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03:59 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
04:00 mtompset Confusing news: Philippines is withdrawing their bid. National Library of the Philippines is still under renovation.
04:01 mtompset And if anyone is experiencing the logrotate killing zebra problem... bug 16885
04:01 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16885 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , koha-stop-zebra should be more sure of stopping zebrasrv
04:14 mtj ping rangi, i just logged a bug for a sec. issue... i do have a fix tho
04:18 mtj i sorta discovered a related issue to that bug too
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05:55 petter hei magnus!
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06:03 * dcook waves to the Europeans
06:07 magnuse god morgen petter!
06:08 magnuse 8 weeks until go live, eh? :-)
06:10 petter hm
06:10 petter I wonder
06:10 petter Seems impossible now, but I hope we can make it
06:14 * dcook cheers for petter
06:14 dcook And Oslo?
06:14 wahanui somebody said Oslo was more or less even with the southern tip of greenland :-)
06:27 fredericd I reverted bug 16917 on 16.05, and uploaded new tarball
06:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16917 blocker, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Stable , Error when importing patrons, Column 'checkprevcheckout' cannot be null
06:30 cait fredericd++ drojf++
06:30 cait brb
06:34 magnuse dcook: petter is oslo :-)
06:35 magnuse ah, the philipines are out of the kohacon17 race
06:40 dcook magnuse: I thought so!
06:40 dcook Also, yeah?
06:41 dcook Also how is it nearly 5? :(
06:44 magnuse dcook: dunno, nearly 9 here
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06:58 sophie_m hello #koha
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07:06 magnuse bonjour sophie_m et fridolin
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07:09 magnuse tjänare ola
07:09 magnuse moin drojf
07:09 drojf hei magnuse
07:09 drojf and morning #koha
07:11 ola hej magnuse!
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07:12 drojf so we have a self-competing philippines bid now where one part says it's off and one says it's goint to happen?
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07:15 dcook Yikes..
07:15 dcook Enjoy!
07:15 * dcook heads off for dinner
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07:19 drojf hi cait
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07:22 morgane hi!
07:22 drojf hi morgane
07:22 morgane hi drojf :)
07:24 * cait waves
07:26 morgane hi cait :)
07:27 cait hi morgane
07:27 cait where you able to resolve the problem with the wiki login?
07:28 morgane cait: no, I edit my wiki page with the account of clhr at biblibre
07:28 cait hm
07:29 cait did you try contacting gmcharlt?
07:31 morgane I don't see him on the chan, paul_p thinks he is in vacations
07:31 cait hm that or maybe conferences or so
07:31 cait i'd try to email him
07:31 cait he is not always listening in here i think
07:33 morgane cait: ok, thanks. we think there is a problem with the email service of the wiki
07:34 cait yeah, would be good to get to the cause of that
07:35 magnuse ah, meeting in ~2.5 hours?
07:35 drojf yep
07:39 * magnuse will be able to join then!
07:42 * cait will be there the first half hour - recruited drojf to help out with chairing
07:42 magnuse cait++ drojf++
07:44 drojf i'm excited to find out what happened next in the kohacon location thing
07:44 drojf if somebody will show up or not
07:44 drojf *happens
07:52 eythian @wunder ams
07:52 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Schiphol, Badhoevedorp, Netherlands is 18.1°C (9:39 AM CEST on August 03, 2016). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 17.0°C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
07:52 eythian @wunder nzwn
07:52 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 13.0°C (7:30 PM NZST on August 03, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.50 in 999 hPa (Steady).
07:52 eythian hah, I win!
07:52 eythian ...cept that humidity. ug.
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08:00 magnuse @wunder boo
08:00 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 13.0°C (9:50 AM CEST on August 03, 2016). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005 hPa (Steady).
08:01 magnuse drojf: mtompset has said on the wiki that the philipines bid is withdrawn
08:02 drojf magnuse: after someone from the list of bidders said yesterday they are working on it
08:02 magnuse where did they say that?
08:02 drojf big mailing list
08:03 magnuse oh, i must have missed that
08:03 drojf it had a digest subject
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08:05 drojf magnuse:[…]ugust/045882.html
08:06 magnuse yeah, i found it too :-)
08:09 magnuse added it to the agenda
08:10 Joubu @later tell tcohen do you remember why you put batch_record_modification in the list of scripts that fail under plack ?
08:10 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
08:13 Joubu @later tell tcohen same for
08:13 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
08:14 Joubu @later tell tcohen same for
08:14 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
08:14 Joubu (sorry)
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08:44 morgane hi, I have a question about the koha::object, when I use the function "find" then I modify the value of a param with the function "set", how can I apply my modification in the database (like a update sql query)?
08:47 Joubu morgane: ->store
08:47 morgane Joubu: store will not create another one?
08:47 Joubu morgane: no, store will call the DBIx::Class create_or_update method
08:47 morgane Joubu: oh, ok! thanks :)
08:47 Joubu whch will update the it if already exists
08:48 Joubu which will update it if already exists *
08:49 morgane Joubu: I don't see it was written, sorry
08:49 Joubu morgane: no worries :)
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09:01 LibraryClaire morning #koha
09:12 * cait waves
09:14 * LibraryClaire waves back
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09:42 drojf eythian: you're still there
09:47 lari Joubu: hey, thanks for your comment in Bug 16825! I wanted to ask what do you mean by "global check"; automatically iterate over the .json in /api/v1/definitions or let each Bug extend that test if they add more definitions that are directly a Koha-object/db table?
09:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16825 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , Add API route for getting an item
09:47 lari it could even be automatical if each definition had something like "x-koha-object" to let the test know it's a Koha-object
09:49 Joubu lari: I'd like something generic, to avoid each .json provide c/p tests
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09:52 lari Joubu: yeah that would be cool. but since not all definitions will have same properties as some db table's columns, it's a bit problematic. i think one solution would be to define this "x-koha-object" for example
09:54 cait meeting in 5 mins!
