency for HTML::Entities <[…]57bdca412df004123> / Bug 16818: External auth redirect broken under Plack <[…]ce824d019351cbc5f> / Bug 16830: (followup) Remove weird character from warning in <http://git.koha-community.or
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20:10 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16864: Silence warnings in t/db_dependent/ILSDI_Services.t <[…]663d7fa711a87556e> / Bug 16868: Silence error t/db_dependent/Linker_FirstMatch.t <[…]ef2c0740c481337ec> / Bug 16871: Translatability: Avoid [%%-problem and fix related sentence splitting... <h
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20:25 CHRIS11117 hello
20:26 CHRIS11117 I have already installed Koha on ubuntu 12.04 and it is working.  I am now trying a new install and I am stuck at the Koha Create Database stage
20:27 CHRIS11117 the error I get is Koha requires mpm_itk to be enabled within Apache in order to run.Typically this can be enabled with: sudo a2enmod mpm_itk
20:28 CHRIS11117 when I try to a2enmod I get an error that says ERROR: Module mpm_itk does not exist!
20:28 ibeardslee you may need to install .. libapache2-mpm-itk
20:29 CHRIS11117 any help is appreciated
20:29 CHRIS11117 will that be apt-get or aptitude?
20:29 ibeardslee either/or .. I would .. sudo apt-get install libapache2-mpm-itk
20:31 CHRIS11117 Package libapache2-mpm-itk is not available,but is referred to by another package.
20:31 mtompset joined #koha
20:32 CHRIS11117 This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsolete, or is only available from another source
20:32 mtompset @seen cait
20:32 huginn mtompset: cait was last seen in #koha 7 hours, 32 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <cait> ok... not the best bot parenting example
20:32 rangi is it still on 12.04 ?
20:32 ibeardslee CHRIS11117: still 12.04?
20:32 wahanui i guess 12.04 is the new LTS release.
20:32 rangi if you are on 12.04 or 14.04 it is apache2-mpm-itk
20:32 rangi if you are on 16.04 it is libapache2-mpm-itk
20:32 mtompset wahanui forget 12.04
20:32 wahanui mtompset: I forgot 12.04
20:33 ibeardslee ahh ,, good point rangi
20:33 CHRIS11117 apache2-mpm-itk is already the newest version
20:33 mtompset Ubuntu 16.04 is the new LTS release.
20:34 * mtompset was trying to get wahanui to learn the new phrase. :)
20:34 CHRIS11117 How easy is it to install koha on ubuntu 16.04?
20:34 rangi in which case you dont need to do the a2enmod
20:34 CHRIS11117 does the instructions for 12.04 follow same procedure?
20:35 CHRIS11117 ok
20:35 rangi hmm i dunno, 12.04 is really old now, you're kinda on your own with that
20:35 CHRIS11117 hmmm
20:35 rangi but the rest of the instructions should work
20:36 CHRIS11117 which version of ubuntu is the safest and easiest to install on
20:36 mtompset Be back in 15 minutes... 16.04 wasn't so bad on a fresh install.
20:36 CHRIS11117 ok
20:36 CHRIS11117 I am going to test 16.04
20:36 rangi 14.04 is known to work
20:36 mtompset Exactly....
20:36 rangi 16.04 there are some issues with mysql
20:37 rangi which may or may not be fixed in Koha 16.05.02, I havent tested
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20:40 cait not all fixed yet
20:40 CHRIS11117 ok
20:41 CHRIS11117 what about 15.04
20:41 cait i think it can be 'fixed' for now by removind some of the strict modes from mysql configuration
20:41 rangi thats unsupported by ubuntu, i wouldnt use that
20:41 rangi debian jessie works well too
20:41 rangi id go with 14.04 or debian jessie for a production install
20:42 rangi koha 16.11 will be fine on ubuntu 16.04, that's when I would upgrade
20:43 CHRIS11117 ok
20:43 CHRIS11117 Thanks for the heads up guys
20:43 CHRIS11117 So its 14.04 of debian Jessie
20:43 CHRIS11117 I will download 14.04 now
20:44 BobB Chris Brannon up now on Koha Self Check
20:44 BobB hi cait, hi rangi
20:45 rangi hi BobB
20:45 bag heya cait and rangi
20:45 Dyrcona rangi: There was some discussion in #evergreen on freenode about merging my better abstraction branch into the master NCIPServer repo.
20:45 cait heya bag and BobB :)
20:46 rangi go for it
20:46 Sirenia joined #koha
20:47 Dyrcona rangi: I thought you'd say that. It will break the Koha support in that repo, but I didn't think you were using that one.
20:47 rangi nope
20:49 Dyrcona OK. I'll merge it and Evergreen will go on without you. ;)
20:52 bag sniff sniff
20:52 bag heh
20:55 bag rangi: just me?  can you apply this patch?  https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=16969
20:55 huginn Bug 16969: is not accessible.
20:56 mtompset Ah... yes... the real reason I came in...
20:56 rangi hmm i could a couple of weeks ago
20:56 bag to give love to koha :)
20:56 rangi ill try again now
20:56 mtompset @seen Joubu
20:56 huginn mtompset: Joubu was last seen in #koha 4 hours, 53 minutes, and 50 seconds ago: <Joubu> I thought it was on the results
20:57 rangi not anymore, since the other patches got pushed before it, it will need a rebase
20:58 bag hmm rangi did I miss a depends on?  or blocks reference?
20:59 rangi no
20:59 rangi just the other patches touch the same files
20:59 rangi it happens
21:06 tubaclarinet joined #koha
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21:25 mtompset Does anyone have a suggestion of a small sample bilibographic UNIMARC file that would import nicely over a fresh, full sample data, unimarc install?
21:26 mtompset suggest of where to get... or have one...
21:27 bag mtompset: grab any of the biblibre peeps when they are in - I’d try gaetan
21:28 mtompset I figure UNIMARC bugs need love too. :)
21:29 cait mtompset: i am usng the one from the sandbox repo
21:29 mtompset Did you export it?
21:29 cait but it's not just data i think but a whole sample database
21:29 cait i got it from the repo
21:30 mtompset sandbox repo?
21:30 mtompset Saan diyan?
21:30 mtompset Where's that?
21:30 wahanui rumour has it that is fine
21:30 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16727: Clarify upload category note <[…]cda5b10c807e6ad8a> / Bug 16861: (followup)Translatability: remove fa-hand-o-down icon <[…]8ceff1f2dbb59a236> / Bug 16861: Translatability: Fix separated "below" in <
21:31 cait one of thise i think
21:31 cait[…]0efe650c2adf59457
21:37 mtompset cait++ # thank you!
21:37 mtompset I was going to try to give 7441 a whirl. ;)
21:37 mtompset bug 7441
21:37 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7441 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Search results showing wrong branch
21:38 cait mtompset: sounds good!
21:42 cait left #koha
21:48 * mtompset dusts off his ancient Ubuntu 14.04 UNIMARC install.
21:49 Sirenia joined #koha
21:51 * mtompset cringes in fear, "git pull"
22:06 lisette joined #koha
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