09:56 oleonard Hi #koha
09:56 cait hi oleonard
09:56 cait getting some more tea - brb to start the meeting
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09:59 Joubu lari: the json file should have the same name as the koha object module, so I don't understand why you need it.
09:59 MichaelKuhn Kia ora tatou
09:59 drojf hi MichaelKuhn. you got the right time!
10:00 lari Joubu: patron.json vs borrowers? definitions that don't have db table like availability.json in Bug 16826
10:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16826 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , Add API routes for getting item availability and holdability
10:00 cait starting th emeeting in a moment
10:00 lari Joubu: ah yes forget comment about patron :)
10:01 lari ofc there is Koha::Patron, sorry
10:01 cait #startmeeting General IRC meeting 3 August 2016
10:01 huginn Meeting started Wed Aug  3 10:01:05 2016 UTC.  The chair is cait. Information about MeetBot at
10:01 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
10:01 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 August 2016)
10:01 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'general_irc_meeting_3_august_2016'
10:01 cait #topic Introductions
10:01 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
10:01 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 August 2016)
10:01 cait please introduce yourself following wahanui's example
10:01 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
10:01 cait #chair drojf
10:01 huginn Current chairs: cait drojf
10:01 schnydszch #info Eugene Espinoza Philippines
10:01 oleonard #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries
10:01 cc #info Colin Campbell, PTFS-Europe Ltd
10:01 MichaelKuhn @drojf Yes, I'm lucky today :-)
10:01 huginn MichaelKuhn: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
10:02 drojf heh
10:02 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart
10:02 cait today's agenda:
10:02 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ing_3_August_2016
10:02 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin, Germany
10:02 fredericd #info Frédéric Demians
10:02 d_antonakis #info Dimitris Antonakis, Athens, Greece
10:03 magnuse #info Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
10:04 MichaelKuhn #info Michael Kuhn, Allschwil (next to Basel), Switzerland
10:04 ola #info Ola Andersson, LTU, Sweden
10:04 cait nice, big crowd
10:05 drojf scary
10:05 cait please get your #info in, i am switching topic in a quick moment
10:05 drojf in a good way
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10:05 magnuse we'll be kind
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10:05 cait davidnind: #info? :)
10:06 cait ok, moving on
10:06 cait #topic Announcements
10:06 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 August 2016)
10:06 davidnind #info David Nind, Wellington, New Zealand
10:06 cait heh
10:06 cait ok, any announcements?
10:06 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
10:06 cait please hold KohaCon until we move into that topic
10:06 Oak #info Arslan Farooq, Islamabad, Pakistan
10:07 cait My understanding is that some people are travelling to the Koha US conference this week
10:07 cait including bag afaik
10:07 cait any Rmaints around?
10:07 rangi yep
10:08 cait announcements? :)
10:08 rangi nope
10:08 drojf no inztroduction, you don't exist :P
10:08 drojf or i missed it
10:08 rangi just that i hope we can all get back to the releasing on the 22nd schedule
10:09 drojf some schedule would be nice. from a "packaging your stuff" point of view
10:09 * fredericd will do my best for 22nd releasing
10:09 cait #info Please try and keep maintenance releases on schedule - around 22nd each month
10:09 drojf i would like to have packages soon after release. so it would be cool to know when it happens :)
10:09 rangi bgkriegel regens the po files ont the 15th, so that gives a week for that translators
10:10 cait #info RMaints - please keep drojf in the loop about your planned release day to have timely packages
10:10 cait rangi: is that automatic?
10:10 rangi yup
10:10 rangi well he might do it manually, but it's always on the 15th (at least it has been)
10:11 cait #info RMaints and translators - po files are updates for releases on the 15th!
10:11 cait anything else?
10:11 wahanui hmmm... anything else is just being crap
10:11 rangi 3.20.x is mainly going to be just security fixes from now on
10:11 fredericd There is no project for 16.05 branch on Jenkins server. Could it be added?
10:11 cait #info 3.20.x to mainly include security fixes from now on
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10:12 rangi ah yep
10:12 rangi @later tell tcohen can you set up a 16.05 job on jenkins please
10:12 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
10:12 fredericd My goal for this stable release was to include as much of master patches as possible in order to minimize master/stable code divergence, especially for templates.
10:13 fredericd And so, in order to ease bug fixes backporting in the stable release cycle.
10:13 fredericd In this perspective, I've included what I've considered as minor enhancements.
10:13 fredericd I may have been a little bit too far...
10:13 Joubu fredericd: yes it should. We will see with tcohen when he will be around
10:14 Joubu (oops sorry, not at the bottom)
10:14 fredericd From now onwards, I will take a more conservative approach.
10:14 cait thx fredericd
10:14 cait #action tcohen - please set up a 16.05 job on jenkins
10:15 cait moving on?
10:15 drojf i released a package reverting a patch before it was done by the RMaint. to avoid a lot of kohas exploding. any objections to doing that?
10:15 drojf i don't plan to add features on my own ;)
10:15 cait quick check, do we have something for the next topic, please just say yes
10:15 cait otherwise i am goig to jump to kohacon
10:16 cait no objections from me in that case - seemed straightforward
10:16 fredericd drojf: rather encouragement than objection
10:16 drojf ok cool
10:17 cait moving onto KohaCon as next topic
10:17 cait #KohaCon
10:17 cait hm sorry
10:17 cait #topic KohaCon17
10:17 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon17 (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 August 2016)
10:18 cait there has been quite a confusion since yesterday and I hope we will be able to resolve it
10:18 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]haCon17_Proposals
10:18 cait For this year there was one proposal added early to the list for the Philippines by mtompset
10:19 cait after drojf asked for updates on the mailing list
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10:19 cait the bid was first changed to remove one of the contacts, then later removed with an email to the mailing list
10:19 cait the mailing list emails are linked to the wiki
10:19 magnuse *linked to from the wiki
10:19 cait before that happend, it hink also yesterdy eugene jose espinoza had sent an email about the Philippines still be interested
10:20 cait of course, thx magnuse
10:20 cait the reason mtompset gave for withdrawing the bit was ongoing renovations at the national library
10:20 cait some time before this meeting today, the bid was restored
10:20 cait is someone here for the bidders?
10:20 schnydszch okay here
10:21 drojf can you explain what is going on?
10:21 schnydszch I have edited the bid to instead be held at the Ayala Museum, where they offered there place, hence, restoring the bid
10:22 drojf i see the national library in the bid
10:22 schnydszch we have talked among ourselves those currently in the Philippines to restore the bid because we've got the Ayala Museusm and also the Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines to help us
10:22 drojf and tulong aklatan who were deleted before
10:22 drojf (deperately from the other deletion)
10:22 cait separately :)
10:22 drojf äh
10:22 drojf lol
10:22 drojf yes
10:22 drojf sorry
10:22 drojf :D
10:23 schnydszch I have edited just hours ago. NP drojf
10:23 schnydszch
10:23 schnydszch it was actually the Filipinas Heritage Library of the Ayala Museum
10:23 schnydszch
10:24 drojf so the person that was said to be out of the bid is now in again?
10:24 drojf and what is the involvement of the national library?
10:24 cait #info new location for the Philippines bid: Ayala Museum
10:24 schnydszch Yes, we have talked among ourselves upon learning that Filipinas Heritage Library is offering there place
10:25 cait ok, so can we confirm that OnStrike is part of the organizing team now?
10:25 drojf by ourselves you mean all in the list now? (sorry it's not obvious to me and all very confusing)
10:25 cait trying to do this bit by bit :)
10:25 thd schnydszch: Would people from the National Library still be participating as hosts without the location of the National Library itself being the location for the venue?
10:25 schnydszch as a matter of courtesy, they are still involved, they can lend us transportation for example
10:25 cait trying to sort this a bit
10:25 cait schnydszch: the last one was referring to national library?
10:25 schnydszch I have edited the conference location to Ayala Museum
10:26 cait yep, i have logged that
10:26 cait it looks nice
10:26 cait we are just still a bit confused about the list of organizers
10:26 schnydszch here: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]haCon17_Proposals
10:27 schnydszch list of organizers: OSLS, TA, NLP, FHL, ASLP
10:27 schnydszch in that order
10:27 drojf and there is still no date
10:27 schnydszch Onstrike Library Solutions, Tulong Aklatan, National Library of the Philippines, Filipinas Heritage Library, Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines
10:27 rangi cool
10:27 schnydszch June
10:27 cait please keep talking, iw ill info some of that for the meeting minutes and then we can ask about what is not clear yet
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10:28 schnydszch previously proposed date was june, sept or oct
10:28 cait #info Organizers are OSLS, TA, NLP, FHL, ASLP - Onstrike Library Solutions, Tulong Aklatan, National Library of the Philippines, Filipinas Heritage Library, Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines
10:28 schnydszch but opted for June
10:28 cait #info The conference date would be in June
10:29 schnydszch the local hotels, restaurants will be edited since it will be in Makati, the Philippines central business district
10:30 thd Have we not voted on KohaCon proposals without the date being precisely specified in the past even if what had been specified in such cases had been a much more constrained period?
10:30 rangi nice temperatures in june too
10:30 schnydszch yep, not so hot already
10:30 rangi thd: indicative is good enough
10:30 cait thd: i think a missing exact date is not a blocker - just good to have a general idea
10:30 schnydszch May is Summer in the Philippines
10:30 drojf thd: yes, the date does not need to be fixed. but people want to know when it may be, kind of
10:31 drojf so three months was a bit much
10:31 thd Agreed, three months is not enough specificity.
10:31 cait just checking - city is the same, just another part of it, right?
10:31 schnydszch yep
10:31 schnydszch part of Metropolitan Manila
10:32 drojf ok then all the rest still applies i guess, hotels and stuff?
10:32 schnydszch basically, but we will update it to suit Makati area
10:32 cait #info local hotels, restaurants will be edited since it will be in Makati, the Philippines central business district of Manila
10:33 cait i have to run :( but drojf will take over chairing
10:33 cait thx for the information schnydszch!
10:33 drojf ok
10:33 rangi that sounds good to me
10:33 drojf schnydszch: anything else you would like to add?
10:33 thd schnydszch: Will the National Library still be open for its own library business during the renovation?
10:33 schnydszch ..thinking
10:34 rangi as long as there is adobo there, i will be happy :)
10:34 schnydszch they are still open, in fact they are under renovation and still open. The sight is not good since you can see cobbles, etc.
10:34 schnydszch Yes @rangi a lot of adobo
10:34 schnydszch we will take note of that
10:35 drojf what is adobo?
10:35 schnydszch marinated pork/chicken in soy, vinegar
10:35 drojf oh i'm chair, stop silly questions
10:35 drojf thanks a lot for the update schnydszch
10:36 thd schnydszch: The important sight is the books, etc. not whether they have free conference rooms available.
10:36 drojf we will have one more week until bidding closes
10:36 schnydszch Yes books and artifacts
10:36 drojf at the moment there is only another bid from europe which does not apply because we were in europe this year
10:37 schnydszch in the museum. ancient jars, those traded during the galleon trade with Mexico and Spain :) as far as Ayala Museum is concern
10:37 drojf i think we can move on to discussing processes
10:37 drojf the rotation for kohacon came up on the mailing list
10:38 drojf rangi: you said it was written down in 2010. where?
10:38 schnydszch we will research on what happened during the last Koha Conferences and will try to make it enjoyable :)
10:38 drojf in the wiki it does not seem very precise
10:38 rangi a couple of places on the wiki, katrin is working on better wording
10:38 LibraryClaire1 joined #koha
10:39 rangi i think the main thing is that if its not twice in a row, there is still the danger it ends up, europe,usa,europe,usa etc
10:39 drojf marcelr proposed to drop the rule if there are no other offers (if i understand correctly)
10:39 rangi i think that is fine
10:39 thd Knowing what counts as a continent could be an issue.
10:40 rangi hasnt been yet thd
10:40 drojf if we allow that, we should not scare away bidders from the last continent
10:40 MichaelKuhn I guess Antarctica will never win the bid :-(
10:40 thd I would not think there is currently a problem considering North America and South America as separate continents.
10:40 drojf i told people from europe they would not get it for 2017. if in the end europe would be allowed, that would be a bad thing to do
10:41 MichaelKuhn Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia
10:41 rangi well, i dont think we have to worry now :)
10:41 drojf rangi: no, but the same thing can rise again. so it would be better to word it differently
10:41 drojf like, the rules, the exception. write a proposal but be aware there is only little chance. or something
10:42 rangi yeah, only if there is no valid one from
10:42 rangi one of the other 3
10:43 rangi something like that
10:43 drojf yep. bu that is different to "no chance". which i told people so far
10:44 drojf i would propose to have the deadline for bidding. and if there is no offer according to the rules, extend it. for 2 weeks, or 4 maybe. and if there is still none, accept the exceptions
10:44 drojf does that make sense?
10:44 rangi the only other informal rule was the idea that every 10 years it should be in nz, for the 10th, 20th, 30th anniversary etc
10:44 m4ttK joined #koha
10:44 rangi drojf: that makes sense to me
10:45 drojf maybe 4 weeks, as 2 is very little for a new proposal? we should end bidding earlier in general if we do that
10:45 rangi yeah
10:45 drojf #info cait is working on rewording the rules regarding kohacon and continents
10:46 drojf #info if we do not get bids according to the rules, an exception is possible
10:47 thd "KohaCon shall not be held in the same continent twice in succession unless no proposal has been introduced from a different continent.  Continents for the sake of the rule shall be distinguished as Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia.  Rule may be revised at a Koha IRC meeting if a problem develops."
10:47 rangi its not twice
10:47 rangi in succession
10:47 drojf #info after the regular deadline for bids, if there is none that meets the rules, there will be a 4 weeks extension to the deadline
10:47 rangi that still allows NA,Europe,NA,Europe etc
10:47 rangi its not within 3 years
10:47 magnuse yeah, 3 years make sense
10:48 MichaelKuhn It didn't happen until now
10:48 drojf #info if there is no bid that matches the rules after the extention period, exceptions from the rules are possible
10:48 thd "KohaCon shall not be held in the same continent within three years unless no proposal has been introduced from a different continent.  Continents for the sake of the rule shall be distinguished as Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia.  Rule may be revised at a Koha IRC meeting if a problem develops."
10:48 rangi MichaelKuhn: because we have always had the not within 3 years rule
10:48 rangi that works thd
10:48 magnuse Australia - does that include nz and the pacific?
10:48 rangi id call it oceania
10:48 drojf this
10:48 rangi instead of australia
10:48 MichaelKuhn OK, some protectionism may not be too bad
10:48 magnuse nice
10:49 rangi then its more clear it includes the pacific an nz
10:49 rangi kohacon in fiji would be nice ;)
10:49 thd "KohaCon shall not be held in the same continent within three years unless no proposal has been introduced from a different continent.  Continents for the sake of the rule shall be distinguished as Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania [Australia, New Zealand, etc.].  Rule may be revised at a Koha IRC meeting if a problem develops."
10:50 drojf antarctica should be in there
10:50 drojf i want to go
10:50 drojf :P
10:50 oleonard first we have to get them using Koha
10:50 rangi yeah, there are 2 libraries there
10:50 rangi we do have libraries in fiji using koha though :)
10:50 thd drojf: When it becomes warm enough, it may be the only place left :)
10:51 drojf #info continents are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania
10:51 drojf :P
10:51 rangi heh
10:52 drojf ok anything else regarding kohacon locations?
10:52 rangi not from me
10:52 MichaelKuhn There is a beautiful animation about the naming of continents on
10:52 drojf ok moving on then
10:53 drojf #topic  Actions from General IRC meeting 6 July 2016 (none, meeting postponed)
10:53 Topic for #koha is now Actions from General IRC meeting 6 July 2016 (none, meeting postponed) (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 August 2016)
10:53 drojf we had no meeting
10:53 drojf so…
10:53 MichaelKuhn I didn't miss that one then
10:53 drojf heh nope
10:53 drojf #topic Community involvement - Use 'Academy' keyword year round
10:53 Topic for #koha is now Community involvement - Use 'Academy' keyword year round (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 August 2016)
10:53 drojf anyone knows what that is about?
10:53 drojf or who added it?
10:54 rangi no idea
10:54 MichaelKuhn nope
10:54 rangi lemme look
10:54 thd MichaelKuhn: Not enough people were present last month to conduct a meeting.
10:54 oleonard About bug reports for the Catalyst Academy?
10:54 * oleonard guesses
10:54 drojf oleonard: but when it's on the agenda i guess somebody wanted to discuss it?
10:54 rangi was added nick clemens from bywater
10:54 drojf hm. ok
10:55 rangi so maybe they want to overload our catalyst academy keyword to use for their one?
10:55 drojf maybe they should get another then instead
10:55 rangi which is fine as long as there are about 20 bugs left there in january :)
10:55 drojf not really a topic for the meeting i guess
10:56 rangi what might be good is tagging easy bugs
10:56 rangi all throughout the year
10:56 drojf yes that is always useful
10:56 rangi for people who want to get started
10:56 rangi maybe that was what was meant
10:57 drojf #info nobody around to explain the topic
10:57 drojf #info tagging easy bugs makes sense to help people get started
10:57 thd Some apparently 'easy' bugs are rabbit holes for descending.
10:57 MichaelKuhn I would be grateful
10:57 drojf i'd end it with that
10:57 drojf thats all on the agenda, we need a date for next time
10:57 drojf unless there is anything else?
10:58 drojf 7 august 2016, 20 UTC?
10:58 drojf err, september
10:58 drojf 7 september 2016, 20 UTC?
10:59 thd I prefer 14 Sep. at 20 UTC.
10:59 drojf won't work for me. which does not mean much
10:59 MichaelKuhn That's a midnight session on Sunday
10:59 drojf huh?
10:59 MichaelKuhn sorry, no
11:00 drojf preferences, anyone?
11:00 davidnind1 generally the first Wednesday, has been for a while now, happy with 7 Sept.
11:00 * thd has a general preference against the first Wed. of the month for 20 UTC.
11:01 drojf thd: that was kind of the general date
11:01 * thd has no strong reservation for Sep.
11:02 thd 7 Sep. should work for me actually.  When the time changes it can become tricky.
11:02 thd s/time/local time/
11:02 drojf ok, then it's 7 september 2016, 20 UTC
11:02 davidnind1 +
11:03 drojf #info next meeting 7 september 2016, 20 UTC
11:03 drojf #endmeeting
11:03 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to the #koha IRC chat | Code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/ | Please use for pastes | Installation guide for Koha is
11:03 huginn Meeting ended Wed Aug  3 11:03:12 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
11:03 huginn Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-08-03-10.01.html
11:03 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]6-08-03-10.01.txt
11:03 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]03-10.01.log.html
11:03 drojf thanks everyone
11:03 thd Early Sep. is generally not as good as mid-Sep. for participation of people away for holidays.
11:03 drojf that was very productive
11:03 davidnind1 drojf++
11:03 davidnind1 cait++
11:03 magnuse drojf++
11:04 rangi who has holidays in september?
11:05 rangi you weird northern hemisphere people :)
11:05 Joubu :)
11:06 MichaelKuhn 15 September is Our Lady of Seven Sorrows
11:06 drojf ok so it looks like we will have kohacon next year after all
11:06 drojf yay
11:06 thd rangi: I refer to the start of the academic year which at some institutions is delayed a little relative to others.
11:06 oleonard drojf++
11:07 ola left #koha
11:07 * oleonard will be back later
11:07 davidnind1 left #koha
11:07 thd rangi: People in the US will take holidays until the actual start date of the academic year.
11:08 thd rangi: Are you connected via bip?
11:08 rangi yep
11:08 MichaelKuhn What is bip? I guess not, I just use the browser
11:09 thd My connection via bip is having some trouble but I have not investigated.
11:09 drojf oh we broke the biblibre sandboxes
11:09 MichaelKuhn Yes, I tried them at the weekend bot none of them really worked
11:09 rangi yeah master is unusable on jessie without cpan (currently anyway)
11:10 laurence joined #koha
11:10 MichaelKuhn I was trying to build my own development system on Debian 8, no chance
11:10 drojf you mean wheezy?
11:10 MichaelKuhn Now I built one on Ubuntu which looks better
11:10 thd MichaelKuhn: bip is an IRC proxy which you can use to maintain a connection to the server, log messages, etc. and attach and reattach your live presence.
11:10 drojf rangi ^
11:10 rangi ok I need to go to bed
11:10 Joubu @later tell tcohen just recreate my kohadevbox and had to `sudo a2enmod mpm_prefork ; sudo cpanm Test::DBIx::Class` by myself
11:10 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
11:10 drojf rangi: jessie should work. no?
11:10 MichaelKuhn Good night!
11:10 wahanui I watch you sleep.
11:11 rangi and oai is broken on 16.04
11:11 MichaelKuhn there is that Mysql password problem in Ubuntu 16.04
11:12 MichaelKuhn (Ubuntu 16.04 comes with Mysql 5.7)
11:12 rangi the oai one is because http::oai is 4.x which is broken badly and no one is fixing it
11:12 rangi debian stuck with 3.27 which works
11:13 rangi but there was something i had a missing dependency for, but I forget what, ill check on my pbuilder tomorrow and let you know drojf
11:13 thd MichaelKuhn: You may find more success with Debian stable than Ubuntu.
11:14 rangi debian breaks way less then ubuntu in my experience
11:14 MichaelKuhn thd: I tried to build a development server - productive servers I still build on Ubuntu 14.04
11:14 rangi ok now im really going to bed :)
11:14 drojf rangi: thanks. and good night
11:15 MichaelKuhn It seems much more painful to meet the perl dependiencies in debian than in Ubuntu, though... I'm a Perl beginner...
11:16 MichaelKuhn Goodbye to all
11:16 thd MichaelKuhn: If you pick an old LTS version of Ubuntu you may have fewer problems than one just released, however, Debian is still a safer choice for use with Koha.
11:17 MichaelKuhn thd: I used Ubuntu 14.04 so far
11:18 MichaelKuhn But I have also made installations on Debian 8
11:18 thd MichaelKuhn: There has been a Debian Koha repository for Perl dependencies when we needed one.
11:19 MichaelKuhn thd: Where can this be found?
11:19 eythian There is. It's just the regular repo.
11:19 MichaelKuhn Ah OK yes, but it doesn't contain ALL the dependencies
11:20 MichaelKuhn I just asked a question in the mailing list about these perl dependencies actually missing on my installation (Exception::Class, Sereal::Decoder, Sereal::Encoder)
11:20 MichaelKuhn They are there but not in the version that is required by Koha
11:20 eythian If it's missing dependencies for a supported distro, then that's specifically something that should be fixed.
11:21 eythian as in, worth raising bugs for
11:21 MichaelKuhn In fact I asked myself what ist a "distributed distro" - I never found a document explaining it
11:21 JoshB joined #koha
11:22 thd MichaelKuhn: New Perl modules might be required by some new Koha development which cannot fit into the Debian timeline.
11:22 MichaelKuhn informally I know it's Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian 8 but I can't find any information what exactly is needed
11:22 eythian <-- from the point of view of packaging, they're listed here
11:22 eythian thd: in that case the package manager backports them
11:22 thd eythian++
11:22 MichaelKuhn thd: This may be the case since I built a development system; that's why I asked in the mailing list what is the best way to install missing perl modules
11:23 thd Exactly
11:23 eythian the best way is to use the koha repo
11:23 * thd has to attend a housing court session for my friend.
11:23 MichaelKuhn eythian: Thanks for that! I take notice (and suggest to include in with every release note)
11:23 eythian and if that doesn't work right, raise bugs on the bits that don't work.
11:24 eythian There are also packages in there to install only the perl dependencies, which can be helpful
11:24 thd Sadly, mean landlords for a friend of mine have been taking my time away from Koha.
11:24 MichaelKuhn I'm hesitating to raise bugs because maybe I'm just not knowing enough
11:24 MichaelKuhn thd: Squat that house then ;-)
11:25 eythian Then people will explain what you need to know and close the bug, nothing wrong with that.
11:25 MichaelKuhn OK
11:26 MichaelKuhn Thanks and goodbye!
11:26 drojf MichaelKuhn:
11:26 MichaelKuhn YEs?
11:26 drojf are you using the unstable repository?
11:26 MichaelKuhn Yes I do
11:26 drojf in your dev environment
11:26 drojf ok
11:27 drojf would have been an easy fix :P
11:27 MichaelKuhn Haha, not so
11:28 MichaelKuhn Of course I could install the missing module susing CPAN - but which way is the best or the recommended one?
11:28 drojf i'd recommend using debian jessie. and if something is missing there, it's a bug
11:29 MichaelKuhn Well I'm just at the beginning with Perl, maybe I will even change back to Debian one day
11:31 MichaelKuhn left #koha
11:38 vfernandes joined #koha
11:38 vfernandes hi #koha
11:38 vfernandes i'm having a problem with one koha
11:39 magnuse jessie is debian 8
11:39 * magnuse can never remember that
11:40 vfernandes using curl on command line, one search lasts 4.5
11:40 vfernandes using Chrome, the same search lasts 7s
11:41 vfernandes using the same HTTP request of Chorme in curl command, the search lasts also 7s
11:41 vfernandes using the same HTTP request of Chrome without Accept-Language header, the search lasts 4.5
11:42 vfernandes any idea why the Accept-Language header is a influence in the searches?
11:43 magnuse does it influence other pages? like the frontpage? or is it just search pages?
11:45 vfernandes other pages too... but the searches are the pages where the slowness is more noticeable
11:45 meliss joined #koha
11:46 vfernandes i'm using Debian 8... could be the Apache mod_negotiation?
11:46 oleonard joined #koha
11:47 oleonard Hi again #koha
12:07 Joubu vfernandes: could be fixed by bug 16088
12:07 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16088 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Stable , Excessive CGI->new() calls hurting cache performace under plack
12:07 cait ah Michael is gone :(
12:07 cait the Sereal thing is fixedon master now
12:16 ericar joined #koha
12:26 edveal joined #koha
12:26 tcohen joined #koha
12:27 tcohen morning
12:27 Scott-CSPL joined #koha
12:27 drojf hola tcohen
12:27 cait hi tcohen
12:28 tcohen Joubu: there's some issue with Test::DBIx::Class dependencies (I'm guessing). When it fails, if you run $ vagrant provision
12:28 tcohen it will succeed
12:29 Joubu I have installed it, then provision
12:29 Joubu same for mpm
12:31 drojf you added more dependencies? don't do that :P
12:34 eythian drojf now feels my former pain
12:36 tcohen Joubu: I haven't, but I've seen a while back that cpanm Test::DBIx::Class fails on the first attempt
12:36 tcohen that's why I guess it is a dependency issue
12:45 LibraryClaire joined #koha
12:45 LibraryClaire hi #koha
12:46 * drojf is building a bot that slaps devs that add deps without telling
12:46 drojf hi LibraryClaire
12:46 drojf and LibraryClaire1
12:46 LibraryClaire oh multi-me
12:46 LibraryClaire hi drojf
12:49 nengard joined #koha
12:52 tcohen Joubu: scripts backgrounding stuff got banned from Plack
12:52 tcohen they would die in some scenarios, I don't really remember
12:52 tcohen also, I will set the 16.05 job ASAP, same fro the Ubuntu 16.04 node
12:52 Joubu tcohen: I only got stage-marc-import failing
12:53 tcohen i'm sure there were reports
12:53 tcohen but if you think they are safe, we should re-test
13:01 geek_cl joined #koha
13:02 Dyrcona joined #koha
13:11 * tcohen is installing koha manually on a clean VM, and can't understand why people still prefers it
13:12 magnuse hehe
13:18 liw I dislike installing anything manually. Including software I write myself.
13:21 drojf hm
13:21 * drojf broke stuff
13:22 drojf or you did
13:23 * tcohen fears who 'you' refers to
13:23 drojf heh
13:23 drojf koha devs
13:28 meliss joined #koha
13:35 misilot_ joined #koha
13:37 drojf debian mirrors, the slowest places of the world
13:39 cait does anyone know if you can have a single character wildcard when searchin in zebra?
13:39 cait something like m?ller?
13:39 eythian drojf: I've found the httpredir thing to be good if you don't have a specifically local mirror
13:42 mario joined #koha
13:42 drojf i think it's something virtualbox related. i don't see it on my real servers
13:43 drojf 10,5 minutes for 26mb
13:44 barton joined #koha
13:51 eythian oh, I've seen that on vb
13:51 eythian I think I changed the network device it was emulating.
13:54 drojf joined #koha
13:56 tcohen oh, I've just missed a general meeting
13:58 cait yep it looks like it :)
13:58 cait i missed half of it too
13:58 drojf eythian: you told me at the hackfest, but it did not make any difference then
13:58 drojf for me
14:03 cait drojf: do you have a 16.05 you could quickly check a translation issue for me?
14:03 cait or master - as long as there is a translation
14:03 drojf 16.05
14:03 drojf cait
14:04 cait when editing item
14:04 cait does the context menu translate for you?
14:04 cait clicking in any cell in the items table abvoe the form
14:04 drojf 16.05.01
14:04 drojf or do you need .02?
14:05 cait i think close to master - i see it in 3.22
14:05 cait but there has a lot happened since
14:05 cait i just want a quick check before filing a bug
14:05 cait i will risk it if oyu see it in 16.05. :)
14:11 cait drojf++ thx!
14:11 cait bug 17040
14:11 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17040 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Context menu when editing items is not translated
14:13 oleonard cait: That's strange. The code appears to be correct with regard to enabling translation.
14:14 cait do you have a link or the file for me?
14:15 oleonard[…]d5a94;hb=HEAD#l40
14:17 cait file name i meant
14:17 JoshB joined #koha
14:17 cait hm odd
14:18 cait hm maybe it's the var thing?
14:18 cait being that it starts with $
14:18 cait why does it do that btw?
14:19 cait it seems to be just a concatenated string
14:19 rocio joined #koha
14:22 oleonard The menu is dynamically generated each time a table cell is clicked
14:23 cait ah i meant here
14:23 cait var edit_link = $(
14:24 cait i think the $ could turn the translation script away maybe
14:24 cait but it would have to be tested, just something i haven't seen so often
14:24 oleonard I see.
14:36 geek_cl joined #koha
14:43 laurence joined #koha
14:50 Joubu cait: fixed
14:54 ericar_ joined #koha
15:00 cait Joubu: wow!
15:01 cait what was it?
15:01 Joubu I do not know :)
15:01 cait hm ok :)
15:02 Joubu I used a different syntax and the strings are translated
15:02 cait thx!
15:02 Joubu so I guess it's the $( .* _("string") .*);
15:03 cait maybe yeah
15:03 cait maybe some precaution to keep us from translating variable names?
15:03 cait well, wild guessing - happy to have a patch :)
15:17 amyk-away joined #koha
15:22 fridolin left #koha
15:24 amyk joined #koha
15:31 morgane bye #koha !
15:31 morgane left #koha
15:32 barton joined #koha
15:40 laurence left #koha
16:15 irma joined #koha
16:16 BobB joined #koha
16:22 BobB robyn hastings is introducing Koha-US in Monterey CA
16:22 BobB irma and bobb from Calyx delighted to be here
16:35 BobB @koha-us Christopher Brannon speaking on 'How you can help shape your ILS'
16:35 huginn BobB: downloading the Perl source
16:35 BobB hmm
16:35 drojf BobB: are you trying to be a twitter bot?
16:42 BobB hi droif, irma will be on twitter, I'll just post a few brief notes here :)
16:44 meliss1 joined #koha
16:46 BobB chris is calling for US Koha users to join in to the monthly online meetings
16:47 drojf BobB: cool. is there a stream available?
16:49 drojf debian-paths--
16:50 bag morning
16:50 drojf tcohen: after only a few hours if found out it's debian breaking stuff
16:50 drojf hi bag
16:51 eythian drojf: oh?
16:51 BobB droif #kohaus2016
16:52 drojf eythian: i think we had to fix some regex for weird debian paths in greece. i found another one, but it took much longer than it should have
16:52 bag ah BobB are you there?  I fly towards you today and will be at the conference tomorrow
16:52 eythian Ah yep
16:52 drojf debian/update-control in jessie created a million eeeks
16:52 eythian drojf: worth testing on sid every so often to get a head start on that sort of thing.
16:52 eythian That's also a sign you don't have apt file
16:53 drojf no it#s a sign the regex does not work
16:53 BobB yes bag, arrived last night
16:53 bag :)
16:53 eythian I said also 🙂
16:53 ericar joined #koha
16:53 drojf thats a funny boc with symbols in it
16:54 drojf but yes. i went through like all things possible and impossible, because i thought it's the pbuilder image :P
16:54 eythian Your lack of Unicode defines you.
16:54 drojf lol
16:54 * drojf googles funny box
16:55 drojf oh look, it's "slightly smiling face emoji"
16:55 * drojf smiles slightly
16:55 eythian Heh. Practice makes those things faster. I usually go to reproduce things manually so I can see where they fail.
16:55 drojf woah. finally. no eeks
16:55 eythian Perhaps add a verbose mode to the script that dumps out what it is seeing to stderr so you can see where it fails.
16:57 eythian Or have it die if it can't parse a result, but something is returned. That way it'll fail fast.
16:57 drojf there is no reason to keep the old perl paths in the regex for jessie and up, right? i assume list-deps is used nowhere but creating the control file
16:57 drojf git greps assumes the same
16:57 drojf *grep
16:57 eythian That's correct.
16:57 eythian But is there a reason to remove them?
16:58 drojf the regex getting longer for no reason
16:58 drojf apart from that, no
16:59 eythian Split it into multiple ones if you need.
16:59 drojf if i was better at regex i could just add it to the old ones ;)
16:59 cait BobB / irma are at the US conf? cool!
17:00 eythian Learn regex!
17:00 eythian It's what Perl is made of!
17:01 eythian Perl has a built in tutorial for them I think.
17:01 eythian They're super useful.
17:01 eythian Try perldoc perlretut
17:01 eythian I think that exists
17:02 BobB hi cait, yep :)
17:02 BobB we came via LA, dropped in for a cuddle of the grandchild :)
17:05 BobB there's a great book on regex in the O'Reilly series, has a whole chapter on Perl
17:08 irma joined #koha
17:09 drojf if i would not do ~7 million things per day, i could easily remember things i used before and build on that
17:11 eythian Well combine it with that regex tester I showed you and it should work out.
17:11 eythian But they really need practice.
17:12 cait BobB: said not to be there now :)
17:12 CrispyBran joined #koha
17:12 irma morning eythian .... missing you at this #kohaUS2016
17:12 cait ..sad
17:13 irma morning cait :-)
17:13 blou joined #koha
17:13 eythian Hi irma, I've never even been to the Americas! Was in Greece though.
17:13 BobB chat in #koha is currently on screen at Koha-US
17:13 irma eythian yes I was so pleased to see you were there too
17:14 eythian BobB: thanks for letting us know, drojf was about to get colourful!
17:14 tubaclarinet joined #koha
17:15 BobB lol
17:16 irma eythian goed dat je nog zo betrokken met #koha bent ;-)
17:16 cait @wunder Konstanz
17:16 huginn cait: The current temperature in LuisenstraÃ&#376;e, Konstanz, Germany is 27.9°C (7:11 PM CEST on August 03, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 53%. Dew Point: 18.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
17:16 eythian @wunder ams
17:16 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Schiphol, Badhoevedorp, Netherlands is 20.3°C (7:04 PM CEST on August 03, 2016). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006 hPa (Steady).
17:16 cait manual?
17:16 wahanui somebody said manual was at
17:16 cait :)
17:16 eythian I think I win. 27 is a bit much.
17:16 fargo_ben joined #koha
17:16 cait eythian: yeah, i could do with a bit less
17:17 meliss1 joined #koha
17:17 fargo_ben left #koha
17:20 drojf @wunder txl
17:20 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Rue du Capitaine Jean Maridor, Berlin, Germany is 22.5°C (7:15 PM CEST on August 03, 2016). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 18.0°C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
17:21 eythian I keep expecting Texels when you do that.
17:32 tcohen 16974 please
17:32 tcohen :-D
17:32 cait bug 16974
17:32 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16974 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , koha-plack should check and fix log files permissions
17:33 cait left #koha
17:34 JoshB joined #koha
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17:35 Mike-CSPL joined #koha
17:53 lisettescheer joined #koha
17:57 blou joined #koha
18:00 Mike-CSPL joined #koha
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18:12 cait joined #koha
18:13 banzi joined #koha
18:33 irma joined #koha
18:34 banzi2 joined #koha
18:34 BobB joined #koha
18:36 BobB ok so this is the way city of Roseville library allocates staff roles in the library
18:37 BobB brought about by customer reaction to the introduction of self-check
18:40 tubaclarinet joined #koha
18:40 barton joined #koha
18:40 eythian That sounds interesting.
18:41 eythian Changes based on people's reactions is a field that is worth more data.
18:41 eythian BobB: live IRC it would you?
18:42 eythian (alsjeblieft)
18:44 BobB not so easy (:
18:45 eythian No excuse! 😉
18:45 BobB we're discussing processes for choice of LMS at the moment
18:46 eythian Ehh, I'm fine without that one 🙂
18:46 BobB and security
18:46 wahanui i heard security was bad.
18:46 eythian wahanui: botslap
18:46 wahanui ow!
18:47 cait BobB: thx for reporting - keeping an eye here and one on the twitter feed :)
18:52 irma Program[…]annual_conference
18:59 agoforth joined #koha
19:00 mario joined #koha
19:03 irma lunch break now @ #kohaUS2016
19:34 ashimema_ joined #koha
19:44 mario joined #koha
19:52 sabbacc108 joined #koha
19:53 cdickinson_ joined #koha
20:00 rocio joined #koha
20:04 kathryn joined #koha
20:04 eythian hi kathryn
20:04 kathryn hi eythian :)
20:09 eythian kathryn: how's things with you and family?
20:10 kathryn eythian: good! Frida is into EVERYTHING. And has no mute button, and throws things and says no a lot
20:10 kathryn but is also wonderful :D
20:11 eythian heh excellent :)
20:11 kathryn how about you? any travel plans for the summer?
20:12 rangi drojf: my bad, Can't locate Sereal/ in @INC  its just the debian/control file needs updating
20:13 eythian kathryn: really, I already did going to Leipzig (for a music festival), then Berlin and Greece (for Koha stuff.) Parents are coming in September, so I'm saving most of the rest of my leave for when they're here.
20:13 drojf rangi: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]g.cgi?id=17043#c3
20:13 huginn Bug 17043: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , debian/list-deps fixes, master edition
20:14 kathryn eythian: oh alrigtht then. I suppose you have a job to do as well :)
20:14 rangi ta
20:14 eythian yeah, so they tell me ;)
20:15 rangi drojf: rebuilding now with those patches
20:17 sabbacc108 joined #koha
20:30 JoshB joined #koha
20:36 lisettes joined #koha
20:36 BobB joined #koha
20:47 irma joined #koha
20:52 kathryn joined #koha
20:53 irma #kohaUS2016 1:30 - 2:30 Nick Clemens SQL for Koha Beginners[…]or_Koha_Beginners
20:59 tcohen joined #koha
21:00 tcohen morning
21:00 tcohen (it is morning somewhere, right?)
21:01 cait not here :)
21:05 mario joined #koha
21:06 tcohen nor here
21:06 BobB joined #koha
21:06 tcohen cait: it is actually late there
21:06 cait here too :)
21:07 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
21:07 huginn tcohen: The current temperature in Valle Escondido, Cordoba, Argentina, Córdoba, Argentina is 16.8°C (6:07 PM ART on August 03, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
21:12 banzi joined #koha
21:19 wizzyrea hi
21:19 wahanui salut, wizzyrea
21:27 lisettes joined #koha
21:36 banzi2 joined #koha
21:41 tubaclarinet joined #koha
21:53 Francesca joined #koha
21:57 z0k_ joined #koha
21:59 tcohen hi wizzyrea
22:02 wizzyrea hi tcohen
22:03 edveal joined #koha
22:07 tcohen wizzyrea: do u know if chris hall would be available for koha-gitify PRs?
22:09 wizzyrea I don't know, but he's usually receptive to that sort of thing
22:12 rangi tell him it should be part of his 20% time, if google still do that
22:16 tcohen joined #koha
22:21 tcohen rangi: will do
22:43 rocio left #koha
22:53 Francesca joined #koha
23:03 Francesca joined #koha
23:05 JesseM joined #koha
23:14 edveal joined #koha

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